The Snitch of Secrets Three

Last Of The Summer Days

The four marauders were sat in James' bedroom. "So Pete what did you do over the summer?"

"I… er… I… I spent a bit of time with Mary actually," Peter blushed.

"Mary?" James asked.

"Yeah – she doesn't live too far from me and…" he tried to explain. The conversation made him feel incredibly nervous. He didn't really want to tell his friends that he liked the girl.

"Do you like her?" Sirius asked from his place on James' bed. His head hanging off the side; watching Peter.

"I… well sure I do she's my friend," Peter chickened out.

"Yeah… but do you really like her?" James asked.

"Yeah like… do you want to kiss her?" Sirius added.

"Don't pressurise him," Remus tutted from the chair by James' desk. He was writing a letter to his mother to tell her he had arrived safely.

"Ah come on Rem… we're just having a bit of fun!" James laughed.

"Do you like anyone Remus?" Sirius questioned.

"No – I don't," Remus replied.

"No one at all?" Sirius frowned, "that doesn't seem quite right. Does it James?"

"Not everyone likes girls quite as much as you do Sirius!" Remus replied exasperated.

"Oh I see… You're… say no more. I understand completely," Sirius nodded his head sadly.

"I'm not gay! I just don't always have to be liking someone," Remus replied, abandoning his letter.

"Well… what's your type?" James asked.

"Yeah – what's your type Rem?" Sirius asked as well.

"I… I don't know."

"You must know… everyone knows their type… Look at me. My type is pretty, slightly stupid – easier to talk into a broom closet," Sirius winked.

"That's terrible!" Remus frowned.

"They've also got to be a muggle-born… that's a new criteria specially to annoy my mum."

Remus laughed, "I see. James what about you?"

"Pretty… any house except Slytherin… long hair…"

"Red hair," Sirius joked.

"Quit it! Intelligent…"

Sirius smiled, "ring any bells Remus?"

Remus raised his eyebrow until Sirius began to fake cough, "EVANS!"

"I thought we said we wouldn't talk about her," James frowned.

"Come on man," Sirius sighed, "you got to see her in a week's time!"


"Well don't you think it will be a bit awkward?" Sirius asked.


"Last time you spoke to her you kind of blew up in her face," Sirius frowned. "You called her stupid…"

"You may have also said that she didn't matter," Remus added.

"So? It's true…" James shrugged his shoulders, "I don't like her any more. We're just going to go back to how everything was in first year. I'll annoy her, she'll be moody and hate me and no one will die."

"James it wasn't your fault," Sirius remarked.

"And it's not hers either," Remus practically whispered.

"It doesn't matter whose fault it is… Holly's dead," James sighed, "anyway we're getting off topic."

"Blondes," Remus replied loudly, drawing attention to himself and away from James, "I like blondes."

"Kate's blonde you know," Sirius smiled.

"I can't date Kate," Remus replied.

"Why? Is it because of James? Everyone knows they're just friends…"

"No… it's just – well I'm a werewolf aren't I. No sensible girl would want to date me if they knew… and I refuse to date a girl without her knowing… I don't want to put her in danger."

"She wouldn't be in danger… when you're a werewolf she's happily asleep in the castle. I don't really get why she'd be in danger," Peter questioned.

"I don't know…"

"It's not like you're planning on marrying her," Sirius frowned.

"Yeah – you'd so want to tell a girl before you pop that question," James smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

Marlene and Alice were sunbathing in Alice's garden. "Have you heard from Lily?" Marlene asked.

"Yeah – she wrote me last week. Apparently she's talking to Snape again," Alice replied.

"What?" Marlene replied, "I thought last year she would have realised that he's a no good death eater after everything."

"Yeah well apparently he hasn't got a mark so she decided to believe him."

"Sometimes she can be so stupid," Marlene frowned.

"It's hard for her – he's her best friend," Alice tried to be understandable.

"What about us? We're way better friends to her than he is."

"I know…"

"Poor Potter."

"Oh come on Marley – that was never going to happen."

"He likes her Ali."

"So what – he's liked millions of girls. I know James. He'll get past it."

"How's Frank? Seen much of him?" Marlene asked.

"No – not much. His mum has kept him really busy this summer. They've had family visiting from… I don't know where. Somewhere in Europe."

"Nice – any attractive cousins?" Marlene asked.

Alice laughed.

The marauders were all stood in dress robes on the beach, "do you not feel a bit overdressed?" James laughed.

"Yep," Sirius smiled, "great isn't it."

"Are your parents coming to this little shindig?" Peter asked.

"Seriously?" Sirius laughed, "They don't even know about it. They're eloping remember?"

Peter's cheeks turned slightly pink, "oh all right."

The marauders walked over to the only other two wizards on the otherwise empty beach. "Hey, you must be Sirius. I've heard a lot about you." Ted Tonks shook Sirius' hand.

"Me too. Look after her won't you. She's one of the good ones," Sirius replied. "She's the only one I can stand to be honest."

"Funny – that's what she said about you. This is Markik – he's going to be officiating for us."

"Nice to meet you," Sirius shook the slightly older man's hand.

"You probably better go get her," James said to Sirius, "she'll be waiting. It's time."

Sirius practically ran into a muggle hotel that sat on the beach's edge. He was gone for several minutes. When he returned, he had a beautiful girl on his arm. Andromeda Black. She was wearing a beautiful flowing white dress and her hair was cascading down her back. She had the biggest smile, Sirius had ever seen on her face. She was finally happy.

The night before their return to Hogwarts the marauders were sat in the Potter's living room drinking hot chocolate. It was the first night in almost a month that Charlus was home before the boys went to bed. He was telling them all about his day at work. "We got a tip off that the death eaters were going to attack the Holyhead Harpies match today."

"No way," James replied.

"Yeah – it was alright though we apprehended them," Charlus explained.

Dorea nodded, "was anyone injured?"

"Tobias broke an arm but other than that not really," Charlus smiled. "Are you boys excited about going back to school?"

"It's going to be awesome," James replied.

"We've already planned tons of pranks," Sirius laughed.

"Nothing to big – I hope," Dorea smiled.

"Bigger than ever!" Peter blurted out.

Mrs Potter raised an eyebrow. She opened her mouth to speak but Mr Potter chuckled, "I don't think you want to ask, Dori."

"How are we getting to the station mum?" James asked.

"The ministry is providing a couple of cars," Charlus replied.

"Same old then," James nodded.

"Yes – although there are more of us than normal so we need two cars."

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