Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 7

Walking to the car Sam looked down as his phone vibrated.

"I got a message from Michelle, and Kamran, you wanna make sure that Kensi goes with the SWAT team and I'll catch up to you."

Callen nodded as Sam turned away with his phone.

Catching back up with him Sam looked like thunder, "Look!" He thrust the phone into Callen's hand, "Michelle's in trouble, Kamran sent me Michelle's Agent in Distress code."

"Does she know it?" He asked.

Sam shook his head, "No, but Michelle does…" Sam looked scared, "She left me a voicemail, I heard her...someone's taken her and Kam…"

"Call Eric, have him see if he can find her, we need to go and take down this terrorist group Sam, you need to focus. Michelle is a fully trained CIA Agent, she can protect herself and Kam."

Sam shook his head, "I know, but that's my wife and my baby girl."

Callen sighed, "I'll let Hetty know Sam, but we need you here, I need you here. I need my partner with his head in the game."

Sam nodded, "You call Hetty, you get Eric to find them and the second this is over I'm gonna find them and bring them home." he vowed.

As they pulled up outside the abandoned factory that Caroline and Aymon Malik had picked as a base, Sam was practically livid.

"You guys ok?" she asked.

"NO!" Sam snapped slamming the car door and stalking over to the SWAT commander.

"Callen? Is everything it Deeks?" she asked a cold fear settling in her gut.

Callen shook his head, "Michelle and Kamran were kidnapped this morning, by two of Malik's people."

"Oh my God! Do we know where they are?"

Callen nodded grimly. "Inside." he replied nodding his head in the direction of the building.

Inside, Michelle was looking at Deeks stunned.

"You arranged this?" She asked looking at Deeks her face a picture of anger.

"Of course I did Quinn." Deeks snapped sarcastically.

For a second Michelle's face relaxed, but she kept up her angry tirade.

"And you think my husband won't tear you limb from limb the second he gets his hands on you?"

"I'll be dead by then," He said his voice flat.

"Only if I get to you first. I get why you took me but why Kamran? Why betray your team?" She snapped, "Sam trusted you."

"They never trusted me, they were never family."

It was all Michelle could do not to smile, now she knew.

She knew that whatever this was Deeks wasn't behind it and that he would protect her like family. Maybe he was undercover, if so she wasn't going to step on his toes. However she relaxed knowing for definite that he would protect Kamran with his final breath.

Even though she didn't know what was going on she trusted him.

"This way," He said gesturing with the gun, he walked past Caroline who gently touched his arm with a smile, "We'll be in the main room, make sure they can't get away."

Deeks nodded.

He walked down the hallway the gun in the small of Michelle's back, "We have to walk through this back courtyard, it'll be ok to talk on the other side, but they are still watching." He breathed, with a barely perceptible nod of her head Michelle let him know she understood.

Aymon stood at the window watching his stepson take the woman and child across the courtyard to the outbuilding at the back.

Deeks looked both ways as he started across, two flashes of light caught his eye, the first he couldn't find a source for but the second he noticed was a reflection from the window that Aymon had opened off to the side, Deeks could see the gun in his hand pointed at Kamran's head.

"MOVE IT!" Deeks growled giving Michelle a small shove.

Kamran looked up at Deeks' angry face and started to cry.

"I am going to kill him!" Sam snarled looking through the SWAT teams binoculars at the sight below.

"There has to be an explanation." Kensi said, although even she was finding it hard to come up with an explanation for this one.

"Like what, do you see a gun pointed at him? No! He has a gun on my wife and child….I'm going to kill him." He reiterated.

"We have to wait," Callen said, "Hetty's got Eric tasking a thermal satellite to case the building."

"How long?" Sam growled.

"Ten minutes." Callen said watching as the SWAT team were moved into position.

Sam knew that as a father he wanted to charge down there and rescue his family, but as a former SEAL and an Agent he knew the value of waiting for the intel and moving when ordered.

Deeks opened a faded blue wooden door, "Inside." He said.

As soon as the door shut he leaned against the wall, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry….Are you both alright?" he asked his face a picture of misery.

"I'm fine Marty, Kam's good too, what the heck is going on?" Michelle asked.

"The Warriors of Islam, they are a terrorist group, they have been watching you for days, they threatened to hurt Kam if I didn't go with them." he explained.

"Why?...Why did they say they were your brother and sister?" Michelle took a book out of Kamran's backpack, "Read this for a bit baby, I have to talk to Uncle Marty for a bit."

"Does he hate me?" Kamran asked.

"No!" Deeks exclaimed crouching down to her, "I just have to play pretend for a bit, and it's my turn to be the bad guy."

Kam bit her lip and shot him an 'I'm eight not stupid' look. "You mean you're undercover?"

Deeks grinned and nodded. "Something like that." he replied and moved away to talk to Michelle.

"The woman, the blonde?" Deeks started and Michelle nodded, "She's my mother."

Michelle blinked in surprise, "But...Marty, I met your mother once, with you at the market remember?"

Deeks sighed and shook his head, "That's my mom...Valerie Deeks, this is Caroline Fairchild slash Brandel...My biological mother. She's been living with a guy we took down a few years ago Clarence Fisk?"

Michelle nodded, "I remember Sam telling me about the case, Didn't Kensi give you grief for working undercover with IA?"

Deeks smiled a little and nodded.

"A few days ago, Hetty told me I was being investigated by IA. I went to talk to Bates and my mother turned up, she's the one setting me up, she's the one who orchestrated the whole thing, she's married to a terrorist, Aymon Malik…"

"Malik, he's on our watch list." Michelle said surprised.

"Yeah, my stepfather." Deeks said sourly. "He wants my mother to be a suicide bomber. She hated me you know, but...She's still my mother I have to stop them I have to make them believe…" he stopped as he heard his mother's voice.

"MARTIN?" she called across the yard.

"I have to go, this is as safe as I can make you for now, keep away from the white van, it's a bomb. Keep Kamran safe," he begged.

Michelle nodded and kissed his cheek, "Thank you."

Deeks walked out of the outbuilding and locked the door as his mother walked up behind him.

"It's time." She said.

"Time?" he asked confused.

"To do our bit for the cause." she smiled.

"Mom please, you don't have to do this." he begged.

"Of course we do, come on, I'll go first." she moved him into the main building to where Aymon was standing with two suicide vests in his hands.

Deeks sent up a prayer that someone somewhere would stop this, he couldn't attack Aymon, with Rivera and Ali standing and watching. If they killed him he couldn't protect Michelle and Kamran or save his mother.

Caroline smiled as she put on the vest, "Set it up my love." she said to Aymon.

Deeks shuddered as Aymon put the vest on Caroline and set the dead man's switch detonator.

She turned and with one hand handed Deeks the second vest, "Put it on."

Deeks held his arm out and placed the vest on.

" will make me proud yet." she told him.

"Mom...I don't want you to die."

Caroline smiled, "We do this for the greater good my son."

"And they can't?" He said pointing at the others.

Aymon moved to wire up the vest, "I don't get a switch?" Deeks asked.

Aymon shook his head, "Your vest is synced up with your mothers', you will both be going to Allah together."

Caroline walked over and kissed her husband. "I will wait for you my love." she told him.

"You will walk in glory will Allah, your name will be praised and you will make them see that the American machine must be stopped." Aymon said.

Both Jacqueline and Ali hugged Caroline, "We are proud of you our mother."

Caroline smiled, "I am proud of you both too, keep working to our goal." she said.

Deeks turned away a flash of jealousy crossed his face.

Aymon turned to his children, " over our guests, I will prepare the van."

As the other three headed out of the door, Deeks turned to his mother, "Now what?" he asked.

" tell me where your Office of Special projects is, that has always been our target."

"I...I…" Deeks shook his head and moved away.

"We will take down the secret enclaves of the infidels."

There was a loud screech of tires and a door shattered as an LAPD SWAT team burst through the doors, with Callen, Kensi and Sam close on their heels.


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