The Snitch of Secrets Three

Defence Against The Dark Arts

Potions was incredibly dull or at least that's what James thought. Professor Slughorn had them preparing shrinking solutions. James was reading the list of ingredients in his textbook Magical Drafts and Potions.

One will need…

Minced daisy roots…

Peeled Shrivelfig…

Sliced caterpillars…

One rat spleen…

A dash of leech juice…

James gathered together his ingredients and began to prepare his potion. Harry sat on the empty stool next to his father. Harry quickly noticed that James was watching Lily and Snape. I can't believe she forgave him, James thought to himself. Lily and Severus were working together. Lily ignored all the annoyed glances she was receiving from her fellow Gryffindors. Harry sighed, it must be really difficult for her. Peter was trying desperately to focus on his potion. It was going horribly wrong. It was a disgusting orange colour. Lily looked over at his cauldron, "Pettigrew you've put in too much leech juice and too many rat spleens." She told him proudly, her own potion a perfect acid green colour.

"Don't tell me that – tell me how to fix it," Peter complained. Lily spent the next ten minutes helping the poor boy to fix his potion. Snape tutted, the stupid git has gone and taken her attention away… "Lily, do you think my potion…"

"Wait a second Sev," Lily smiled. Severus Snape didn't like sharing his best friend.

James quickly filled a vile with his shrinking solution. "What's that for?" Sirius asked.

"A prank," James replied.

Remus sighed, "What sort of prank?"

"You'll see," James winked.

The Gryffindors made their way to lunch after potions. James told them he'd catch up with them in a second. "Milly!" He called his house-elf. It still amazed him that the elf would always come when he called regardless of where he was. There was a loud pop.

"Yes Master James?" Milly bowed.

"I need a favour. You see this vile? I want you to put the solution into Severus Snape's drink."

The house-elf narrowed his eyes, "will it hurt him sir?"

"No – of course not Milly. I promise."

"Ok Master James," Milly magicked himself invisible and made his way into the Great Hall. James walked in and sat besides his friends waiting for the show.

"Where have you been?" Remus asked.

"Just speaking to my house-elf about a few things," James smiled. His eyes were focused on the Slytherin table.

"What are you staring at James," Sirius asked.

"Just watch," James replied.

Seconds later Severus Snape was transformed into a crying little toddler before their very eyes. Several Slytherins sat in shock as students from all around the room burst into waves of laughter. Professor McGonagall caught James' eye. She knew he was responsible for this. She went over and picked up the toddler, taking it to James. "As punishment Mr Potter you will care for him until the effects wear off."

"But Professor I have class," James frowned, looking at the screaming toddler in his hands. He held the child at arm's reach.

"That was hilarious James," Sirius smiled, "how is little Snivelly?"

"Be nice to him," Remus told the boys, "he's only two."

James laughed, "I think I prefer him like this."

The marauders began to make their way towards defence class. James carried Snape in his arms, "I wonder if he can walk?" He placed the child on the floor and watched to see if he would try to walk but nothing happened. James sighed, "Worth a try. Snivelley do you want a piggy back?"

The child's eyes lit up and he began clapping his hands together. James sat the child on his shoulders and carried on down the corridor.

The marauders took their normal table at the back of the room. James placed Snape on his lap. "I wonder how long he'll be like this for," James wondered aloud.

Professor Salazar walked into the classroom with an air of superiority. He looked around at the students in front of him, "Why the hell do you have a baby?"

"I have to look after him as punishment. I gave him a shrinking solution," James admitted.

The teacher raised an eyebrow before nodding his head, "I see… well in Durmstrang you wouldn't have been punished." He looked at the rest of the class, "Well… where to begin… when Professor Dumbledore asked me to join his staff at first I thought, why the hell would I do that. They teach muggle-borns," his eyes lingered on Lily, "and they only teach defence. At Durmstrang I was the teacher responsible for teaching about the dark arts – that included its history, a basic understanding of certain hexes and curses, and defensive spells. I must say I find it ridiculous that British education on the subject is so lacking. There is a lot that can be learnt from the dark arts even for those of you who do not want to partake in them," his eyes fell on the marauders.

"However, I decided that now is the time to be in Britain. You may not be aware but war approaches. If you listen carefully you can almost hear it and you can certainly feel it. I can feel it in the magic that runs through my blood. Regardless of your opinion on dark magic, we are about to enter into a time where dark magic will once again fill our history books. The question is will you be the fool who dies because you lacked knowledge," his eyes glowed savagely. Baby Snape cuddled into James, trying to hide away from the terrifying teacher. "Or will you be the individual whose name is noted in one of those books as a notorious dark wizard who came up with the worst spells imaginable or perhaps you will be the noble person who fights to defend what you believe to be right against the dark magic that attacks it."

The Gryffindors felt on edge. The marauders were each holding onto their wands under their cloaks. Snape was hiding his face from the teacher. Baby Snape could see Lily, "Lily!" He cried, holding his hands out to her. She picked him up off of James' lap. "Hello Severus," she whispered. "Got to be quiet."

"Your headmaster wants me to teach you about dark creatures this year; boggarts, kappas, red caps, grindylows, werewolves, vampires, and hinkypunks. I would much rather teach you about curses but apparently I am not to teach you that until next year. I was given a syllabus you see… oh well… never mind. Where to begin…" he asked himself. "Today we will have a bit of a revision session. I want you to pair up and practice some spells together." The professor pointed his wand to the chalk board. Curly joined up writing appeared magically. "You won't believe the amount of wizards who fail in the area of basic defensive magic."

The Wand Lighting Charm:

Lumos (A simple spell that is incredibly useful for illumination as it causes the tip of the caster's wand to glow but also as the only known spell effectively used for repelling spectral foes i.e. Gytrashes and malevolent spirits.)

Lumos Solem (Creating a beam of sunlight).

Lumos Maxima (Creates an extremely large ball of light at the end of the wand, which can be cast off to hover and light a greater area).

Lumos Duo (An intense ray of light into a very specific place).

The Freezing Charm:

Glacius (It conjures a blast of freezing cold air from the end of the wand.)

The Impediment Jinx:

Impedimenta (Impedes forward motion).

The Reductor Curse:

Reducto (Blue, Orange light, Blasts objects into pieces.)

The Stunning Spell (A Stunner):

Stupefy (Swing or point the wand at the target, red, blue, green, scarlet light. Stuns – renders a victim unconscious).

The Reviving Spell:

Rennervate (Reverses the effect of the stunning spell).

Shield Charms:


Protego Duo

Protego Horribilis

Protego Totalum

Protego Maxima

Verdimillious Charm:

Verdimillious (A charm that causes green energy in a variety of ways for offence and to reveal objects hidden by the dark arts).

Verdimillious Duo (A charm that causes green energy to harm the foe or a red flare from the wand tip to reveal objects hidden by the dark arts).

The Knockback Jinx:


The Disarming Charm:


"Right, there you go… get to it," the professor told them as he took a seat behind his desk.

"Potter, you're the one who's supposed to be looking after him," Lily complained as the toddler pulled her hair. James went to take Snape from her but he started to cry.

"I guess we'll have to work together then," James sighed.

They worked in the corner away from the other students. Harry couldn't help but laugh at them. James was very good with baby Snape but the child kept biting him which always caused Lily to laugh.

"It's not funny you know," James complained.

"Sure it's not," She laughed. "If you say so."

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