Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 10

"ME!" If you had asked Deeks later he would have sworn he didn't squeak that response out. But both Hetty and Bates would have smiled and just nodded, both knowing he had squeaked in surprise.

"Yes Mr. Deeks, you will obviously have to take someone in with you. However I do feel that Mrs. Malik would be more congenial to talking to you." Hetty looked over at Bates who shook his head.

"Not me, Caroline hates me and has for years."

Deeks laughed, "You forcibly had her removed from my graduation and threatened to arrest her."

"She wanted you to go and work for Fisk...and you ended up filing a restraining order against her anyway." Bates argued back.

"Yeah but you physically picked her up and carried her over your shoulder out of the auditorium!"

"And it was my fault she wasn't wearing underwear?!"

Hetty stifled a smile.

"Nonetheless Gentlemen, I need someone to go in with Mr. Deeks."

"I need a drink first." Deeks said.

He walked as far as the door and turned for a second as if to ask Hetty for permission to leave. She nodded and he turned the handle and walked out into the main room.

He took a bottle of water from the fridge and sat carefully at the table.

Granger sat across from him with his coffee, "You ok?" he asked.

Deeks nodded once but said nothing, he could see the look Granger was giving him, it was one he was used to as a kid...The look that said you are in trouble and the first second we are alone you are going to find out how much.

He took a gulp of the water and choked as it went down the wrong way.

Bates moved to gingerly pat him on the back, "You ok?"

Deeks nodded again, he was getting tired of people asking that about as much as he was of lying his answer. He wouldn't be ok until this was over, he was back at work and back with Kensi. She was his safe place and he was unsettled and wouldn't feel safe until they were alone and together again. He just hoped with all she had been through in her past that he hadn't screwed things up royally for them too.

"I don't care…" Callen's voice came as the main door opened, "I'm not Deeks you can't do that when I'm driving!"

"But Deeks always lets me pick the music." Kensi replied.

"Yeah….well maybe he's deaf too, that was NOT music!"

"Sheesh!" Kensi rolled her eyes and sat in the chair next to Deeks.

"Hey." she smiled and he grinned the smile lighting up his eyes for the first time in days and he actually felt a bit better.

He moved as she wrapped her arms around him, not caring who was watching, "I missed you partner." she said.

He relaxed into her hug, smelling the strawberry shampoo in her hair and feeling safe.

Kensi's smile dropped an instant later as Deeks tensed up and she felt her gun lifted from the small of her back.

"Deeks?" she said and pulled back as he moved her behind him and pointed his gun at Sam.

No, he wasn't pointing his gun at Sam she decided, but at Detective Rivera who had her gun out at Deeks.

"Why is he here? He should be locked up." she snapped not lowering her gun.

"She's one of them, I told you...Why didn't you get her?" Deeks asked looking over at Kensi.

"What, but Deeks you never said she was…"

"She is Aymon Malik's daughter. She was investigating me through IA to learn of the location to the mission and to frame me."

Sam and Callen who had pulled their guns and had them trained on Rivera, didn't lower them but moved to make sure she was as far from Deeks as they could get her.

"Detective Rivera, lower your weapon." Bates ordered.

She scowled at him but did as she was asked.

Raising her hands she handed the weapon to Callen who passed it back to Bates.

"Damn... She was right, you are trouble brother." Rivera snapped at Deeks.

Deeks smiled sadly as Sam hauled her into the interrogation room that Deeks had so recently vacated.

"Jacqueline Rivera, is Malik's daughter, her mother wasn't Caroline, I don't know who she is, but she was sent to guard Michelle and Kamran." Deeks told them, "To make sure I would co-operate."

Callen turned to follow Sam, but Hetty called him back, "Mr. Callen, would you accompany Mr. Deeks to interview Mrs. Malik, Ms Blye can assist Mr. Hanna."

For a second Callen looked down the hall where his partner was not liking the idea of him interviewing the woman, who had been within seconds of possibly killing Michelle and Kamran, without him. But with a curt nod he went over to Deeks.

"You ok to do this?" He asked.

Deeks shrugged, "I want to...but I don't want to you know?"

Callen nodded although he really didn't know, he'd never been in that situation.

"Let me go in first then, see how she can join me when you're ready...and Deeks?"

"Yeah?" Deeks looked over at him.

Callen smiled, "It's good to have you back on our side."

Deeks gave a half hearted grin, "I never left."

Callen patted him on the shoulder and headed to the room that Caroline was in, Deeks followed grabbing the file Hetty held out for him, he waited outside the door as Callen walked into the room.

Caroline lay propped up with pillows on a cot in the interview room. The doctor and nurse assigned to her were sitting at the table and the Agent assigned to guard her was leaning against the wall.

"I'll take over from here." Callen said to the Agent who nodded and left the room.

"Doc, can she talk."

Caroline shot Callen a filthy look, "Of course I can talk!" she snapped, "But I'm not going to...not to you."

Deeks walked in and slammed the folder down on the table.

"Out." He ordered to the doctor.

"I can't leave her alone...She's…"

"She's has family visiting, you can give us a few minutes."

"You are agent's not family."

"I am not an Agent I am her son, now out!" Deeks snapped.

The doctor looked annoyed but he had worked with NCIS before and he knew how stubborn they could be. "I will be right outside any change in her condition you call me immediately."

Callen nodded and held the door as they left.

He shut the door and turned around as Deeks took the chair, the table placed between them as a shield.

"Caroline Fairchild, AKA Caroline have led an interesting life, working for Clarence Fisk, stealing his empire and then you left him and fell in with terrorists, now tell me how did you do that?" Callen asked.

Caroline glared at him, "My husband was not a terrorist he was a warrior of God."

Deeks snorted and hid it with a cough.

"He was going to blow up his wife and stepson and a van full of explosives, innocent people as well!"

"There are no innocents." Caroline spat, "Everyone is guilty of something."

"Yeah like what? The people who work in the building you were going to blow up have done nothing to harm anyone, you were willing to kill your own son."

"He's no son of mine, he belongs to his rapist father." She spat.

Deeks looked away ashamed.

Callen practically threw the chair that was between them across the room and leaned down so his face was near hers.

"That man, your son, is one of the most finest police officers I have ever worked with. He is a man of integrity and honor. He is a credit to all who know him and the people who cared enough to be his parents." Callen snapped, he shot a glance at Deeks who looked abashed but smiled gratefully anyway. "You failed him as a parent, you failed him as a human being, you are the person he should be ashamed of but he isn't and do you know why?"

Callen waited as she continued to stare stubbornly at the wall behind him.

"I'll tell you, because he was concerned about you. He wanted to make sure you were alright and that you could be helped rather than sent to Guantanamo without a trial. That is the sort of man your son is. If I were religious I would say that that is the way a man of God would behave."

Callen stepped away and turned his back on her.

Caroline looked shocked, there was no way that that….thing...that child that Brandel had forcibly given her and made her bear. That thing from evil was good?

She shook her head, "I don't believe you." she whispered.

Deeks looked away leafing through the file rather than speak.

"We have Jacqueline in custody, Ali and Aymon are dead mom, if you know anything that will help you, the names of anyone else in your group, tell us...we can let the judge know, it'll help your case." Deeks said quietly without looking at her.

"Dead? My husband is dead?" Caroline looked shocked, that hadn't been the plan.

Deeks nodded.

"And my beautiful Ali...I was so proud of him...he was all I wanted in a child."

Deeks bit the inside of his lip as a pain ricocheted through his solar plexus and he fought the urge to scream.

He took a few deep breaths as Callen placed a steadying hand on his shoulder, this pain...the pain of being told you were not good enough, Callen knew it all too well.

"All Aymon wanted was revenge for his brother. We knew that you were working with NCIS and we knew that if pushed we could get the location of your secret base. Jackie worked so hard trying to get you framed, so that we could find out where it was." Caroline shook her head wistfully, "Such good sweet children." she sighed.

"Were there any other targets, any other cells in Los Angeles?" Deeks asked.

" not that I know of, Aymon never confided in me."

Deeks stood up as Caroline turned away. "I'll send the doctor in, you look like you're in pain. Just one last question and I promise I will not come back after….Did you ever love me mom?"

Caroline turned and looked him in the eye. "I'm sorry Martin, I just couldn't...I tried, but you are too much like your father, I could never love you."

Deeks turned and without a word walked out of the room letting the doctor and nurse back in.

Callen followed giving Hetty the report on what they knew all the while shooting concerned glances in Deeks' direction.

Sam and Kensi came out, "Rivera sung like a bird. She's given us locations on terrorist cells she knew in Los Angeles, enough to keep the FBI and Homeland busy for a long time, seems that she doesn't want to be an inmate of Guantanamo and would rather a supermax prison." Kensi said.

Sam smiled, "Looks like it all ends well."

Deeks slammed the file he had been holding on the table and walked out the door.

"What did I say?" Sam asked.

Walking down to the end of the dock, Deeks let all the anguish and pain he was holding out, no one could see him or judge him so he freely let his tears flow. He fell to his knees at the end of the dock and found himself staring at the deep water, listening to the waves lapping back and forth not bothered by the turmoil he was experiencing.

In the boatshed Sam looked concerned at Deeks' departure, but Callen filled them in on his interview with Caroline after Bates insisted they give him some space.

"We'll take Rivera in and have Caroline transferred to a secure medical facility." Bates said. "Deeks has offered to pay for a lawyer for both of them."

"Both?" Kensi asked confused.

"His words, they may hate him, but they are family. Even Rivera...and he wants to make sure they have the right lawyers." Bates smiled knowing that if he could talk Marty into it, that meant that Rivera would have a newly minted lawyer who didn't know his way out of a paper bag and his mother would have the best he could afford.

Callen told them about the last thing Caroline had said to Deeks and Kensi looked shocked.

"I need to go." She said looking at Hetty for permission.

The older woman nodded, "I think more than anything right now Mr. Deeks needs his home."

Kensi looked for a second and rushed out of the building to find him.

Callen looked over at Hetty, "What do you mean, should we be taking him home then?"

Kensi ran down the dock stopping a few yards behind him.

"Marty…" she called softly.

He didn't turn but the slight shake of his shoulders let her know that he was sobbing.

She knelt down behind him and wrapped her arms around him allowing him to turn his face into her arm and completely break down without him seeing the hurt on her face at his pain.

"It's her not you….you are loved Marty. Your ...The Deeks' love you. I love you." she whispered into the top of his head. "Don't let her hateful words destroy the man I love."

Deeks held her tighter her mere presence a rock for him.

"Hetty says I should bring you home." Kensi said.

Marty smiled slightly, her words pulling his mind away from the deep water in front of him.

"Kens, with you I am home. You are my home, my life, my safety and my love. There is no place else I want to be."

Inside the boatshed Hetty turned to the others.

"Kensi is his home. together they will get through this and together they will heal and together we will all go on." she vowed with a smile.

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