A Hogwarts Rose Year 2


'I did not lie Miss Partridge, you were adopted by the Partridge family when you were six months old.' He said, almost sadly. 'You're lying, how would you know that?' 'Because I'm your Father.' Rose, Harry, Hermione, Ron and all their friends (and enemies) are back for their second year at Hogwarts, but something else is lurking in the halls of Hogwarts this year. Stephanie and Harry recieve a visit from a house elf who tells them not to return to school and out of all the things Stephanie expected to find this year secrets from her past wasn't one of them...

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Chapter 1

Hello you lovely people who have stumbled across my story and to all of my followers who have been great in voting for all of the three books in my series so far, I really appreciate everyone who reads this! :)


I sat in front of my dressing table and mirror staring a note that I had received last Christmas, it has been puzzling me ever since the first time I read it. It has been the source of my nightmares for months and even after all this time I am no closer to finding out what it means. When I arrived home from Hogwarts I asked my Mum about the necklace she had given me when I was young, but she wouldn’t tell me anything except what I already knew. So I gave up asking, for now at least.

Anyway, my holiday has been terrible and I really don’t think it’s going to get any better; because my Father caught me giving a letter to an owl after writing a reply to one of Hermione’s letters. He gave me a beating, during which he broke my nose and gave me a black eye. He also out a padlock on my window so that no owls could deliver letters to me.

I sighed and was about to stand up and go downstairs to get a drink when a pop caught my attention. I turned around and saw a small almost scrawny creature with large ears and a pointy nose standing in front of my bed. He was wearing what looked like a dirty old pillow slip with a neck line cut out of it so it was able to fit over his head.

‘Who are you?’ I asked cautiously.

‘Dobby the house elf.’ He replied politely.

‘Nice to meet you Dobby, but um........... Why are you here?’

‘Dobby came to warn Stephanie Partridge and tell her that she must not come back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year!’

‘What? Why?’ I asked shocked.

‘Someone is going to make terrible things happen.’

‘What terrible things? Who wants to make them happen?’

‘Dobby-can’t-say.’ He replied through gritted teeth.

‘Ok then.’ I got up and sat on my bed patting a place next to me. ‘Come and sit.’ He stared at me with wide eyes.

‘Stephanie Partridge has much in common with the great Harry Potter only they have ever asked Dobby to sit down.’

‘You obviously haven’t met many nice witches or Wizards.’ I replied.

‘No, I haven’t.’ He said then he shook his head. ‘That was an awful thing to say.’ He climbed up onto my chair then onto my dressing table where he grabbed my hair brush and started hitting himself in the head with it.

‘No Dobby stop! Dobby stop! Stop it!’ I pleaded and I pulled the brush out of his hands and sat it behind me.

‘Dobby had to punish himself Miss, Dobby almost spoke ill of his family.’ He explained as he wobbly got down off my dressing table and sat on the chair.

‘Your family? Do you mean the family you work for?’

‘Yes the one family Dobby is bound to serve forever. If they ever found out where Dobby has been...........’ He shuddered. ‘But Dobby had to come, Dobby has to warn Stephanie Partridge and Harry Potter not to-’

‘You told Harry not to come back to Hogwarts?’ I asked shocked, he nodded. ‘Are you mad? Harry needs Hogwarts just like Hogwarts needs Harry if something bad is going to happen.’

‘No Dobby must protect Stephanie Partridge and Harry Potter!’

Then a thought hit me like a ton of bricks; Harry’s famous so it makes sense that Dobby knows of him, but what about me? I’m not famous at all, so how does he know about me?

‘Dobby how do you know about me?’ I asked confused.

‘Dobby was ordered not to tell you, Miss.’

‘By who?’ I asked, Dobby shook his head and refused to tell me. ‘Please Dobby, I need to know.’ The person that asked Dobby to tell me not to return to Hogwarts might be the same person that gave me the letter and the vile of liquid luck last year! ‘Dobby tell me, this could be important. This could solve the mystery I’ve been thinking about for months.’ He still refused.

‘Stephanie can not go back to school this year.’ He said defiantly.

‘Dobby I have to, I hate it here and my Father hates me.’ I said pointing to my black eye. Then as if to prove my point someone shouted from the lounge room.

‘Stephanie you freak get down here!’

‘See.’ I said to Dobby then I raced downstairs to see what Father wanted. As I thought he was sitting on the lounge glaring at me as I came into the room.

‘Your Mother wants to take you shopping for that freak show school of yours.’ He sneered, I nodded then dashed upstairs to put my shoes on.

‘I’ve got to go and no doubt you do to, so goodbye Dobby.’ I said after I got my shoes on then I went back down the stairs and found Mum standing at the door. She beckoned me so I followed her outside and I had to stop myself from squealing. ‘Ron!’

‘Hey Steph, wow what happened to your eye?’ He asked his grin turning into a slug frown.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ Replied glancing at Mum who was looking at the blue car that was now parked in the driveway next to ours.

‘Anyway this my Mum and Dad.’ He introduced us to the red headed man and woman standing behind him.

‘Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Weasley.’ I smiled and shook hands with Mr Weasley before Mrs Weasley gave me a hug.

‘It’s nice to meet you Stephanie, Ron’s told us all about you.’ Mrs Weasley explained. Then they introduced themselves to my Mum and I took the opportunity to talk with Ron in private.

‘Why are you guys here?’ I asked.

‘Well Hermione sent a letter to you from our house and your Mum got it and wrote back asking about how she wanted you to see your friends before you went back to Hogwarts. So Mum and Dad decided we would come pick you and your Mum up and take you shopping with us to Diagon Alley.’ He replied smiling. ‘By the way Harry is back at our house with Fred, Gorge and Ginny.’

‘Who’s Ginny?’

‘My younger sister, you’ll meet her when we get home.’

‘Ok.’ The next thing I knew we were all getting into the Weasley car and driving down the road. However that didn’t last long as the car left the road and took to the sky, I couldn’t believe it we were in a flying car! ‘How is this possible?’ I asked amazed.

‘Magic.’ Ron replied.

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