The Snitch of Secrets Three

Defending The School

James and Lily ran straight into Professor McGonagall. "What is with the number of students out of bed tonight? James I told you to stay in the Gryffindor Tower tonight."

"Well…" James began.

"Now is not the time for excuses. I need to speak to the other teachers. Where are the other Gryffindors? Black and McKinnon are in the Entrance Hall. I'm guessing that your other friends are out of bed too?"

"Er… Mary and Peter are at the Clock Tower Entrance and Alice and Frank are at the top of the Astronomy Tower."

"Right follow me," she cast her patronus as she walked down the corridor, "staff room – five minutes." They walked down to the ground floor and into the staffroom. Gradually the other teachers joined them.

When all the teachers were together, Professor McGonagall spoke to them; "The charm that Professor Dumbledore placed around the school has been broken – the dementors are able to enter the school. Some of our students are trying to defend the school. We need to help them. If you find any Slytherins out of bed put them in your offices – lock them in. I have reason to believe that some of our students have been helping the dementors."

"Professor Lifflilee and Professor Kettleburn can you go join Mr Longbottom and Miss Prewett at the top of the Astronomy Tower," McGonagall began. "Madam Hooch – four of our students; Miss Macdonald, Miss Stone, Mr Pettigrew and Mr Lupin are by the Clock Tower Entrance."

The three teachers nodded before leaving the staffroom. "Mr Filch – could you fetch the head girl and boy?"

"Yes Professor," Filch practically ran from the room. Mrs Norris following closely behind.

"Professor Sinistra," McGonagall turned to face the astronomy teacher, "Can you take the viaduct entrance?"

Professor Sinistra nodded, practically running out the door. "Professor Salazar – the stone circle entrance. Why the hell does this castle have so many entrances? Professor Randall – the suspension bridge entrance."

Professor Randall, the muggle studies teacher made his way out of the staffroom. "Horace – can you collect the Slytherins from their common room and take them to the Great Hall? Same for you Filius, Pomona."

"Everyone else – patrol the corridors. Irma – can I leave you in charge of the Great Hall?"

"Of course Minerva," Madam Pince nodded.

"Thank you. I'll have Hagrid join you. Poppy, can you be ready in the Hospital Wing – just in case?"

Madam Pomfrey nodded before walking from the room. Seconds later the head girl and boy had arrived with Mr Filch. "Can you two organise the prefects. I need you to watch over the students in the Great Hall – Madam Pince and Mr Hagrid will be with you."

"Yes Professor," Jenny Dawn, the Head Girl replied. Her and Trev left Professor McGonagall with the two Gryffindors.

"Right – you two go help Black and McKinnon whilst I get the Gryffindors out of the tower," she went to leave the room, "don't think you're getting away with breaking the rules, Potter."

Sirius and Marlene were struggling to keep the dementors back. Lily and James turned the corner just in time to see an explosion. The sixth year Slytherins; David Mickle, Alfred Sims, Octavio Joseph, Ronald Milewski and Robert Shively had just barged their way into the Entrance Hall, with the dementors right behind them. "Locomotor Mortis," Milewski called, pointing his wand at Sirius. Sirius' legs locked together and he almost toppled to the floor. He quickly cast the counter-spell before pointing his wand at the Slytherins.

"Impedimenta," Sirius called out, "keep your patronus up Marley."

James ran forward, "Flipendo!" Milewski and Shively fell backwards. Lily sent a trip jinx towards Mickle before attacking Sims with a stinging jinx.

Marlene's patronus flickered, "I can't keep it much longer."

Sirius cast his own patronus focusing on the moment when he walked his cousin Andromeda down the aisle towards her fiancé on the beach. His large silver dog bounded towards the dementors pushing them back. "Bloody hell – all the students will be trying to get into the Great Hall in a minute – we need to get these dementors out of here," Lily said.

James nodded. He cast a quick spell and rope flew out of his wand binding the sixth year students. "Right – teamwork guys. We need to cast the charm together. I think we can hold them off long enough for the students to get passed."

"Expecto Patronum," the four Gryffindors called together. A great silver barrier erupted from their wands. They began walking forward towards the doors. They stood just outside the entrance doors holding their wands as steady as they could. Lily gasped when she realised how many dementors they were holding back. There was at least three times as many as there had been at the top of the Astronomy Tower. They heard a sound behind them and noticed a group of very tired Ravenclaw students following Professor Flitwick into the Great Hall.

Professor Flitwick entered the Great Hall and quickly cast several spells until the four tables were against the walls and there were hundreds of sleeping bags on the floor. "Ravenclaws – you will be spending the rest of the night in the Great Hall. If you need anything either speak to one of the prefects, Mr Hagrid or Madam Pince." Flitwick left the room, leaving the Ravenclaws with Madam Pince and Hagrid.

"Inter yer sleeping bags then," Hagrid told them.

The Ravenclaw prefects made their way over to Hagrid and Madam Pince, "what do you want us to do?"

"I'm not sure yet," Madam Pince replied. "Keep an eye on the other students for now. Perhaps check that all the Ravenclaws are here. Give me any names of missing students."

"Yes Madam," they said in unison.

Quickly the other houses joined them in the Great Hall. When they were all together, Madam Pince pulled all the prefects and the head boy and girl together. "Are any of the students missing?"

"All of the Gryffindor third years," Leona Hunter, the Gryffindor fifth year prefect replied.

"I already know where they are. Anymore?" Madam Pince replied.

"No Madam," Amos Diggory, the Hufflepuff seventh year prefect replied. "They have all been accounted for."

"Very well," Madam Pince smiled, "fifth year prefects will you keep watch over the sleeping students. Try and prevent them gossiping. I'm going to call lights out in ten minutes."

The fifth years nodded before breaking into pairs and making their way around the Great Hall. "Sixth years can you please guard the door."

"What about us Professor?" Diggory asked.

"I'm probably not supposed to ask you this but I have a feeling that the third years in the Entrance Hall might be struggling to hold the dementors off. Can you help them please?"

"Of course Professor," Diggory nodded as he led the seventh year prefects out of the hall.

"Miss Dawn, Mr Mallory – I believe there are some Slytherins tied up in the Entrance Hall – can you please lock them in the library. We'll deal with them later."

"Yes Madam Pince," Trev replied before leading his girlfriend, the Head Girl out of the Great Hall.

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