The Snitch of Secrets Three

Down By The Lake

James and Sirius had decided to make it their personal mission to help Will get Rebecca. They had sat up talking for several hours with the first years. The following day was the last day of school before the half term break. The Gryffindors went from lesson to lesson, growing more and more distracted as they went. By the time James, Sirius and Remus were sat in their muggle studies lesson none of them were paying any attention to Professor Randall's explanation of muggle currency. Instead they were sat on the back row discussing what they were going to do with their week off. James kept glancing at the clock.

The lesson seemed to go slower than normal but eventually they were free from the boredom of lessons and were able to do whatever they wanted with the rest of their time. They made their way to the Great Hall for lunch, "what are we going to do this afternoon?" Remus asked.

"Haven't you got homework to do?" Sirius asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"I was thinking we could go down to the lake," James smiled, "It's probably the best weather we've had since September 1st."

The others smiled, "We should see if the girls want to come with us," Sirius commented as they walked through the Great Hall towards their friends, "hey everyone! Do you guys fancy coming down to the lake after lunch?"

Alice and Frank smiled, "we're in."

Kate, Mary and Lily looked up, "guess we could."

"Cool – I'm going to ask Felicity if she wants to join us," Sirius replied before making his way over to the Ravenclaw table.

"Is he serious about Felicity," Marlene asked as she sat down.

"I think so," Remus laughed, "More serious than I've ever seen Sirius…"

James laughed, "Sirius is never serious about girls. I give it a week."

"It's already been almost a month," Marlene replied.

"That must be some kind of record!" Mary laughed. "What about you James?"

"What about me?" James asked sheepishly.

"Zoe Wadsworth?" Remus explained.

"Ah… I don't know. It's going ok. We've had a few dates but it's not serious."

The group nodded. Will Stone was walking passed with the other first year lads, "alright James?"

"Yeah not bad. You?" James replied.

"Not bad," Will nodded before carrying on.

"Since when have you been friends with my brother?" Kate asked.

"Last night – Sirius and I are going to help him get a girlfriend."

"Not just any girlfriend," Sirius piped up as he rejoined his friends, "Rebecca Kerr. Apparently your little brother has a crush."

"So you are helping how?" Kate asked suspiciously.

"Well we introduced them last night and we plan on giving him a little advice," Sirius smiled.

"Oh Merlin, they're going to turn my brother into the next Sirius Black," Kate moaned to the girls.

"Hey! You say that as if it's a bad thing," Sirius complained.

"It is when it comes to relationships…" Kate frowned.

Lily laughed, "yeah everyone knows you're a bit of a player, Sirius."

"Oh right… a guy has a few girlfriends in a couple of years and that makes him a player!" Sirius replied childishly.

"A couple?" Marlene laughed lightly, "try twenty?"

"Have you been counting Marley?" Sirius winked.

"No…" Marlene turned slightly pink.

"Besides you should be grateful. At least you're just a player. If one of us dated as many people as you, we'd be called sluts," Mary commented.

"Exactly," Kate sighed, "It's just so unfair."

"I don't get it. Are you complaining about sexual inequality or the idea of me and James turning your brother into a bit of a manwhore. By the way, I do not appreciate the way you are implying that I am a manslut myself. So cruel," Sirius pulled his best puppy dog face.

Kate leant forward and gently slapped his cheek a few times, "darling isn't it possible that I'm complaining about both? Or is that too big for your brain?"

After lunch the Gryffindors made their way outside. They sat in the marauders favourite spot. "By the time we leave I want everyone to know this tree as the marauders' tree!" Sirius laughed as he leant against the tree.

"That's awfully selfish Black," Marlene responded, "You could at least share it."

Sirius raised an eyebrow before moving up slightly, "I'd share it with you any day Marley."

Marlene laughed before sitting down next to Black under the tree with her back against the tree trunk. James took off his shoes and socks before rolling up his jeans and dipping his legs in the lake. "Isn't it a bit cold Potter?" Lily asked, inquisitively.

James shook his head before splashing the water in her face. Lily screamed before running and hiding behind the tree, "Potter – if I come out, do you promise not to get me wet?"

"I refuse to make promises that I intend to break," James replied winking at her as she peaked round the tree. "In fact – I think I fancy a swim. Can I tempt any of you into a nice dip in the lake?"

"Are you kidding? It'll be freezing," Alice replied from where she was laying on the grass, her head leant against Frank's chest.

"Ah come on. Live a little. I'll cast the temperature regulation spell," James smiled.

Sirius' face lit up as Felicity walked over to them with her Ravenclaw friends. "Felicity – I don't know if you know my friends," Sirius said as he jumped to his feet, putting an arm around Felicity's waist. "This is James. He's mental."

"Thanks," James laughed, "Mental but awesome… he always misses out the awesome part."

"Lily Evans, Mary MacDonald, Peter, Marlene."

Marlene nodded briefly before putting on a pair of sunglasses, "Alice and Frank. Remus and Kate."

Felicity smiled, waving at all of the third year Gryffindors, "hi. Nice to meet you. These are my friends… Jess, Kayleigh, Molly and Sophia."

"Now do any of you ladies fancy a swim?" James smiled at the second year Ravenclaws.

"Isn't it a bit cold?" Molly Dixon replied. She was a pretty brown haired girl with bright blue eyes.

"Ah… but you're a witch Molly," James grinned. "Temperature regulation spell works every time."

Molly smiled, "sure why not." She giggled nervously.

The Gryffindors spent the entire afternoon by the side of the pool with the Ravenclaws. James sat by the side of the lake playing with the golden snitch when he got out of the lake. His hair was damp and he allowed the snitch to fly around above his head. Lily frowned, "quit showing off, Potter!"

"Huh? What Evans? I'm not showing off," James replied.

"Yeah… Sure," Lily shook her head.

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