Total Drama Zero Sum

By 16Doobop13

Humor / Drama


24 teenagers sign up to compete on Total Drama, a Canadian spoof of Survivor hosted by the sadistic Chris McLean, his friend Chef Hatchett, and an army of unpaid interns. Each teen to sign up has their own reasons for competing, but only one will be able to win the $1 million grand prize for being the last contestant remaining on the island. Furthermore, this season of Total Drama proves to be more challenging than any that have come before it, as each of the 4 teams of 6 campers each only receives a small portion of a full summer camp area, sometimes with items they have no discernible use for. It's no longer just each other that the contestants of total drama have to worry about. They'll have to survive the elements of the island they now find themselves on. Who will outlast all the other players and claim the million dollar grand prize for themselves? Find out by reading Total Drama Zero Sum! Updated Weekly!

Preview: All New Season!

It’s A Brand New Season Of Total Drama!

A New Island!

“Welcome to Camp Nui Kaua!” Chris McLean's voice explains as a camera shows the middle-aged host, in his signature clothes, standing in front of a very tropical island, complete with forests, fields, rivers, beaches, and a mountain in the center of it. “Thanks to it’s location, we’re technically off the grid, so we don’t need permission to film here! Really cuts down on the paperwork!”

Four Teams!

“Twenty four entirely new campers will each be divided into teams based on the four elements of nature!” Chris continues to talk as the logos are shown along with the team names.

Water Team-The Killer Waves-(Logo: Blue Orca)

Earth Team-The Violent Quakes-(Logo: Green Mole)

Fire Team-The Raging Flames-(Logo: Red Dragon)

Air Team-The Screaming Winds-(Logo: White Eagle)

It’s a Zero Sum Game!

“This Season," Chris grinned as some frowning interns brought out a wheel that resembled the wheel from Wheel of Fortune, but had pictures of camp equipment on it instead of monetary prizes. "the Winning Team gets to spin the Wheel of Reward, and take over one of the luxuries from the Losing Team! Try to get something that’ll help your team’s camp life!"

The Sixteen 'Luxuries':

1:Team Cabin

2: Chef Makes Breakfast

3: Mattresses

4: Team Couch

5: Team Shower

6: Team Outhouse

7: Chicken Coop

8: Personal Towels

9: Charcoal Powered Grill

10: A Bag of Charcoal

11: Canoe

12: Fishing Spear

13: Snorkeling Equipment

14: Self-Filtering Water Bottles

15: Chef Makes Dinner

16: Team Hot Tub

Chris grinned as he continued the advertisement “Hidden around the island are various clues to the location of four McLean Immunity Tikis, one for each element, that only a player from the corresponding team can make use of! And here are our 24 lucky suckers!" He exclaimed as a montage from the show began to play to show the contestants in various moments of the show, as well as the teams they would be put on, while a side screen showed off the 'label' that the show had given each of them.

Team: The Screaming Winds

“I’m getting some bad vibes from them…”

[Hubert-The Detective]

“And my vibes are never wrong.”

“You expect me to do that?”

[Katelyn-The Rich Kid]

“And ruin my new clothes? Uh, No thank you…”

“I just had to stop and lend a hand…”

[Damon-The Bleeding Heart]

“I couldn’t stand to see such a helpless creature.”

“I didn’t come here to socialize,”

[Carys-The Lone Wolf]

“So just leave me alone.”

“I’ve been meaning to wash up…”

[Alcott-The Social Outcast]

“But I’ve just been too preoccupied.”

“If we lose this challenge…”

[Twilight-The Tough Girl]

“I’ll personally see you eliminated.”

Team: The Killer Waves

“I have no room for villains on my team!”

[Isaac-The White Knight]

“Your reign of terror ends tonight!”

“This here island is so enchantin’!”

[Perci-The Southern Belle]

“Nothin’ at all like the boring fields I see back home!”

“What would you say to an alliance between us?”

[Davon-The Pretty Boy]

“The beautiful folk should stick together, should they not?”

“Why are you being nice during a competition?”

[Artemis-The Ice Queen]

“It’s making me sick to my stomach!”

“I didn’t give you the lead so that you could lose it!”

[Victor-The Brick House]

“I guess it’s up to me to carry us after all.”

“I love everyone on this team so much!”

[Melody-The Femme Fatale]

“After all, they’re all so stupid.”

Team: The Violent Quakes

“I’m sure I could locate for you.”

[Oswald-The Gentleman Thief]

“If you’d do me the favor of having lunch with me.”

“I know that he’s on the enemy team…”

[Nublina-The Angel on Earth]

“But I’m still worried about him, regardless!”

“I think I have an idea…”

[Donovan-The Hotshot]

“It’s a huge risk, but I know I can pull it off!”

“Don’t go easy on me just because I’m a girl!”

[Rudo-The Girl Next Door]

“I’m going to give this challenge my all!”

“Signing up was a bad idea.”

[Zastin-The Dungeon Master]

“I’m a quest giver, not a quest taker.”

“Say what you want about me..”

[Freya-The Soubrette]

“But when I see cute guys, I can’t help a little flirting.”

Team: The Raging Flames

“*Siiiiigh* She’s so beautiful…”

[Liu-Ten - The Hopeless Romantic]

“If only I could spend more time with her..”

“Eeep! I-I’m s-so sorry!”

[Kaede-The Inferiority Complex]

“I-I’ll t-t-try not to get in your w-way next time!”

“There’s someone better than me for just about anything…”

[Conlan-The Jack of All Trades]

“That said, no one is better than me at everything.”

“’s nice……”

[Eliana-The Quiet Chick]

“ meet you….”

“Ya’ can’t let the others walk over ya’.”

[Peter-The City Boy]

“If ya’ don’t like somethin’ suck it up an’ put your foot down!”

“You can claim I’m the only threat, but...”

[Helen-The Class President]

“I still believe in the strength of my teammates!”

The Po’ino Bonfire and Mode of Elimination

The camera cuts back to Chris, standing in front of a bonfire, and holding a platter of tiny tikis. “If I call your name, come up and grab a tiki. The poor soul to not have their name called will be forced to walk…" Chris points to a bridge leading off of the island, made entirely of heated coals. "The Coals Of Shame!"

He then turns back to the camera.

"Who Will Win The $1,000,000.00 Grand Prize?

Find Out On…

Total Drama Zero Sum!"

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