Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 4

Deeks looked sadly at the woman who had bore him, he wanted so much for a kind word or something...something to give him a glimmer of hope that she would renounce the life of crime she had chosen all those years ago when she had left him with his father and gone to live and work for Fisk.

She had changed though, in very subtle ways, she wore a headscarf all the time or at least every time he had seen her so far. She sat next to him but kept looking at a man sitting in a white van on the corner and that worried him. She looked over at the man again.

"We need to go now then." she said.

"We?" Deeks looked at her surprised, "I have to go back, I have to tell Hetty and the team."

"Tell them what?" She snapped at him, "That you're not a killer, do you think with all the evidence I left they would believe you, remember I know you work with NCIS, I even left them a marine, how do you plan to explain that."

"They'll know it's not me." Deeks said resolutely.

"You really believe that don't you," Caroline looked sadly at him. "Your colleagues are in with IA and Bates now, they are teaming up to come after you."

Deeks went to stand up, but Caroline placed her arm on him, "We have people watching your team, you have a choice, come with us, or we will kill them."

"You're lying." Deeks gasped worried.

Caroline pulled her phone out, "Pick someone...anyone on your team. Kensi? Sam? Callen?" she flicked through time stamped pictures, all of them were in them, photo's taken through a snipers scope."

Deeks' shoulders slumped, "What do you want?"

"You won't you help."

" way, I'll not help you…" Deeks shook his head and went to move again.

Caroline moved her jacket revealing her other hand and the gun it contained, "You will come or I will call and their deaths will be on you...I hear Sam Hanna has a family…" she pulled up one more picture, Kamran Hanna playing in a park her mother watching her.

"She will be first."

Deeks bowed his head, "'ll go with you."

"Good your new father is looking forward to meeting you."

He stood up and walked towards the white van.

"Miss Jones, get me all you can on that woman and follow that van, I want to know where Mr. Deeks goes at all times."

"Hetty!" Eric walked in, "Director Vance called, he couldn't find you, he needs to talk to you now." he told her.

Hetty nodded and walked over to Eric's phone, she didn't want to take her eyes off Deeks, she was worried that he was talking to that woman and going willingly with her. He was up to something but her gut told her that he had not killed Fisk, she knew he was a good agent and there was no way she had made that big a mistake.

"Director Vance I apologize we are dealing with a case here." She stopped as Vance talked to her over the phone.

"How imminent is this threat?" she asked.

She paled and nodded. "I'll recall my team straight away. I will keep you informed director."

"Miss Jones," she said as she put the phone down, "Keep an eye on Mr. Deeks, but we need to recall the team we have a priority one case."

"Eric call up the file on the Warriors of Islam, an Aymon Malik we have reports they have a bomb and are planning on detonating it in Los Angeles."

Eric called the file up.

Nell turned to Hetty, "Sam's here, and Kensi and Callen are three minutes out."

"Good time is of the essence." Hetty said looking at the files worried, there was something about the case that tugged on her gut.

As the remaining members of the team walked in ops Kensi walked over to Hetty, "Why have we been pulled off Deeks' case."

Hetty turned from Eric's screen and looked sadly at her female agent, "I'm not sure we have been. Mr. Beale can you pull up the file please."

Eric nodded, "The Warriors of Islam, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood...They are not affiliated and The Muslim Brotherhood have disavowed their actions, this is a splinter group who are funded by Aymon Malik and his wife Caroline Malik." he pulled their files up.

"That's the woman with Deeks!" Kensi exclaimed.

Hetty nodded, "Mr. Beale we need locations on them now, I need more information on the woman."

"IA has her as Caroline Fairchild, she was living with Clarence Fisk, she moved in with him in 1985, her file before that is sealed by court order, we have nothing on her life before 1985." Callen said.

"Mr. Beale?" Hetty asked.

Eric nodded and grabbed his tablet, putting in some parameters he opened the file.

"Caroline Fairchild, born Seattle Washington, 1965 ran away from home at eleven, no info on her until 1979, she turns up in a community hospital, she was pregnant at 14 and had a boy."

"Date?" Hetty asked her gut churning, "January 8th."

Kensi looked sad, "Poor kid, she was with Fisk then?" she asked.

"No...she was booked in by the child's father," Eric tapped some more keys, "Gordon John Brandel."

"Isn't that Deeks' dad…."Sam started and broke off. "God! Hetty no...that's not."

"We don't know for a fact but yes Mr. Hanna, I believe that Mrs. Malik is in actual fact Mr. Deeks' mother."

"He never speaks about her, I always thought she was dead, or at least…" Sam sighed, "He should have told us."

Callen shook his head, "Up until now it's been his business, we don't tell him everything about us, why should he. The real question is why is he with her? Is he helping them?"

"No." Kensi said, "There is no way Deeks is a killer, nor would he be part of a radical terrorist group, he's my partner, I trust him."

They all shot her a look of support.

"The van's stopped." Nell said pulling up a nearby traffic cam.

"You can carry this inside, less chance of my people shooting you." Aymon said to his stepson.

"What is it?" Deeks said although it was obvious, he was really wishing it wasn't.

"It's the final part of a bomb, we are going to unleash Jihad on Los Angeles."

"I won't…." Deeks shook his head.

Caroline showed him an updated picture of Kamran.

"We could plant the bomb within feet of her...or far enough away to make her life hell."

Deeks climbed out of the van and turned to grab the bomb and carry it into the warehouse.

He looked to see if there was a camera, hope that maybe the team could find him, but he saw none. He got as far as the locked door and placed the bomb on the floor.

"Door?" he asked.

He turned as Caroline threw him the keys he unlocked the door and picking up the bomb he walked into the warehouse and after his mother and stepfather followed in he kicked the door shut with his foot.

"Well…" Sam snapped, "Maybe he was being coerced?"

"Did he look coerced to you?" Callen replied.

"Hey this is Deeks!" Kensi argued.

"Well you know where he is, I suggest you give Bates a call and get some back up, we need to take this group down."

"Yeah if Bates doesn't want to shoot Deeks, this might be easy." Sam replied snarkily.

"Go!" Hetty ordered. "Try and bring Mr. Deeks back in one piece, he has some questions to answer."

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