Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 6

For the last few days all of Michelle Hanna's senses had been on overdrive. She thought at first something was wrong with her children. She had called Adiens' Military Academy, only to be told that he was fine and was studying for a final so he was effectively locked up in his dorm room, his preferred place to study, she had however insisted they check on him and after a twenty minute conversation with him was finally reassured that he was fine.

Kamran seemed to be ok, no temperature, or out of character behavior that usually accompanied an ailing child. She seemed happy, they went about their usual routine, school, the park and this afternoon she had to take Kamran to the mall for a new outfit so she would happily go and visit her brother, without complaining the whole way. Also Michelle was using the trip to buy her daughter more underwear and socks a task Kamran detested.

Kamran pulled her bag off her shoulder and threw it into the car as Michelle picked her up from school.

"Did you have a good day honey?" she asked.

Kamran nodded and climbed into her car seat, "Yeah...I made a new friend today. He said he was uncle Marty's brother, he was visiting the school. He knew me he said I looked like Daddy."

Michelle's blood ran cold, but she kept a smile on her face and nodded "That's nice sweetie, Can you wait here for a second, I need to check the oil on the car." she said.

Kam nodded and Michelle got out of the car and lifted the hood, as soon as her daughter couldn't see her she pulled out her cell phone.

'Damn' Three missed calls from Sam. She quickly dialed and hope he would reply.

She waited as the phone rang and went to voicemail.

"Hey honey, it's me...It's probably nothing, but I wanted to let you know that Kam said she met Deeks' brother today, I didn't know he had one, but i was worried. Anyway she's with me now and she's fine, I'm heading to the Mall and…" She stopped as a familiar feeling touched the small of her back.

"Hang up now." The accented voice came.

Looking through the gap in between the hood and the car, she could see that there was a woman standing with a gun pointed at her daughter, although luckily Kam couldn't see it due to the paper held over the gun.

"Who are you?" Michelle asked.

"Didn't your daughter tell you, My name is Ali, I am Martin Deeks' brother."

She looked at him like he was crazy, he looked nothing like Marty. "Listen I don't know who you think I am?" she said her eyes checking the two out and sizing up her odds at getting herself and her daughter out of the situation in one piece.

She didn't like her chances, her gun was under the drivers seat of her car and she couldn't get to it safely.

"We are going for a little ride, our brother needs some convincing to help his family." Ali Malik said.

The woman climbed into the car as Ali made Michelle get in the back.

"What's going on mommy?" Kamran asked the fear in her voice obvious.

Michelle was going to gut them for putting that fear in her baby's voice.

"Nothing sweetie, I had some car trouble, so Marty's brother and sister are going to take us to get the car fixed." she lied.

Michelle realized that the two people who were now in charge of her car had not taken Kamran's phone but had taken hers. Remembering her Agent in Distress code she slipped her hand into Kamran's bag and typed in Sam's number and put in the code.

Then she prayed.

Caroline looked over at her husband, "Where are the kids? I thought they were bringing them back."

"Kids?" Deeks asked worried.

"Your brother and sister." Caroline told him.

"You had more children?" Deeks asked amazed.

Caroline shook her head, "No I wasn't making that mistake again. These are Aymon's children. your stepbrother and stepsister, they are loyal to the family as you should be."

"I am loyal to my family." He said thinking of the team, Bates and the Deeks'.

"Good soon you will prove that, but as a starter…." Caroline removed the zip ties that were holding him to the chair, "You may yet be worth the trouble we went to."

Deeks sat his head down, rubbing his now freed wrists.

He couldn't see a way out of this at all, but he didn't want to put a foot wrong as he wanted to make sure Sam's daughter was safe. He couldn't let Sam down, he was part of the team and he owed them.

Aymon walked in, "You can help, we need to pack the van."

"You want me to pack that...!" He said pointing to the bags of fertilizer and barrels of Kerosene, "Into that?"

"Yes. Although as an infidel you will not be observing prayers with us, so you will be with us in the prayer room."

"Yeah right." Deeks snapped.

"Dont' be disrespectful to your father." Caroline snapped.

"He is NOT my father, My father is Paul Deeks." Marty snapped back.

"Your father was a drunk rapist, he was a cheat and a liar, and you are just like him...Did you ever tell that girl of yours, what your father was, does she know you have the same genes as him!" Caroline said as she pushed him against a wall.

"Don't you get it? The LAPD now know all about you, NCIS knows all about you and according to my source, they have already fired you and want to arrest you. They know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Deeks tried pulling away. He shook his head, "I'm not like him."

"You don't really think they believe that now do you?" she asked, "We are giving you a chance here to make your name for a greater good."

"He's using you mom, he's using you as a pawn in his game. You were never a mother to me, but you are my birth mother and I don't want you to die." he said as he grasped her arms and looked into her eyes.

"Momma...please, killing people isn't the way to get your message across, there are plenty of other ways to do it. I don't want to die and I don't want you to. If this cause is so brilliant, why are none of your husbands children being rallied to the 'cause'?" Deeks asked the sarcasm in his tone evident.

"Your sister, Jacqueline has been doing her part for years, she joined the LAPD so she could get inside information and then she was tasked with watching you and helping this plan work."

Deeks frowned. "Jacqueline?"

"Yes she is your sister, she was raised with her mother and brother Ali."

There was a horn outside.

" you will behave, one wrong word from you, one inkling that you are not 100% with us and the hostages we now have will be killed." She said pulling her gun and handing one to Deeks. "Before you get any idea's yours isn't loaded, but if anyone thinks that you are not with us I swear the child will die first."

Deeks held the gun and followed his mother to the sound of the car's engine as it switched off.

Deeks paled as he saw who was getting out of the car.

"Michelle." he gasped.

"Marty?" she replied in shock.

He stood as the other door opened to reveal his brother and sister.

"Martin!." Ali smiled as he walked over and hugged his brother.

"Ali." Deeks ground out his gut dropping at the shock on Michelle's face as he greeted her kidnappers. The next second he turned to his sister, he paled and couldn't keep the shock off his face.


She smiled sinisterly making sure Michelle couldn't see the smirk on her face, "Hello Brother, I brought them as you arranged."

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