Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Honor

Appendix A: Characters

Protagonists - 33:


- Cayla – A jaded Sheikah who endured seven years in exile with the Gorons in the Xaagar Mountains. She is the blood sister to Impa.

- Ashley – A young mute boy who was once part of the Southern Raiders led by Kafei. His archery skill is second to Link’s and is a formidable fighter.

- Impa – The Sheikah caretaker of Princess Zelda. She is an adept warrior with limited magickal skills and ninja like abilities.

- Link – Our titular hero of the story. He is the chosen one of the Goddesses who was uniquely born not just with Hylian blood, but also that of Sheikah and Nevachrean. He is a child of destiny and was raised in the woods with the Kokiri under the watchful eye of the now dead Deku Tree.

- Malon – Link’s primary love interest and the daughter of Talon. She used to work at Lon Lon Ranch and first met Link there when raising Epona.

- Merin – One of the four Gerudo sent with Link on his journey to Glaun’rung. She is the most convivial of the four and holds no malice to Link or his group.

- Nabooru – One of the six Gerudo elders and lover to Talon as well as mother to Giana. She is a skilled warrior who has fought her way to the top of the Gerudo hierarchy structure.

- Saria – Link’s life-long Kokiri friend who grew up with him. Being a Kokiri however, she remains a child even when displaced outside of the Lost Woods.

- Talon – The plump, doting father of Malon and Giana. He runs the Lon Lon Ranch with his daughter and welcomes Link’s help on occasion.

- Xavier – The infant female Cyn’Taak that Link and Zelda steal to buy them time from the terrible creatures in the Negev Marshlands. They have since cared for it and raised it so that it now recognizes them both as its mother and father.

- Zelda – The princess of Hyrule and one of Link’s closest friends. She has a past that extends far beyond her current mortal lifespan and powers that will ultimately shape the world.


- Darunia – The boisterous Goron king is an excellent fighter and bruiser. He is a sworn brother to Link and will do anything in his power to help him.

- Epona – Link’s faithful steed that he acquired from Lon Lon Ranch when he was young. She has followed him as a true mount on all of his adventures and cares for her master deeply.

- Veraca – Once a lanky guard in the royal Zoran family, he has since grown into a fully mature soldier. He eventually became elected by his peers as the future king of the Zoras.


- Francis – The brother to Ingo Gorman. He resides in the Nevachrean capital of Glaun’rung and once had three daughters.

- Giana – The cute, little, red-headed tyke born from Nabooru and Talon. She is loved by all who meet her.

- Harden – The loyal steed of Malon whom she raised from a foal. He is spunky and rambunctious and after much trying, finally mated with Epona after a long, hard courtship.

- Hylia – A Goddess of the ancient world who hid the Triforce away in the heavens so that the demon king, Demise could not use it.

- Ingo – The formally fired employee of Talon at Lon Lon Ranch. He moved back down south to Nevachrea and made his home in Yolland where he found a wife and had a child.

- Navi – Link’s former fairy companion when he was participating in the events of Ocarina of Time. Having since left him after that adventure, he began searching for her incessantly.

- Rauru – The sage of light who watches over the Triforce in the Sacred Realm which is locked away via the Master Sword. He also is known as Kaepora Gaebora.

- Sora – Saria’s personal companion fairy from birth.


- Anju – Kafei’s greatest love and a cruel casualty of the Nevachrean war. She was fond of dragon lilies since they helped her allergies with handling cuccos, her family’s business.

- Fado – One of two spotted horses that belong to Francis Gorman.

- Harkinian – The father of Princess Zelda and current ruler of Hyrule. He despised his father who helped cause the events that led to the current war with Nevachrea.

- Leelan – A childhood friend of Veraca and loyal subject to the Zoran royal family.

- Lilly – The youngest daughter of Francis Gorman whom he tried to hide away from Barrachas and his lackeys in Glaun’rung.

- Lloyd – The only child thus far of Ingo and Orauna Gorman. He has a love of horses.

- Lyda – Kiera’s personal companion fairy from birth.

- Olivia – The middle daughter of Francis Gorman who was serving as a waitress in his bar under the guise of a haggard, old woman.

- Orauna – The loving wife of Ingo Gorman, who loved him and produced a child, Lloyd, with him.

- Tellah - One of two spotted horses that belong to Francis Gorman.

- Terra – The eldest daughter of Francis Gorman. Her fate is unknown.

Antagonists - 22:


- Apolloni – Ganondorf’s closest supporter and Gerudo elder. She is an anomaly with brown hair and has risen up the ranks of the Gerudo with frightening speed. She is sadistic and cruel and seeks to further the cause of her king and her people above all else.

- Ganondorf – The current king and ruler of the Gerudo tribe. He is a powerful sorcerer of dark magick and utilizes Kotake and Koume as his advisors. He originally intended to usurp the Hylian kingdom to gain access to the Triforce but was thwarted by Link with his prior knowledge of the future.

- Kotake – The witch sister of ice and the spiritual sage of the Gerudo. For years she has been puppet-mastering the entire Gerudo race for her ambitions.

- Koume – The witch sister of fire and the spiritual sage of the Gerudo. For years she has been puppet-mastering the entire Gerudo race for her ambitions.

- Naar – The primary villain of the story and the leading general of the Nevachrean army. He is a cruel and sadistic man who treats his comrades just as badly as he treats his opponents.

- Thanan – Masquerading as a Huma commander in Naar’s army, he has been sent by Barrachas to keep a close eye on Naar to ensure he fulfills the original plan of reviving Demise.


- Argonim – A rising star in the ranks of millions. He is slowly making a name for himself and is next in line to become a commander of Naar’s armies.

- Majora – An ancient being from the old world. Once rumored to have been a dragon. It has since been killed by an imposter who once took the visage of Hylia’s champion and made into a horrific mask with bloodshot eyes.

- Talamir – The fraternal brother to Timner and the son of Naar’s sister. He is a commander in the army and he tries to kill Link various times with little success.

- Timner - The fraternal brother to Talamir and the son of Naar’s sister. He is a commander in the army and he tries to kill Link various times with little success.


- Barrachas – The unholy priest that convinced Naar to abandoned his country and become a general instead. He started the profane rituals of reviving the dead.

- Demise – The demon king of the old world who sought to gain the power of the Goddesses for his own and was thwarted by Hylia before being sealed away in the very grounds the Triforce once stood.

- Josclyn – Another unfortunate victim of Naar. She is one of the last female Kokiri who gets changed into an undead, winged killer.

- Kafei – Once a leader of the Bomber Gang back during the days before the war, he has since lost his family, home and his great love, Anju.


- Appa – Ganondorf’s loyal steed, a black thoroughbred stallion bred from birth to be a war horse.

- Aveil – The closest Gerudo friend to Apolloni and one of her closest confidants. There seems to be a special bond between the two.

- Clarence – The corrupt, woman-hating kid of the Southern Raiders.

- Ivan – The disinterested boy of the Southern Raiders who did little but follow the orders of his superiors, including Kafei.

- Jim – The right hand boy of the Southern Raiders, intensely loyal to Kafei and dedicated to his cause.

- Kiera – A Kokiri who failed to be rescued alongside Saria during the initial rescue attempt by Link when Naar first invaded the Lost Woods. She was captured by the enemy.

- King Zora – Father to Princess Ruto of the Zoras. He is an overprotective dad who prefers genetic purity over friendship and greatly condemns the relationship budding between Ruto and Link.

- Toby – A jubilant, happy-go-lucky member of the Southern Raiders.

Unknown - 5:


- Ruto – The Zoran Princess has a unique role in the story where she has a very extravagant crush on Link, going to drastic measures to secure his love.


- Happy Mask Salesman/Ballos – An enigma standing at the edges of all of Link’s adventures. He flits in to give out cryptic advice and provides the Majora Mask to Link. It is unclear if his appearances are real or all a dream.


- Midna – The princess of the Twili realm. She is from a race of interlopers who utilized dark magick to snatch the Triforce for themselves. The Goddesses damned their race to a nether region for their treachery and they have been exiled there ever since.

- Qargus – The elder dragon that resides in the Xaagar Mountains guarding the Goron Ruby that Darunia placed there to protect it.


- Lorva – One of the four Gerudo sent with Link and the others for their mission in Glaun’rung.

- Regan – The eldest brother to Francis and Ingo Gorman. He was drafted into the Nevachrean army to invade Hyrule. His fate is unknown.

- Terrance – The crazy old inventor who used to live out on Lake Hylia. He was captured by Ganondorf and forced to create terrible weapons to combat the undead Nevachrean horde.

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