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Come with me to find out how life is possible and how I am an Alien I am 14 and I was born on MARS. I have amazing stuff I wanted to tell people on earth.

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Born on......

I'm Mia and I have a funny story to tell you....well it's not that funny but really really really WEIRD. So Let's go back 15 years to a year before I was Born. It's was a nice summer and my mother decided to go drink a coffee at COCOS.

She took a take away and just as she was about to take a sip she bumped into what she described as a handsome man - which is funny cause my father had a hairstyle that came from the early 40's and I don't call that handsome at all, even Dan is prettier than him and he has pimples all over his face - her coffee spilled all over the floor and ruined her new dress. So the handsome man offered to buy her a new coffee and dress that was even prettier than the one she had. My mother took the offer and in that entire process they fell in love.

A year later they got married. After that my mother decided to become an astronaut. She worked for NASA and later on was sent to lead a team of astronauts to go live on Mars for 4 years and if that was successful it would go on even longer. So she left earth and went on a one month trip to Mars. On that trip she discovered that she was pregnant with me. I grew faster than the wind and after just 2 days I was born.
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