Sword Art Online: Revelations


Link Start! SAO Revelations tells the story of 16 year old Xayne (Andre Douglass) As he ventures into the dangers that is SAO, Among there he learns that there are worst threats in the game other than imprisonment and deadly game bosses

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Today is November 6. 2022. I was walking down the streets of Shibuya, Japan with a beanie over my head not fully covering my long thick dreadlocks all the way down my lower back, a Mex’s Faux Fur Hooded Jacket, some light blue Jeans, and some black boots on along with full lit cigarette in my mouth down three blocks, after smoking the cigarette I had in my mouth I dropped the cigarette on the ground and lit it out with my foot and walked down the shopping district at the at a local video game store and when I got inside there and walked up there I see my best/only friend/Annoying neighbor Walker “Z” Lyon who looked like to be waiting for me in a huge ass line.

“Damn about time, Andre, what took your slow ass so long?” Z asked.

“Do me a favor and try crossing the street with a shit ton of people constantly bumping into you and pushing you and then we can talk, rich boy” I replied. “Which reminds me if you have that much money the least you could do is help a brotha out with the damn bills!”

“Sorry” Z replies.

“Oh fuck you!” I said right back.

“Ah keep your panties on straight man, time to get what I invited you here for” Z says.

“Dude I’m not playing that stupid Sword Art Online game crap you keep rambling on about” I said sounding annoyed.

“Oh yes you are, remember that bet you lost to? I warned you Yuki wouldn’t go out with you but you didn’t listen anyways” Z said

“Yeah that’s because you cheated by paying her to say all that you son of a bitch!” I said

sounding pissed, “Not to mention that happened in front of the whole fucking school which YOU orchestrated might I add!”

“Details, details that’s not important right now” Z says shrugging it off and putting his arm over my shoulders. “What is important however is for you to hold up to hold up your end of the bargain of the bet buddy boy” Z says sounding happy.

“Oh good” I said rolling my eyes

Then Z notices My tone and just rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.

“Tell you what, you play SAO with me for at least 20 minutes, and I’ll pay you for how much you want deal?” Z asked.

Then I thought about it for at least a minute and looked at Z.

“Deal, but I better see the money up front before we play the game, got it?” I said.

“Yeah, yeah I promise man” Z said raising his hand out.

“Other hand as well you little snake” I point out.

“ugh fine” He said as he pulls out his hand out of his back, “With my good name I promise you that I’ll give you your money up front when we play the game” Z said in a deadpan manner with both of his hand out in my face.

“Good” I answered, “And by the way ‘good name’ is just stretching the truth a bit there”

“Up yours” Z says.

Then the store was opened and everyone was rushing inside so along both Z and I, after we got

in things got pretty hellish with the crazy game campers, especially since these people really know how to fight.

“Hey man i ain’t you boyfriend get off me!” I yelled as i shoved around three of these lowlifes out of my way. Damn for gamers they are pretty stubborn.

“Hold on a bit man i’m almost there!” Z said reaching towards the game.

“Wha--Hey! Get your ass back here!” I Yelled at Z, some friend asshole. “Oh shit!” I was being pulled in and tackled by other gamers.

Z finally got the SAO piece of shit game he wanted and we ended up walking to his house with our clothes looking a bit messy and some scratches we ended up having, then we head to his room which was messier than what we looked like right now and sat down and hanged out a bit, as we sat down on the bed I lit up my cigarette and started smoking it.

“You know you could have helped me out back there” I said blowing out smoke.

“Yeah, but I was the one with the money I was trying to buy the game” Z answered drinking some soda he bought on the way home.

“Yeah but you could have at least kept them gamer freaks off my back from attempting to kill me!” I replied sounding annoyed.

“Dude, didn’t you go through both military school and the NRA? I’m sure you could’ve taken them” Z said.

And didn’t you forget I got kicked out both of them in the equivalent of six months?” I asked sarcastically, “Why do I even put up with you?”

“Maybe because you love me?” Z asked jokingly.

“Don’t push your luck” I answered.

“And Maybe because that I’ve always got your back like you always got mine” Z said.

“If by got my back you mean bailing out on me so I could be punished for your shit?” I asked in sarcasm.

“Oh come on, you know I always got honeys wanting to get with me, what should I do turn them down and break their hearts?” Z jokingly asked.

“And right now what i really want to break is your neck” I said sounding aggressive.

‘Walker! The trash needs to go out!’ Said a voice through the door.

“Be right their Mom!” Z yelled through the door, “One sec dude” He said as he leaves his room and heads downstairs.

After a minute later Z was right back in his room and he closed the door while coming back in.

“Now then where were we?” Z says, “Oh yeah, strap yourself in boy” He said as he passed me his NerveGear.

“Ahem” I said pointing out the table while rubbing my index, middle, and thumb together.

“Ugh alright, alright!” Z says as he heads towards his closet and pulls out one of his shoes and opens the sole out of it and pulls out a lot of money under it.

“Where did you even get this much money anyways?” I asked.

“Remember what I told you about my uncle who died?” Z asked

“Yeah” I answered.

“From him” Z said

“Oh” I said.

Then he puts down a huge amount on the table right next to me.

“That’s 15,000 dollars right here go ahead and take it” Z said.

Then I took the money as soon as Z finally sewed his insole back in his shoe and closed the closet. Then He plugged the NerveGears on the computer along with the game and we both Laid on the bed.

“See you on the other side man!” Z says sounding enthusiastic.

“I hope not” I replied back.

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