Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 3

Kensi walked into the Mission and slammed her bag down on her desk.

"Bad night Kensi?" Sam asked.

"Nope." Kensi snapped looking pointedly at Deeks as he dropped his bag down and headed for a coffee. He looked dishevelled, well, more dishevelled than usual as he stalked past.

"What happened to him?" Sam asked.

"How would I know?" Kensi snapped, "He hasn't said a word to me since he came home last night...well actually that's not true, he did tell me to shut up in the car on the way here."

Sam glowered over at Deeks who was ladling sugar into his cup and stirring ferociously.

Sam stood up to go towards Deeks but found himself watching as Deeks suddenly turned and walked away from the small kitchenette and stalked down the hall.

Walking back to Kensi, Sam stopped and leaned against her desk. "Tell me what happened?" He asked concern in his voice.

"Hetty talked to us last night, there's some stuff going on concerning Deeks at LAPD, he's being investigated by internal affairs."

"Do you know why?" Sam asked.

Kensi shook her head, "No...not even Hetty knows, but Deeks says there's nothing they can find, but...I'm worried for him."

There was a loud whistle as Callen walked into the bullpen and put a file on his desk.

"Got a case!" Eric called as Deeks stalked past Kensi and headed up the stairs first.

They all filed in and Sam shot Deeks a look as he took up a spot furthest away as possible from Kensi.

Hetty raised an eyebrow but continued, "Mr. Deeks, I think it would be a good idea if you gave lieutenant Bates a call, you are not allowed to be part of this case."

"Why not Hetty? Is this because of the investigation?" Deeks moved towards the door, "I thought you had my back?"

Hetty looked at him sadly, "I do Mr. Deeks, but I fear that this case is too close to you. Especially now."

Deeks looked confused.

"Clarence Fisk was released yesterday due to a technicality in his arrest, This morning he was found shot; the body of a Marine was next to him."

Deeks took a step back and grasped the table.

"The Marine had been killed in the line of Duty in Iraq, his body was stolen last night from the morgue and placed with Mr. Fisk's remains."

Deeks went pale and looked down, "I'll go and call Bates." he said almost inaudibly.

He knew that Hetty was worried, he could see that, and calling Bates was protocol especially as the team sans him would need to liaise with LAPD. But his gut was churning and he knew that Bates would put it together. However if he didn't make the call…

He shook his head, he couldn't let Hetty down like that.

He looked up to Ops where he knew the team were getting the briefing and picked up his phone to call Bates.

"So Fisk was found this morning, an anonymous call to the LAPD tipped them off, caller said a man was seen running away. Coroner puts the time of death at about 11pm last night, forensics already have the murder weapon it was left at the scene, Mr. Callen you and Ms Blye need to go to LAPD and see Lieutenant Bates who will give you everything they have on the case so far. Mr. Hanna, I want you to check out the crime scene, for now I think it would be best if Mr. Deeks is kept away from the prying eyes of Detective Rivera."

They turned to go as Nell called to Hetty, "Hetty? LAPD have issued a warrant for Deeks' arrest for murder!"

The others looked at the screen in shock as Nell pulled the BOLO up and put it on screen.

"Mr. Callen, Ms Blye, Head to LAPD now and find out why they have issued this warrant, Mr. Hanna...Find Detective Deeks." she ordered.

The team left to to their ordered tasks.

Kensi worried and Callen quietly angry that one of his team members was being targeted arrived at the LAPD headquarters and within an hour of leaving the mission found themselves knocking on the door of Bates' office. The door not properly fastened swung open on his knock. Bates had his back to the door and was on the phone.

"I don't care kid, I vouched for you...if you're innocent give yourself up," He stopped as the person on the other end talked.

"No...I can't keep this from her, you know that woman scares even me,"

Callen motioned for Kensi to stay silent.

"Deeks! You can't run from this, not now...Please...I know...but Paul taught you better, you're not like them, I can't do anything to help you if you don't come in and fight this...MARTY!" Bates looked at his phone and sighed, "Dammit Marty!" he cussed as he turned to throw his phone on the desk and stopped mid throw as he saw the two extra occupants of his office.

"Damn, I should have known she'd have sent you...Do you know where the kid is?" Bates asked

"Why have you issued a BOLO for his arrest?"

Bates sat at his desk and tossed a file over towards them, "This is the evidence found at Fisk's murder scene this morning."

Kensi read the file and with a grim face passed it to Callen, "This has to be faked, there is no way Deeks would murder anyone."

Bates shook his head, "I wish it was, I need him to come in so I can help clear him. Were you guys working last night, can anyone account for his whereabouts at 11pm last night?"

Kensi shook her head, "He didn't come home until 1am." she said and then her eyes widened in shock as she realized what she had revealed.

Bates smiled, "Don't worry I know about you both, Deeks told me when he was planning on asking you out."

"I didn't realize you were so friendly." Callen said with a smirk.

"Deeks is my detective, my responsibility, I won't sit on the sidelines and see her railroad him." Bates snapped.

"Her who?" Callen asked.

Bates opened and closed his mouth for a moment, "Detective Rivera, Internal Affairs. Deeks is a good Cop...a great cop, I won't have him railroaded." Bates hoped that they didn't notice his slip.

Callen and Kensi nodded in agreement, "I take it Deeks was baulking about coming in?"

"Yeah I'm assuming that little ninja of yours has something to do with that,"

Callen shrugged, "I don't know." He admitted.

"Why are they assuming that Deeks is guilty of murder?" Kensi asked.

"Because we have pictures of a known terrorist giving Deeks a gun, that was used in the murder." A voice came from behind them.

"Does no one knock anymore?" Bates sighed.

"Rivera." Kensi snapped.

"Agent Blye, good to see you again." She smiled.

"Can't say the same." Kensi replied.

"So where is Detective Deeks?" She asked.

"What pictures?" Callen asked cutting across her question.

"This is Caroline Malik, she is the wife of known Terrorist Aymon Malik a member of the Muslim Brotherhood...the warriors of Islam they call themselves, they are a splinter group, We have been tracking her since we were told of her involvement with Clarence Fisk." She lay down a series of pictures, a blonde haired woman with a Muslim man and the same woman younger with Clarence Fisk.

"Caroline Malik, was when she was with Fisk known as Caroline Fairchild, she was second in command in his empire and inherited all Fisk's assets on his death. Rumor had it she was married before Fisk, but his lawyer had all her records sealed. We had information that she and Fisk funded Detective Deeks' college education and his time in law school."

"Deeks isn't Quinn." Bates snapped, "You know he was instrumental with bringing Fisk to his knees, he helped expose Quinn and bring him down."

"Yes well we now think it was to hide his own involvement with Fisk."

"No." Bates shook his head and was pleased to see Kensi and Callen following suit.

"Fine so you tell me, what's this?" She pulled out her tablet and pulled a video up.

"That's outside Deeks' apartment." Kensi said, "Last night, look Callen theres us." she pointed at the window.

They watched as Deeks stopped and looked up at the window, Caroline Malik stepped out from the shadow and stood speaking behind him.

Callen was surprised that he hadn't turned round.

She pulled a gun and he heard Kensi's sharp intake of breath.

Then he turned and with a grim smile took the gun from her.

Rivera slammed the lid shut.

"See! he took the gun from her," she pulled out more pictures showing him looking after her as she walked away. "This gun has his prints all over it, and it's registered to a Gordon John Brandel, and ex-convict whom I am informed Detective Deeks shot once."

Sam had walked all over the building, he couldn't find Deeks anywhere.

"Hetty?" he said walking by her office.

"Have Miss Jones trace his phone." she suggested.

Sam jogged up the stairs to get Nell to run the trace.

Nell looked up after Sam asked her and typed on the keyboard, "His phone just went offline." she told him surprised in her voice.

"Where?" Sam asked.

Nell pulled up a nearby camera. "Venice Beach." she replied and pointed.

Deeks closed his phone and taking out the battery hurled it in the trash.

"What the hell is going on with him?" Sam asked.

Nell shook her head and watched as Deeks paced up and down. He stopped as someone seemed to catch his attention.

Hetty joined them and they watched as Deeks turned and Caroline Malik walked across the small square to join him.

Deeks raised his arms and pulled away from her obviously agitated. but then turned and sat on a bench.

Caroline sat next to him trying to give him a piece of paper.

"What is that?" Hetty asked.

Nell zoomed in, "It looks like an airline ticket." she informed them.

Deeks looked at it and threw it at her.

"No!" he yelled causing a few people to look around at them. "I'm not leaving, You killed Fisk and framed me!" he exclaimed.

"And it worked, there is a warrant out for your arrest, you're a cop, they'll lynch you...Martin, you need to leave."

"I didn't do anything, they have no proof."

Caroline smiled, "They have your prints on your fathers gun, they have photos of you meeting with me and when they find out who I am, your career is over," she thrust the ticket at him again, "Now take the damn ticket, go to New York, run!"

Deeks shook his head, "No...I won't leave her."

Caroline looked at her son.

"Then you'll die." she said flatly.

Deeks laughed, "You've been waiting long enough."

"You don't owe these people, they are not your family."

"Yes they are!" Deeks exclaimed looking at her incredulously. "The team are like family to me."

" we are blood!" she snapped. "They don't care about you."

"Bates...he's family."

"No...he's your boss."

"He's my mothers brother. My uncle."

"She was never your mother!" Caroline snapped.

"Valerie Deeks was the nearest thing I ever had to a mother and i would die for her and that family."

She shook her head sadly. "You know my son, you just might."

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