Second Chances


Hermione and baby Teddy are the only survivors of the war. With nothing left to lose Hermione breaks into the Ministry's Time Room hoping to land sometime before the ruin.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own any Harry Potter characters.

Second Chances

They were dead; everyone that ever mattered to Hermione Granger was gone, save for one tiny infant. The nineteen year old had barely survived the war, found half dead by a bunch of muggles she was nursed back to health slowly. It was only after the seven months in the hospital that she learned the truth of what happened. The forces of dark and light had met and fought with none the survivor. Magical creatures waged war alongside their wizard counterparts destroying everything in their path. The magical community stood in shambles, the muggle world quickly falling to chaos now that the truth was revealed. Those who survived the holocaust were forced to endure the hate and fear of those they attempted to protect. Andromeda took the witch in, having lost her entire family to the war except her grandson.

However, all good things come to an end, they had been attacked by vampires and Andromeda died by blowing up the street. Now, only two were left, Hermione Granger and little Teddy Lupin. It was for this reason, and many others, that Hermione Granger was breaking into the Department of Mysteries. The young Gryffindor refused to leave things as they were and with most of the world dead it couldn't get much worse. Teddy was sleeping against her and Hermione unconsciously adjusted his dead weight as she examined the glass jar in her hand, a jar of time, one of the few that survived. Hefting the glass jug the witch smashes it against the floor, watching idly as a sparkling tornado of sand begins to swirl. Stepping forward Hermione closes her eyes and clutches the baby to her. Wherever in time she landed it couldn't be worse than this, could it?

"Tonks, what happened? Are you hurt?" Hermione asks worriedly kneeling in front of the shocked auror. Seeing the tears in the woman's eyes Hermione turns her attention to Remus Lupin frowning as he nods for her to follow him from the room.

"What happened?" Hermione asks quietly once she and Remus were safely out of hearing range. "No one was hurt were they?"

The werewolf shakes his head heaving a tired sigh. "We got there just in time, the Deatheaters were- they were after Draco Malfoy."

The muggleborn witch blanches staring at her old professor. "Malfoy? Did he- did he get away? He was hiding from them, if they caught him then…"

"Nymphadora was fighting near him, she didn't see the curse from behind her but he did. He pushed her out of the way and was hit."Remus hurriedly grabs Hermione and helps her into a chair as her legs give out. "He disappeared, we don't know what curse hit him exactly but he's gone."

"He was her cousin." Hermione states numbly staring at the doorway that would lead her to a crying woman.

Remus nods in agreement. "He was, and he died saving her."

"He didn't want to become a Deatheater; he didn't want to kill anyone. He was just a boy." Wiping away a stray tear Hermione ignored Remus' searching look. "I'm going to my room."

The room was once again neatly organized and Hermione glanced around at all the time pieces before apparating to the alley beside the Leaky Cauldron. Stepping onto the sidewalk the witch breathes a sigh of relief as she notices the muggles going about their normal activities. Obviously whenever she was it was before the final battle, Teddy wiggles around in the girl's arms smiling at the muggleborn.

"Food?" The eighteen month old asks as Hermione chuckles and kisses the toddler's head, his natural curly brown hair tickling her lips.

"Yes, yes, I'll get us some food as well as a room to stay for the night." Hermione comments noting the soon to be setting sun before she steps into the dusty pub.

Inside, the Leaky Caldron looked the same as it always had; glancing around Hermione tightened her grip on her wand and stepped toward the counter. "I need a room for an extended period." The young witch states hoisting Teddy higher into her arms as he started laughing at something over her shoulder.

Tom nods and continues wiping off the bar. "What name's it under?"

The witch pauses unsure for a moment, obviously Tom didn't recognize her which meant it had to be before her heavy involvement with Harry and the Weasleys. Given that could she really risk using her real name?

"Black, she's with me."

Hermione's back stiffens as she spins around to face the man who answered for her. There was only boy she knew able to reproduce that drawl.

Draco Malfoy smirked before grabbing the witch as her legs give out. "You always were overdramatic." He mutters eyeing the toddler as his own brown hair turned blonde. "Merlin woman, what have you gone and done now?"

"Me! You- you're- you were dead! They told me you died!"

"Disappeared, not died." Draco comments glaring at the people who were trying to listen in. "Muffliato." He intones smirking when the other patrons shake their head to try and get rid of the buzzing noise. "There is a difference. So how did you end up here, with a metamorphigus baby of all things?"

"Everyone's dead Draco, it's become another Dark Age, only Teddy and I are alive. Teddy Lupin, your cousin."

Draco pales and takes the seat beside her, pulling the muggleborn closer to him. "Everyone?"

"Everyone, magical creatures are running loose causing chaos, Andromeda was killed by vampires, she died buying Teddy and I time to escape. I didn't have a choice left so I went to the time room in the Ministry." Letting out a breath she suddenly sags against her former school mate. "When are we? What are we going to do now?"

"It's 1978 and as far as anyone's concerned I'm Lycoris' son though they all think I'm one of Abraxas' bastards."

Hermione's mind was racing as she absentmindedly bounced Teddy in her lap. If she remembered correctly Lycoris was the aunt of Sirius' father, she died 1965 making it impossible to refute the claim. And any test they chose to give Draco would cancel out considering he is both a Black and Malfoy. If they were in 1978 that means that Harry's parents either are engaged or just married.

"How old is he?" Draco asks flicking back some of the baby's now blonde hair. Teddy giggles and grabs his cousin's fingers.

"Eighteen months." Hermione answers, looking down at her godson with a soft smile.

Draco nods and watches the muggleborn kiss Teddy's head, the baby's hair once more turning brown. "That'll work then." The young man states taking the key from the bartender and simply nodding a thank you. "Finite." Rising off of the bar stool he grabs Hermione by the arm and helps her up. "Order whatever you want to eat and have it brought up to the room." He commands cutting off Hermione before she can ask anything about his earlier comment.

Hermione opens her mouth to retort but pauses and nods. Turning to the bartender she places her order and allows Draco to lead her up the stairs shifting Teddy's weight as the Slytherin unlocks her new room and holds the door open for her to enter. "I'm having a very strange case of déjà vu." The Gryffindor comments sliding past her former classmate.

Draco snorts and follows her shutting the door behind him. "Except last time I was dragging you into an empty classroom."

"You didn't listen anyway, I told you to go to Andromeda, that she'd help you." Hermione comments tersely, taking a seat on the bed and setting Teddy down beside her before digging into her bag for his cup.

The blonde tilts his head watching the interactions between woman and child. "I had to protect my mother somehow; once she was hidden I made sure the Deatheaters were too busy chasing me to go after her."

"They never found her, we would have heard if they did." Hermione comments looking at the boy sideways. "Not that it really matters now."

"It still matters." Draco states taking a seat in the chair across from the bed.

Hermione pauses and really looks at the boy; he had aged since she'd last seen him. But then that was a side effect of living in a war. Feeling herself exhale heavily, the muggleborn nods. "I suppose it does." Standing up for his mother, fighting against the darkness had changed the boy- no, the man in front of her. "So what are we going to do now? And what did you mean earlier when you said that'll work?"

"I've been here two years, as far as anyone knows there was an attack and I lost everything. That's why I'm supposedly here, and now you turn up with an eighteen month old metamorphigus; which are rare and always have at least a trace of old family blood in them. And everyone downstairs knows we know each other, it's the simplest solution." Draco concludes not actually saying what his solution was as he rises and answers the door. Taking the food tray from the maid he tips the woman and locks everything back up before bringing the tray over the bed. "You'll have to think of a new surname of course."

Hermione focuses on getting Teddy to eat giving her time to think. "You want to tell everyone Teddy is yours." She states wiping the toddler's cheek clean.

"You're both mine." Draco states with a smirk as he leans against the bed post. "It's simple, I thought you were dead two years ago, you obviously thought the same about me. You were pregnant, with no one to turn to, so you came here. You were looking for help from my family, and Dumbledore; since you know he's the only one the Dark Lord's afraid of."

The muggleborn nibbles her lower lip as she thinks over Draco's proposition. "It could work; we'd have to come up with a plausible background. Perhaps, we could say we shared tutors as children?"

The blonde nods and sits on the end of the bed. "Since I don't have any school records, that's already the accepted consensus. It also goes along with the rumor of me being Abraxas' bastard, Lycoris' didn't want anyone to know so she kept me home and away from the public."

"But wouldn't the family tree show you?" Hermione asks finally beginning to eat some food for herself only to pause as Draco laughs. "What?"

It takes a few moments for the blonde to turn his laughs into chuckles; staring at the girl amusedly he shakes his head. "Finally, I know something the know-it-all-Gryffindor-princess doesn't." He comments amusedly, smirking when he notes Hermione's hand inching towards her wand. "If the family tapestries showed every bastard there would be a lot of widowed witches, Hermione." He explains drawling out the girl's name. "Only the children born while the parents are married are added to the tree. Of course, just because a child is listed as being born in a marriage doesn't guarantee that the father is the husband."

"How very sordid and practical." Hermione comments dryly tucking some hair behind her ear.

Draco spreads his hands innocently, tilting his head in agreement.

Hermione's smile falls off as she hurriedly eats being sure to help Teddy eat as well when he needed help. Draco watches the duo closely waiting for them to finish eating before casting a scourgify to clean them of the infant's mess. "I went to Andromeda once I arrived and she did take me in."

"I told you she would." Hermione mutters taking the empty plates and laying them on the side table.

The blonde purses his lips and raises an eyebrow questionably. "Are you going to let me continue or should I be prepared for your input after every sentence?"

"Only if my input is needed after every sentence."

Draco scoffs and rolls his eyes stiffening slightly when Teddy crawls to him and lays his head down on the Slytherin's lap. Hermione slaps a hand over her mouth; fighting the urge to laugh at the picture of Draco Lucius Malfoy looking terrified as the, currently blonde, tot uses him for a sleep cushion. The pure-blood glares at Hermione before glancing towards the inn window and letting out a sigh. Hermione lets her hand drop and smiles at the duo before leaning forward and gently picking up the sleeping babe. Ignoring Draco's look, she rearranges Teddy to lay on one of the pillows before tucking the bed sheet around him.

"Gray." Draco says suddenly causing the girl to start and throw him a questioning glance. "For your surname, in case you begin to say Granger. That way you can pause without being overly obvious."

"I suppose that will work." Hermione mumbles in agreement, running a hand through her hair she grimaces when her fingers get caught on a knot. "What's happening currently? You said it was 1978, are James and Lily married yet? You said Andromeda is helping you, does that mean you've gotten to know Sirius and the others?

Draco rolls his eyes at the questions. "First, let me input that Nymphadora is just as clumsy as a five-year-old as she is an adult. Potter and Evans aren't married yet, though it's scheduled to be soon. I've met the group though we aren't close; by the way, Wormtail has been taken care of." The wizard states with a smirk. "He accidently got to close to the fire and his sleeve caught, revealing the dark mark."

"And what of your mark? No one's seen it yet?" Hermione asks curiously watching the boy grimace and glance at his covered left arm. Closing his eyes the former Slytherin slowly rolls his sleeve up showing Hermione the tattoo. It was red in color, proving that it was inactive and the muggleborn girl frowns as notices the scars surrounding the mark. Grabbing Draco's arm she pulls it closer and runs a finger over the scars ignoring the blonde's huff. "What happened?" Hermione asks glancing up at former Malfoy heir. "Where did these scars come from?"

Draco sighs once more and finally gets his arm free from the know-it-all. Pulling down his sleeve he glances around the room before finally looking at Hermione once more. "I had a nightmare, about that night on the Astronomy tower, except- instead of Snape killing Dumbledore I did. Then it skipped and I saw other people dying, children, my parents… you." Trailing off he takes a shuddering breath, saying nothing as Hermione wraps her arms around him. "When I woke up, I was still out of it; I was saying things, mumbling nonsense. All I could think of was all the ones who were dead or could be dead, and it was all because of this stupid mark. I went into the kitchen and found a knife, it was dark and no one was awake so I leaned over the sink and tried to cut it off. I thought that if I could just get rid of it then everything might be easier."

Hermione's arms tightened around the teen as he shakes slightly. She closes her eyes in an attempt to not cry at the pain her former classmate suffered, was suffering still. "Then what?"

"Andromeda showed up, I don't know what woke her, but she took the knife from me and made me sit at the table and put a towel to my arm, and then she went off and came back with bandages. The whole time she didn't say anything, even after leading me to bed. I passed out after that, and when I woke up she forced a blood replenishing potion down my throat and told me breakfast was ready." Furrowing his brows the young man sits up fully, shrugging out of Hermione's hug but allowing the muggleborn to lean against him. Turning his eyes to the sleeping child Draco sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "I know I mentioned you that night, and I might have said something about children. When He gave me the mark Aunt Bella was laughing the whole time, the same laugh she had when she tortured you and my nightmare mixed the two together."

"The important thing is you escaped." Hermione points out quietly. "After the incident at the manor you took your mother and ran."

"That doesn't make it better, I should have helped you, I should have done something!" Draco growls out jerking away from the girl fully. Climbing to his feet he begins to pace the small room. "I couldn't even look at you, and then she started torturing you-"Cutting himself off the blonde snarls and yanks on his hair. "I just stood there!"

Hermione jumps to her feet and grabs Draco's hands gently disentangling his hair. "You did do something; you didn't tell them who Harry was, even though I know you recognized him." She states sharply, glancing at the bed when Teddy whines in his sleep. "If anyone sees your mark and tries to start something then I'll simply show them my arm. After all, it's highly unlikely a Deatheater would involve themselves with a mudblood." Hermione says sardonically saying nothing as Draco stiffens once more.

Sirius Black sauntered into the Leaky Cauldron, sharing a laugh with his best friend as he made his way to the bar. "Hello Tom, how about some drinks, eh?" The Lord Black asks elbowing Remus in the ribs before nodding his head towards a pretty witch across the bar.

"Hello Sirius, here to see your cousin?" Tom asks pulling out three glasses to serve the boys with missing James and Sirius' questioning glance.

"Which cousin?" Sirius asks curiously glancing around the bar but seeing no one of notable relation.

"That new Black boy, the one with the blonde hair, he was in here earlier." Tom informs the trio handing off the ordered drinks. "Got a bit of a shock too, seeing some witch and a baby. Course, the girl looked just as shocked, I thought she was gonna collapse."

All three boys frown at the news, none of them knew much about Draco Black and in times of war everyone was under suspicion. It's Remus that speaks up first, asking what was on all of their minds. "What happened after that?"

"Well, he bought a room for her then, and some food, then took the bird upstairs. They're still up there too, or at least, I haven't seen him come down."

"What room did you say they were in?" Sirius asks finally, finishing off his drink and slipping Tom the change.


Please Review. What do you think? Personally, I think the Marauders wouldn't just accept some distant relative with open arms without having any questions, after all, they are in a war. In case you're wondering this goes along with the books for the most part, the main change is that after Hermione escaped from Malfoy Manor, Draco took his mother and hid her from Deatheaters. He then went on the run and attempted to do what he could against them, it was in a battle against Deatheaters that Draco took a curse meant for Nymphadora and disappeared. Thus, they all believed he was dead. Due to Narcissa not being there during the final battle no one lied to Voldemort about Harry about being dead after getting hit with Voldemort's killing curse. Thus the Dark Lord found out he still lived and killed him again. Also, Hermione attempted to help Draco in his fifth year, no doubt she knew his family's safety was being used against him. They became slightly close, comfortable in their roles as rivals but in the end Draco still did what he thought he had to.

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