The Snitch Of Secrets Seven

Kings Cross

Charlus, James and Sirius apparated to Kings Cross station on the morning of the 1st of September. James and Sirius were both really excited to be going back to school but James was also really worried about his dad. He didn't want to leave him alone. When they arrived at half ten, the train was already waiting on the platform.

As the boys piled there things into a free carriage, Mr Potter started up a conversation with one of the other parents. "Do you think he'll be alright?" James asked Sirius.

"Of course he will," Sirius scoffed, "he's Charlus Potter."

James sighed, "I guess."

The boys jumped back of the train in time to see Peter fighting his mother off as she tried to give him a hug goodbye. James sighed again, he felt slightly jealous of his friend. The boys said a quick goodbye to Charlus and were told once more that they had to be on their best behaviour this year before Charlus apparated away to the ministry.

The three boys got onto the train and started up a conversation about Quidditch whilst they waited for their other friends to join them. Gradually their compartment filled up, until it was full to the brim with Griffindor seventh years. As the train took off, Lily turned to James, " we better go meet with the prefects."

"Guess so," James grinned. With a wave of his wand he was wearing his school robes and his Head Boy badge. "So girls, which one of you got to take Lily's place as a prefect?"

Kate grinned, "me."

"Could have guessed," James laughed, "it was never going to be Marley..."

"Hey!" Marlene McKinnon complained.

"You wouldn't be Sirius' Black's girlfriend if you were the sort of girl to be made prefect."

James, Lily, Remus and Kate made their way down the train until they reached the prefects carriage. James shivered as he walked through the door, "man this is too weird."

"You're telling us," Lily laughed.

The prefects that were waiting for the prefects meeting suddenly went quiet. Lily grinned at them all, "I hope you've all had a good summer. For those of you who are new to the role of being prefect, if you have any questions at any point, feel free to ask either myself or the Head Boy. I am Lily Evans and this is James Potter."

James waved at them all, "we've prepared a rota for the train journey." He handed out a piece of parchment to each of the prefects.

11:30 Griffindor 7th Years

12:00 Hufflepuff 5th Years

12:30 Ravenclaw 6th Years

13:00 Slytherin 7th Years

13:30 Gryffindor 5th Years

14:00 Hufflepuff 6th Years

14:30 Raveenclaw 7th Years

15:00 Slytherin 5th Years

15:30 Gryffindor 6th Years

16:00 Hufflepuff 7th Years

16:30 Ravenclaw 5th Years

17:00 Slytherin 6th Years

Lily grinned, "You will each need to patrol in pairs for fifteen minutes. On the back of that patrol rota is September's patrol schedule."

"Fifth year prefects will need to guide the new first year students to their dormitories," James told the prefects.

Lily handed out an envelope to each of the prefects, "your house common room password." The only prefects who didn't receive a password were the Ravenclaws as their common room could only be answered by answering a riddle.

James and Sirius were eager to eat their dinner when they finally made it into the Great Hall that evening. They could hear their stomachs rumbling as they watched the new first years walk in behind Professor McGonagall and they barely listened at all to the Sorting Hat's song.

Hoggy Warty Hogwarts!

The place where eager minds come

To learn all sorts of witchy things.

If you let it, Hogwarts will be your home.

But you must first be sorted,

To find out where you will reside.

There is war outside our doors,

But inside our walls we won't abide

By any talk of inferiority.

All are welcome here at Hogwarts!

Every single one!

Whether you're brave and courageous,

Like great old Gryffindor!

Or perhaps cunning and sly,

Like the Slivering Slytherins!

Or indeed perhaps you are loyal and fair,

Like my friend Hufflepuff!

Or finally perhaps you are a brainy one,

Like the lovely Ravenclaw!

Wherever you belong,

You'll always have a home,

Within the walls of Hogwarts

If you can overlook your differences!

The students all applauded the hat with enthusiasm before McGonagall started calling out names and the sorting began.

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