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Some things are too hard to explain. This is what a fandom is. Fandoms are hard to explain, but not the characters within the fandoms. They're easy to capture. ALL FANDOMS WELCOME! I have decided to write a conjoined story with ANY fandom in it (if I do not know the fandom, I will go watch the movie/series and/or read the books to be able to write a story for you) and I hope it works out. With my current stories, I will be adding other fandoms such as the SAO fandom, Nanatsu no Taizai fandom, and Fruits Basket fandom. Maybe even Vampire Knight and some others along the way.

Fantasy / Adventure
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01 ❄ Plan [Sterek]

- Derek Point of View -

“What do you mean something is wrong with Stiles?” Derek all but growls into the phone. “What could possibly be wrong with that hyperactive spaz now?”

Scott sighs. “I mean, Stiles is missing. He has been for a week or so now.”

Derek’s mind goes blank and time seems to freeze, his whole body going rigid at the same time. His back hits the wall of his loft and his legs give out, the wall being the only thing stopping him from collapsing to the ground. He hears Scott on the other end of the phone saying his name, but all the older werewolf can focus on are the words resonating throughout his head.

Stiles is missing.

For a week or so.

“Derek!” Scott yells, seeming to appear right in front of him. “Derek, snap out of it!”

Derek looks at his Beta with a strange look.

“You need to breathe. Derek, breathe!”

It’s then that Derek realises that he’s having a panic attack. Scott’s voice echoes through his head, telling him to breathe, telling him to focus on his voice, on him. Derek growls, knowing that he has to find something, or someone, to focus on. Someone who isn’t the werewolf in front of him. He tries, but all he has is worry; worry for Stiles.


Derek blocks everything else out and focuses on the hyperactive teenager that followed Scott and him around like a lost pup. He focuses on the hazel, almost amber, eyes that seemed to follow his every move, and the dark hair that had grown considerably since they first met; the hair that contrasted with Stiles’ pale skin.

Air all but rushes into his lungs and Derek starts coughing. A hand rubs his back in small circles, but it’s not Stiles’ hand this time, it’s Scott’s. Derek looks at Scott and the latter immediately takes his hand off the werewolf, raising his hands in defence. Derek leans back against the wall and runs his fingers through his hair.

“Are you okay, Derek?” Scott asks.

Derek raises his eyebrow. “Does it look like it? I just had a panic attack, Scott.”

“That’s what I don’t get. Why did you? I mean, you never have before, and, if you have, never about Stiles. So why did you have one now?”

“I think...I love him. I don’t know, Scott. I love him but I hate him; I want to kill the hyperactive spaz but I want to protect him and keep him safe; I want to rip his throat out but I want to fu-”

“Okay!” Scott exclaims, his eyes wide. “I get it. Jeez, that was almost too much for me to hear.”

“Whatever. We need to find him.”


- Stiles Point of View -

“About that...” Scott trails off and rubs his neck.

Derek looks at Scott with wild eyes. “Scott, he better not be dead.”

“He’s not. I swear!”

“Then what’s going on?!”

“Stiles, you better get out here before he rips my throat out.”

Stiles opens the door to Derek’s loft and walks in with his head down, his hand scratching his head awkwardly. He feels Derek’s eyes on him and looks at the Alpha warily, amber eyes clashing with the bright red ones of the angry Alpha. Scott gives Stiles an apologetic look before running out of the loft, leaving the human to face the wolf’s wrath.

Derek takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, forcing his wolf side back so they can have a civil conversation. Stiles closes the door to the loft and slowly walks over to the angry Alpha, being wary of the fact that Derek could wolf out at any second. Derek reaches towards Stiles and runs his fingertips down the pale arm, the werewolf relaxing at the skin-on-skin contact.

“Who’s idea was this?” Derek asks lowly.

Stiles scratches his head. “Um... Mine?”

“Of course. I should have guessed that.”

“Look, I’m sorry okay? I didn’t think this plan through. Obviously. I just needed to know. You wouldn’t have admitted it any other way, and you and I both know that. So really you don’t have anything to be mad at me about. I needed to know, Derek. I-”

“Why did you need to know?”

“I needed to know if you felt the same... I’m sorry. I’ll leave now.”

Stiles goes to turn around when Derek’s hand grabs the human’s arm, stopping him instantly. Stiles looks back at the Alpha and notices the soft look in his usually harsh eyes. A shocked noise escapes Stiles as Derek pulls him forward, their bodies pressing together almost perfectly. Derek’s eyes close and Stiles drops his head onto the werewolf’s chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

“Your heart’s beating so fast,” Stiles laughs.

Derek chuckles, his chest vibrating. “I wonder why.”

“It can’t be me. Who else is here?”

“Just the most amazing person I know.”

“I think I need to go on a killing spree to kill this other person.”

“There’s no need. I’ll deal with them myself.”


- Scott Point of View -

The conversation between Stiles and Derek cuts off suddenly and I frown. Then I hear a small moan sound and my jaw drops, looking at Kira, Malia, Liam and Lydia in shock. Liam laughs at my expression and the girls give me knowing looks. It’s like I should have known this was going to happen, I mean, it’s one of Stiles’ plans after all. I’m just happy that my two friends have finally got each other.

“Stop listening, Scott,” Stiles says. “It’s rude.”

“And about to get too much for you to hear,” Derek adds. “Tune out.”

“MY GOD!” Scott screeches, tuning out from his friends. “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT!”

“Hear what?” Liam asks. “Hear them-WHAT THE HELL?! A WARNING WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE!”

Just before Liam tunes out, he hears Derek and Stiles laugh for a split second.

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