Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Chapter 35 - Lover's Quarrel

Link opened his eyes to darkness. He had no idea what woke him. He tilted his head to scan the environs of the chamber they were sleeping in. Nothing but silence greeted him. Assured that nothing was amiss, he laid his head back onto his pack. Ignoring the incessant whispering from the mask, he looked down at the two women sharing his bedroll.

It was awkward that first time waking up on the ridge overlooking the colossus to find Malon and Zelda snuggled tight against his furnace of a body. Merin had given him a look of envy as he stuttered to explain the misunderstanding. Each of them had flushed profusely as they awkwardly slipped out of his sleeping bag that morning.

Over the course of the week they descended into the marshlands, they had grown accustomed to sleeping together as a tight mass of warmth, keeping out the chill of the night as they slept out under the stars. The two women appreciated him for the comfort he brought to them, their silent protector as they fell blissfully asleep by his side, three friends against the world.

Link jerked his head up again to scrutinize his surroundings. He had definitely heard something coming from the main temple hall. Moving as stealthily as he could, he gradually inched his way out of the bedroll. Zelda and Malon stirred briefly but remained thankfully asleep. Finally scooting free of the bag, he rose to his feet. He thought better of placing on his sandals, best to be as silent as possible.

Link gripped the handle of his sword and gently drew it out of its scabbard. With calculating steps he edged closer to the archway leading into the worship hall, a term Malon had coined before they went to bed that night. His back against the nippy marble, Link quickly craned his head to get a good glimpse of the exterior chamber. Insignificant slivers of moonlight drifted in from the temple entrance, barely reaching past the vestibule leaving the rest of the hall in complete darkness. Not even the smoldering embers of the dying fire provided much light to his eyes.

Cautiously entering the room, Link’s eyes darted to each corner of the room but detected nothing. He had hoped it was nothing more than one of the Gerudo stoking the fire for a bit more heat. After a few tense moments, Link finally relaxed his guard. He stepped over to the sizzling logs and nudged them slightly with the nearby branch. Several embers flew into the air as a small flash of light illuminated the nearby pews.

Soundlessly placing the sword beside the fire within easy reach, he sat down next to the rekindled flames, holding his hands out to capture some of the escaping warmth. Link gazed out over to the entrance and gauged that it was high moon by the angle of the filtered rays drifting in. A small intake of breath from behind jolted him from his thoughts, he quickly grasped the sword as he spun to confront the intruder in their midst.

The tip of his blade was feet away from the dark figure, standing silently just beyond the reach of the dim light. He shifted uncomfortably onto his knee as he waited for the prowler to make the first move. A strained period of silence separated the two as each stared at the other. Link swiftly glanced around to see if there were any more trespassers but could detect none. Whoever it was appeared to be alone.

“You are even more beautiful than I remembered.” The female voice gasped, the knot in her throat finally enabling her to speak.

Link’s eye twitched as he recalled a vague familiarity with the voice, he couldn’t exactly place it. “Who are you?” He inquired cautiously.

“Do you not remember my sultry voice, my love?” The figure continued with audible passion creeping into her speech.

Link slowly rose to his feet, keeping the sword leveled directly at the chest of this peculiar intruder. “I’m afraid I don’t. I do not know who you are and I highly suggest you leave now.” His calm demeanor belied his violent intent. His overwhelming confidence drove her mad with passion. He was all she had dreamed of and more!

“Well, perhaps looking upon my form will help restore your memory, my love.” The prowler stepped out from the shadows to reveal the navy blue cloak enveloping her body in shadow. The first indication that this was not a Hylian was the webbed feet protruding from the base of the fabric.

“Will you stop calling me that? I do not know you.” Link’s voice wavered but he remained firm in his resolve, barely a muscle moved as he maintained his threatening stance.

The woman’s voice was hurt, “You are so heartless Link. How could you forget your beloved so easily?”

Link’s eyes went wide with the memory of their final moments together, their brief wisp of a kiss before their violent parting. Princess Ruto drew back the hood and let it fall to her shoulders. She was regarding him with a loving eye. “Ruto?” Link stammered almost incoherently. “But…how? I thought you were dead!” He finally exclaimed.

“I was, but Naar rescued me and brought me back to life. He healed me. Now that I am whole again, we can finally be together as husband and wife.” She began to take a few steps towards him in relief at having found him at last.

Link’s eyes quickly narrowed, he jabbed the sword forward to keep her at bay. She uttered a cry of protest at this unexpected insult. “Stay back Ruto. Are you one of them now? What did Naar do to you? Why are you truly here?” Each question was like an arrow piercing her heart. Was he really going to forsake her like this?

“He let me go to find you. Now that you are here, we can run away together, just you and me! There is nothing stopping us from living happily together.” She reasoned with him, a slight quiver in her voice. From fear or from desire, he wasn’t sure which.

“I’m sorry Ruto, I truly am. But I cannot trust anything Naar says or does. That includes sending you to find me.” With each word, he was slowly backing up past the fire. He was hoping he could make it to the room with the Gerudo to wake them up.

With slow, deliberate movements, Ruto reached up and unclasped the brooch holding the cloak. She casually let it crumple to the stone floor as Link’s eyes swelled at her nude form. Zoras were naturally naked by nature but Ruto was a special case, she had developed into a fine woman unlike any of her kind. Her buoyant breasts were glistening in the faint light of the fire, her nipples erect from the chill air. The flow of her curves drew his gaze downward into the darkness between her thighs. The delicate fins protruding from her arms and legs were twitching in anticipation.

She grinned at the effect she had on him, maybe it wasn’t hopeless after all. “You are my husband. It is your right to claim this and whisk me off to wherever you desire. Just say the word and I am yours.” With the grace of a feline, she carefully paced towards him, one foot in front of the other, rocking her hips in a sexually enticing fashion.

Link’s mouth instantly went dry as he stumbled over words that simply would not come to his mouth, “We were…never married Ruto.”

“Of course we are my dear. You took from me my most precious possession, the Zora Sapphire. You then sealed the marriage by kissing me before you left. We are forever bound.” She drew nearer to him with a lusty look in her eyes. His sword was almost touching her skin at the place where she stopped.

“Ruto…there are others with me. I will alert them if you do not back down.” The tip of his sword was jittering slightly at his nervousness. She mistook it for excitement at being so near to her again.

Ruto gently placed a hand on his sword before he could react and smoothly brought it down to his side, “Shhh…they don’t have to know about our little rendezvous.”

She smirked at his indecision. Taking the advantage, she pulled the sword out of his hands as she pressed her body up against his. Link uttered a small cry of protest as she forced her lips onto his. The kiss threw lightning bolts through her body, the feeling coursed across her skin making her want more. Rapidly placing his sword on the nearby pew, she slammed him up against the stone wall, assailing his mouth with her salty tongue.

His squirming against her advances delighted her senses and awakened her longing for him. She crushed her body into his with renewed vigor, slowly dragging him down with her to the floor so he could be deliciously on top. A sharp stab of pain forced her to stagger back from him, her lips gradually starting to form red as the blood dribbled out of her mouth. He had bit her!

Link shuddered in revulsion at the taste of sea water in his mouth, biting her hard on the lips was the only thing he could think of to do. He didn’t want to hurt her. She was still his friend…in a sense. “Please Ruto.” Link pleaded, “Don’t do this. Either help us on our mission or leave.”

“I cannot. You either come with me to Naar or come with me to be my husband. You have no choice. You took the Zora Sapphire and secured the pact!” She accused, still nursing her stinging mouth.

Link shook his head sadly, “I’m sorry Ruto. I do not have the Zora Sapphire anymore. I was captured by Naar and he took it from me. It is him you should be asking.”

A flash of rage surged across her face, “You’re lying.” She found it hard to believe.

His heart broke for her. How much did she endure these past seven cycles? “So Naar didn’t even tell you he had it in his possession? You’ve been duped Ruto. I am not your husband. By all accounts it might as well be Naar.”

His indictment galvanized her fury into action. She surged towards him, her nails poised to rake his skin. Quickly reacting to her rush, he sidestepped past her, swiftly knocking her to the ground with a prompt kick to her rump. She flew sprawling onto the floor with an audible thud. Link tensed waiting for a counterattack but received nothing. She lay across the floor weeping. Her anguish melted his resolve to continue the engagement.

“Ruto? I’m sorry you had to find out this way.” He knelt down next to her. His hand hovering over her back, unsure if he should really place it on her scaly skin.

With swift ferocity, she hurled up into his face, knocking him to the floor and pinning his arms above his head. “No!” She spat vilely. “I refuse to believe it! You are lying to me to get out of our marriage! I will not allow it.” She hissed.

She suffocated his intake of breath with her mouth, jamming her slick tongue deep into his throat, almost gagging him with its length. He twisted his body violently forcing her into a roll as he emerged on top; jerking his head back from her invasive kiss, Link quickly gasped in exquisite air. He proceeded to rise up from her prone form when she quickly tripped him, his ribs slammed into the stone pew as he hit the ground hard.

Shaking from the pain, Link attempted to crawl towards his sword. She heaved herself onto his back pushing the wind out of him. She leaned in close to his ear, swiftly licking the base of his lobe, “If you won’t give it to me freely husband, then I shall consummate our union by force!”

Link slammed his head backward, smashing into her face with the force of a piston. She cried in agony as she recoiled backwards from the pain. Quickly bucking her off, he scrambled over to his sword. He nearly had it in his hands before she was upon him. Ruto gripped his hair and crashed his head into the pew; his vision went blurry before she rammed his head into the stone again. He blacked out completely from the concussion and slumped to the ground limply.

Ruto stood over his unconscious body breathing unevenly. This did not go as she had planned. She did not expect him to be so antagonistic to her. Did he really change that much over the cycles? Did he not remember the love they had for each other? There was not a day that went by that she kept dear to her heart the memories of them together. No matter, she thought, he was here now and ripe for the taking. It was time the wife finally enjoyed the spoils of marriage.

She gently rolled him over onto his back examining his bruised head. A slow stream of blood had emerged from the hair on his scalp. It didn’t look to be extremely serious but she was no doctor. For all other intents and purposes, he was still breathing and alive, that was what mattered. With the initial inspection complete, she slowly began to slip her hands into his ivory robe; her moist fingers drifting over his abdomen, relishing the feel of his smooth skin.

Ruto’s body shuddered in yearning for this. She had waited many long nights pretending Naar was him. Now that she finally had him, she could barely contain her excitement. Rapidly unfastening the leather belt around his waist, she separated the two halves of the robe. Disappointed, she discovered it converged just below his navel and then onto the leggings. What an odd outfit.

Casually pulling his arms out of the sleeves, Ruto finally managed to inch the leggings below the object of her longing. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked upon it in wonder. Was this how she always imagined it? She softly caressed it in her quivering hands. She thought her heart would burst with the gravity of the moment, it seemed completely unreal to her. She giggled uncontrollably for several minutes as she fondled Link’s manhood. She had to pinch herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.

Finally calming herself down from her emotional high, she took another look at it. She frowned slightly. It wasn’t erect like Naar’s usually was. That could be a problem. Ruto let it flop down as she thought back on how Naar showed her how to entice him after he was spent. Licking her lips, she recalled what he had forced her to do on many occasions. Would that work here when he was passed out? Every time, Naar was awake when she took him in, Link’s might not react the same way!

Gingerly spreading his legs apart so she could situate herself between them, she leaned over his phallus and gave it a quick lick. No response. Odd, would she have to do more? Taking cues from her past experience with Naar, she separated the soft appendage from the ball sacs and placed it fully in her mouth. Ruto slowly began to swirl her tongue over its silky texture sucking slightly as she did so.

After a few minutes of this, she became giddy with success as she could feel it growing harder in her mouth. Within moments, his manhood had grown to full length at her coercive sensations. The myriad of memories flooding her mind of Naar took over as she plunged her face onto his shaft. She suckled in earnest taking it fully into her throat with each thrust of her head, lost in the remembrances of being forced to do this, she assaulted Link’s member with gusto.

Link moaned slightly, but did not stir; she flicked her attention to his face but could not decipher if he was awakening just yet. Ruto was beginning to enjoy this, he was far nicer than Naar, he simply laid there for her to relish. She lightly massaged his sacs as she intensified her speed, sucking deeply with each stroke. She would keep going until she received what was expected of her. She would be the good, little slave and take what her master gave her.

Another groan from Link forced her attention again up to his face, he was coming around! There probably wasn’t much time to finish this! Link struggled to lift his head up, wincing at the throbbing pain streaking through his temple. His eyes locked onto Ruto’s, her mouth fully enclosing his manhood. Like a thunderclap, the sensation of what she was doing rushed through his body.

She impaled her mouth down to the hilt which finally sent him over the precipice. He jerked multiple times, his virgin seed gushing down her throat. She greedily gulped the thick nectar as his engorged member shuddered uncontrollably between her lips. He moaned in ecstasy at the unnatural, foreign feeling. He had never felt something like that before in his life! What did she just do to him? All thoughts of the pain in his head evaporated.

Ruto calmly drug her mouth up the length of his shaft teasingly as it exited her lips finally with a little slurp. His body jolted briefly as she crawled over him until her eyes were level with his. “That was but a taste of what a wife can do for her husband.” Ruto crooned.

“Link? Where are you?” Malon’s groggy voice sent sharp daggers of fear into his heart. His sexual groaning probably woke her! Link began to wiggle out from under Ruto’s oppressive body. She simply flopped onto him, stalling his escape.

Ruto petted his nose with her finger, “Oh, let her come see us Link. A husband and wife should never be ashamed of doing what comes natural. We should let everyone know the good news.” She began grinding her hips up against his swollen member, not quite in but dangerously close.

As wonderful a feeling Ruto bestowed upon him was, the fact that it was her slightly nauseated him. Link begged the Goddesses that Malon not see him in such a compromising situation. He struggled harder against her wet, scaly body.

“Link?” Malon’s eyes went wide as she saw them. “What…are you doing?”

Link grimaced in misery, the Goddesses were so cruel. Malon staggered over in shock at what she was seeing. Link was practically naked with some…unknown woman on top of him! Tears began to well up in her eyes. Did he so casually sleep around with females that she meant nothing to him? Who was this mysterious woman? Just what else wasn’t he telling her?

Link’s brain scrambled for an excuse, “Malon…it’s not what it looks like! She assaulted me! I can-”

“Hush now, my husband.” Ruto clapped a clammy hand to his mouth as she leered over at Malon. “And who is this? Some sideline hopeful wishing she could have you? It’s too late dear, we’ve already been married.” Ruto grinned menacingly at her, daring Malon to retaliate.

Malon’s jaw dropped as her eyes moved between the two, disbelief evident in her eyes, “Link, is that true? Please tell me that’s not true!” Her voice quivered with bubbling anger.

Link began to shake his head in confirmation but Ruto held it firm beneath her weight, her breasts slowly suffocating him. A fit of hysteria gripped Malon as her vision went red. She ran for Link’s sword, quite visible in the darkness, laying several paces from where she stood. Ruto swiftly brought two fingers to her lips and whistled a high pitched tone. An arrow shaft sailed through the air, burrowing itself into Malon’s arm forcing her to drop the sword with a clatter. Within seconds, another arrow lodged itself between her ribs, the force of the blow flinging her body against the nearby pew.

Malon’s mangled shriek of pain awoke the remainder of the group. The Gerudo surged into the temple hall weapons brandished and eager to kill. Zelda flew out of the archway with a metal rod in hand, a gift to her by Impa. Ruto regarded the motley crew coolly as she assessed their supposed bravado. She gave Zelda a smirk before blowing a kiss in her direction. Zelda cried in disgust as she realized who the Zora woman held captive beneath her.

“Did you really think I would come here on my own?” Ruto taunted.

Ignoring the pitiable wailings of Malon, hunched over the stone oblivious to the events raging around her, Ruto whistled again. Six black-garbed men filed into the temple with grace and agility, their lithe forms were covered from head to toe with dark fabric, their eyes the only thing visible on their bodies. They aimed their bows at each member of the group, taking aim at their hearts.

“You will let me leave with Link and none of you shall be harmed. You have my word.” Ruto promised.

Apolloni snarled, “You’ve already shot one of my own! You call that being unharmed?”

Ruto increased her grip around Link tighter as he continued to tussle for air between her breasts. She looked over indifferently at Malon, “She chose her fate. Her death is of her own doing.” Ruto purported.

“If she dies because of you, all of you will die.” Apolloni threatened. “If you try to take Link away, all of you will die.” She spit fervidly to the side to indicate her disgust.

Ruto creased her eyes in amusement, “Then I believe we are at a stalemate then, my lovely Gerudo.”

Moments went by as nobody said a word, not a single body twitched. The only sounds were the ragged wailing of Malon, her hand grasping the shaft that had punctured her ribcage. Her eyes slowly glossing over in shock, cooling numbness began permeating from the wound.

A faint rustling was heard off in the distance; several of the assassins had noticed it too. Ruto glanced over from Apolloni to look out into the swamp, she was unsure of what could be making the sound.

As the scraping of branches and snapping got louder, Zelda’s eyes grew wide with fear. “Oh no, no, no, no, no! Not now…not now!” She whispered in despair.

Ruto shot her an irritated glance, “What is it now?” She exhaled.

Merin’s stare beheld the object of their fear. Ruto’s attention riveted on the three hulking silhouettes blocking out the moonlight as Merin said one word, “Cyn’Taak.”

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