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Brittany Doyle
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Hermione Granger, along with fifteen other Gryffindor girl's sneak out to the Great Hall and put on a show on top of the House tables. Only to be caught by Snape and Draco Malfoy. A plan forming in Draco's head, knowing he was going to take full advantage of the situation for some fun, little did he know that plan would change. And change everything. Draco/Hermione.

Rating: T

Post- Draco is not a Death Eater yet.


Hermione could not believe she was doing this. This went beyond everything she thought she would ever do. It was unthinkable to even do it. But there she was, standing on top of the Slytherin table and in the sexiest lingerie she had, a red lace bra and underwear. Not to mention she was shivering her ass off. She had curled her hair and put on makeup, which she rarely did. She also wore black high heels that one of the girls let her borrow.

She wasn't going to do this at first. But then once most of the girls had decided that they were all in she contemplated on it. First off, she did not want to be left out. This was her sixth year at Hogwarts and she thought that if she was ever going to do something crazy, not in a danger for your life sort of way, what could have been a better idea than this? Who knew if she'd be back here next year when everything went down with Voldemort? Plus the risk of getting caught made it more fun than it should have been. It might have also had something to do with Ginny convincing her for a good thirty minutes. But now as Hermione stood on top of the table she wasn't so sure of this.

One of the girls had suggested doing a runway show and everybody had seemed to want to do that. Then another girl suggested it should be in the Great Hall past curfew on the tables. Hermione hadn't meant to throw in that Harry had a map that showed you where everyone in the school was when the girls started to back out once they thought about getting caught. The fact that she had suggested it so quickly without thinking only proved to her more that she did need to have some fun. She had "borrowed" the Marauder's Map from Harry. After all he had just left it there in the common room that night for anyone to take, he must have forgotten he left it. Hermione was planning to sneak it back to him the next day without him even knowing it was gone.

So fifteen Gryffindor girls including herself, Ginny, Parvati, and Lavender put on the sexiest undergarments they had and grabbed their high heels, done their hair and makeup, waited till about midnight and slowly and quietly made their way to the Great Hall. The girls lit up the room with a light spell so that the Great Hall was filled with an array of different colors.

Hermione did have to admit that this was a thrill for her. She felt like a runway model. The girls had all picked a table to line up at. Ginny dragged Hermione over to the Slytherin table telling her it would feel even more thrilling to be in your underwear modeling on the enemies' table. Hermione had to admit that it totally was.

Ginny got up on the table first in the little line that they formed. She stood tall and proud. "Alright girls, and go!" She shouted and giggled as each girl on every table made their way down to the very end of the table, did the sexiest pose they could muster up, smiled, turned and rocked their hips all the way back down. Hermione was the last one in her line to get up on the table. She stood there and took cue to go when the other three girls did. She remembered what every girl did when they got up there. So she smiled and put her hands on her hips and began to make her way down the table. Once she got to the end she turned around flashed a smile over her shoulder and turned back around one more time and rocked her hips. Hermione had to admit that this was totally fun. Up until the next minute.

"What is going on in here?" Snape's voice echoed threw the Great Hall. Some of the girls gasped. Of course this would happen. Hermione thought just as she was starting to have fun. Hadn't someone been watching the map? Green, red, blue, and yellow lights danced across Snape's face and also played off of the boy that was standing next to him. Draco Malfoy. Hermione gulped as she caught the sight of both of them. She watched as Draco scanned the girls on top of each table and stopped on his own. He looked Hermione up and down. Is that a smirk on his face? She felt extremely self-conscious. She scrambled off of the table and used one arm to cover her chest and the other to cover below her stomach. Shit, shit, shit!

All of the other girls followed Hermione's actions as they got off of the table as well. Most of them began tossing on their shirts and pants. Hermione slowly slid off her heels and grabbed them with her hand. Beginning to search for her clothes. "Well?" Snape yelled. He turned away from them. "Get dressed and I'll be waiting out here." He grabbed Malfoy by the back of his shirt and pulled him out into the corridor. All of the girls ran around wildly, tossing their high heels off and scrambling to find their clothes. Once Hermione had her t-shirt and pants back on she grabbed Harry's map and stuck it in her back jeans pocket.

The girls began un-casting their light spells and the Great Hall began to darken. They slowly filed out of the room and waited in front of Snape, looking down sheepishly, their faces turning bright red. "Is everyone out?"

"Yes," Ginny spoke for the group. Hermione noticed that Malfoy wasn't with Snape. He must have gone back to the Slytherin common room, no doubt to tell all of his friends about what he just saw. Hermione felt a little bit more relieved that he wasn't there. That smirk that he gave her was unnerving.

"One hundred points from Gryffindor." Snape said. All the girls began to protest. "Silence." He said. "A month of detention. But until I talk to McGonagall, that is all until now." The girls nodded. "You should be lucky you don't belong in my House. I would have you all in serious trouble. Come and see me tomorrow in my room at seven." He quickly counted all of the girls in front of him in his head. "I want fifteen girls tomorrow there or there will be even more consequences than you can imagine. Now go back to your common room." Every girl hesitantly began to walk away from Snape. The minute he was out of their sight they hurriedly ran back to the common room and fell to the floor in hysterics.

"Out of all the teachers here, Snape would be the one to catch us!" Lavender laughed.

"How embarrassing!" Parvati almost screeched in laughter.

"Didn't anyone bother to watch the map?" Hermione took it out of her pocket and waved it around in front of them.

"Speaking of, Hermione," Lavender said her name suggestively. She grabbed the map Hermione was waving around and tossed it onto the couch. "Did you see the way Malfoy looked at you?" Hermione felt her face grow hot.

"Yeah, what was even better was that you were on the Slytherin table!" A fifth year girl said.

"Um," She looked around at the girl's faces. "No?"

"He looked like he wanted to ravish you right there." Ginny told her, not looking too pleased to be talking about this either.

"Who could have noticed that with Snape standing right there!" Parvati said, sending the girls into another fit of laughter. Hermione was thankful that they had dropped the topic. She looked nervously over at Ginny.

"I'm going to bed." She snatched Harry's map that Lavender took away from her.

"Hermione's right." Ginny stood up from a chair. "We should be getting to bed." The girls all nodded and got up from their spot on the floor. Ginny took the map from Hermione, letting her know she would take care of it.

"Hermione," Lavender said getting her attention again, "I think you might have a new admirer." Hermione gave her a look.

"Jealous?" She shot back. Lavender made a face at her. She cut past Hermione who was about to head up the stairs to where they all shared a dorm room. Hermione knew that she had feelings for Ron and Lavender was always beating her down with annoying comments, just to get on her last nerves.

"She probably is," Parvati told Hermione as they both climbed the stairs together. "You know how many people want to bed Malfoy?" Hermione raised an eyebrow at her. "Not really me, I mean well he is good looking and all..." She nervously looked down at her feet climbing the stairs.

"I have a boyfriend, anyway." Hermione sighed. She knew Malfoy's status. Sex god of Slytherin. Everybody knew that. She tried to get the thought of him seeing her so exposed like that out of her head. Along with that stupid smirk he gave her. He never since they've known each other, showed the slightest interest in her until that moment. In front of a bunch of people who clearly saw him and he didn't even care. She got goose bumps thinking about it. Was it possible for that moment in life Draco Malfoy might have wanted her?


The minute Snape had released his grip on him and been told to be meet with him in his classroom tomorrow morning, Draco got out of Snape's sight as fast as he could. He fixed the bulge in his pants as the distance between them greatened and he pulled on the collar of his white shirt peeking out under his robe. What the hell just happened? Was he seeing right? The Mudblood, Herself, know-it-all Granger was strutting down His table like she owned the place! Not to mention half naked! How dare she even remotely consider that she could do that! Was she out of her bloody mind? And his frowned deepened as he thought back to the unwanted smirk that tugged on lips as he saw her.

"Shit," He breathed deeply, trying to focus on the matter at hand. But something about her half naked body, on the Slytherin table, cracked a nerve in him and he could feel the bulge in his pants growing as he had watched her- and only her. Which bothered him, considering there were many other Gryffindor girls in the Great Hall tonight, wearing barely anything. Gryffindor and their damn courage really got the best of them tonight, he thought. He grew embarrassed, as he knew that she saw that smirk on his face, an almost teasing one. He cursed himself for not looking more disgusted. It was Granger after all...

But maybe...

He could play this out. Tease her, hold something above her, other than his superior, he needed something new, something that would get under her skin even more than usual. And seeing her so revealing tonight he knew he could use it to his advantage. He could play with her mind. Yes. He loved the idea. It was fresh and something different. He did not regret anymore sneaking out tonight and getting caught by Snape. Even though he knew that this was at least the tenth time he had gotten caught and he wasn't going to let him get away with it this time. Snape had been put into an awkward situation, and he was going to take it out on him tomorrow. He knew it.

Shaking away the annoyance at Snape and he let his mind wander back to the exposed Granger, and he shivered. He never felt so... welcoming to her before. Any other word that crossed his mind he didn't think twice about, settling on welcoming was the most appropriate and not too disturbing to him, that in which he would curse his grave if he let any other thought provoke him. He tried to suppress the fact that he was turned on to her in that moment... or maybe it was more the situation. Any female- Pureblood or Mudblood, as long as they were decent looking, doing that would be hot to any teenage boy. So he shrugged it off as a hormone crazed moment and got back to scheming his new plan on Granger.

He was going to make her insides squirm. His lips played another smirk onto his face, as a plan popped into his head. It was dangerous but yet so tempting, he would never get another chance like this. He was going to pretend to be attracted to her. Of course only she would think that, as he would never tell a bloody soul about his plan. It was just for his pleasure. Granger was going to be in the palm of his hands.

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