The Snitch of Secrets Three

Winning With A Kiss

As January came to a close the marauders barely saw one another. It was the full moon so Remus was spending the weekend "with his sick mother." James and Sirius were mostly practising for the match against Ravenclaw that was due to take place the following week. Peter was spending most of his time with Mary or writing letters home. His father was still seriously ill. In fact his mother had told him that he was getting worse. She had written to tell him that the healers at St Mungo's were beginning to worry about him. According to Peter's mother, Mr Pettigrew was growing weaker by the day. Peter had asked permission to visit him in the hospital but his mother had refused saying that he was highly contagious. Worrying about his father mixed with the aggravation of being on his new diet resulted in an incredibly moody Peter. James was also spending an increasing amount of time with Holly Moresby, his new girlfriend. Ever since he had saved her life they had become inseparable.

February wasn't much better than January. If anything the weather was somehow worse. There was a horrible fog that covered the mountainous grounds and the younger students had taken to avoiding so much as looking out the window because the grounds were so creepy. The dementors no longer held to the boundaries of the forest at night. They now swept through the grounds at their own will. James had even spotted one flying around outside a window in the Gryffindor common room. It had almost given him a heart attack. During the day they retreated back to the forest but James was pretty sure that the dementors spent the nights looking for a way into the castle.

On the morning of the match, James made his way down to breakfast with the rest of the boys in his dormitory. He was less nervous than normal – but he wasn't sure that was a good thing. He felt like the team had a solid plan – it couldn't go wrong. James noticed the Ravenclaw team staring at him from their place at the Ravenclaw table, "what's up with them?" He asked as he sat down next to Holly.

"No idea – don't half look miserable though," Holly shook her head.

"They've been giving us all evils since we arrived," Cynthia explained.

"It's probably just Lockhart being a git," James laughed, completely ignoring them.

"Wouldn't exactly be the first time," Sirius replied.

Just before eleven, the Gryffindor team set off for the locker room. It had finally stopped raining. The pitch was still damp but the sky was clear and there was no sign of clouds. There was a freezing cold breeze however and so the students in the stands were wrapped up warm. James could hear the excited students taking their places in the stands above. The team quickly changed into the Quidditch robes. Cynthia smiled at the team before her; "right – you know the plan. We're going to do great."

She led them out onto the field to riotous applause. The Ravenclaw team were waiting for them in the middle of the field in their blue uniforms. "Keeney, Lockhart, shake hands," Madam Hooch said quickly. The captains shook hands, Gilderoy smiling widely. "Mount your brooms… on my whistle… three – two – one."

James pushed off and began to soar around the stadium above the rest of the match. He searched constantly for the snitch whilst listening to the commentary. Mark Lewis was commentating. James loved Lewis' commentaries – they never failed to entertain. "They're off! It's Gryffindor in possession, captain Cynthia Keeney of Gryffindor passes to Renee Arteage. Arteage heads for the goal! She scores!" The crowd erupted in applause. James pulled lower passing the Ravenclaw chasers, searching for the smallest hint of gold. He quickly noticed that Lockhart was following closely behind him. He looked over to the other side of the pitch – there it was – the snitch was hovering by the Gryffindor goal posts. James decided to take a risk. He dived towards the ground in the opposite direction of the snitch. He looked behind himself to check that Lockhart was following him. He saw the snitch disappear out of the corner of his eye and pulled out of the dive. "Gryffindor leads thirty points to zero," Lewis told them, "For a second there I though Potter had seen the snitch but it turns out he was just playing with Lockhart."

"Ravenclaw in possession – Marcucci passes to Strickler who drops the quaffle right into Arteage's waiting hands. Arteage to Keeney. Keeney passes to Paling. Paling scores. Shame for old Bloute – it's his last year on the Ravenclaw team and it doesn't look like he's got much chance of winning the cup in his final year."

James saw the snitch again but he quickly noticed that Lockhart had seen it too and was already on his way to catching it. James quickly followed behind him but didn't have to do much. Rob Calloway hit Lockhart across the face, "thanks Rob."

"No worries, Potter," Rob nodded before flying off towards his next victim. The snitch had vanished again. Mark Lewis was commentating excitably, "Calloway hits Lockhart in the face – poor bloke – everyone knows the best thing about Lockhart is his face. The score is sixty to ten and Gryffindor are in possession."

James sighed, not long now. Lockhart was close behind him again. James decided to take the seventh year on a bit of expedition. Lockhart followed Potter between the other players. James saw the snitch again. He stopped, blocking Lockhart's way. "I haven't got a clue what Potter is doing," Lewis was saying. "Eighty to ten to Gryffindor."

James saw the snitch vanish again. He began flying around once more. James smiled, it was time to catch the snitch. It had been taunting him all match but now he couldn't find it anywhere. He began making laps of the pitch, Lockhart close behind him. He saw Holly save several goals. He smiled happily and then he noticed it. The snitch. It was flitting around just above Holly's head. He leant forward on his broom and began to zoom towards his girlfriend. Lockhart didn't have a clue what was going on. It was several minutes before he realised what was going on and began to follow James. "I THINK POTTER MIGHT HAVE SEEN THE SNITCH!" Lewis shouted.

He rushed forward until he was looking directly into Holly's eyes. He leant in to kiss her whilst stretching his arm into the air. "BLOODY HELL POTTER – NOW IS NOT THE TIME!" Lewis was complaining. James ignored the commentator as he kissed his girlfriend, raising his fist into the air.


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