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Chapter 5

"So, what are we going to do now, Sweetie," River asked, venom dripping from hidden fangs. "Are you going to give me a lesson on the dangers of criminal activity or a lecture about smuggling in some of the future? Same story, different year, yeah?" She tried to twist away from him, but he simply gripped her tighter.

"Are you going to give me a hint about this raging hostility, Dr. Song?" He tightened his grip on her leg and pressed her even harder into the shelves of books. His hearts were beating at an alarming rate, and there was no hiding his enjoyment of her captivity…or his excitement. His body was betraying him and exposing a weakness he had always been able to conceal.

"It's none of your bloody business," She refused to break eye contact. "At least, not this you," she added with a hateful grin and a grind against his obvious arousal.

He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth in both emotional and sexual frustration. He didn't know whether to kiss her or kill her. It wasn't very often that something or someone provoked the kind of anger that was surging through his body in that moment, and he wasn't exactly sure what to do with it in context with his situation.

But he didn't condone violence. Which left him with one option. And he was terrified. What he wouldn't do for that vortex manipulator right now. Of course, as close as they were, he would simply be uncomfortable in another time and place with her…and in little more than his underpants.

He studied her face. Oh, but she was infuriated. Her chin jutted forward and her eyes were glowing an unnatural green. Her breathing was heavy and fast, and he could tell that she was waiting for just the right reason to do him justifiable bodily harm. Though she kept her nails trimmed short, they were causing quite a pinch to the skin of his arms as she tried to force him away from her. She had stopped wiggling, which was making him even more nervous. It could only mean that she had found another way out, and it promised to be unpleasant. He ran possible scenarios through is mind as held her stare. My god, you are beautiful. And just like that, he forgot to hold her captive, reaching up and tucking a curl behind her ear.



"What did you just say?" Her voice had lost the rage and her eyes had softened.

"I didn't say anything." He lowered his eyes from hers, knowing that he couldn't look at her and lie. He hadn't meant to say it out loud, but it may have saved him from potential physical suffering.

"Doctor, I heard you…" She reached up and gave his chin a gentle bump, motioning for him to look her in the face. The incredulous look she reflected at him made it difficult for him to keep a straight face.

"Did you throw the book?"


"And I didn't say anything."

"I hate you." She relaxed into his arms and welcomed the weight of him against her. He molded into her curves as if one had been carved from the other.

"No, you don't." He smiled and placed a light kiss on her nose. He felt the tension leave her body, and he sunk into her, giving over nearly all of his weight.

"I might…" She reached around and pulled him into her, adding pressure to his already aching groin.

He drew in a breath between clenched teeth, hissing at his pleasurable discomfort. "Never…"

She looked up at him and her eyes changed suddenly, almost saddened. "But I have."

He felt that confession plummet within him and knew that it was only a small part of a much bigger picture…one that he had tried so many times before to pull from her. And one that mattered very little to him at that very moment. He put a finger to her lips. "Shhh…spoilers."

She grinned under his finger, and the fire returned to her stare. She opened her mouth and let his finger fall in between her teeth. She ran the length of her tongue from bottom to top and sucked lightly on the end of it while rolling her tongue in circles. She forced it out with her tongue and kissed it before the Doctor reclaimed the finger.

"I said you are beautiful," he whispered as he reached behind her to untie the fabric that held her hair. It tumbled around his hands, which he quickly buried in the curls.

"I threw the book." She couldn't take her eyes off his - afraid that if she blinked, he would be gone. She began to slowly unbutton his shirt, her fingers lightly touching his bare skin.

"I would have said that I miss you. Sometimes so much that the TARDIS brings me to you on her own." He placed kisses at the corners of her mouth as he trailed his fingers softly up and down her arms.

"If you weren't here, I'd be in those clothes you are wearing, just to have something of yours near me," she admitted, sliding the shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. She kissed him at the base of his throat, knowing that it would make it unbearable for him to stop touching her.

He rolled his hips into her, and she wrapped her leg tighter around him. The Doctor leaned in closer, his lips grazing hers as he spoke. "I don't think I can close the TARDIS door behind me again unless you're on my side of it. I think I need you, River…"

It started as a chaste and simple kiss. The Doctor closed the gap and brushed his lips over hers softly, River returning as sweetly as was given. He pulled her lower lip between his teeth and teased it with a gentle bite and a glide of his tongue. When he released it, he took advantage of her parted lips and sought out her tongue with his own. The dance was slow, each feeling out the other with careful and deliberate flicks, and then progressed into a needy hunger. The Doctor gripped the hair in his hands tighter, tugging at it slightly, and River reached around into his boxers and pulled him tighter to her, digging her nails into the bare skin. The sounds of their moans and kisses heightened their arousals, and both ground into each other to release some of the pressure.

The Doctor lifted her shirt and broke the kiss to pull it over her head. His breath caught in his throat as he got his first look at her bare chest. He began to nibble at the skin below her ear and took a breast in each hand, rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. River moaned as he wedged his leg between hers, causing her to instinctively grind against him. He awkwardly bent his body to allow him to take a breast in his mouth while keeping his leg pressed into her, and River rolled her hips against him, letting little moans escape. She slid a hand as far into his boxers as she could reach, which wasn't far enough considering his long torso, but just enough to tease. She scratched at his skin lightly, and he bucked into her hand.

The Doctor made one last flick of her nipple with his tongue before standing to face her. She had been watching him and knowing that created an even greater sense of urgency. When he stood, River was left without the pressure she needed against her center, but she channeled that need into what was available to her with the change of position. Her shoulder rolled into him as she reached further into his boxers. The Doctor followed her lead and slid his hands into her joggers, teasing her over the fabric of her panties. She trailed her fingers along the areas closest to where he needed her touch, careful not to oblige him. He rubbed lightly, back to front to back with just the tip of one finger, pausing to make circles over her covered clit.

Her breathing had become more of a pant. "Doctor…"

He covered her mouth with his own, leaving a quick kiss and speaking against her lips. "What do you want, River?" He moved the fabric of her panties to the side and slid a finger into her, making slow circular movements against her walls. She moaned and removed her hand from his pants, pushing against his chest with her hands. His thumb rubbed across her clit as he worked another finger inside, pushing deep and rubbing to find that spot, the one that would send her over the edge when manipulated. "Open your eyes and look at me, River…."

She opened her eyes and met his. His shoulder burned and his hand was cramping, but nothing short of death could have made him stop. He removed one finger, leaving the other to probe deeper and flick quickly. He placed the heel of his hand against her clit and increased the pressure as it rubbed with the movements of his finger. She gasped and bucked into his hand. He smiled at her wickedly. "Oh…right there…"

Her laugh was low and guttural and almost enough to send him over the edge. The laugh faded quickly into heavy breaths as she gripped his other arm with both hands and curled her fingers around his flesh. He felt the walls inside her throb and squeeze around his finger as she rode out the orgasm that rocked her. River rolled her hips into his hand, and he gently withdrew his finger and rid her of the rest of her clothing. River reached for his hand and took his finger into her mouth and licked it thoroughly. A small growl escaped his throat as she held his stare while her tongue rolled around his finger. He pulled his finger from between her lips and leaned in for a kiss, but she had other plans.

River kissed her way down his chest, leaving a glistening trail with her tongue. The Doctor reached up and braced himself against the bookshelf, thankful for the supporting wall behind it. She dragged her nails down his chest hard enough to leave scratches, and he moaned in delicious pain. He knew from the moment she took him into her mouth that his life would never be the same.

River teased him painstakingly slow at first, moving from base to tip, her tongue gliding along the underside of him. She would take him in and hold him there until she slid back to the tip, circling him with her tongue. Kneading his hanging flesh in her hands, she began to gradually increase her speed. The Doctor reached down and took a handful of her hair in his hand, just to have the contact. Her teeth would occasionally graze him and send his hips bucking into her mouth. "River… you've…got…to…it's…time…I'm…going…to…" He couldn't finish his sentence before she pulled back from the base with one last slow movement.

She rose to her feet, dragging her body up the length of him. The Doctor grabbed her by the sides of the face and kissed her with a force that was sure to leave them both bruised. As their lips fought, he grabbed her from behind and lifted her to him. River wrapped her legs around his middle and her arms around his neck.

The Doctor broke their kiss and pulled back to look at her. Her eyes met his, and though he couldn't be sure and would never ask, he thought he saw the traces of a tear down her cheek. He rested his head in the crook of her neck so that his lips danced over her skin as he spoke, "We've never done this before, River…for me, this is the first time."

His admission sent a chill through her as it occurred to River that it could mean the last for her, but any panic that threatened to rise was forgotten as he slid slowly into her. She whimpered and wrapped her legs tighter, holding him deep inside as she rocked her hips against him. He pulled her tighter as she rolled her hips in circular patterns. The Doctor began to thrust faster, forcing River against the shelves repeatedly. She reached up and grabbed one, holding on until it gave way and sent books crashing down around them. He moved in her frantically and watched her face as she neared orgasm once again. Close himself, he pushed in deep one last time and held himself there, both riding out the waves that coursed through their bodies.

The Doctor wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly to him. River legs still clung around his hips. She swept the hair from around her face and placed a kiss on his shoulder, followed by one to his forehead.

"Hey, that's my line," he teased.

"You were late…as always," she giggled, adding, "Now that I can actually feel the shelves, I think maybe I don't like them."

"Oh, sorry. There were all sorts of getting carried away happening. You know…with the…"

"Sweetie, just back up and put me down," she interrupted, saving him from the awkwardness to which he was headed.

He took a step backward and then another. However, the shakiness of his legs and the angle at which he placed his foot on a book caused them both to go tumbling to the floor. They were a jumbled mess of nakedness. Nothing but legs and arms and hair…all sweaty and slick. Suddenly, River began to laugh. One of those breath-stealing contagious laughs.


She doubled over and put her head on his chest, shaking throughout her middle.

"River! What is it!" He didn't want to ruin the afterglow with whining and pouting, but it was no fun being left out of a joke…especially when there were only two people in a room and he wasn't the one laughing.

"Your feet!"

He looked down to see that he still had on his socks and that he had neglected to change them when he put on the linen suit. They were bright yellow and covered in dozens of multi-colored books with little wings on the binds.

He kissed her hair as she continued laughing into his chest and couldn't help but to join in on the fun.

"Do you know what inappropriately colored socks are?" he asked.

"Cool," she said with a wink.

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