Runnin' From Sleep

By Salora Corrine

Mystery / Thriller


While out for milk, Jillian comes face to face with the famed, though supposedly fictional, murderer Jeff the Killer. Now with her life on the line, she must try to outrun him AND find her father before he can catch up to her to finish what he started. Without knowing who is friend or foe, she must fend for her family at all cost. To think this all began because of milk and lollipops.

Rotten Milk

Nights never really changed much for Jillian. Nothing new ever really happened since her neighborhood was so pleasant, but sometimes she wished something would. There wasn’t much to do; Jillian wanted to explore the world and see new things! She hated how trapped she felt... Being so cramped in the house, Jillian was willing to do anything to stretch her legs.

It was to the point that once they ran out of milk Jillian was quick to jump at the opportunity.

“Perhaps you should ride your bike, you’ll get home quicker…”

Her mother, So Hee, was a bit of a worry wart. Maybe that was the DNA of most mothers, but So Hee fretted over a lot of things to the point that Jillian worried about So Hee instead.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be fine! I’ll be back before you know it. Besides, a little walking should do me some good.”

Jillian did her best to ease her mother’s tension before running to get dressed. Off her night clothes went and on came her favorite outfit! Plum purple overall shorts with a black shirt and her favorite beat up sneakers. Nodding at her look, she hurried along, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek and a wave goodbye. The outside air was pretty warm, but other than that the walk had been pleasant, if you could consider it a walk.

She had been humming and dancing to one of the many songs stuck in her head, Magnetic by Chloe Howl. She skipped past a boy, but she couldn’t help but get an odd feeling from him. Maybe it was how he was dressed or how he had his head down as he walked? He was in black pants with a white hoodie, he seemed to have long black hair but with his head down it covered his face. She guessed that it didn’t help much that he also had his hood up too.

“Hi! How are ya?”

Being nice, she waved to him as they walked past one another but he didn’t return the favor. He kept walking as if he didn’t hear her. Shrugging it off, Jillian continued on her way. He probably had his headphones in, plus Jillian wasn’t one to start fights over stupid things. She once again began her dance show of one, too busy to notice that the boy had turned around to look at her.

The jingling bell of the store’s door was a welcoming sound, it helped her forget all about that weird kid from on the way here.

“Well look who it is! My favorite girl!”

A black woman of size stood behind the counter; her hair was coal black and was in a short curled style that barely reached her ears. She had loving brown eyes that she had to wear a pair of rectangular glasses for. She was dressed in a cute dress covered in a floral pattern.

“Hey Big Mama, I just came to get some milk.”

Jillian smiled as she came in further into the shop, Big Mama laughed.

“Your bones must be strong as steel with all the milk you be drinking!”

Offering her own laugh, Jillian headed to the back of the store towards the refrigerators and grabbed the first jug of milk she saw. She enjoyed the coldness of it against her warm skin before hurrying up to the counter.

“Gon’ head and pick out a sucker for you and ya momma. Ya daddy should be home soon, ain’t that right?”

The teens eyes lit up at the mention of a lollipop. Reaching over she grabbed two blow pops, her mother always loved the ones with bubblegum inside of them.

“Yep! As far as I know, he should be home a little after breakfast. I just hope that I’ll be able to see him before he crashes.”

“Speaking of home, ya need to be careful. News been going ’round that some deranged killer has been on the loose… He don’t even go after just a specific group of people.”

“Wasn’t that three cities over though?”

“As far as I know, the boy got legs. If ya have legs, you can go almost anywhere ya want. Heard he been seen around the town over, can’t be too safe. You hurry on home, or if ya want I could close shop early and drive ya.”

Jillian tooked the now bagged milk before handing over the money, the offer was tempting but she wasn’t one to burden others. Forcing a smile, Jill shook her head no.

“It’s fine Big Mama, I’ll rush home. See you later!”

“I’ll hold ya to that. Have a good night, and stay safe!”

Waving her goodbye, Jillian walked out of the doors into the warm air once more. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm her nerves, there was no way that a killer could make it over to the third city over, not by foot at least! It was a two hour drive, and that was just by car!

“Get ahold of yourself, Jill! You don’t have time to think about that!”

Jill scolded herself as she papped her cheeks. Taking in a large breath, Jill took one of the lollipops and plopped it into her mouth, smiling at the burst of cherry that exploded on her tongue. The candy was enough to put her back into a good mood and once more she found herself humming and singing another song. This time it was Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi, a personal favorite of hers. She didn’t speak a lick of Japanese, but the beat was enough for her to get up and dance.

Jill started to imagine herself dancing at a club in Japan in the 80’s. In flashy clothing that people would deem out of date as she danced under the strobe lights as they played all sorts of city pop. Maybe if she were lucky, a cute dancer would come up to her and ask her to dance with him, and they would dance the whole night away without a care in the world! Jillian was so caught up her dream that she could even smell the mixtures of perfumes and sweat, and she loved it! While Jill would never drink, she wondered just how many people would drink so much that they wouldn’t be able to help themselves and break into dance.

Her daydream, however, was ruined when a strong smell that was downright putrid wacked her in the face. At how strong it was, it almost took her breath away! Wrinkling up her nose, she looked around to see what could have been causing such a horrible scent; Jillian wished that she hadn’t. Her nose led her to a dark alleyway, and in said alleyway she could see the boy that she had saw on her way to the store.

The difference?

His white hoodie was stained with crimson and she could see the glint of the bloodied knife that he clutched in his hand.

“Oh my god!”

Before Jillian could stop herself from shouting, and she cursed herself for it too. Slapping her hand over her mouth, her eyes widened when she saw his face once he turned around. She finally saw his snow white skin with his wide and bloodshot eyes, it didn’t look like he even had any eyelids! And his smile… Oh god his smile…

It was red and she could tell that the wide Cheshire smile on his face had been carved there. His jagged smile seemed to get bigger once he turned to her completely, ignoring the heap of a body that was at his feet. His laugh was chilling, and Jillian felt like it was surrounding her.

“Looks like I’ve found myself a little mouse… Do me a favor and go to sleep!”

Jillian’s mind finally caught up to speed and filled her veins with adrenaline; her feet began to work on their own as they rushed her away from the killer. That hadn’t deterred him, and his heavy footsteps and crazed laughter followed after her. Jillian made sure that she never looked back at him, she could easily trip that way and that would no doubt spell out her death. The bag of milk stay clutched in her hand, but the lollipop had long since been dropped when she started to run from him. What hurt more than losing the lollipop had been the fact that Jillian knew that she should have listened to Big Mama.

Big Mama was right, and yet Jillian hadn’t listened to her! Jillian never really had the best of luck and sometimes she couldn’t help but feel that the universe was after her. Jillian didn’t know what she had done to deserve it, but the universe also wasn’t giving her much time to really think about it.

“Get back here, you bitch!”

His raspy voice sent chills down her spine, it made her blood run cold. Her peach skin that was normally blemish free besides being lightly dusted with freckles and a beauty mark underneath the right side of her lips, was starting to drip with sweat. Her slanted amber eyes were wide with fear, while her short chestnut brown hair whipped around in the wind as she ran. Jillian found herself wishing that she had never went out to get milk, that she would have stayed home instead! Hell, she wished that she had listened to her mother and had taken her bike! At least then she wouldn’t have seen the dead body, and she wouldn’t be getting chased.

“Runnin’ isn’t gonna help you, kid!”

He called out to her again, mocking her efforts. He knew exactly what he was doing; he was trying to fill her with doubt, to make her think that everything that she was doing was fruitless. No matter what Jillian would be caught, and she would be killed. Jillian, however, wasn’t as stupid as he was painting her to be. She had seen plenty of horror movies, she wasn’t going to allow herself to end up like them.

With her eyes forward, she began to steady her breathing to make it easier to run; Jill wasn’t going to let her life slip through her fingers like sand, not as long as she could do something about it.

If ya have legs, you can go almost anywhere ya want

She remembered Big Mama saying that, it was enough to keep her going. So long as Jillian had legs, she could go anywhere that she wanted, especially if that meant running to save her life. All she would have to do is run home and she’d be safe, her mother would be waiting for her on the porch like she always had when Jillian went out during the night. There was another problem though; Jillian was a good runner, being on the track team at her school for three years had its perks, but how would she get home without him seeing her? Running straight home would put her mother at risk too.

Jillian wanted to break down and cry but she kept her feet moving, the bright street lights being the only source of light.

“You’re going to tire yourself out, bitch!”

Jillian did her best to ignore him, she couldn’t let him inside of her head. She didn’t want to hear that, especially not from him.

“You’re really starting to piss me off, girly!”

There was a threat hidden in those words… No, not a threat, but a promise. It was a promise of pain and suffering, a promise that he would be the cause of her end if it were the last thing he’d do. She had every right to live, and she wasn’t going to let him take that from her!

“Once I get my hands on you, I’m going to make you regret making me chase you!”

At this point, Jillian wasn’t sure if it was her tears or her sweat that were making her eyes blurry, but it was starting to get to a point where she couldn’t keep in enough air to run and scream for help at the same time. More old people lived near her area than younger people, she wasn’t sure they’d even hear her if she screamed.

“Stop fucking running!”

“No! Fuck you!”

Her voice came out as a rasp, and took out more air than she had thought it would. He didn’t like her reply, and she could hear it in his voice.

“No matter where you go, or where you hide, I’ll find you! I’ll always find you, and when I do I’m going to carve you alive for that! I’ll carve a fucking smile onto that ugly mug of yours!”

If Jillian hadn’t had the motivation to keep running before, she most certainly had it now. Her feet were starting to go numb while her calves burned and screamed at her to stop running. Her lungs were standing on their last leg, Jillian was aware that she couldn’t keep running for much longer; her body wasn’t in the mood to put up with her shit. She could feel it; she could feel it in her pained legs, she could feel it in her racing heart, she could feel it in her aching lungs, she could feel it all. Her body was going to give out soon.

Jillian wasn’t kidding when she would say she had horrible luck.

As if on cue, she tripped over her own foot and fell face first into the concrete. Her teeth had stabbed her bottom lip, and while her nose wasn’t broken, the amount of blood that was on the ground beneath her was enough to shock her. Her pursuer wasted not even a second and rushed up to her before she could get back up.

“Told ya, girly…”

He laughed as he stomped her back to show off, causing pain to surge through her. Jillian let out a tiny cry, to which he soaked in as if it were the best thing since sliced bread. He squatted over her and raised his knife, she could see from the corner of her eye the amount of victory that he held in his eyes.

“Now… Go to sleep!”

Just as he was about to plunge the knife into the back of her skull, Jillian made one last attempt to save her life. Using the last bit of air that she had, Jill let out a blood curdling scream that she was sure that even people in Russia would have been able to hear. Since it had used the last bit of what she had, she couldn’t even make a noise when he moved the knife and plunged it into her side. It missed her vital organs; a warning…

“Try that shit again and I’ll keep you alive while I carve you.”

He leaned down to hiss it into her ear when he said that, the feeling of his breath against her made her skin crawl. It felt disgusting! He raised his head a little bit as he looked around to see if anyone had heard it; there weren’t many houses with cars in the driveways, but that didn’t always mean that someone was home. Growling once he didn’t notice anyone he glared down at her with his knife raised.


He was cut short by a door suddenly opening and a bullet stabbing itself into his leg.

“I knew I heard something!”

And old voice called out as another bullet was fired, the pale skinned teen was lucky to have moved just in time to miss that one. Jillian, realizing that this was her chance, pushed him off of her and quickly got back to her feet. Holding her side, she began to run towards the old lady. Blood was oozing through the cracks of her fingers as the wound was doing it’s best to heal itself and create a scab.

“Mrs. Davidson..!”

“Oh no you don’t!”

The killer attempted to get up and chase Jill, only to just barely miss the shot that was aimed at his leg. Jill was losing a lot of blood, but not enough to where it was going to make her pass out. Mrs. Davidson kept firing at the boy, moving closer with every shot until he was running as best he could away from the scene, realizing that he didn’t have a winning chance. Jillian tripped and fell onto her knees once she made it to Mrs. Davidson’s driveway.

“Help me… Please…”

Jillian called out weakly, tears streaming down her face. Mrs. Davidson looked in the direction that the killer went and glared, shooting another shot just in case he was trying to hide. When she didn’t see much of a reaction, the elderly woman threw her gun to the porch before rushing over to Jillian as fast as she could.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you…”

Her voice was soothing as she moved Jillian so that she could support her as they walked towards Mrs. Davidson’s house. It was a bit of a struggle, especially since the old woman wasn’t as strong as she use to be back in her day. It took a bit of work, but soon Jillian was laying down on the couch with her wound well taken care of. Jillian, however, was still in a bit of shock. Her eyes were on the ceiling as she tried to understand just what happened back there.

“I’ve made you some tea.”

Amber eyes quickly landed on the woman that entered the room. Phyllis Davidson was her name, she was one of the retired people who lived in Jillian’s area. She had short curly hair that was slicked down on her scalp while the rest her hair was in a puffball ponytail. Her skin was mahogany brown with a few wrinkles, while her round chocolate brown eyes held a stern tone to them. She dressed in a long flowy skirt that was pitch black with a white short sleeved V-neck shirt, and brown slip on shoes.

Placing the mug of black tea on the table in front of the couch Jillian laid on, Phyllis sat down herself. There were so many things that were running through her mind, but Jill would have to take it one at a time less she confuse herself even more.

“...Who was that…?”

The older lady rose a brow, confused.

“I’m assuming you don’t know what Creepypasta is?”

“Those fake stories online?”

“Yes, those are the ones. You see, who you were chased by was none other than Jeff the Killer.”

Jillian never read Jeff’s story… He was mainstream, and she never really cared for his type of story. She was aware about the names of the more popular ones, but other than that she never really read into them.

“He’s fake, so it couldn’t have been him Mrs. Davidson… I can’t believe that someone would actually dress up like him and even carve their face just to pretend to be a Creepypasta…”

“That’s where you’re wrong. What you got was the real deal. What I’m going to tell you, you need to remember.”

Jillian gulped and nodded, scared about what she was going to hear. She hoped that it wasn’t going to be that she was going to die…

“Nothing is this world is what it seems, and it’s going to get a hell of a lot harder thanks to what’s going to happen.”

Jillian felt her stomach drop. God, she was going to die!

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