Rolling in the Deep

Chapter 9

Hetty was now convinced that she had made the right choice in hiring Deeks. He was, as she had hoped a loyal man.

She had seen something in his eyes, and in his words that told her he wasn't a terrorist, he hadn't betrayed his country. However he was deeply troubled and had been put through a lot.

She wondered how after all his mother had put him through in his childhood that he could still want to see her and talk to her.

Her own adoptive parents had been loving and attentive, she had loved them their whole lives, but Caroline Malik had been nothing like that.

She was missing a few pieces of the puzzle and it bugged her.

Granger moved to cut off her thoughts as she walked into the main room.

"We can't put them together." He said flatly.

"Where is the harm Owen?" Hetty asked looking at him stubbornly.

"Harm?" Owen looked at her like he was about to burst a blood vessel.

"Owen, did you not hear what Mr. Deeks said….He said that…." She stopped as the missing piece hit her.

"He said there was another woman, a sister. Did you find anyone else?"

Kensi and Sam shook their heads.

"Are you sure Mr. Deeks didn't mention anyone?" Hetty pressed.

Kensi started to shake her head again, then she stopped.

"He mentioned Rivera, but I assumed that was because she was investigating him." Kensi told the older woman.

"What exactly did he say?" Hetty asked.

"I'm not sure, I mean he was injured, there was a lot of chaos, with the LAPD and SWAT there as well."

Hetty nodded making a decision.

"How much of my discussion with Mr. Deeks did you all hear?" She asked.

"Just the end of it Henrietta." Granger told her, "Enough to know you are considering putting them in together."

"Mr. Deeks was never a member of this group, he was set up. Mr. Callen, Ms Blye I want you to go and pick up Detective Rivera, she is due a conversation with me I think….Mr. Deeks stated a brother and a sister. I know Mr. Callen you told me that Detective Rivera was told not to accompany you on the raid. I feel she may have some questions to answer." They nodded and went to do as she asked.

Hetty turned to Sam. "Mr. Hanna, Detective Deeks was protecting your daughter, He tells me that she was being watched by his step brother, Ali Malik. Everything he did was to keep her safe, now it is up to you whether or not you believe it and what you do about it, but I will ask….Do you believe Mr. Deeks capable of being a terrorist, or do you believe he would protect innocent life until his last breath."

Sam looked at her as for him the pieces fell into place, "Of course he would protect innocent lives, he went through hell to protect Michelle...of course he would do the same for my kids."

Hetty nodded, "Good...good, now the only person I have left to convince….Is Mr. Deeks." she said totally ignoring Granger and walking to the teapot Sam had ready on the table for her.

"So Deeks isn't a suspect now?" Granger asked, he was annoyed as he still thought that Deeks was a waste of agency resources.

Bates walked in and dropped his jacket on the back of a chair.

"Marty was never a suspect." He said looking Granger right in the eye and daring him to come out and call him a liar.

"It looked like it from here." Granger looked over at the room where Deeks was standing at the door and trying the door handle.

"How are they doing?" Bates asked looking at Deeks on the monitor who had gone back to the cot Hetty had placed in the room and had sat down with his knees tucked close to his body and his head on his knees.

"Mrs Malik, is alright, we had a doctor come into the boat shed and finish patching her up, he is in with her, an agent and a nurse now." Hetty told him, "Apart from the wound Mr. Deeks received and a cut on the inside of his mouth where he bit himself as he fell he seems to be on the mend, however I am concerned about his state of mind."

Bates looked at his detective, his nephew, crushed and broken. Betrayed by both that took the biological title of parent to the man. Caroline had been the main focus of his young life until he was six, then she had been out of his life until he was eleven. Despite the Deeks' taking him home from hospital Caroline had taken him in to live with her and Fisk for three months, Just as he had started to settle, she had decided that raising an eleven year old boy was just too much to bother with. Over the years she had periodically dropped in and out of his life causing chaos and pain in his young life, as soon as he had passed the bar he threatened to have a restraining order filed, she countered by promising to leave him alone if he had her records sealed.

Bates remembered how crushed he had been, when the order to have her records sealed had been finalized. It had been the final straw and had had announced to his foster parents that he didn't want to be known as Brandel anymore and he didn't want to practice law.

It had been then that Bates had taken him under his wing and steered him towards law enforcement.

Knowing all that Bates' face fell when Hetty turned to him and said, "Mr. Deeks wants to see Mrs. Malik."

He sighed, "Can I talk to him first?" he asked.

Hetty nodded.

"You know we will be able to see everything and hear everything." Granger told him.

"You don't trust me?"

"You're not his lawyer." Granger snapped back.

Hetty put her hand on the lieutenant's arm, "We will be discreet."

He nodded with a half smile, "I would appreciate it."

"Mr. Hanna...could you wait outside, Mr. Callen and Ms Blye will be back soon."

Sam nodded and went to wait for them as Bates walked into the interrogation room.

"So...How bad is it kid?" Bates asked.

Deeks wouldn't look at him.

"Caroline has a trained doctor in with her, she will be alright and hopefully well enough to stand trial."

His eyes strayed to the door and Bates took a chair and sat between him and the door.

"Do you wanna keep beating yourself up over her?" Bates asked softly. "It's never gonna change no matter how much you want it too."

Deeks sighed, "I always hope…"

"She tried to blow you up Marty, she joined a terrorist group and her stepson had a gun trained on your co-workers daughter."

"I know but…"

Bates knew where this was going, it was the same old story.

"There was a reason you agreed to have a judge seal those files, the same reason why you took the Deeks' surname."

"She said I was just like him." He looked down at his feet unable to meet the eye of his uncle and boss.

Bates smiled, "You are nothing like him, you are one thousand per cent Paul Deeks' son. You are kind, caring, considerate of others….What about Kensi, have you hurt her like Brandel did?"

Deeks' whole head shot up and he stared at Bates in shock, "NO! No way! I would never!"

Bates smiled, "See she lied, you are nothing like him."

Deeks looked down again, "I know...I know mom and dad love me, and I love them...but I just wish that she' know, change…?"

"Martin Andrew Deeks, You will never be good enough for that woman, not because you are beneath her but because you are far far above who she will ever be."

"But...I just want her to say she is proud of me, to tell me why…"

"You wanted to grow up calling Fisk Daddy?" Bates scoffed.

Deeks shook his head.

"She's going down for this isn't she, there's no way I can get her off?"

"Do you want to?" Bates asked.

"A part of me feels the need to be there for her to prove that I am not like Brandel and that she could be proud of me. But I know that she needs to pay for this...but maybe I could pay for a lawyer, I mean she is still at the end of the day my mother."

"Lawyers are expensive Marty." Bates said.

Deeks nodded slowly. "Yeah I suppose paying for two lawyers would be too much, even if I sold the apartment…"

"What? Why would you need two lawyers?" Bates asked.

Deeks' eyes opened wide with fear, "You mean they are sending me to Guantanamo? I thought Hetty believed me, I'm telling the truth I didn't want to blow up anyone, I didn't even tell them when they wanted to take the van to the mission and blow it up, they wanted to take down NCIS, Malik's brother was apparently killed by a Marine, NCIS found the guy and let him go he turned states evidence and helped in taking down a drugs ring. I swear this is all I know...Please...I can't go there...Bates...I don't care If i lose my job, my apartment, even Kensi...hell if they brand me a terrorist I'll lose her anyway, it wouldn't be fair to her I…."

"STOP!" Bates yelled.

Deeks stopped in mid flow as Bates put a calming hand on his shoulder.

"You are not going anywhere, they know you were set up."

"I'm not fired?" Deeks asked a grin splitting his face.

"Not by me." Bates replied.

Deeks nodded solemnly. "Ok."

The door opened and Hetty walked into the room.

"Mr. Deeks." she said, "I can assure you your job is safe, however your mother will be taken by the LAPD as soon as we have been able to question her about what she knows of the location of our base here in Los Angeles and if she knows of any other targets the warriors of Islam were planning on hitting."

Deeks shook his head, "She won't tell you." He said resignedly.

Hetty nodded, "um...I agree Mr. Deeks, but I think she may tell you."

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