The Snitch of Secrets Three

Monotonous Boredom

Lily was back to her usual snappy self whenever James was around. James and Snape had had several confrontations in the corridors following the Easter break. Every time James saw Snape he couldn't resist the temptation to hex him. He was still incredibly annoyed with the boy for what had happened on the train. He couldn't help but blame Snape for the change in his relationship with Lily. Remus and Lily had started studying for their end of year exams much to the distaste of their friends. They could both be found in the library whenever they weren't in lessons. James, Sirius and Peter were making the most of the weather. It had been warm for about a week and most students could be found out in the grounds. Marlene was spending most of her time with her current boyfriend, Richard Thole, a fifth year student. They had even been on a double date with Richard's friends Preston and Renee, one of the Gryffindor chasers. One afternoon all four marauders were sat by the lake with Kate and Mary. Remus had his head in his book and none of the friends knew where Alice or Frank had disappeared to. Sirius was huffing gently under his breath. "What is the matter, Sirius?" James asked, opening one eye to glance at his best friend. He had been almost asleep under the shade of the marauders' favourite tree.

"Nothing," Sirius replied.

"That's crap," Peter blurted out.

"Mind your own business, Pete."

"Sirius," Remus closed his book, "that was unkind."

"Sorry," Sirius muttered.

"What's wrong?" James asked.

Sirius refused to comment but nodded his head to the other side of the lake where Marlene was sat with Richard. "Are you… jealous?" Peter asked loudly.

"PETER!" Sirius shouted, before trying to punch him. Peter got to his feet and ran away. Sirius chased after him as he ran up towards the castle.

The other friends laughed happily at the sight of Sirius grabbing Peter, pushing him down and sitting on top of him before helping him up. The two friends made their way back to the group of friends and fell back onto the floor barely keeping in a fit of laughter.

The weeks following the Easter holiday went quickly. James quite enjoyed some of his classes but potions class was practically killing him. Slughorn had them revising their Hair-Raising potion but James barely paid his potion any attention. His eyes were focused on Lily and Snape who were working at the desk just in front of him. James couldn't help but feel jealous of Snape's friendship with Lily. James and Lily had had several arguments in the last few weeks. Every time James came into the library to see Remus, Lily got incredibly aggravated with him for disturbing her. To make things worse she always seemed to be around when James hexed Snape, something that was becoming more of a habit than ever before. There wasn't a day that passed that Snape didn't end up either transfigured into something else or hexed. The marauders had pranked the Slytherins, transforming them all into different animals, as they ate their breakfast. James was once again thankful for all the different transfiguration spells the boys had learnt as a result of trying to help Remus.

Several younger students had pranked one of the boys' bathrooms so the marauders gave them marauders points, much to the younger students delight. The boys weren't particularly keeping a record of the points they gave but the school had started doing it for them. Next to the giant jewel jars recording the house points there was a slightly smaller set of jars. They had purple jewels instead of house colour jewels but the jars were in the shape of the first letter of the house. There was a very empty S shaped one, a very full G shaped jar, and partially full R and H jars. Lily had probably lost the most points throughout the year so far. Every time James saw Lily with Snape he took marauder points from both of them. He took even more away whenever she got annoyed with James. He felt slightly bitter but he couldn't stop himself. He didn't really think Lily cared anyway.

The students were very grateful that life had returned to normal at Hogwarts. The Slytherins had barely attacked anyone choosing to keep to themselves. This left the atmosphere at Hogwarts much lighter than it had been in as long as James or the others could remember. Before the end of April the Gryffindors, all except Remus and Lily, had grown bored by the lack of excitement. In Herbology they had been learning how to harvest Puffapods and in Charms they were studying cheering charms. The cheering charms at least improved the Gryffindors' moods for one day. Cynthia Keeney was working the Gryffindor Quidditch team harder than ever in the running up to their final match of the season. Hufflepuff had beaten Slytherin the previous weekend leaving Cynthia slightly nervous, not that the rest of the team could understand why. She seemed to think that it would result in them playing a moody Slytherin team. She seemed to think they'd play dirty. Sirius had even tried reminding her that Slytherin would have to beat them by more than three hundred and eighty points to win the cup. Sadly he hadn't calmed her nerves but rather seemed to heighten them. "This is my last year Black!" Cynthia almost shouted at him. They were practicing three nights a week leaving them little time to spend on homework in the evenings. Since they were spending so much of their afternoons in the grounds, James and Sirius received several detentions for uncompleted homework. As a result James and Sirius had ended up staying up late into the night trying to finish their homework. This resulted in them both falling asleep countless times during History of Magic class. Lily scolded the boys for their behaviour, "it was very interesting I'll have you know – the witch hunts are a fascinating part of our history," she told them angrily before storming off.

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