Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Chapter 53 - Intimate Encounters

She lay awake in her bed staring at the ceiling, counting the wooden boards above her and how many comprised the roof of their room. She tried sleeping but could not seem to force herself to dream, closing her eyes for any length of time did little to calm her jittery nerves. Everything had led to this night and tomorrow they were going to strike the heart of Nevachrea and potentially cripple their wicked regime.

Malon turned onto her side and looked across the small room at Saria. The Kokiri was sleeping soundly with her gossamer wings turned to her. She never did see Saria sleep on her back, only on her sides or stomach. Malon figured that made sense because of her awkward appendages. It would be rather uncomfortable to be slumbering on them. She wondered what it was like to have something so unnatural sprouting out from behind her shoulder blades. Would it hurt if she suddenly developed wings?

Strange thoughts permeated her mind as she tossed and turned under the covers. She didn’t usually have this much trouble napping and could more or less fall asleep easily. Her thoughts kept going back to her personal project she had just finished the morning prior. She had been tirelessly working on it for orbits. With it finally done, she was just waiting for the right time to finally show it to him.

Malon sat up suddenly in her bed. If it wasn’t going to be tonight and tomorrow was a disaster, then she might not ever get to present him his present! With this clear objective in her mind, she looked over at Saria to ensure she hadn’t awoken her and quietly slipped out of bed. Readjusting her ivory nightgown which had rolled up due to her tossing, she tiptoed towards the door. Gracefully gliding through the small opening she made for herself, she gradually shut the door without so much as a sound.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, she paced down the hall in her bare feet until she came to Link’s room several alcoves down; the lights from the hanging lanterns in the hall were dim as the candles had burned low to the base of their wicks. Taking a small breath of courage, she gently rapped on his door and stood waiting with anticipation. After a few minutes of silence, she knocked again slightly louder and stood back expectantly.

The door opened to reveal Link half naked, his rippling torso uncovered and his waist and legs sheathed in white form-fitting tights. She giggled as she quickly looked away, trying to maintain an air of propriety. Groggily waking and realizing who it was, he muttered an apology and quickly tossed on a simple loose-fitting shirt of grey.

Coming back to the door and leaning heavily on it for support, he gazed at her sleepily, “Yes Malon? What did you want? It’s the middle of the night.”

She continued to giggle. He sure was cranky when he didn’t get his rest! She grinned mischievously as she spoke coyly. “I have made a present for you that I think you’ll like.”

Link pressed his forehead into the door with exasperation, “Malon, I don’t have time for these games. Can’t it wait until tomorrow?”

Malon’s lips formed into a pout, “Fine, be that way. I guess I won’t show you my personal project you so desperately wanted to see a few moons ago!” She whispered heatedly.

His pupils bulged open as he looked at her from the corner of his eyes, “You mean you’re actually going to show me?”

She clasped her hands behind her back as she swayed back and forth innocently, “As long as you show me that object you keep hiding in your pack whenever someone was around.”

A look of worry flashed across his face before he molded his expression into one of mirth, “We’ll see about that. You show me your present first then we’ll talk about what I have in my pack later.”

Seeing as this was as good as she was going to get from him on the matter, she hastily agreed. “Fine. Follow me then!”

Grabbing his hand unevenly, she tugged him along down the hallway. He was somewhat in a slight stupor as he stumbled down the stairs. She had no idea he slept so completely. During the long days on the road she usually fell asleep before he did. She chuckled as he tried to smooth out his disheveled hair, following her towards the rear of the pub.

Escaping out the back entrance of the inn, she scanned the environs for any sentries that could be patrolling the wall near them. Seeing no sign of life, she urged Link onward across the moonlit path to the stables which was adjacent to Francis’ pub built alongside the wall. The only reason the structure was still standing, Ingo had said, was because of the lone horses Francis kept for his liquor runs to the nearby provinces. If it had not been for the practical use of those animals, they would have been eaten like the rest for nourishment. Such was the famine that was prevalent in Nevachrea.

They entered the stables quietly as they walked down the rows to where their horses were being held. Epona and Harden each nickered in joyful greeting at the two of them as they rounded the bend to their stalls. Epona gingerly nipped at Link’s shoulder as she playfully nudged his chest with her nose. He laughed as he brushed down her neck and gave her an elated hug.

“I’ve missed you too girl. It’s been too long since we’ve rode the winds, haven’t we?” Link asked. Epona whinnied a response in the positive.

After a brief greeting with Harden who seemed more interested in Epona’s reunion, Malon examined the saddlebag hanging off his side. Turning around with one arm underneath Epona’s neck, gently stroking her soft fur, Link watched Malon attentively as she was taking dozens of fabrics and utensils out of her pack and setting them aside. At length, she found the items she was seeking. She meant to take them out straight away but on a sudden thought she turned to him sheepishly.

“Will you close your eyes please?” She asked excitedly, upon seeing him lift a part of his lip in a rascally leer, she exclaimed, “I’m serious! Please?”

Making a huge fit of an expression to her demands, he dutifully closed his eyes in an exaggerated fashion. She sighed, sometimes he could be quite the handful. After some rustling, she instructed nervously, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

His mouth dropped open as he beheld what she was holding. It was an adult sized replica of his Kokiri clothing, hand stitched from scratch down to the finest detail. He had no idea if she got the specifics from Saria at all or if she was that observant of his former clothes as a child. Link was utterly stunned at this amazing display of dedication and love for him, to recreate something that was such a part of his identity and present it to him. He laughed astonished as she held out with her free hand a green cap.

“My Goddesses, how did you…? When did you…?” Link could barely speak. His mind was completely blown at this compassionate gift.

She timidly bit her lower lip as she asked, “Do you like it?”

“Like it?” Link stammered, “I love it!” He took them from her hands, feeling the soft, cotton fabric between his fingers. It was slightly more airy than his original, he figured it would breathe a lot better in the heat.

“I’ve been working on it since before we left the Gerudo. I had Saria assist me in the design of it.” Link looked at Malon in wonder as she confirmed his suspicions. “And I had Zelda get me the size measurements.” She blushed.

It took a moment for the words to sink in, “Wait, what?” Link probed, “How did she get my measurements?”

Malon swiftly looked away to Epona as she haltingly spoke, “Well…you were living with her for quite some time, changing in front of her and all.” The colors of her cheeks turned even further crimson. “I think she just guessed from all the times she saw you…erm…naked.” For some reason, talking about this seemed horribly embarrassing and she had no idea why.

Link gave her a wry grin as he asked, “Do you mind if I try this on now?” Slightly thrilled at the prospect.

“Sure.” Malon actually wanted to see how well her handiwork fitted him, “Wait, what are you doing?!” She gasped as he began taking his shirt off in front of her.

Tossing the blouse to the ground he looked at her roguishly, “What? Zelda is allowed to get my measurements for the last seven cycles and you aren’t?”

She giggled manically as she held a palm to her lips in shock, “Link! You are such a bad boy!”

Taking this as his cue for consent, he expeditiously pulled his tights off his waist. He brought them down to his ankles before kicking them off with a flick of his foot. Malon’s eyes widened as she gawked upon his nude form. This was the first time in her life she had seen Link, much less a grown man, naked. Her gaze traveled inexorably toward his loins, where the object of her curiosity and speculations lay. She didn’t know what to make of it. Was this how she always pictured it?

Ignoring her obvious staring, he slipped the green tunic over his head and brought it down past his thighs. He strapped the provided leather belt around his waist and slapped the cap over his head, adjusting it so that it fit comfortably. He turned to her as he spread his arms out wide with a beaming smile, “How do I look?”

“Beautiful.” She murmured. Entranced with his gorgeous body, the outfit fit him a little tighter than she remembered but it didn’t matter.

Link looked around expectantly, “Did you have any boots to go with this?”

Malon shook her head, “I’m sorry, I only made the clothes.”

Link shrugged as he looked down at himself, moving his belt slightly to be more centered. “That’s fine. I guess I can substitute any old boots I have.” He looked back up to her with gratitude. “Thank you so much for this Malon. You have no idea what this means to me.”

He startled Malon as he hugged her tightly, pressing his body close to hers. After a pause, she relaxed into his embrace and wrapped her arms around him. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered into his shoulder.

Link leaned his head back to look at her, “Missed me? I’m right here.”

She smiled as she shook her head, “No, I mean…I’ve missed sleeping next to you these past few moons. You…comfort me, help me sleep.”

He smirked, “Is Saria’s snoring keeping you up?”

A small squeak emitted from beyond the stable entrance, Link jerked in that direction. He was only brought back into the conversation as Malon continued, oblivious to the unknown noise he had heard. “It’s not that. She is actually a quiet sleeper. She does talk to herself at times though.”

Link chuckled, “Yeah, it is because of Sora. She lives on inside of her, so sometimes it does make her seem a bit loopy.”

Malon slapped a hand onto his chest, “I know that silly! It is just…sometimes it seems she is having two conversations at once, it’s so odd.”

Link raised a brow at this. That did seem a bit peculiar. “Well having a fairy merge with a Kokiri hasn’t been seen in Hyrule since…ever. So I’m sure there are some side effects that are just now emerging.” He said goofily.

She smacked his chest yet again, “Oh, you’re terrible. You stop talking about her like that.”

“I do because I love her. She is my best friend in the whole world.” He said languorously.

“And I’m not?” Malon scoffed, pretending to be hurt at his words.

Link looked down into her blue eyes, radiant even in the light of the one lantern hanging precariously from the ceiling of the stable. “No…you are something more to me Malon.”

She became acutely aware of his firm body pressed up against hers, the feeling of something bulging, poking at her lower abdomen. “Link?” She questioned; a look of yearning in her eyes.

Link gently pressed his lips against hers, holding her body tight against his. The instant their mouths met, she was lost. She knew she couldn’t resist his advances. Within moments they were pressed up against the wall, hands frantically running up and down each other’s bodies. Cycles of pent up sexual tension exploded in a flurry of mad movement. Epona whickered in surprise as they roughly brushed past her.

“Sorry girl!” Link excused himself as they found the empty stall across from Epona. It seemed to have a healthy heaping of hay that would do well as a cushion. Link released Malon as he went over to the clothes she had set aside and spread them out across the straw in an attempt at makeshift bedding.

Malon tittered, “You sure know how to woo a girl.” She couldn’t help but laugh at his spontaneous attempt to make her comfortable in a stable, of all places!

“Well,” he started, looking genuinely hurt, “It’s not like we’d have much success elsewhere!”

“True.” She agreed.

As if deciding in unison, they both divulged themselves of their clothes, standing naked in front of each other for the first time in their lives. Link’s attention diverted to the entrance as he thought he saw a flicker of movement. Malon turned to see what he was looking at.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

He shook his head, “Nothing. Just paranoid, I guess. We’ve never gotten this far before.”

Grinning, she examined his handsome features. He was thin, yet muscular. His abs were toned and his legs, two pistons of strength. His manhood stood firmly erect, perfectly perched atop two cylindrical balls with a halo of blonde hair encircling it. Link, in turn, was appreciating her voluptuous form. He admired her flaming, red hair showcasing the curves of her body and hips, her pert breasts luminous in the candle light. Pink areolas drawing attention to her stiff nipples, he wondered what it would be like to feel them. Looking further down to her divide, he saw an inviting slit crowned with curled ginger.

“So…what’s stopping us from going further?” She enquired deviously.

Needing no more incentive, he swept her up into his arms and laid her down onto the splayed clothes. She giggled at his urgency. Her humor was replaced with longing as his lips trailed across her neck down to her breasts. She gasped in shock as he took one bud gently into his mouth and began sucking with tender fervor. Massaging the neglected breast with his other hand, he casually rubbed his member against her leg; teasing her with its presence.

Malon exhaled pleasurably, “Where did you learn to do this?”

With a final lick to the nipple sending shivers down her spine, he looked up at her. “I snuck around several times and watched some of the Gerudo do this.”

She inhaled with shock, “You didn’t!”

“I did.” Link grinned evilly, “Like you said, I am a bad boy!”

Without waiting for her response, he dove lower to her loins and spread her legs apart. She whined briefly at this sudden change in interest but moaned in delight as he fingered the folds of her womanhood open, giving enough room for his tongue to press warmly onto her burgeoning blossom. Malon cried out as his rough, yet squishy tongue swirled around sending spasms of energy spiraling through her limbs.

“How close…ahh!” She stopped in midsentence as an especially egregious lick sent her quivering. Recovering from the onslaught, she continued, “Did you have to get to learn this?” She finished, forcing every fiber of her being to focus on the words she was saying.

Link just laughed under his breath as he continued his assault on her pink bloom, dipping his tongue downward before sticking it swiftly into the minuscule hole. She bucked wildly under his mouth but he kept up with her movements and continued to flick his tongue into the opening. Malon’s hands unconsciously went to his head, pressing him harder into her crotch, not wanting him to stop.

“Did you have sex with any of them?” She knew this was the wrong thing to say the moment it left her lips. He stopped as he looked up at her.

“No, of course I didn’t. Why would you ask that?” Link murmured, somewhat offended.

Malon whimpered in hunger, “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean it. Please take me. Please!” She pleaded.

Not wanting to let the little slip ruin the moment, he leaned over her; resting a hand on either side of her body, taking her form in, memorizing it. He began moving his buttocks lower as he pressed in to enter her. She winced slightly as she prompted him to stop with a hand to the chest, gently pushing him away.

“Um…” She smiled with her eyes closed, trying to suppress a laugh, “You’re a little low there.”

“I’m…what?” Link looked down. He sniggered. His aim was a bit off. Maybe he should look where he was going.

“Not much of an expert on this part are you?” She simpered.

He shook his head meekly as he guided his member to her glistening folds. With a gentle nudge he began pressing his fleshy sword into her wet sheathe. Her eyes flared open at the sharp pain; her gaze locking onto his eyes firmly as she gripped his back tightly. She cried softly as he continued to gently make his way deeper into her body, gasping as she felt his sacs touch her skin. He was fully in!

The feeling of fullness was exhilarating. The pain slowly began to ebb away as he lay there filling her crevice with his pulsing manhood. Malon exclaimed incoherently as Link began to withdraw his member from her moist chamber, only to moan in ecstasy as he plowed it back into her. Link began delicately kissing her neck, slowly building a smooth rhythm with his thrusts. In time, Malon began to anticipate when he would push in and began raising her hips to meet his advance.

Slivers of pleasure danced across her rosebud and throughout her inner being as his plunges became more urgent. Sweat was gleaming off their bodies at the shared exertion. She could feel him building to something explosive. If she wanted to exploit the idea she had in mind, she best do it now.

“Link?” Malon whispered, he mumbled something unintelligible, “Can we try something please?”

“Huh? What is it?” He looked at her confused, his pace slowing down slightly.

“Can you ride me like a horse?” She asked tentatively, fearing he’d reject the idea out of hand.

“I’m sorry, what?” Link asked flummoxed.

“Get off please.” Groaning in agony as he slipped out of her damp furnace, he obliged her request. She gulped at the sudden chill that entered her womanhood at his absence, her only thought was to get him back inside. Malon got on her hands and knees and offered her rump up for his viewing pleasure. “Can you mount me?”

“Like a horse?” Link questioned completely taken aback at this bizarre request. “You are so weird.” He laughed.

“Will you?” She looked back at him, wiggling enticingly.

Spurred on by the wicked nature of it, he squatted over her before maneuvering his stiff spear back into her cushioned corridor. They both groaned in unison at their rejoining. Lacking firm balance, he held her hips to keep himself steady as he began thrusting back into her massaging folds.

With each withdraw, he felt her insides sucking him back in. He began panting with eagerness as his plunges grew swifter and rougher. Lost in the feeling of his lunges, she began smacking back onto his skin with each drive, maintaining the rhythm he had set. She bit into her arm to keep herself from screaming from the pleasure. Malon wanted to shout exuberantly from the rooftops at the feeling of Link violating her deepest secrets.

His grunts began to turn labored as his pounding turned deliciously violent, she could feel herself rising to a crescendo that permeating across her lower abdomen and that danced up and down his rock hard member. With a hoarse cry, he smashed himself deep into Malon spilling his seed into her womb. Feeling the intense heat rushing into her body, combined with the convulsive jerks of his manhood, Malon leaped over the edge and cried into her arm as her corridor constricted around him sadistically.

They collapsed onto the haphazardly strewn clothes, hot, sticky and sweaty. They both rested next to each other, panting as their minds reeled with the amazing thing they had shared together. Sighing as she felt a delightful soreness between her legs, Malon closed her eyes wanting to drift off to sleep. She jolted faintly as she suddenly felt a slight leaking from her loins. She looked down to see white fluid dribbling down into the hay. Was that what he put into her?

She leaned back, resting her head on his arm as he glanced over at Epona. She was giving him a knowing look, nickering in an odd tone while stomping her hoof. “Don’t give me that look.” Link began to reprimand the horse.

Snorting in derision and promptly turning away from the two of them, Epona clopped over to Harden’s stall and flicked her tail at him. The mare curved to give Link a defiant look, daring him to do any better. To Link’s surprise, he saw the frisky Harden walk around to Epona’s backside and sniff her. With a grunting heave, he lifted himself onto her rump and began searching for her opening with his elongated phallus.

“Malon…look!” Link nudged her as he pointed in the direction of the two mating horses.

Her mouth dropped open in disbelief. “How did…? I’ve been trying to breed them for cycles!”

Link laughed, “Maybe all they needed was a demonstration on how it was done?”

She slapped his chest tersely, “Oh, you’re horrible!”

He cackled, “It was your idea to have me ride you like a horse!” He finished with a poke to her nose.

“I didn’t know it would lead to this!” She gestured to the two horses, already grunting in the throes of sexual pleasure. With a final whinnying cry, Harden gushed his load into Epona before slipping out satiated. As if finally done proving a point, Epona flicked her tail at the two of them before returning to her stall.

“I’ll take that as a challenge Epona.” Link grinned.

“Take what?” Malon said, lost as to what he was referring to.

She yelped as he swooped on top of her and plunged his stiff member deep into her. “Again? We just got done!” Malon giggled.

“We may not get another chance like this again. I’m taking advantage of it!” Link crooned as he rhythmically pulsed in and out of her, enjoying the new feeling of the slick wetness of his juices mixed with hers sliding across his throbbing sword.

Their quiet laughter could be faintly heard from outside the stables as the small Kokiri departed the building. Pressing her back up against the wooden boards, she slid down until her butt hit the dirt. Raising her knees to her chest, she gripped them with her arms as she began crying. So this is what she was missing out on, what she’d never be able to experience. It looked so…natural and loving. A special expression of love she could never have. Despite her peeping on the two of them without asking, she silently thanked Link for giving her this vision of physical happiness.

“Why are you crying?” The little voice asked. “Shouldn’t you be happy for them? I am. It’s not every day you get to see your Kokiri soul mate making love.”

Saria had to stifle a snicker at the obvious statement, “Yeah, I know.” She said, wiping away the tears. “You probably never see it at all.” She said bitterly. “Is there any way I can experience something like that? Impa said there might be a way.”

The little voice paused for quite a while. Listening to the grunts of the two lovers in the stall, Saria wondered what it was like to be in Malon’s place. At length, the voice answered, “If that is what you wish, I did read something about how it can be done while I was in the realm of the Twili. It is actually quite easy to do, but there is a prerequisite before it can happen.”

Ignoring the orgasmic cries of the duo, Saria took the small fairy out of her tunic and held it in the palms of her hands. Her eyes gazing intently into the blue glow, Saria asked earnestly, “How can it be done? What needs to happen first?”

“I must be merged with him.” The fairy stated flatly. Saria blinked but the little sprite pressed on, “However, for that to happen…”

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