Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 5

Deeks sat on the chair, his arms zip tied behind his back as his mother shot a look at him as she walked into the room, he wasn't sure what the look meant but his gut told him It wasn't going to be good.

Aymon walked in past her, his hand brushing her cheek, "Check in with the others, we wouldn't want anyone hurt yet."

Caroline nodded, "Remember Martin, the key to keeping your girl alive, your friends and that child alive, is your co-operation."

"Don't hurt her, she's just a kid!" Deeks snapped. He'd managed to protect Michelle against Sidorov, there was no way he was going to give Kamran up to them.

His mother... She wasn't his mother, that title always would belong to Valerie Deeks, the woman who had taken his bruised, battered and shell shocked eleven year old self from the hospital and taught him that violence and fear were not the norm in life. His family were Valerie Deeks and Paul Deeks. Bates, being Val's younger brother and his uncle, was family too.

Now the team had slowly wormed their way into that small group, Kensi instantly...The feelings he had for her, the way as 'Tracy' he had instantly trusted her all the while pretending that he didn't. Callen next, even though he hadn't told them all about his life, he felt a strange sort of kinship with Callen that he wouldn't name. Sam last of all, In his way Sam reminded him of both his fathers, Brandel in his distrust and put downs he'd had to endure for a long time, but Paul in his honesty and integrity. It was for the part of Paul that Deeks had seen in Sam that led him to make sure his wife and family were not harmed.

Aymon took his chair and placed it directly facing Deeks.

"You are his boy then?" he asked. He hadn't really said much to Deeks before then.

"I am Paul Deeks' son."

Caroline laughed, "Not from what I see. Your friends are in danger I don't see you worrying too much about them, but the child? The Girl? Her you worry about...Does...Sam? know how you think about his daughter."

Deeks looked up at her wide eyed with disgust, "What?! No!...That's disgusting how could you think I would be like that?" he paled at the insinuation his mother had come out with.

Aymon looked at his wife and nodded, moving so she could sit facing her son.

"I knew from the second I saw you, the second they told me you were a boy...that you would be just like him...and I'm right...all you've been concerned about is the welfare of...Kamran? Right?"

Deeks shook his head confused. "She's a child, she's Sam's daughter, she's not trained to deal with stuff like this of course I'd be worried."

Caroline gave out a grim laugh, "Yeah….Your father was my rapist, you are the result how could you not be like him. You were pleased every time he praised you, you craved his attention, it was obvious that you were going to grow up to be!" She spat.

Deeks moved his face away, not wanting her to see the upset and despair on his face.

"I'm nothing like Brandel, I am a cop, I help people not hurt them."

"He was a social worker, He was supposed to help me…"

Deeks shook his head, "You're lying!" he said as his eyes teared up.

He hadn't known what his father did, or rather had done for a living before he was born. He had known that his father had lost his job, it had led to him drinking a lot, but he had thought he'd been in construction or a craft, he alway talked about how he had taken little things and made into new things.

Caroline laughed, "Why would I lie." she eyed him with disgust, "All I wanted was for once, for you to believe in me, to look at me with the same respect you gave him, by the time you were six and got your first girlfriend I knew you were just like him. I couldn't stand it and I left."

"What? Six?" Deeks shook his head, he remembered when he was six he had met Ray and Ray's little sister, Emily."

"Emily?" He asked still confused.

"Yes!" Caroline spat, "You brought her in, and cuddled her on the couch, I knew then…."

"SHE WAS CRYING!" Deeks spat remembering the incident, there had been a huge fight with Ray's parents that morning, Martin had taken Emily to his house while Ray checked it was safe to go home and Emily had cried as she wanted her mother. "She was three years old!" Deeks fought the urge to vomit. He shook his head, "How can you believe that a six year old child! YOUR six year old child would do that!?"

"You. Are. His. Son." She snapped back at him.

"Is this why you are doing all this, just to get back at me for something he did?"

Caroline stood up, "No not at all, this is just a bonus. I just needed the local police and NCIS to be looking in the other direction, to be chasing you rather than what we are really doing. Fisk told me all about NCIS and how you all helped to take him down, I made sure he stayed down and his money is now funding our cause." She said proudly.

"Our cause?" Deeks asked.

Aymon nodded, "Like it or not you are a part of this family, you will help us with Jihad."

"Hell no!" Deeks exclaimed.

Aymon backhanded Deeks across the face and Marty turned and spat the blood from his split lip in his mothers direction.

"I see you still have a 'type.'"

"I see you are still a disappointment, I had hoped that you had grown, changed, become less like your father...but no. You are still a poor excuse for a human being." She retorted.

He couldn't argue with that, he'd treated his team, especially Kensi appallingly trying to keep his secret. He knew they would despise him once they found out that his mother was or had been one of Clarence Fisks people, but if they knew about his father...How he came to be… how much despite all of this he still craved for her approval, just once. Just once he wanted her to be proud of him, to show she cared, loved him. To look at him with love, not hate or derision. Now he knew his mother was a terrorist?

His days with NCIS were over, he'd never pass the required security clearance. Hetty might as well tear up those application papers he knew she still kept in the drawer in her desk.

"I see you understand." Aymon droned on, "Your work family will disown you, but we are blood, and by the shedding of blood we must fight to stop the oppressors and live to make this world a better place."

"We are not blood!" Deeks snapped.

Aymon smiled, "You and your mother are and by the shedding of your blood, pure American blood, do we hope to get our point across."

Deeks looked in shock from this man to his mother.

"You do realize he means to kill you mom." he said.

Caroline smiled, "He knows I will do what is demanded of me by Allah. He loves me for me, not as an object or a means to an end but as a flesh and blood person. He cannot die with me, it is not his time yet, but I didn't want to leave are my blood and you can be a part of this."

Deeks violently shook his head, "No! NO! I won't be a part of it."

Caroline smiled, "The people who raised you warped your mind son. They made you believe this world was good, it's not...but you can still be a hero, you can save that child by helping us."

Sam frowned, he'd tried calling Michelle at least twice now, it wasn't like her to not reply. He knew however they were planning on going up to see Aiden this weekend and Kamran had been pestering her mother for a new outfit to wear to show off to him.

Maybe she just couldn't hear her phone in the mall.

Callen placed a hand on his shoulder, "You ok?" he asked at the larger man's frown.

Sam nodded grimly, "Yeah...maybe she just can't hear her phone in the mall."

"You wanna have Eric check it out?" Callen offered.

"Na...Michelle can take care of herself, besides...I think that's Bates coming with the task force leader." Sam sat up as Bates and Daniel Large walked down the hallway and into Bates' office for a briefing.

"Gentlemen, Ma'am, Ladies." Large said looking at the people assembled.

Callen shot Kensi a calm down look as she was called Ma'am by Large.

Kensi flashed back a 'I'll kill him later' smile and Callen relaxed a bit.

"OK, Ms Lange called me and filled me in on the Warriors of Islam, I have four swat teams that can be ready to go on a moments notice, Agent Callen, tell me what do you need?" he asked.

"We know there are two of them, there may be more, but we need some more intel first. Our people are looking to see if anyone else is working with them."

"You mean apart from Detective Deeks." Rivera put in.

"Why are you here?" Kensi snapped, "Deeks is no terrorist."

Callen and Sam nodded their agreement.

"Why are you doing this, it's just taking our focus off the real target." Callen said.

"He is the real target." Rivera snapped.

Callen turned to Bates, "The targets we are after are Caroline and Aymon Malik, NOT Deeks. Deeks is to be brought in alive, if by some outside chance he has something to do with these guys we want to question him, does everyone agree?"

Everyone said yes, except Rivera.

Bates turned and looked at her annoyed. "Detective Rivera, I invited you to this meeting out of courtesy, and to keep everything above board, if you are going to be a hinderance you can stay here while this goes down."

"What and let him escape...I don't think so." she snapped back.

"What is your problem?" Kensi turned and walked over to her.

"My problem is someone like him, lies to get into the police academy, has a job as a lawyer which he never actually gave up, and with his background he shouldn't have been allowed near a uniform."

Kensi went to throw a punch and Callen and Sam stopped her before the others even had an idea of what she was thinking.

"OUT!" Bates yelled and manhandled her out of the room.

"I will report this to my superior." She argued.

"You'd better hurry if you wanna beat me to it." Bates snapped and slammed the door in her face.

"Sorry." he apologized to the group, "Let's get back on with the briefing.

"Aymon Malik is the old brother to Aziz Malik, he was arrested on Terrorism charges last year, he's been working to get his brother out of Guantanamo ever since. He met Caroline Fairchild three years ago after Fisk was arrested, she was on a trip for Fisk and avoided the take down but was smart enough to transfer most of his holding into her name. She was his accountant, transporter and by all accounts killer for hire. We can't get into her records prior to her moving in with Fisk in 1995. she was twenty years old."

Sam handed Bates a thumb drive, "This is what we could uncover."

Bates put in the thumb drive and swore as Caroline's picture came up on the screen.

"You know who that is?" Callen asked.

Bates nodded grimly, "That's Deeks' biological mother, the woman is unstable." he said, "My sister...She's Marty's foster mother, her and her husband Paul took him in when he was eleven, they lived next door and reported to the police station daily with concerns about the boy from the day he was born. She never wanted him, she tried, but she was too young to be a mother. At least that was what we thought. We thought Brandel was his grandfather until Marty shot him."

Bates clammed up, he had said more than he meant to, "You know where he is?" he asked.

Callen nodded, "I just want to be sure, we take them all alive if possible, but especially Deeks. I still don't believe he is working with them."

"Wishful thinking?" Large asked.

Callen shook his head, "Trust in my teammate."

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