Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Chapter 31 - Loss of Innocence

His hips kept shoving hard and fast, his firm manhood thrusting into her velvety folds, piercing her inner depths with vicious abandon. She barely flinched anymore when his teeth bit into her skin, leaving deep marks that sometimes trickled blood. It had all become common place to her. She merely stared at the ceiling, enveloping his body in her arms as she felt his massive frame glide over her.

The man’s lust was insatiable. Ever since that night seven cycles ago, he had visited her each night to plow into her tender body. Over time he relocated her permanently into his tent so that she may share his bed. The first time had been almost unbearable; his throbbing phallus punctured her womanhood with the force of a battering ram, the furs were stained red with the innocence that was lost.

As she grew older, she had developed into a beautiful woman as he put it. He would praise her, saying she got better with age. He showed his appreciation for her form by visiting her several times daily to satiate his undying hunger for her unique flesh. She had been the only female they had caught. The rest either escaped or were killed in the initial attack. That made her valuable to him.

With one final, animalistic growl he slammed his member deep into her slick juices. He moaned into her neck as he spilled his seed, convulsing as he expended the last reserves of his strength. The man slumped on top of her, enjoying the wet feeling of warmth her inner chamber provided before finally slipping out and rolling to the side.

She shivered slightly when the feeling of his demonic fluid came dribbling out of her cleft. Slowly pooling between her legs, she would have to be sleeping over that mess this evening she knew. It had become clear to the two of them that she was unable to get pregnant by his seed, or from any Nevachrean. This appealed greatly to her captor. It made these conjugal visits far more appealing with the lack of a consequence to take care of.

“You amaze me every single time.” The burly man admitted.

“Thank you Naar.” She said monotonously. She had learned to keep inflection out of her voice when talking with him, made her less of a target in his eyes. It did little when he was angry over something however; the scars and gashes across her skin were testament to that.

Guessing correctly what her thoughts were, he leaned over and stroked her right eye. She flinched as his fingers trailed across the scar stretching from her nose, through the lids of her eye and ending just above her brow. Naar had done that in a fit of rage the other evening, he had come into the tent storming. Summoning a blade, he proceeded to slice her across the face before tossing her onto the bed, penetrating her thoroughly with his manhood so violently it drew blood.

“I am very sorry for that, my dear. I will try better next time to control my anger against you.” Naar soothed as he gently moved his hand to her belly, gently massaging her navel. He softly mused, “It is a shame we are unable to have a child. I hadn’t thought of having one in many cycles.”

Several cycles ago, she would have had to fight hard to suppress a snort at this ridiculous notion that this despicable man actually cared about having children, now she knew better. She allowed him to have his flights of fancy. It prevented him from getting angry with her if she enabled him to fantasize his desires.

“I wonder what he would look like.” Naar wondered, still massaging her belly, “I would train that boy to grow up wise, powerful and strong like his father.”

“Of course he would be.” She acknowledged flatly.

Naar grinned at her agreement to his musings. He rolled over to his back staring up at the ceiling with her. He chuckled, “You know you can be more open with me. If I had wanted to kill you, I would have done so long ago.”

“What would you have me say?” She asked petulantly.

Naar clasped his hands over his chest as he thought about it, “Tell me what desires you had…before the war. What did you wish for in life?”

This was a cruel joke, she thought, and he knew it. Asking her to tell him about things that no longer mattered; things that were beyond reach for anyone, especially her. This time she did smother heavily a snort at his preposterous question. It had been so long ago, she could barely remember a time when she wasn’t with Naar. Trying to remember things that happened ages ago was like pulling away cobwebs in the dusty corners of her memory.

Giving in to his wicked pleasures, she morosely stated, “I had wanted to be married to someone my father resented. I wanted to grow old with him and have many children. I know that is not going to happen now.”

Naar was examining her with a critical eye as she spoke, “You wanted to be married? Would that truly make you happy?”

She finally turned her head to him, regarding his pupils carefully. What was he playing at? His face was dead serious. “What do you mean?” She was confused.

Naar was startlingly swift. He swung over her supple form and charged his still pulsing member into her flesh. She groaned in the sudden shock of his warmth invading her deep recesses. It was unusual however; he was being remarkably gentle, casually measuring his thrusts to a slow rhythm that she could grind to. She began pushing her hips up to meet each deliberate plunge. She had long since learned what he wanted in the bed, both when he was rough and when he was gentle. But what did he truly want right now?

Naar propped his upper body with a fist on either side of her, gazing down into her purple irises. “If that is what my lady desires, I can make that happen.” Naar promised.

She blinked a few times. This was wholly unexpected, “I’m sorry?”

He sniggered as he continued his slow grind, “If a marriage is what you want, I can marry you. You will be my wife. You satisfy me like no other woman can!” At this, his pushes became faster in tempo.

Turning her head, she gazed over to the open tent flap, enjoying the slight breeze that filtered in from the cool night. It had been odd to her. They had captured the castle with the majority of it still intact. Yet they still had not fully moved in to enjoy the luxuries of its bedrooms, dining halls and other accommodations that went with it. She wagered it was the intimate familiarity of the road, of being in tents that kept Naar coming back to these trappings.

“You flatter me, Naar. I do not wish to burden you with such an extravagancy.” She softly spoke.

“Nonsense!” His driving slowed down. She had stopped meeting him at each thrust. Realizing his displeasure, she raised her hips to initiate the rhythm again. Satisfied she would be obedient, he continued, “It is the least I can do to please the woman whom I share my bed with. It is decided, I will make the arrangements to see us wed properly.” Naar beamed at this brilliant idea.

“You are most gracious, Naar. I appreciate what you do for me.” She had fallen back into her compartmentalized world. She could focus on the conversation if she ignored what was going on below her breasts.

He speared her welcoming folds as they sensually wrapped around his member, pulling him deeper with inviting caresses. Within moments he screamed in pleasure as another load shot into her depths. He jerked several more times before sagging over to the side. She gasped faintly as the cold air rushed in as he slipped out. Shivering slightly as she felt more of his seed coalescing with the growing pool beneath her, she kept her mind focused on the conversation at hand.

“You are truly a delightful creature.” Naar murmured to himself.

“So what news of the south?” She questioned abruptly. There was no fear of him sharing his plans with her, she was a good sounding board for any ideas he had in mind for the campaign. He knew there was no one she could talk to and she kept all his secrets deep within the recesses of her mind. She had become something of a confidant of his, more so than his three commanders, whom he had begun trusting a little less of late.

Naar sighed, completely relaxed with how the night was going. He reached up and rested his head on his hands as he gazed back up at the ceiling of the tent. “None yet, Talamir and Timner have yet to return. I do not know why the supplies have dwindled. Something must have happened. I do not think it is bandits, although I cannot rule out that possibility.”

“With an army this big, can you really, honestly, expect to supply them all for this long?” She offered her opinion.

Naar shrugged, “My intention was never to keep these men alive. We have no need for water or food anymore. If we die of starvation or dehydration, we simply revive mere hours later. So what does it matter? The only thing left to us is the pleasures of the flesh. It’s the one thing we can still enjoy.” He smirked, “And killing, that also can be pleasurable.”

One side of her lip rose up in disgust at his casual talk of the war, “Why did you send them? It is clear they can’t get things done as you ask.”

Naar huffed, “The road back to the capital is long, and it’ll be at least a cycle before they return. All the more reason to send them there, gives me some peace and quiet for a time.”

“Where is your other commander? The weird one?” She inquired.

Naar busted out laughing hard at her comment, “Oh…you can say that again! I don’t know what is wrong with that man. If he wasn’t so efficient at what he does, I probably would have had him killed out of spite. He is unusual, to say the least.” His laughter slowly died down enough for him to continue, “I sent him off to the east several orbits ago. His goal was to find the Goron Ruby and bring it here. I do not envy that man right now, I absolutely abhor the cold.”

She nodded absently. Indeed, the far eastern mountains of Xaagar were known to be some of the most frigid ranges in the entire kingdom. Constant blizzards and buffeting snow battered the craggy mountainsides. It was hazardous to even the most intrepid and skilled explorers. The Gorons had smartly chosen to hide deep in the halls of those frostbitten caverns that littered the rock. It would be an irritatingly annoying task to root them out and ultimately find the prize they were seeking.

“I do not worry about his success.” Naar continued, unaware of her thoughts, “Unlike the idiot twins, I believe Thanan will pull through and claim what I seek. It has been a long time, but I believe we’ve finally found where the Gorons are specifically hiding.”

“And what of my kinsmen?” She asked pensively.

Naar glanced over to her expressionless face. He was unclear as to the motive behind her question. He deigned to answer it regardless, “Like a pack of rats, they’ve scattered to safer ground. I have not been able to track them since that day.” His fist clenched in wrath, she shied away in fear of being hit once again. Seeing her reaction, he released the tension and let his hand fall to the side. He gently fingered the folds of her silky fins that protruded from her arm.

“I am sorry.” She offered.

“Bah!” Naar dismissed her apology, “We’ll encircle them one of these days. It is only a matter of time. What infuriates me more is these blasted Gerudo, they have long since discovered how to kill us permanently. Their arrogant king has erected a barrier we can’t hope to penetrate! They ultimately have to come out at some point or they’ll die starving.”

“They have been coming out.” She let slip.

In an instant he was hovering over her, face inches away from hers. “What was that? How do you know this?”

She simpered at the thought of knowing more than he did. “Some of my scouts have sent back word to me that they are sending several teams of no more than three or four Gerudo at a time to bring back supplies every orbit.”

It was over two cycles ago when Naar finally allowed her to roam about the camp unhindered. She had been broken in to the point she no longer wanted to escape, she knew it was fruitless and she would be hunted down like the dog she was. He had shrouded her in a body-length robe she could fasten at the neck. She draped the hood over her odd-shaped head to cover the features that might shock normal men.

Sweeping through the tents in her navy blue cloak, she was left alone by most of the lustful grunts present in the encampment. The few idiots who dared to cop a feel were sliced to ribbons by her sharpened fins that extended from both forearms and calves. One egregious man paid the ultimate price for quickly stuffing two fingers between her legs as she had walked past. She melted his face off completely with her viscous acid. She had grabbed another man by the face and poured her lethal venom down his throat in a deadly kiss. Both men never recovered and had to be burned to ashes.

A few more similar events occurred before the men ultimately decided it was not worth risking their very lives to feel up Naar’s Dark Mistress. It was a term a few brutes had coined but it quickly spread throughout the encampment. Whenever she wandered through the campfires, they all gave her a wide berth and smartly chose not to engage her in anything but civil introductions.

In time, as she proved her loyalty to him in small matters, Naar began to trust her in more important tasks. He inevitably gave her command over a battalion of soldiers and pronounced her his fourth commander, much to the vexation of his other three. Naar had not allowed her to be sent out on missions like Thanan, Talamir and Timner, but with all three of them gone at the present, he seriously considered it.

“When did they see them leave?” Naar pressured.

She looked directly back into his eyes before answering, “Just this afternoon. It was a larger group than any previous. It appears they are doing more than just scavenging for supplies.”

Naar rolled back over to her side, “Interesting.” After a long period of silence, he began again, “Ruto, I want you to lead a contingent of assassins and track this group. If it is as you say, that their mission could be beyond scavenging, I want to know what it is.”

It was Ruto’s turn to rise up over Naar, this was wholly unexpected! “You mean it? You’ll actually let me go to track this group down?”

Naar nodded, noting the look of intensity in her eyes. “If that is what you wish, yes. I trust you will not disappoint me. For when you get back, the preparations for our wedding should be complete. Come back victorious.” He was taking a big risk here, but after seven cycles of being with this beautiful creature, he had formed some sort of twisted mutual trust with Ruto.

Eager to be on his good side, Ruto straddled his massive bulk and glided his engorged member back into her slippery fissure. Naar groaned with her unexpected turn of compliance, he gripped each of her cheeks as he gently pulled her lower body fully down onto his shaft. She grinned at his reaction, “I would be honored to lead this excursion. What would you have me do if they pose a threat to us?” Ruto asked.

Naar closed his eyes enjoying the sensations of her grinding, “Kill them all. Leave none alive.”

Ruto nodded as she increased her pace, her scales softly slapping against his skin with the intensity of her effort. She was extremely excited about finally leaving the camp, not that she had any intention of escaping just to hide away. She knew Naar would have the assassins with her for insurance, if she stepped out of line for even an instant, he would order them to kill her. No, she wanted to leave for a different reason. She was hoping beyond hopes that Link could still be out there. Her true husband; that one, single thought kept her sane all these nights. She closed her eyes blissfully as she imagined Naar being someone else, her body rocking hard against his.

Naar bucked his hips into her as he reached his third climax that evening. She splayed over him exhausted as he gazed up into her eyes. “You are one, magnificent creature Ruto…my Dark Mistress.”

“I know.” Ruto intoned, her mind lost in thought.

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