The Snitch of Secrets Three

Back To Normal

The marauders found themselves a compartment on the train before saying goodbye to Mr and Mrs Potter. With their luggage safely stowed, they jumped back off the train to say goodbye.

"Thanks for having us Mrs Potter," Remus said as Dorea pulled him into a kind hug.

"Any time dear," Mrs Potter smiled, "It was our pleasure."

The boys quickly said their goodbyes and re-boarded the train to leave James and his parents a chance to say goodbye. "So you will behave yourself won't you?" Dorea questioned him.

"I can't say that I will mum," James laughed.

"James – I really don't want to get any letters from Professor McGonagall this year. Please?"

"Come on Dori – let the poor boy go," Charlus laughed.

James kissed his mother on the cheek and shook his father's hand, "see you soon son!"

"Christmas," James nodded.

"Christmas," Mr and Mrs Potter smiled.

The marauders sat comfortably in their compartment. They'd managed to get one towards the front of the train so that they would get the best sweets off the trolley. The train hadn't been going long when Alice and Frank joined them. "Hey guys," Alice smiled at the marauders. "Can we join you?"

"Sure you can Ali," James smiled, "you guys are always welcome."

It hadn't been two days since they had last seen each other so they didn't need to ask each other about their summers. Instead they just fell into a comfortable conversation about whatever they felt like talking about. James, Frank and Sirius were discussing Gryffindor's chances of winning the Quidditch cup this year. "Do you know who captain is this year?" Frank asked.

"No – no idea… I'm guessing Keeney or Calloway…" James replied.

"Either way – we're bound to win," Sirius smiled. "Do you think you'll try out this year?"

"I – I don't think it's really my thing," Frank replied. "Are you going to see if you can change positions this year, James?"

"What – try at seeker?" James asked, "I thought about it… but I'm happy either way – whatever the team needs."

Not fifteen minutes later, Marlene and Kate stormed into the compartment, "I hate that bitch!" Marlene complained, surprising everyone.

"Who?" Sirius asked.

"Gabriella Ferguson – you know that gabby one in second year!" Marlene replied.

Alice sighed, "She's seeing Marlene's ex-boyfriend," Alice explained.

"She's just jealous Marley," Kate comforted her friend.

"I don't care if she's jealous. That's no excuse to say such horrible things," replied Marlene angrily.

"What did she actually say?" James asked.

"She said that I was a slag," Marlene replied, "and that I'm just easy."

"But it's not true Marley – you never did it with Jon, did you?" Kate asked.

"No – nowhere near," Marlene frowned.

"Well then she's just talking crap," Alice nodded, "Ignore her – and if you can't do that, get the marauders to prank her for you."

The Gryffindors laughed happily, joking about the different pranks they could pull on Gabriella. Mary eventually joined them, "have you guys seen Lily?"

Each of the gryffindors frowned, "no sorry."

Mary joined them in the compartment, closing the door tightly before explaining, "I think she's with Snape…"

"I would have thought they wouldn't be talking after what he did," Sirius commented.

"Well Evans is very trusting when it comes to Severus Snape," James answered bitterly, "anyway we'll be back in a moment – we have a tiny bit of chaos to cause." The four marauders jumped out of their seats, leaving the compartment and heading down towards the other end of the train. When they reached the very centre of the train they each pulled out their wands and pointed them at the ground. They quickly began to create a weird swampy liquid out the end of their wands that soon covered the floor, leaking into all the nearby compartments. They heard several girls scream and James noticed a flash of red hair coming down the train towards them. "Back to the compartment me thinks," James laughed.

The marauders followed James until they were all back in the compartment. They sat down quickly, "What did you do?" Marlene asked but was quickly cut off by Lily. She barged into the compartment, "GO PUT IT RIGHT POTTER!"

"I don't think I will actually," James replied.

"You are such an insolent piece of work," Lily complained.

"I don't care," James replied, now looking out the window in an attempt to ignore her.

"Where have you been Lily?" Alice tried to ask.

"I'll tell the prefects!" Lily threatened.

"So what," James laughed.

Lily stormed out of the compartment angrily, "arrogant toe-rag. Selfish pig!" They could hear her for several minutes as she stormed loudly down the train.

The rest of the train journey went in relative peace. The friends sat happily in their compartment giggling away at silly jokes and stories. James spent most of his time staring out the window at the passing scenery. Looks like things are back to normal – Evans hates me… and… and I don't care. He knew that he was lying to himself but he hoped that if he told himself that he didn't care enough times then eventually it would be true. The Gryffindors quickly changed as they passed the Scottish border. "Have you got them Rem?" Sirius asked excitedly.

"Of course," Remus answered.

The other Gryffindors watched expectantly as Remus gave each of the marauders a badge each. The badges were a dark purple colour with a curly M in the centre. "What are they?" Marlene asked.

"Marauder badges," Sirius answered.

"This year, the marauders will be giving out points to people who we deem to be funny," James smiled brightly.

"And taking away points from people who take themselves too seriously," Peter laughed happily.

"Not real points – not house points – but marauder points," Remus explained.

"Cool," Marlene smiled.

"I want marauder points," Alice smiled excitably, "I'm cute!" She pulled her most adorable face.

"Sadly cuteness isn't one of the criteria the marauders are looking for…" Sirius said seriously.

Alice frowned, "well – what are the criteria?"

"Wait and see," James laughed.

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