The Snitch of Secrets Three

Wandless Magic

On Saturday morning James and Sirius made their way down to breakfast with their friends but instead of joining them at the table they grabbed a slice of toast each before making their way out of the Great Hall and down towards the Quidditch pitch. The other three; Cynthia, Rob and Renee were already gathered together discussing the day's tryouts.

"I want to get it done quickly," Cynthia continued, briefly nodding as James and Sirius joined them.

"Yeah – me too – I've got a date tonight," Renee smiled.

The five teammates stood talking for a few more minutes until the pitch started to fill with prospective Quidditch players. The stands were filling up to – apparently most of Gryffindor house had decided to join them.

Cynthia smiled at the group of students who were competing for a position on the team. James and the rest of the team stood just behind her. Sirius was enjoying the chance to appear intimidating. He stood with his arms crossed and a frown on his face for once Sirius Black was in fact serious. "Welcome everyone… If you could all start with a couple of laps of the pitch…" The Gryffindors all jumped on their brooms and began to fly around the pitch in a group. Several of the Gryffindors looked like they were about to fall off their brooms whilst the rest appeared confident. James leant into Cynthia, "The four at the front…"

She looked to the four he was talking about, "I don't know James. Do you really think?"

"Yeah – I'm sure," James laughed still watching the tall girl and four boys.

"Let's see," Cynthia laughed, "anyone else got any bets?"

"Certainly not the three at the back," Sirius laughed, "the girl at the front and the skinny boy in the middle – you know the one with the ginger hair?"

"Sirius call them over," Cynthia laughed, "you've got a big enough mouth."

"Thanks Keeney! You are so kind," Sirius laughed, "Oi! Get over here you squirts!"

"Did you really just call them squirts?" Rob laughed, "Some of them are bigger than you."

The squirts as Sirius had dubbed them flew over to the team. Cynthia made them take shots against herself in goal. Then she had them take it in turn in goal and finally they got the chance to try and find the snitch. It was just before lunch time when she called them over and told them that the team line up would be up on the notice board in the morning. The five teammates made their way to lunch. They sat together as they tried to work out who to add to the team. "I still say the ginger one," Sirius smiled.

"You mean Lorinc Rickard?" Cynthia asked, "The second year?"

"If you say so… I don't really know guys' names," Sirius grinned.

"Like you know girls' names either," James laughed. "I distinctly remember you kissing at least three first years last year and to this day I don't think you know their names."

"That's not completely true," Sirius laughed. "I think there were four of them actually."

The rest of the group began laughing happily. James noticed that several of the other Gryffindors were watching them nervously. "Should we take this somewhere else? Maybe the Gryffindor locker room?"

His teammates looked around, "ah James… are you feeling sorry for all the scared little squirts?"

Several hours later the team had finally agreed on the new line up for the team. Cynthia began writing it down on a piece of parchment so that they could put it on the notice board.

Keeper – Holly Moresby (2nd Yr),

Seeker – James Potter (3rd Yr),

Beaters – Rob Calloway (7th Yr), Sirius Black (3rd Yr),

Chasers – Cynthia Keeney* (7th Yr), Renee Arteage (5th Yr), Michael Paling (7th Yr),

Subs – Lorinc Rikard – Keeper (2nd Yr), Benjamin Treacy – Chaser (5th Yr), Timothy Brenan – Chaser (2nd Yr),


"As always James, you were right," Cynthia joked.

"If you'd have listened to us in the first place this could have been done hours ago," Sirius winked.

"Maybe – but it wouldn't have been much of a try-out," James laughed. "So Renee, you've got a date?"

"Yeah…" Renee laughed, "Oh crap… I need to go get ready!"

The others laughed as the girl ran back up to the castle to get ready for her date. James and Sirius stood up, "we better get going too… homeworks calling…"

"You guys don't do homework," Rob laughed.

"Well… we have an image to keep up but we still have parents…" James laughed.

"Yeah – James' mum will kill us if we don't do our homework," Sirius smiled.

Rob and Cynthia laughed happily as the other two left them alone, "Whoever knew; the marauders do homework?" Rob smiled.

James and Sirius made their way up to their dorm room where the other marauders were waiting for them. "Alright?" James asked. Remus was sat on his bed reading one of the animagi books whilst Peter ate a chocolate frog.

"Yeah…" Remus nodded, "How was tryouts?"

"Yeah it went well," James smiled.

"Teams all laid out," Sirius confirmed as he spread out on his own bed.

"So what are we doing today James?" Peter asked.

"Erm… Well at some point we need to learn how to do magic without a wand…" James sighed, "The books I read over the summer said that we need to practice easy self-transfiguration spells without a wand. So nothing as big as changing ourselves into an animal; just things like changing the colour of your hair or the shape of your nose."

"Wandless magic is really hard," Remus frowned, "most witches and wizards never even try it let alone succeed…"

"The same can be said about becoming animagi," Sirius retorted.

"Exactly," Remus sighed, "You don't have to do this… not for me."

"Yes we do," James replied, "You're one of us. We do right by our friends."

James picked up one of the books and looked up the first spell. "Right boys – give me your wands."

"I don't like the sound of that," Sirius replied.

"Ah come on Si… I'm not exactly a Slytherin," James laughed.

"Nah but you are a marauder," Sirius winked as he handed over his wand. James placed the four wands on his bedside tables.

"Right the spell is dilata naribus. The book says to say the incantation. Apparently wandless magic is even harder when you are using non-verbal spells."

All four boys started trying to cast the spell without their wands. Remus was enjoying the chance to improve his magically skills. Although he had no intentions of becoming an animagus with his friends, he was making the most of the opportunity to learn non-verbal spells and wandless magic. Fifteen minutes later each of the boys were growing rather irritated having not managed to successfully cast the spell. A few minutes later, Sirius jumped, "I felt something! Is it bigger? Is it bigger?"

James and Remus inspected his face. "No man – sorry," James sighed.

"Are you serious?" Sirius replied grabbing his hand before running over to the mirror to check it for himself.

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