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Mafia's Second Wife


When the mafia's first wife is infertile,and his dad forced him to marry a second time and he had no choice but to find a suitable wife that could give them an heir . But one of his friends told him to find his long time crush and he agreed and decided that he will marry her but things became different when she refused to marry him . So what do you think will happen??? Will they get married or not????

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


儭Jeon Jungkook
26 years old

Dangerous Mafia king and Ceo of Jeon Enterprises

Father-Mr Jeon- ex Mafia king

Mother-Mrs Jeon-housewife

Friends- BTS except jk

Wife - Jeon Areum

儭Kim Yn
23 years old


Father - Mr kim - ceo of kim enterprises

Mother- Mrs kim-housewife

Friends -Blackpink

Husband/Boyfriend - Single

儭Jeon Areum

25 years old


Father-Mr Lee - Ceo of Lee enterprises

Mother-Mrs Lee- Housewife

Friends- Mia and Lia(twins)

Husband - Jeon Jungkook

Side Characters


Black pink

Mr and Mrs Jeon (Jk's parents)

Mr and Mrs Lee (Areum's parents)

Mia and Lia (Twins)

Mr and Mrs kim(Yn's parents)

Other Characters will be introduced in upcoming chapters.

I have written this story in booknet app but discontinued it because of less reviews so i am writing this book again in this app with changes in the story plot.

This is my first fictional story,hope you all like it .

This is fictional so don't take it seriously.

Your lovely Author


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