The Snitch of Secrets Three

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After class James took Snape to the hospital wing so that he could return to the Gryffindor common room. He spent the next few hours working on his essay for care of magical creatures. Sirius sat beside him complaining at the idea of having to do homework on the first day back. James sighed, "never mind."

Just before four in the afternoon, Lily came over to the table, "Are you ready Remus?"

"Yeah," Remus nodded.

"Arithmancy?" James asked.

"Yeah," Remus sighed.

"Potter is Snape ok?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, I took him to Madam Pomfrey. She'll sort him out."

"I still can't believe you would be so reckless," Lily shook her head angrily.

"How was it reckless?" Sirius asked, "It's not like it was a random potion."

"No it was just one that was prepared by someone who isn't exactly great at potions," Lily snapped.

"Hey! I'm not bad at potions," James replied.

"It was a joke Evans!" Sirius yarned. "You really don't get the idea of a practical joke do you?"

"I don't understand why someone, usually a Slytherin, ends up being hurt or humiliated! I don't understand why you find it funny to hurt people. I don't understand why… oh never mind. There's no point, you'll never change."

"Lily Evans, I'm sorry but I am going to have to take away five marauders points from you for your terrible lack of a sense of humour…" Sirius frowned.

"Sirius… leave it…" James said quietly. He didn't want an argument with Evans.

"You! You…"

"Cat got your tongue, Evans?" Sirius asked.

Lily stormed off. "I really don't know why you had to tease her," James said crossly.

"Ah come on! It's Evans!"

"I don't care. I'm trying to ignore her and you teasing her is not helping," James sighed.

The next day was a particularly boring day. Most of the Gryffindors had a practically empty timetable. James only had three classes; care of magical creatures first thing, muggle studies just before lunch and potions at two and James had more classes than most of his friends. Care of magical creatures was nowhere near as interesting as their first lesson the day before. Professor Kettleburn was at the front of the classroom talking about the Flobberworm. "The Flobberworm is a ten-inch, toothless, brown, worm which eats vegetation, especially lettuce and cabbage. It is pretty much harmless and exudes mucus which can be used to thicken certain potions. It barely moves and lives in damp ditches. Of course you'll be aware that they are edible – flobberworm fritters are one of the least liked meals on the Hogwarts menu, I believe."

The students all groaned in disgust. "They do not require much care but it can be very easy to over-feed them. Over the next couple of weeks each of you will care for a flobberworm. You will record everything you do. It may seem dull but believe me it is difficult to get the dietary requirements of the Flobberworm correct." Professor Kettleburn began handing out Flobberworms. They were placed into boxes. "Your first task… finding the perfect habitat. For the rest of the lesson you will search the grounds for the correct environment for your worm. Does your flobberworm want mud or sand or grass or dirt? Make sure you feed them regularly…"

James found some mossy mud under a rock. He scrapped it into the box for the flobberworm. He then found a few sticks and a stone or two to make it look nice. He put the lid on the box, checking that there were breathing holes. Sirius' flobberworm's box was very similar except it had a few extra stones. Sirius decided to name his Flobberworm Snuffles whilst James decided to call his Flobby. Remus and Peter laughed at their friends. "Ah come on guys – you have to name them too!" James complained.

"Fine," Peter laughed, "Wormy."

The boys laughed happily at that one, "what about you moony?"

"Fritter," Remus replied after a moment's thought. They boys fell about laughing.

"Good one Rem," James smiled.

The boys placed their flobberworms in the darkest places they could find in their room. James hid Flobby under his bed whilst Sirius put Snuffles in his bedside carbonate. Peter hid Wormy in his trunk whilst Remus put Fritter in his top draw. Frank laughed at them, "now I know why I didn't take that class."

The Gryffindors quickly wrote in their new Flobberworm diaries. They didn't have too much homework so they decided to play a game of exploding snap until muggle studies. Lily however decided to do some extra studying instead. Her classmates were beginning to annoy her. She even considered going to the library but didn't really want to move away from the warmth of the fire. Moments later however, most of her classmates left the common room. Soon there was only herself, Kate, Mary and Peter.

Harry followed his father and his friends as they made their way to Muggle Studies. "Remind me why we're taking this?" Sirius asked.

"I'm taking it so that I understand muggles better… maybe it will help me understand a certain muggle-born." James sighed, "and you – well you're taking it to annoy your mother."

"You're taking it for Evans?" Sirius whispered.

"Well no… but it might help," James laughed, messing up his hair. The Gryffindors took the back row. Sirius sat on the end next to Marlene. James sat on Marlene's other side. Alice and Frank sat on the other side of James. Their teacher, Professor Randall began to explain electricity to the students. James got really confused by the idea of electricity. He ended up spending most of the lesson staring out of the window. Professor Randall gave them an essay to do for homework, why muggles need electricity.

By the end of the day, the marauders were exhausted. The Gryffindors all sat together in front of the fire in the common room chatting. Lily noticed that several first years were staring at them. She frowned, what are they looking at? She quickly realised that it was James and Sirius that the first year girls were staring at when she heard one of them say, "Let's go talk to them…"

"What would we say?" replied her friend.

"I don't know," the first girl frowned.

Lily laughed gently. She was sat next to Potter on the sofa. She had decided to give him a chance, we'll never be friends but I can try to be reasonable… for everyone else's sakes. James looked at the girl next to him, "What's so funny Evans?"

"You're developing a bit of a fan club Potter," she nodded towards the first years. When James looked at them the first year girls blushed deeply.

James ran a nervous hand through his hair, "ah nah their Sirius' girls."

"Nope – they're yours," Lily replied, "I heard them. They want to come over and talk to you."

James laughed, "Oh well. Never mind."

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