Chapter 9

Chapter 9

With a sigh, I let him have me.

Kissing him back came like second nature to me, as if this was what we were meant to be doing all along - as if no one else would ever make me feel this way. Now that he knew I wouldn't leave, he slowed down, the kiss becoming more sensual, his hands taking their time as they roamed my body once more. They stopped just below my hips, pulling me up and against him, until my legs were wrapped around his waist. He took the chance to pin me harder to the door, eliminating whatever space might have been left between us. When his lips left mine I was out of breath, a feeling I'd become all too familiar with when it came to him. As his mouth traced a hot trail down my neck, I couldn't help the soft moan that escaped me. In response, he bit down on the skin where my neck meets my shoulder, grazing it with his teeth, likely leaving a light mark.

He moved us effortlessly to the loveseat in the parlor, sitting so I straddled him. Snaking my fingers through his hair, I kissed him harder, pulled him closer. His hands slid up and under my shirt, sliding along the skin of my back, sending a shock wave through me with every motion. I shivered, a soft moan escaping my mouth into his, and I could feel him smirk against my lips. Gripping my hips, he pulled me into him, and I felt him growing beneath me, the ache we both felt following suit. Warmth spread through me as a spring inside me tightened, as I struggled to move slowly, to savor the moment. Regardless of what he'd said, I had no guarantee that he'd still be here in the morning. I wasn't stupid.

But I knew what I wanted, and in that moment, more than anything, it was Draco Malfoy. I couldn't hold back much longer, though, and allowed my hands to slide down between us, searching blindly for and undoing the buttons of his shirt. He seemed to have the same idea, as his hands made their way higher up my torso, taking my shirt with them, until our skin touched, provoking more shivers, more shock waves. I'd almost forgotten what his skin felt like against mine, I'd wanted to forget. The thought came and went as quickly, his hand on my breast making me forget anything but that particular feeling. His mouth left mine and trailed wet kisses along my skin, eventually coming to the opposite breast, nipping and sucking, overwhelming my senses.

I rocked against him, trying to get closer, if possible. Every move he made elicited a whimper, a moan, my sounds filling the space around us. "Draco…"

His name provoked a hungry groan, and his mouth came back up to mine, feverish and frantic. I let my hands wander the rest of the way down between us, until I'd managed to undo the fastenings of his pants, slipping inside and grabbing him, stroking slowly. The contact seemed to take him by surprise, and he kissed me harder, biting my bottom lip. Another groan, another moan, and his hand had followed my lead, slipping into my shorts and between my legs - another sensation I'd nearly forgotten. I gasped, the sound a sharp intake of breath mingled with another moan as he started moving inside me, sending wave after wave of warmth washing over me.

In a swift movement, I was on my back on the loveseat, his body hovering over mine, his hands holding my wrists above my head, his mouth hungrily on mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist once more, pulling him down to me, grinding my hips to his, making it quite clear that I was done teasing him, that I wanted him - now. Freeing myself from his grip, I hooked my hands inside the waistband of his pants, tugging, pulling, wanting them removed as quickly as he could. With another smirk against my lips, he complied, soon after removing the rest of my clothes, as well. For a moment, he hovered above me, his eyes locked onto mine, as if conveying a secret message, a silent vow. I promise I'll be here, they seemed to say. I'll never leave you again.

Rather than respond, I pulled him down, into me, arching myself to meet him. One of his hands cradled my head, fingers in my hair, pulling me to him as he kissed me. Every thrust produced a moan, this time our sounds mingling together around us, filling every space they could find. I called out his name in broken syllables, every sound laced with want, need, and other feelings I wasn't ready to admit just yet. My fingers raked his back, surely leaving marks, as he went faster, harder. As my nails bit into his skin, he groaned my name, the sound sweeter than the first time I'd heard it, "Hermione…"

It threw me over the edge, and I tightened around him, clenching with every muscle I had as the intense pleasure nearly blinded me. He came shortly after, and we were nothing but a tangled mess of limbs on the loveseat, his lips never leaving mine though we were both out of breath, panting into each other. Soon after, it was hard for me to keep time, my mind a muddled mess, he apparated us into his bedroom, never once letting go, especially not after pulling me into his bed, arms around my waist, lips on my skin.

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