The Snitch of Secrets Three

The Enchanted Doe

As the second week of the holidays began, Dorea insisted on taking the Gryffindors to London for a night at the wizarding theatre. Lily had been incredibly excited about the prospect of learning more about the wizarding world. It was all new to her. They watched Helas, Je me suis Transfigure Les Pieds. "What does it mean?" Lily asked Dorea excitably.

"Alas, I have Transfigured My Feet," Dorea told the young girl. "It was written in the 1400s by a French play-write wizard by the name of Malecrit."

They had all dressed up in their new dressrobes. Charlus had insisted that they take several aurors for protective purposes. Just in case, he had said.

Hours later James and Sirius were quoting the play as they left the theatre. "I cannot go with you to the market today, Crapaud," James began.

"But Grenouille, I cannot carry the cow alone," Sirius replied.

"You know, Crapaud, that I am to be Keeper this morning. Who will stop the Quaffle if I do not?"

Sirius laughed, momentarily lapsing from character, "James – you'd make a terrible keeper…"

"Excuse me?" James replied arrogantly, "I'd be a better keeper than you!"

Their second week went as quickly as the first. Their party at the ministry was arranged for Saturday night. Before they knew it, Saturday was thrust upon them. The Gryffindors spent the day playing Quidditch in the garden. They all played – even Lily (she was a lot more confident than before). When they finished playing the game, Lily grabbed a book and sat in the rose garden. She had grown quite attached to it. The other girls had all gone to have showers. They wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon getting ready. The boys were out in the pool. Lily could hear them laughing and messing about from her bench in the garden. She couldn't focus on her book. She kept wondering who had played the piano on her first night at the Potters. She began to drift off surrounded by the different varieties of roses.

Lily began to dream of a beautiful melody. She was sat by the piano listening to someone play it. They played it beautifully but she couldn't tell who it was. His face was hidden. She could only see his black, messy hair. His hands ran over the beautiful instrument with ease. There was clarity in the melody that he played. He was able to interweave harmonies into the composition without any difficulty. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. She woke with a start. She could still hear the music. She looked up at the house. There was a window open. She rushed into the house, she desperately wanted to know who was playing the instrument but by the time she reached the music room it was once again empty. Lily sighed before making her way to her room. She needed to get ready.

An hour and a half later Mr and Mrs Potter were waiting for the teenagers in the living room. They were both wearing dressrobes. Mrs Potter's robes were more fitted that Mr Potter's. They were a dark purple colour. Mr Potter's were just a plain black colour. Remus was the first to join them. He wore a pair of royal blue robes that matched his eyes beautifully, "love you look great – very handsome," Dorea said as the young boy joined them. He smiled shyly.

"Thank you Mrs Potter," Remus replied quietly.

Alice and Frank came down the stairs together wearing matching maroon robes and joined the others in the living room waiting for the others to join them. James quickly followed after them in olive green robes. They looked splendid with his hazel eyes. "Oh dear – don't you look handsome!" Dorea couldn't resist.

Marlene, Mary and Kate came down the stairs together. Kate had dark red robes on whilst the other two girls wore lighter colours. Mary's were a luminous yellow whilst Marlene's were sky blue. Peter quickly stumbled behind them wearing plain black dressrobes. An auror arrived at the house by apparation. He walked from the apparation spot to the front door and knocked loudly. Charlus opened the door, wand raised. "What did you say to me when I became the head of the department?" Charlus asked. Several of the Gryffindors shivered at the terrifying authority in his voice. The man before him didn't so much as blink – he was an auror.

"I told you that you would be the best thing to ever happen to the department," the auror replied. "I told you that no one – not even I – could do the job better."

Charlus nodded before lowering the protective spell to allow him in. He quickly embraced him and the Gryffindors realised that they were good friends. "This is Thomas Brant… He is here to escort us to the ministry. Brant will lead the way to ensure no one has breached the Floo network."

Brant nodded towards the students before turning to Charlus, "ready?"

"Almost? Just waiting for two of kids." Charlus turned, "James – fetch Sirius and Lily, please."

"Yes sir," James replied before bolting up the stairs.

"Don't run James!" Dorea called after him.

James knocked on Sirius' door first before barging in, "Come on mate! It's time to go!"

Sirius looked up, "I'm ready – I just didn't realise how long my hair had got."

"I think it suites you," James smiled. "Get yourself down stairs. I've got to get Evans." James darted from the doorway where he stood and down the corridor leaving Sirius stood before a mirror in his navy dressrobes. James practically ran down the corridor before knocking on Lily's door.

"Come in," Lily answered.

James opened the door and walked into the room, "It's time to go Evans."

"Sorry – I fell asleep… I'm ready now. Can you do me a favour?"

"Of course," James replied from his spot near the door.

"Can you help me put my necklace on?" Lily asked blushing slightly.

"Sure thing…" James nodded suddenly blushing himself. He stepped up behind her as she pulled her hair to the side so that it wouldn't be in his way. She handed him the necklace. He briefly looked at the pendent, rubbing his thumb across the doe at the centre of it. "This is beautiful – an emerald I presume?"

"Indeed – it was a present from my parents," her voice shook slightly as his hands brushed her neck gently. James closed the clasp on the necklace before pulling her hair free and dropping it gently to fall down her back.

"Perfect," James commented. Lily blushed yet again. His arm ran down her arm accidentally. He wasn't exactly thinking. He was staring straight into Lily's eye through the mirror in front of them. His hand stopped at her wrist where he felt a bracelet, "this matches?"

"A gift from Severus," she whispered nervously.

James nodded calmly, returning his eyes to the reflection of her eyes in the mirror. "It's pretty – matches your eyes." He dropped his hand from her wrist and walked back towards the door. He stopped at the door and turned, "Are you coming?"

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