Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Chapter 8 - Test of Loyalty

The pitiful, young, naked Kokiri girl trapped in bondage looked down at the dirt floor, legs soaking in the chill cold of the ground beneath them. She gave little thought anymore to the odd red patch of dirt just beneath her. Her legs were separately chained to two posts equidistant from a third one where her two arms were chained to. There was also an iron collar hewn around her neck that was also chained to the same post her hands were. The end result was quite violating and utterly humiliating.

Her lower lip trembled as she watched Naar out of the corner of her eyes pace the room. He was listening intently to his three commanders. She remembered them well for they were the ones who had dragged her friends off to be killed, tortured or worse. All four men were completely oblivious to her nude form. She could have been a wall fly for all they cared. She was merely an object that deserved no attention unless it served itself useful.

She could feel the call of the forest ever since she was torn from her home. Each hour she could feel herself getting weaker. It was all she could do to lift her chin so she could crane her eyes and look to the far end of the tent where her fairy, Lyda, was. She was captured alongside her and placed in a cage with mesh bars so dense she couldn’t find an opening to fly free. Their hearts, entwined as one, called out to each other as they tried to give comfort to the other through looks alone.

It had been a horrible night, as she looked at her fairy she found herself losing control and being brought back into the hazy fog of remembrance. A place she did not want to go but drew her in without consent. She recalled the flames raging around her home, burning her livelihood to the bitter ground when Link flashed through the air on his brilliant steed. He had come to save her. She could still picture it now, his hand descending to come grab her from the nightmare.

She shivered in the light breeze whistling in through the tent flap. Despite all the horrors she had witnessed and experienced, she still pinpointed Link on his horse; gallantly riding in his Kokiri tunic. Watching that arrow shimmer in the firelight as it whistled through the air and burrow itself deep in Naar’s shoulder; it was like something from a dream. He was coming for her, his hand was extended for any to grab and flee to safety.

She looked back to the four men and narrowed her eyes in loathing, she was not the one who held on, she was not the one who was saved. She was rudely pushed off and crumpled to the ground; she watched helplessly as Link rode off into the woods with Saria on the horse. Why did Link pick her over me? She fumed with thoughts of injustice, they boiled and brewed and her hatred for Saria grew with each passing moment.

“Thanan,” Naar motioned for his eldest commander to step forward, “I accept your report on the Zoras. We should attack from the west for they do not know what we are capable of, that will be their undoing.” Still glowering at Talamir and Timner who looked visibly ashamed, Naar grabbed a fistful of Thanan’s vest, “What I’m most interested in is this impudent boy who thinks he can mock me. Dear Ballos, we are the Undying! Do not come to me with excuses why you could not kill a single Hylian child!”

“My lord,” Talamir began to explain, “we completely underestimated the b-”

With a swift motion, Naar had released Thanan’s vest and smashed his palm in Talamir’s chest; a huge shockwave pierced through everyone in the tent. Timner and Thanan took a few steps back at the force of the blast; the Kokiri girl could do nothing but moan in pain. After the tent had settled down from the surge, Naar walked over to the collapsed body of Talamir.

With a boot crunching into his chest where the pulse had impacted, Naar leaned down into Talamir’s face putting all his weight into it, “I don’t care about your excuses. It does not properly make up for your ineptness at doing your job.”

Naar released his boot off Talamir’s chest. Talamir gave a groan of relief. He was helped off the ground by Timner; his chest already reforming back to its original state. Naar stormed off to the table in the room, perusing the maps strewn across it. He was furious and everyone in the tent knew it. He waved a hand off in the direction of the two failures but motioned Thanan to come closer.

Timner placed an arm around Talamir, “You know better than to quibble with him like that brother!” he said in a hushed whisper.

Talamir fumed back, “I know! We were not prepared to have a battle hardened child on our hands though.”

Timner just nodded as he guided his brother out of the tent, letting the flap flop down upon their exit. Thanan stood next to his general awaiting his orders, he knew better than to press Naar for information until he was ready to give it. He looked as Naar pointed to the spot on the map that was just south of the mountains to the north.

“This village,” Naar leaned closer to get a good look at the script written next to it, “Kakariko. This will be where most refugees will go. We do not need to send a huge detachment to this place since our main goal is Hyrule Castle.” Thanan nodded memorizing every word, “With our moles in place inside the town, it should be easy to just flow in with our main force and subjugate it.”

His finger traced southward to the primary structure in the fields, “This is of no consequence. It is not defendable and they wouldn’t take the effort to try it.” He moved eastward on the map to the valley, “This is where the Zoras are. I do not think pushing our main force through is advisable. It is too cramped and way too many places for the Zoras to utilize guerrilla tactics against us.”

He grunted briefly, “No, what we need is a small death squad. No more than a few dozen men. We need to select trained assassins, none of the common grunts will do. They are dumber than nails and I do not need this mission botched up. We get in clean and we get out unscathed.”

Naar turned to Thanan who snapped back to attention after having leaned over slightly to look at the map. “You will lead the death squad in from the west and overpower the Zoras. They claim to have a deity living among them. Find the truth to this matter and kill it. That will most likely drive a mental blow to their spiritual psyche that they may just give up on the spot!”

Naar laughed at that. After sharing a brief moment of humor with his commander, he waved him off with a clap on the shoulder. Naar watched him leave. He knew Thanan would get the job done. Why did he trust in the skills of Talamir and Timner again? He shook his head in disgust at their failure. Why did he promise their mother that he would care for them? They had been nothing but trouble.

Naar shook his head to clear his thoughts; he had another matter to attend to. He walked over to the young Kokiri chained to his floor and stared down at her hapless body, looking at the blossoming curves through the dim glow of the candles in his tent.

With an indifferent tone he inquired, “So it is said that you die when you leave the forest. Or is it that you grow older? Which is it?”

Her face was impassive; why should she give in to anything this man had to say or do? He already destroyed her home and mutilated her body in ways she dare not remember again. She did her best against the iron collar to turn her face away from him. Angered, Naar knelt down and slapped her face hard leaving a horrible red welt on her cheek. Tears began to flood from her eyes, but she refused to give in, Lyda was full of pride for her companion.

“You seem to be a defiant one.” It wasn’t a question but a statement. He took two fingers and inserted them roughly, she cried out in shock and shame.

“Please no…please, not again. Please…” She whimpered.

Naar laughed heartily deep in his throat as he moved the fingers around, “Oh yes you are. I can see it in your eyes. The fury of being left behind.”

Her blood ran cold, shocked that he knew her thoughts! Could he read minds? A sudden dread came over her as she stared in horror at Naar’s evil grin. Keeping the fingers in, he took his other hand and grasped her cheeks between his fingers, the collar dug painfully into her neck.

“You feel something for the young boy?” He looked deeply into her eyes to make sure the real truth would come out, “Why was it that other girl got saved and not you? He favored her didn’t he? He didn’t care for you at all, did he?”

She couldn’t speak. It was like he was peeling away the layers of her frustration, anger and rage at how she had been left behind. It was an altogether different feeling than what he had done to her already, she didn’t like it and it wasn’t pleasant. Then Naar did something unexpected. He withdrew his fingers and released her face; her airway opened up slightly so she could breathe easier after he let go. He looked off towards Lyda in her cage lost in thought.

“I know those feelings. I have been there before. No one wants to be left behind.”

Without looking at her, he ran a hand through her blond hair, feeling its folds through his fingers; a shiver coursed down her spine at his touch. Feeling the silky smoothness as it slipped through his rough and calloused fingers. It felt nice, almost sensual. Sexual.

“What is your name young one?” Naar said with unnatural sincerity.

She was at a loss for words. This evil man had done horrible things to her. Who had violated and abused her; was he trying to actually be nice? Did he even care? Why should she do anything for him?

Seeing that she was not going to respond, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and with a savage jerk yanked it as far as he could to the ground making her scream in agonizing pain. She immediately started choking and gagging, unable to breathe with the grip of the collar digging a red smear into her skin.

“What is your name?!” He roared inches from her eyes, spit flying into her face.

Trying to desperately breathe against the onslaught, she managed to croak, “K…Kiera.”

Naar immediately released her hair as her head swung back up into a position where the collar wasn’t choking her. She started coughing uncontrollably, drawing in gulps of air with each breath. Tears started to trail down her dirty face clearing a path down her check which was visible in the candle light. Trickles of blood emerged from the side of her lips, Naar disregarded it. He backed off and stood up staring back down on her vulnerable body. Kiera tried not to look at his eyes; those dark green penetrating eyes.

Naar clasped his hands behind his back and seemed lost in deep thought. After a time he finally spoke in a voice softer than she had ever heard him, “Forgive my roughness earlier Kiera,” she merely stared at him unbelieving, “but I like to know the names of my men who go out to do special assignments for me. I have a…rather unique job for you that I’m sure you will be more than happy to do.”

A small burble in her throat indicated laughter. She couldn’t believe he was trying to enlist her into his army. After all he had done? Sensing this ridicule he promptly smashed his boot heel onto her right ankle, a snap was heard as bones shattered with the impact. Kiera screamed in misery as Lyda was buzzing around her cage like an angry hornet.

Naar looked over to the flickering light emanating from the fairy. An idea sprang to his mind. He went over to the cage, examining the furious fairy raging within. It was quite clear the fairy intended to kill him if she was let out.

“Curious,” he contemplated, “that each of you Kokiri is given a fairy. I wonder how deep this connection truly goes.”

With a single touch to the cage the fairy was hacking on the floor of the enclosure while some unseen force was penetrating her entire frame. A gasp was heard behind him from Kiera, Naar merely smirked. Opening the door of the cage, he held the fairy in his hand. He brought it back to the map table and pulled out a small dagger from his belt clip. Setting the fairy down, he splayed out the wings and began to slice through each of them in turn. The fairy’s light was frantically glowing intermittently as she squirmed under his massive hand, squeaking the entire time at the butchering of its wings.

A shrill shriek from Kiera made Naar stop the experiment. He gripped the fairy in his fist as he walked over to the Kokiri girl. He saw new drops of blood falling from her back onto the dirt; staining it a red hue. He kneeled on both knees and looked underneath Kiera’s back, the fairy slowly being crushed in his fist as he did so. He saw four slashes across her back in four unique places where wings could have been.

He got back up and murmured to himself, “Curious and more curious.”

After throwing the fairy back in its pen and securing the door, he strode back to Kiera. Naar faced the quivering girl and delighted in the terror that his very presence brought her. He bent over and unclasped her two legs from their posts. He left the chains on but her legs were free to move. She brought them underneath her; relishing in the new feeling it brought to her aching limbs.

Her lower lip quivered in fear of what he was planning now, “What do you…intend to do?”

She was on the verge of tears; she didn’t want to be hurt again. Dear Deku Tree, father to us all, just let it end! Naar gave her no peace; he merely unhooked his belt and took off his leggings. He was a powerful figure, even without his armor. Staring in fear at the object which made her feel pain inside her inner most being, she shied away as best she could. He sniggered and turned to a chest on the far side of the tent.

“No need to be worried about that just yet my dear Kiera,” he crooned, “Its time will come tonight…many, many times! For right now, I need you to have full use of your legs. You and your fairy are going to be quite instrumental to me tonight!”

He rummaged through the chest and brought out a jagged dagger which had a dull stain of blood along its length indicating its heavy use and the lives it had taken. He turned on his heel, crunching the dirt beneath his feet, and walked slowly towards Kiera making sure the candles glinted off the knife just right to frighten the poor girl more. Naar knelt down in front of her again waving the dagger in her face.

“Now there are several things I need for you to do for me.” Her eyes remained fixated on the dagger. “However, I cannot trust that you will do as I ask. You are way too defiant and unruly for my tastes. I need you to be…more pliant.”

He spread her legs out again and gripped her thigh tightly, “Now shall we test your loyalty to me, my dear Kiera?”

The screaming went on for hours…

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