Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Chapter 69 - Spiritual Encounters

Link stirred to the gentle squeezing of his hand. Looking over down his arm, he noticed a graceful palm stroking his softly. Zelda smiled as she gazed upon his face that was slowly shaking off the entrenched slumber. He had been in a feverish delirium for the better part of two days. They had only been rescued by the Gorons and Sheikah for not even three days. The bodily excretions of Skulltulas were almost as toxic as the potent venom they possessed in their maxillae. The wound inflicted on his wing and the strenuous toil he went through to bring her and Nabooru back from certain death only exacerbated his condition.

“Zelda…” Link weakly mumbled, his eyes never leaving hers. “You’re safe?”

Several tears formed at the corner of her eyes as she nodded vigorously, “Yes. We’re safe, because of you.”

“How?” Link managed to utter before giving in to the exhaustion his body felt, it was then he noticed the other figures standing in the room beside his bed.

Zelda turned her head to introduce the others, “I believe you remember Darunia?” The Goron king made a hearty guffaw, but resisted the urge to clap the boy on the shoulder realizing it might do more harm than good. Zelda pointed to two other figures emerging from the shadows, “This is Cayla and Sasha, they were the ones who stumbled across us and brought us here.”

Cayla bowed her head slightly in greeting, “Master Link, I must apologize to you personally for my conduct. I had taken you for a Nevachrean spy and treated you as such. Your friends are quite protective of you and stalwart in their conviction to defend your position. Forgive me.”

Link smiled faintly before realizing another figure standing by his bedside on the opposite end, a tiny hand folded warmly into his other open palm. “Good afternoon Link!” Saria piped cheerfully, her bright, shining face looking down at him. “I made sure they believed our story! With our important mission and Princess Zelda on our side, how could they not?”

Link looked around briefly before muttering, “Xavier? Nabooru?”

Zelda gave Cayla a look indicating she was to respond to him, not her, “Nabooru is doing well and is right now assisting in the travel plans to retrieve the Goron Ruby. Xavier is as energetic as ever. We had to give her a rather…disgusting treat to have her stay out in the hallway.” Zelda had to stifle a laugh, “It was all we could do to convince her to stay outside this room. Even now she’s waiting on you in the hallway, but she’s too big to fit into the doorway. She will be glad to know you are safe.”

Link attempted to grin, but it came off crooked, “Travel plans?” He managed to croak, his whole body seemed like it had been hit by a Dodongo. The base of his wings ached something fierce and he barely had any strength to move to alleviate the pressure his body was exerting on them in the bed.

Seeing him attempting to move, Sasha moved forward and laid a firm hand on his chest and eased him back down. “You mustn’t get up yet. The poison was inside you for a very long time and if it weren’t for our timely meeting, you might have been dead before the sun rose.”

Link’s gaze went to the closed wound on his wing, a lack of feathers showed where the Skulltula’s limb had punctured through the membrane. It had healed faster than expected, but it was clear it would probably be weeks before it would look normal again. What was odd was that there was now a strange lump just under the revealed skin of the wound.

Noticing his inquisitive look, Sasha explained calmly, “Don’t worry, we used potent medicines and herbs to keep it from becoming a permanent scar.”

Cayla shot a glare at Sasha as she moved back into position beside her but said nothing. Darunia proceeded to take the opportunity to expound on Link’s query. “Well…you see…” The king almost seemed ashamed at what he was about to say next. Like a nervous tic, his hand shot up to scratch the back of his head just below the crown of rocky growths. “After several cycles of hearing nothing from you or anyone else, we started to despair. We grew worried that at some point, we might end up losing the war and the ruby would then be in the hands of the enemy.”

“So we hid it away.” Cayla stated flatly, ignoring the scowl Darunia gave her.

“Yes.” He grumbled. “I traveled to the one place we Gorons fear to tread and deposited the ruby there to ensure its safety. No one knew about this except Cayla and I, for it was just us two that delivered it to its new resting place.”

Sasha’s eyebrows rose slightly, Saria’s mouth dropped open at this news, “You mean you didn’t have the ruby this whole time? Why did you not say anything? You had me believing you still had it! Where is it now?”

Darunia sighed, leaning heavily against the melted rock wall, “There’s the rub. It is in the heart of the Xaagar Mountains, where the largest colony of dragons resides.”

Zelda released Link’s hand as she jerked around in the chair to look at Darunia, “You did what?”

Cayla frowned at her, “What else were we to do? We had no word from Impa for cycles and for all we knew you two were dead. What good would it be to keep safe the ruby against an enemy that simply won’t die? Speaking of which, shouldn’t Impa still be with you? Why did she abandon her charge?” She accused heatedly.

Zelda was slightly taken back by the sudden change in Cayla’s demeanor. “She didn’t abandon me! She was with us when we were in Glaun’rung, she only recently sent us away with Nabooru instead of her.”

Cayla cocked an eyebrow, “Nabooru? That Gerudo woman? I find that a little bit strange why she would trust someone outside of our tribe to watch over you.”

At this Zelda stood up to her full height and faced the Sheikah head on, “What is so damn important about me that every Sheikah I meet here must hover around me like I’m some inept imbecile. I can hold my own in combat and I was even trained in your arts by Impa herself!”

A flash of anger crossed Cayla’s face as she sputtered, “She told you the secret ways of the Sheikah? Why would she do that?”

“Oh…I don’t know, maybe the fact she hadn’t seen another Sheikah in cycles and fearing she might be the last one surviving. What better way to protect me than to teach me how to handle myself once she’s gone?” Zelda retorted back.

“Why are we fighting?” Saria cried, slightly alarmed at the hostility suddenly present in the room.

Darunia rumbled in-between the two women, “That will be enough of that! We came here to visit with my sworn brother, Link, not to fight about irrelevant matters!”

Cayla folded her arms crossly, “Very well. But from now on, you are my charge Princess Zelda. I will ensure your safety.”

Zelda huffed, “Do you even know your true purpose anymore? At least Impa knew that.”

Cayla opened her mouth to riposte when Darunia roared, “I said enough!” The two women were stunned into silence. A growl from outside the doorway indicated that Xavier was slightly agitated at the sounds coming from within the chamber. The Cyn’Taak bit hard on the bone they had given her, it was all she could do to keep her willpower in check and not bash her way in there to protect Link.

“As I was saying,” Darunia sighed, turning back to Link, who simply was watching the whole spectacle with what appeared to be mirth on his face, “We are preparing our travel packs and making plans to accompany you on traveling up to the dragons’ lair and retrieve the Goron Ruby.”

“Who is coming?” Saria asked. “Can I come?” She amended eagerly.

Darunia beamed at the little Kokiri, “Of course you can. I will be going since it was my fault that it was placed in such a volatile dwelling. Zelda will also be going,” He flicked his eyes over to Cayla, “which indubitably means Cayla is coming. Nabooru offered to accompany us and your interesting friend out there refused to stay behind.”

Zelda lowered herself back into the chair before taking up Link’s outstretched hand, “That’s quite a crowd. Will Sasha be coming?” She probed, not daring to look in Cayla’s direction.

“No, she will not.” Cayla confirmed. Sasha looked hurt, but said nothing. “She will be staying here and spearheading the evacuation of the people.”

Discerning the confused look on Link’s face, Darunia filled in the gap, “This shelter we have created for ourselves is no longer safe. The dragons are closing in weekly on where we live and it is only a matter of time before we are besieged. Furthermore, other foul creatures are being pushed up into the mountains by the Nevachrean army, namely that colony of Skulltulas you encountered. They never used to reside in these mountains, preferring the lowlands and forests. They made a raid on our home several moons ago and we just sent out an expedition to go rescue our comrades.”

“An expedition we luckily came across!” Saria said happily.

Zelda grinned, “I’m thankful for that. The last thing I remember before waking up here was falling asleep next to you Link.”

Darunia allowed the interruptions but cleared his throat so he could continue, “With the Nevachrean army and their incorrigible commander at our doorstep, King Harkinian and I have finally decided it best to move the tribe to a new location further east; away from all this madness. For I fear Hyrule is truly lost. They’re willing to wait for three days for our return but after that they will move onwards and leave without us.”

Zelda’s eyes popped open, “Oh my Goddesses! I totally forgot to tell you!” Her eyes rapt on Link’s excitedly. “My father is alive and well! He escaped with the Sheikah and is residing here with the Gorons! He would have loved to be here in person to see you again, but he had to attend to the evacuation plans.”

Link shifted uneasily under the sheets, he was never on the best of terms with Zelda’s father. The man always treated him like a child, more so than how he treated his daughter. Would it be any different now that he was an adult? Link always suspected that the king merely tolerated his presence because of his daughter’s firm support. He honestly wasn’t looking forward to meeting the man again.

“Oh, he is actually anxious to talk with you Link.” Zelda soothed, seeing the uncomfortable look in his eyes. “Please, just consider meeting with him before we go after the ruby?”

Link nodded his head feebly before turning away, wanting nothing more than to rest. Taking the cue, Darunia began to gather up the folks in the room, “We’ll let you rest Link. You should feel better tomorrow. You really ought to tell me how you got those wings one day, I’m sure that will be a story worth hearing!” With a belly laugh, he paced out the doorway with Sasha close behind.

“Let us go princess.” Cayla murmured, placing a calm hand on her arm.

“Don’t touch me.” Zelda yanked her arm away aggressively. “I can take myself back to my room just fine.” Leaning over Link to give him a quick kiss on the forehead, she shot Cayla daggers before stalking out with the Sheikah shadowing. The last view of the hallway before the door closed was of Xavier trying to peek in to get some sort of idea if Link was alright.

Saria was left alone in the room with Link, her hand still encased in his. She stared at his sleeping form with trepidation. Right before they were saved, she revealed her deepest feelings for him and he did not recoil in disgust over it. She had always loved him from a distance but could never bring herself to admit it. She knew it was folly to think that they would ever be anything but friends. He would grow old and die and she would remain a youthful child to the end of her days. The implication of her physical appearance was a barrier to any sort of intimate proceedings between them.

It all comes down to this Saria. Do you truly want this or not? Sora intoned in her mind tenderly.

“I do.” Saria said, her lower lip trembling with dread. “What if he hates it? What if he thinks it’s too weird?”

He has Navi. She will help guide him through the process. Sora lulled.

“What if he only considers me a friend and refuses me? What if he rejects the fact I love him?” Saria whimpered, tears of fear forming around her eyes. After all these cycles being his best friend, she couldn’t bear the thought of being rejected by him.

If he truly rejected you, he wouldn’t have held onto your hand the entire time they were talking. Sora reasoned.

Saria blinked, “You’re right. He never pulled away from me. He actually squeezed my hand several times! But…” Her focus swept down his muscular form, covered by the sheets, “I feel sort of guilty. He needs his rest and I don’t really want to wake him up for something as silly as this…” Her determination was faltering.

You saw what happened to our home, what happened to your friends. You’ve seen what they turned Kiera into. We can only assume most of the Kokiri have either been killed or turned into something worse. Sora urged forcefully, making Saria clutch her head. We don’t have the luxury of being appropriate here when the fate of our race is in on the brink.

Saria nodded her head numbly, “I understand. Does it really have to be like this though?”

You heard Navi, she researched this. Only two people merged with us fairies can spiritually combine to form new life. Because of your love for him, Navi chose him to bond with. She is prepared to support this endeavor in mating you two to survive the Kokiri. You chose him, so now we are here to help you with that. Thank Hylia for giving the Kokiri such a blessing. Sora chimed fondly.

Sucking in a ragged breath, stoking herself up, she gently nudged Link by the shoulder until he opened his eyes and focused on her. “Hey…Saria.” He crooked the side of his lip up in happiness at her visage.

“Hey Link…” She said sheepishly, she wasn’t exactly sure how best to tackle the subject with him. After a few moments of awkward silence, an avenue of conversation sprung into her mind. “I have to confess something to you.” At a look from him to proceed, she blurted out, “I saw you and Malon making love in the stables that first night.”

Saria turned a deep shade of crimson as Link’s eyes pierced her own, she could do little but look down at his penetrating gaze. “I know! I know! I’m sorry! You said it was weird that I was interested in watching something like that. But I’m never going to be able to experience something like that in my life.” She gestured to her small form. “I’m incapable of that, if we really want to be proper about this. I might be older than you, but your body has far surpassed mine, it would be…”

“Awkward.” Link finished for her, a goofy smile on his face. He reached out a hand and clasped hers tightly.

She began to weep bitterly, “I’m so sorry Link. I shouldn’t have mentioned my feelings for you. Now things will get peculiar between us.”

Link shook his head, “No Saria…I’ve known…for a long time.”

Her eyes bulging, she wiped away some tears with her free arm, “You did? But…why didn’t you say anything?”

“It would have done no good. It is as you said: we can’t do…anything about it.” Link’s eyes fluttered before closing completely, the talking was wearing him thin.

This was it. She had to broach the topic with him now. “Actually…there is a way.” His attention riveted on her in a way that was almost oppressive, but she knew he was intensely curious about what she had to say. “Sora and Navi can help us.”

He lay there confused when Navi invaded his swirling thoughts, Link, the only reason this would work at all is because you and I are melded. Likewise, Sora and Saria are melded. That’s all the requirements you two have to do, Sora and I can handle the rest, but only if you wish it to happen.

“Is this what you truly want?” Link asked quietly, his eyes unreadable.

“Yes.” Saria whispered, almost disbelieving that Link was considering this!

Link stared at her lovingly, “Saria…you are my best friend. I will not deny this from you. I understand this is for the future of the Kokiri. I want them to return too. Do what you must.”

Saria almost squealed with glee but instantly checked herself, this seemed like a dream. Without thinking, she surged forward and placed her lips on his. Lightning bolts shot through her body at the warmth of his skin brushing her mouth. Link welcomed the kiss and allowed her to press into it with all her passion. He would have loved to place a hand behind her head, to stroke that gorgeous green hair, unfortunately he was too weak to do much but lay there and allow Saria to lead.

At length, she parted with a drunken look on her face. She never knew kissing could be so inebriating! She began to lean in for another round when Sora sharply reminded her of what the priority was. Giving Link a quick peck on the cheek, she slowly rolled the sheets off his body. They had stripped him of his tunic and boots before setting him to rest. Saria had to blush at Link’s manhood, she had seen glimpses of it from afar with Malon but now it was up close and personal.

Remember Saria, that is not the object of this. What you are seeking lies beneath that. Sora reminded firmly; realizing Saria was getting giddy.

Saria acknowledged the advice. “Please forgive me Link, this might look odd.”

Link tried to shrug his shoulders but decided to motion his head for her to continue. Taking his positive cue, she got up on the bed and straddled his two legs, resting her bottom on his knees as she looked down at his member which was gradually growing larger.

I don’t think you’ll be using that. Navi rang out in his mind.

“I figured. But I really don’t know what to expect here…” Link affirmed.

Sit back and relax. From what I read, it’s actually quite soothing. Navi said; which spurred a grunt of laughter from Link.

Saria was breathing heavily. Her nervousness was making her heart beat wildly in her chest. The next action was the most scandalous. She looked up the bed into his eyes, “Do you trust me?”

Link gave one final curt nod. Saria placed both palms open and flat onto his manhood which made him gasp at her delicate touch. She pushed down until her fingers were touching his lower abdomen beneath his erect phallus. Closing her eyes and concentrating, she could feel Sora expell her energy outward and down into her arms. The warm surge flowed out from her fingertips and into Link.

He groaned deeply as the swirling energy permeated his lower pelvis as it narrowed itself down to his internal seed. Link squirmed slightly at the invading caress of the sinuous warmth enveloping his insides, seeking out something precious at the base of his swollen member. He gasped as the tender energy gratifyingly pulled something out from his body. He jerked involuntarily as warm fluid spurted between her fingers as she brought forth his ethereal seed.

Opening his eyes, he saw the soft glow of the circular eddy of magick between Saria’s hands. Carefully guiding it closer to her so as not to lose the precious cargo, she placed the shining globule between her legs; within seconds the luminance faded as it merged deep into her body. Saria opened her eyes to see white fluid splattered all over Link’s stomach and discovered it had gotten all over her hands.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Saria apologized, quickly hopping off his legs and leaning up on the bed. She nestled her face next to his neck as she quickly tried to wipe her messy fingers against the white sheets, completely mortified that she had made him release.

Link laughed heartily, “It’s okay…what did you do to me?” He asked with wonder. He felt thoroughly exhausted and satisfied, he did nothing but lie there.

After a pause in which Saria was listening to what Sora was explaining to her, she promptly relayed, “Sora tells me that she basically took your essence and merged it with mine.”

“What happens now? Do you give birth normally like every other woman?” Link asked.

“I don’t know.” Saria admitted despondently, she hadn’t really thought of that.

I don’t know either. Navi chimed. I only know that it was possible, not that it ever happened. No Kokiri has ever given birth that I know of since Hylia created us.

“So…you all went into this without knowing the end result?” Link said incredulously.

When the fate of the Kokiri is at stake, would you say no? Navi asked.

“I’m not sure…how do you feel Saria?” Link gripped her tiny hands in his.

“I feel fine right now. Do you regret doing this?” Saria queried, biting her lower lip in worry.

“If this was truly what you wanted and if it means the Kokiri have a chance, then no.” Link shook his head, admonishing himself, “Looks like I’ve gotten two girls pregnant now. I am going to be quite the father.” Saria laughed at that. “Will you stay with me tonight Saria?”

“Of course.” She beamed, pulling the covers back up over his body and snuggling into the bed beside him, carefully ensuring that she didn’t sleep on top of his wings. They lay there together until the morning light hit the peaks of the mountains.

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