Dead, Again

Chapter 2

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Dead, Again

Chap 2

Koenma blinks at Kuwabara and Hiei, surprised to see them in Kurama's room. Well, surprised to see Kuwabara there at least. "Ah, you're all together, good, good."

"Hello Koenma, may we help you with something?" Kurama asks the ruler of Rekai politely, not showing his surprise for the princling's sudden appearance.

"Houten, a shadow demon has declared himself lord of Raizen's land, and, apparently Keiko is by his side." Koenma informs the three boys.

"What? But Keiko'd never betray Urameshi!" Kuwabara exclaims defending the human girl.

Kurama purses his lips before speaking his thoughts aloud. "And yet it makes perfect sense, Yusuke's reluctance to speak of his death could be because he's trying to protect Keiko."

Koenma nods. "That's what I thought too. Add to it the fact that most shadow demon's have a rather powerful thrall and…"

"Thrall?" Kuwabara echoes blankly. "So that means Keiko didn't do it right? Not of her own free will at least."

The red-haired fox shakes his head in the negative. "No, in order for a thrall to work then the seed must be there already, the demon merely enhances the emotions that accompany the action they wish to happen. Therefore, it's the victim's own action that causes the thrall to strengthen."

Hiei snorts. "Fox's call it charm."

"So what are we waiting for?" Kuwabara yells jumping from his seat. "Let's go kick some demon ass!"

"I concur." Kurama agrees before turning to the shortest boy present. "Hiei?"

"Hn, the foolish detective got himself killed before I could exact my revenge. Whoever murdered him shall pay dearly."


Botan stood next to Koenma as they watched the happenings on his big screen TV. Houten had made his move for control. The monks, still loyal to Raizen and his heir, now fought the demon army that accompanied the shadow demon.

Kurama, Kuwabara, and Hiei were there along with a few other allies Yusuke had managed to attract throughout the years. It would have been an easy battle if not for the setting sun and the swell of shadow demons that could attack safely from within their element.

"Koenma sir! Koenma sir!" An orange ogre calls as he bursts into the office.

"Can't you see we're busy?" Koenma demands angrily.

"But sir it's about Yusuke Urameshi!"

Botan chokes as her attention focuses on the secretary. "What about Yusuke?"

"His spirit's disappeared!"



"Spirit gun!" The yell echoes across the battlefield causing many to freeze in shock. A brilliant blast of light flies across the battle destroying those who get caught in the way.

Houten barely manages to dodge as he stares at the sight before him. "But-but, you were dead!"

A familiar cocky grin spreads across the newcomer's face as he shrugs. "What can I say? I got people." Yusuke baits before shooting off another spirit blast, this on hits the shadow lord directly obliterating him on contact.


"So Yusuke's alive then?"

Atsuko swallows her beer before nodding. "Yep, I'm starting to think he does this just to make me worry." She tells her blonde friend.

Eri laughs and shakes her head. "I doubt it Atsuko, you know how he gets when women cry."

"You really aren't feeling good are you?" Atsuko asks taking in her guest's pale appearance. "You look like shit."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Eri dryly responds before sighing. "I'm fine, just, tired." She answers running a hand through her hair.

Snorting unbelievingly Atsuko eyes her friend before changing the subject. "Yeah well killing a boy and bringing him back to life will do that to you."

Choking on her drink the blonde witch gasps for breath. "What?"

Atsuko smirks. "Yusuke talks in his sleep."


"What's going to happen to Keiko now?" Shizuru asks Botan as the group lay around the Kuwabara household.

Botan sighs. "House arrest for the moment, Koenma's keeping a close eye on her though. We're still not exactly sure how long she's been with Houten to begin with."

Yukina eats her ice cream slowly as she listens to the talk around her. The resurrection spell had drained her, though not as much as it affected Eri. The blonde witch was still sleeping off and on trying to regain her lost energy. Puu was helping though; apparently while Yusuke was dead he had gotten attached to the witch's garden and forest. Now the spirit beast refused to leave, either that, or Yusuke had some feelings for the blonde witch. Yukina smiles at the thought.

"So you died in order to lure Houten and his spy out of hiding." Kurama states finally leaning against the back of his chair.

Yusuke nods. "Yep, and it worked."

"Tch, idiot."

Kuwabara ignores Hiei's comment as he asks the question that had been bugging him ever since this whole thing began. "How did you die?"

Grinning widely Yusuke clasps his hands behind his head as he answers. "The best way a man can. At the hands of two beautiful women."

No one notices the deep blush staining a certain ice maiden's skin as she hides her face behind the ice cream bowl.

"Urameshi, you pervert!"


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