The Snitch of Secrets Three

Lily's Prophecy

Professor Kettleburn had his class stood together in a small paddock in the grounds. They waited patiently as Professor Kettleburn walked a strange horse creature into the paddock, "Right class… this is a Porlock," he stroked the small horse like creature. It was only two feet tall and was covered in a large amount of rough, shaggy hair. The horse had a large nose and small arms ending in four stubby fingers. It walked on two cloven hooves. "Porlocks guard and protect horses. They live on grass and can either be found nesting in the straw of a stable or in the middle of the herd it is protecting. They are incredibly mistrustful of humans, and hide at their approach."

Potions was practically killing James as Professor Slughorn had them revising potions that they had been studying throughout the year. All their other lessons were spent revising the different things that they had learnt. They had learnt the Glacius charm in Charms Class and were now revising the Hover Charm.

As the end of July approached, Richard Thole, Marlene's boyfriend, a fifth year prefect handed out the Gryffindor third years' exam timetables. They had a week off classes to revise before their exams were due to begin. Lily and Remus worked in the library whilst the other Gryffindors worked in the common room. James and Sirius were completely unconcerned about their exams. The other Gryffindors were more concerned. Lily and Remus were practically catatonic, Peter was terrified – he had had several nightmares about getting all trolls in his exams. Kate, Mary and Marlene were working hard but were still nervous.

Exam week was soon upon them. Their first exam was transfiguration. Professor McGonagall had them turning teapots into tortoises. James did it without any difficulty. Professor McGonagall almost smiled at him, pride evident on her face, "well done James." The other Gryffindors found it harder but they all managed it eventually. Peter's tortoise still had a spout instead of a nose.

Their potion exam consisted of preparing an adequate Confusing Concoction. Lily was certain that she had done well in that exam. Her potion had seemed perfect and Professor Slughorn had winked at her. James and Sirius were less certain of their success. James' potion seemed slightly runny and Sirius' wasn't quite the expected colour. Peter's potion was gently steaming, much to his horror.

James was pretty confident about his muggle studies exam. He had to successfully count up a pile of muggle currency. After Lily's explanation of the currency, James had understood the coins far better than when Professor Randall had explained it. History of Magic was incredibly boring. James quickly scribbled everything he could remember about medieval witch-hunts. The boys grew tired of their current routine going from exam to exam. The Defence Against the Dark Arts exam was great fun. Professor Salazar had compiled the most amazing exam. It was an obstacle course outside in the sun, where they had to wade across a deep paddling pool containing a grindylow, cross a series of potholes full of Red Caps, squish their way across a patch of marsh while ignoring misleading directions from a hinkypunk, then climb into an old trunk and battle with a boggart. James made his way through the obstacle course easily whilst Peter managed to get lost as he followed the hinkypunk's directions. James' final exam was Divination. Professor Lifflilee had James gaze into a crystal ball. "Well? What do you see?" Professor Lifflilee asked.

James couldn't see a thing so decided to pretend, "er… something dark… um… I see an island surrounded by water… a large island… it might be Britain actually… there are people fighting…"

"I see…" Professor Lifflilee was making notes. "Interesting. Interesting. What do you think it means?"

"… war…" James said the first thing that came to mind.

"Very good, Mr Potter. You may go."

When Lily went in for her divination exam she used the same tactic as James, choosing to make it up. She predicted that several people would die over the summer. Just as she was about to leave Professor Lifflilee took in a deep breath, "YOUR PATH IS TRAGIC…" Her voice was harsher than Lily had ever heard it before. Lily noticed that Professor Lifflilee was sat rigidly in her armchair, her eyes were unfocused as she continued, "YOU CANNOT TRUST WHO YOU WANT TO TRUST. DON'T BE FOOLISH WITH YOUR LOVE. ONE WILL PROTECT YOU, WHILST THE OTHER WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU… YOUR FUTURES' ARE ALL ENTWINED TOGETHER… ONE WILL ACCIDENTALLY BETRAY YOU WHILST THE OTHER WILL DIE TO SAVE YOU AND YOURS… THE TWO OF YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DARK LORDS' DOWNFALL… IF YOU WORK TOGETHER… LIVE TOGETHER… DIE TOGETHER…"

Lily looked at her teacher in confusion. Professor Lifflilee came to and smiled, "very good dear… you may go."

Lily walked out of the classroom in utter confusion, what the hell was that? Lily asked herself. Your path is tragic… what did she mean that I can't trust who I want to trust? One will protect me… one will bring death to me… bloody hell – is one of my friends going to kill me? Lily thought through the prophecy several times as she rushed passed everyone. She needed to talk to someone about it but she wasn't sure who the prophecy was referring to. She had a strange feeling that it was talking about Severus and James. She had been wondering which of the two she should believe. They were constantly making her question them; which of them was lying, which one could be trusted… James had a natural easy character that made Lily automatically trust him but she wasn't sure she should but she also wasn't sure that she could trust Severus and yet he'd been her friend since they were small children. Lily sighed, I have to trust Sev. He's my best friend. As for Potter… I don't know what to think…

The O.W.L and N.E.W.T students still had exams but with the end of the week came the end of the third year's exams. With the end of their exams, the Gryffindors began to spend even more time in the grounds. Lily avoided all of her friends including Snape as she tried to come to terms with the prophecy. The group of friends deeply missed Alice. They hadn't heard from her since James received her letter. As the students entered into their last week at the school, James received another letter from Alice.


You'll never believe this… the you know what has been trying to find you know who. Mum let it slip last night. Well I guess that makes sense. If they can find where he's hiding they can sort him out. I guess father got a little too close to you know who's hide out and ended up being murdered.

Hope you are all ok. The funeral went well. Just me, mum and a few friends and family. I know you all would have been there for me but it was exam week and I didn't want to ask.

Alice x

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