The Snitch of Secrets Three

At Risk

Mrs Potter had planned a party for James for Thursday because he had been at Hogwarts for his birthday. She'd baked a cake and everything. There were guest due at this party so they were all told to dress up. James put on a new set of dressrobes. They were his favourite colour; emerald green. He dressed quickly and rushed downstairs to help set up. The other boys were equally quick dressing, each wearing a set of their new robes. Sirius' were plain black, whilst Remus' were a very dark grey, Peter's maroon and Franks' navy. The girls however took forever to dress themselves. After almost half an hour in front of the mirror, Alice decided to wear a pretty summer dress that Mrs Potter had got for her. It was navy with light blue flowers on it. She quickly made her way into Marlene's room. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah – two seconds," Marlene said as she tied the halterneck of her dress behind her neck. The dress was black and flowed down to just below her knee.

"You look great," Alice smiled.

"So do you," Marlene replied. They went from room to room collecting their friends. Mary was wearing a pretty red jumper with a navy skirt and Kate was wearing a white dress covered in silver flowers. The four girls made their way towards Lily's room. The knocked before entering. "Lily – you're not ready!" Alice frowned.

"I know that," Lily replied angrily, "I… I got distracted."

"Reading?" Marlene almost laughed.

"Maybe… look I'll meet you down there," Lily smiled. She still hadn't put her dress on, "I won't be long."

The girls left her to get ready. Lily looked through her wardrobe for something to wear. Her eyes fell on the prettiest summer dress she had ever seen. Lily smiled as she put the emerald green dress on. It fitted her perfectly. She couldn't believe how easy life was when you were a witch. She practically ran down the stairs when she was finally ready. James was in the entrance hall welcoming guests. "Lily – don't run, you might slip and die and then where would that leave me?" James laughed.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Lily asked as she came to a sudden halt besides James. She stumbled but James grabbed her around the waist to steady her.

"Only that if you die – I can't marry you," James smiled.

Lily blushed, "I'm sure you'd find someone else to marry you," she replied.

"What if I don't want anyone else?"

"Who says I'd ever marry you anyway Potter?" Lily asked feeling awkward.

"No one I guess," James smiled. "Go grab a drink. Everyone is in the living room."

Lily walked away leaving James to welcome guests in the hall. She was completely lost in their conversation. She knew that James didn't like her like that. He'd spent so much time trying to annoy her and those roses that he had given her… they had broken her heart… although he had said… No, Lily thought to herself, soon everything will be back to normal and we'll be at each other's throats again. Lily sighed, what if things don't go back to normal?

The party was a complete success. The Jacksons had all come and Thia was happily asleep on James' knee. The party had ended hours ago and most of the guests had already left. Charlus had locked himself away in his study with the minister for magic and Crouch. They were undoubtedly talking business. The rest of the family were sat in the living room. Dorea and Nancy had made them all hot chocolate. They sat comfortably drinking their warm drinks and chatting aimlessly. Lily and James were sat on the same sofa. James had Thia on his lap asleep. Lily was beginning to fall asleep herself. Suddenly James felt Lily's head drop onto his shoulder. He looked down to see her asleep. He lifted his arm slightly wrapping it around her, so that she was more comfortable. The others carried on talking, James looked at the clock. It was passed midnight. He sighed and felt his own eyes drop. He laid his head to the side, resting it on Lily's head and drifted off. The others carried on talking for hours until Charlus walked in, "They've just left. I'm surprised you are all still up. It's gone two."

Nancy and Dorea looked at the clock in surprise. "Right bedtime everyone," Dorea began but was cut short by Nancy prodding her.

"Look…" She pointed at the sofa where James, Lily and Thia slept. "Isn't that adorable."

Sirius almost split his side with laughter. He grabbed his wizard camera from his pocket and quickly took a photo, "I'm so bribing him with that…"

Dorea shook her head laughing gently, "Right bed!"

The teenagers all began to make their way up the stairs as Dorea tried to take Thia from James' arm but James merely tightened his grip and Thia held onto James tightly. "James dear," Dorea began. "You need to wake up…"

The boy began to stir, "go away mum… I want a lie in."

Dorea laughed, "You need to go to bed, Jamie."

James' mind began to clear. His eyes opened and he realised where he was. Nancy took Thia into her arms and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom in the family quarters. "Help me wake Lily, James."

James began to whisper Lily's name, "Lily… Lily, you need to go to bed… Wake up Lily." She didn't stir so James gently stroked her arm.

She moaned before trying to roll over nearly landing on the floor. James caught her just in time and pulled her into his arms. "I'll just carry her," James suggested. He quickly carried her up the stairs and into her room. Dorea followed him up the stairs. When James placed her in her bed, Dorea cast a quick spell and Lily's dress instantly changed into her pjammas. James and Dorea walked down the corridor back towards their own rooms.

"I see why you like her," Dorea whispered.

James looked confused, "I – I don't like her…"

"Yeah you do," Dorea smiled.

"I thought I did for a while last year but I'm passed that now," James tried to tell her but Dorea merely smiled knowingly at her son before kissing him on the cheek.

"Night son," she said before leaving a stunned James stood in the middle of the corridor. James went into his room and closed the door. Who was he kidding? He was as much at risk of liking Lily Evans as he was at winning the Quidditch Cup – and since that was practically a given considering their place in the league, he was very much at risk of liking Evans.

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