Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 8


Deeks looked up in shock, he looked as the others came in their weapons raised and automatically moved to protect Caroline.

Sam looked around and yelled at Deeks, "Where are they?"

"Safe." he replied.

"Son of a…." He moved closer.

"Shoot them!" Caroline shouted at Deeks.

"I...I can't, I won't." Deeks said to her, "You gave me this gun remember."

"We will still die for the glory of Allah, and your wife and child will be with us." Caroline spat looking at Sam.

A SWAT team member seeing Caroline going for something behind her back fired.

"NO!" Deeks launched himself at his mother pinning her to the ground and grabbing the dead man's switch she had taken and armed.

"I will die, for the glory of our cause, we will be together Martin." She rasped as some blood spilled out from her mouth.

A SWAT officer moved in to take him off her.

"NO!" Deeks shouted.

Kensi held up her hand, "Wait, please…" she asked.

She moved over to him, "Deeks, this isn't a cause to die for…"

Deeks laughed sourly, "Tell her that Kens."

"Why are you doing this?"

He looked at her like she was crazy surely she could see the deadman switch.

"DEEKS, Hold your hands above your head and move away from the woman." Callen shouted.

"I can't...Callen we need an ambulance...Please, she can't die...But I…"

"An ambulance is coming, but you need to move off her."

"I CAN'T!" Deeks all but screamed. "We have bomb vests on, she's got the deadman's switch If I move we all die!"

They took a step back at that.

"Aymon is in the courtyard, White Van rigged to explode, you need to stop him, Rivera...she's…" Deeks coughed and some blood came from him, he looked down and realized that where the SWAT officer had shot his mother, he had gone through him.

Kensi moved closer to him.

"Let me take the switch…" She said softly.

"No leave...stop Rivera, find Michelle and Kam...please I promised…" Deeks coughed again, "Outbuildings… you Kens…"

She smiled and kissed his cheek, "You do what Callen tells you and stay alive for me, I'll get them."

"Riv…." Deeks coughed again as Kensi moved away.

Callen moved in and looked at the switch, "OK Deeks, I'm gonna take the switch, you move and Sam will deal with the bomb."

Deeks nodded and handed the switch and his mothers hand to Callen.

He rolled off to the other side and lay breathing heavily.

"Deeks." Sam said flatly. He was still mad with the blond detective but his training came first and he put it aside to diffuse the bomb.

He worked his way around the wires until he found the power source, clipping first one wire then the other he diffused Deeks' vest and then moved to do Caroline's.

Deeks had grabbed his mothers hand, as his eyes closed and he allowed himself a few moments of relief.

"It's done, get the paramedics in here." Sam snapped. He stood up and looked over to Callen, "Stay with them I have to find Michelle and Kam."

Understanding Callen nodded.

"Other bomb?" Deeks asked.

"Swat team took down the Malik's, the bomb's been diffused." Callen told him.

Deeks allowed himself a small smile, "Good."

Callen helped Deeks take the vest off as the paramedics came into the building.

"Help her first…" Deeks groaned moving away from the hands that were touching him. "Please…"

Callen watched as the younger man look pleadingly in the direction of the other woman. He needed to get Deeks patched up and interviewed before anyone else could intervene.

He nodded as Deeks moved away again, "Let me look at you."

"It's not so bad, just a flesh wound, but…" Deeks coughed again.

Callen helped him sit up and pulled his shirt up. Deeks was right it was just a through and through, it would just need a few stitches, that was all and he could do that.

"You want me to stitch you up?" Callen asked.

"You sew?" Deeks said a small smile gracing his face.

Callen just raised an eyebrow and turned to get the first aid kid.

Deeks sat silently as Callen stitched him up, he didn't ask for pain reliever, Callen had actually forgotten to ask, he didn't like the needle and never used it on himself. Deeks just figured it was the start of his punishment, maybe his mother was right, maybe they would fire him and then charge him and he'd end up in Guantanamo never seeing Kensi again. His heart constricted and he rapidly blinked back the unbidden tears that came to his eyes.

Callen watched Deeks as he closed himself off.

He was annoyed. He was the team leader, he should have been a better one then maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Bates came into the building and seeing Deeks on the floor he ran across the room.


"I'm ok." He replied.

"Dammit, your parents are going to kill me." he sighed.

Deeks gave a small sheepish smile but said nothing.

"You need to be debriefed kid, I'll have someone take you in…"

"He's going to the boatshed, Hetty wants to question him personally." Callen snapped.

Bates looked at Deeks as he paled.

"He's my detective, I'll question him."

"Just let them take me." Deeks said flatly.

"We will be talking to Mrs. Malik too as soon as we are given the all clear, I want to know what the target was."

"It was the mission." Deeks said not looking at him.

Callen glared at him, "It was your mission?" he snapped at him.

Deeks' head swam, the pain filtering through and he started to sway.

"You had painkillers?" Bates asked looking at his nephew going a strange shade of grey.

Deeks shook his head as Callen walked over to Sam who was coming in the other door.

Bates turned to the paramedic who shot Deeks full of morphine and helped Deeks to lay down, he reached out and grasped the sleeve on his mothers dress, looking to Bates a lot like the defeated eleven year old that his sister had brought home from the hospital all those years ago.

"They ok?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, Rivera found them in a room, couldn't get the door open, she's headed back to the office and I got them out. Michelle is taking Kamran to the doctor."

"She's hurt?" Callen asked worried.

Sam shook his head, "More scared, but we want to see if we can get her an appointment with a child psychologist if needed."

"Yeah?" Callen had a low opinion of Child psychologists, but he got where Sam was coming from, "It really helps?"

Sam nodded. "How is he?" he asked nodding towards Deeks who had past out his head on Bate's jacket.

"I don't get it, Kensi is convinced he's not a part of this group, but he said it was his mission. Do you think maybe Hetty wants to debrief him because he's undercover, maybe she gave him the mission?" Callen asked.

"Either that or he turned, I mean that is his mother…" Sam reasoned, "We need to get him to the boatshed, and get him debriefed."

"Bates is insisting that we take him to LAPD." Callen told his partner.

"Yeah coz that's gonna happen." Sam scoffed.

Bates looked up as the two walked towards him.

"Ok, you can take them both to the boatshed, even I know I can't argue with that boss of yours, but there will be a paramedic there for both of them. Fairchild's injuries are not life threatening, but if she takes a turn for the worse I want her sent to hospital, she needs to be alive to trial." Bates stated, "I'm only allowing this because the paramedics say she'll be alright to be moved and she should be ok to be questioned."

Callen nodded curtly as Kensi walked over to join them.

"Malik's body and the son have been taken away."She told them. "Is Deeks going to the hospital?" She looked over at him concerned.

Callen shook his head, "Paramedics are bringing him to the boatshed, we'll let him rest till he gets there but we need to know what his mission was and where the van was headed."

Deeks woke up on a cot in a very familiar room.

He groaned as he sat up and gingerly touched the spot on his side where Callen had patched him up.

"I see you are awake Mr. Deeks." Hetty said from her chair across the room, "Do you need to see a medic?"

Deeks shook his head, "Callen did a good job….Did you stop them? Did you stop Malik?" he asked.

"Ali and Aymon Malik are dead, The van has been made safe by the bomb squad."

Deeks nodded in relief.

"Where was the target Mr. Deeks, what was your mission."

"My mission?" Deeks asked confused.

"I had such high hopes for you, I had hoped you would be an Agent one day." Hetty said looking at him sadly and wondering how she could have been so wrong.

"I didn't have a mission? Unless you count making sure that my 'brother and sister' didn't shoot Kamran or Michelle. They had a sniper on Kamran, I saw pictures." Deeks sighed.

"You said you had a mission…" Hetty pressed.

"I said the target was the mission." Deeks clarified. "They wanted me to tell them where OSP was."

"Did you?" Hetty asked.

"No." Deeks turned away from her, "I thought you of all people would have had more trust in me."

Hetty looked abashed for a second.

"The evidence against you was pretty damning." Hetty said showing the pictures that Rivera had gathered.

Deeks looked at them sadly, he could see how they had probably gotten the wrong idea.

"Hetty…" Deeks looked up at her his blue eyes full of pain. "I didn't do this, I know it looks bad, but I can explain…"

"You could have come to me, sent a text, warned us." Hetty said

Deeks nodded he could have sent a text, but the chances of them acting instantly and changing their behavior could have cost Kamran her life.

"I did what I thought was best, I couldn't betray her." he said thinking about how he had promised Sam he would protect his wife and daughter when Sidorov had them and he wasn't going to stop now.

"Mrs Malik?" Hetty asked

Deeks shook his head, "No Michelle and Kamran, I couldn't take the chance that she would have them killed."

Hetty nodded gravely.

"You didn't betray us." Hetty stated.

"Never, I made a mistake Hetty, I know that now, but I was never going to hurt anyone, I was trying to avoid anyone getting hurt."

"I didn't want her to die though, she didn't get it, he played her."

"Who died Mr. Deeks?"

"Mom...Caroline, I failed her; I could protect you all and you had training and guns, but I couldn't protect her...she was right…" He turned away.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME!" Deek's head shot up as he heard Caroline's voice from another room.

"Mom?" He turned and looked at Hetty, "Please… Are they hurting her? please let me see her, let me talk to her."

"I will think about it." Hetty said and left the room.

Outside in the main room, the others were watching and Granger shook his head.

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