A Companion in Solitude

Chapter 4

(If you really want to set the mood, I suggest looking up the song and listening along :)

The Doctor held out his arms as if to waltz, causing River to chuckle. She took hold of his hands and stepped inside the arm box he was holding out.

"No, Sweetie. We're not entering a ballroom contest." She placed his hands on her lower back. "They go here. "

Their bodies were now close together – uncomfortably close, the Doctor thought – and the tip ends of his fingers rested on her naked skin. "No no, I've seen this done before. I was absolutely right the first time. Whoever taught you this way was just trying to…uhh…to…umm…"

"You did." She brought her arms up to his shoulders and rested her hands behind his neck.

"Right then. Off we go…" he replied quickly and nervously, his legs suddenly like pudding.

They began to sway, rather awkwardly at first. He would get ahead of her, and many times it seemed as if they were dancing in opposite directions. He'd double-step to get back in synch, and then he felt like he was tap dancing. His arms were like stone, keeping his hands planted firmly where River has placed them. She might as well have been dancing with a cardboard cut-out of him. The unusual mood that had led him to initiate this dance had faded, and it had now become a task….something to get through. His arms had begun to tremble from the statuesque position in which he held River. How long is this blasted song, he thought. Time had never moved so slowly. This he knew for a fact. He was a Time Lord. They were right now in the midst of someone's evil plan, and time was being manipulated. That was the only answer.

"Ok, Doctor," River said. She had dropped her hands from around his neck and was trying to take a step back from his rigid grip. She forced herself backward, and the Doctor's arms fell to his side in relief. "To say that was painful would be an understatement." She exhaled a sigh of disappointment.

"Yeah, sorry about your feet," he answered. Painful, indeed. His arms hurt to bend, and he tried to work out the soreness. "Tricky things, feet."

"No, Honey. I meant, mentally, emotionally painful. It was like moving a Cyberman around in a circle," she joked.

The Doctor winced at the comparison. "Well, we are DOING IT WRONG. I am sure I could wipe the floor with a Cyberman if we were doing correctly," he growled. "I'm just saying."

She walked toward him. "You are wonderful at this…eventually. Let's give it another go."

The Doctor was standing there with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl on his face. "No, the mood has passed. It was, no doubt, a future me that taught you this…this…."

"Oh, no. Don't start your pouting again," she warned. "If you don't work it out now, then any future you will fall apart as well. Might as well fix you now."

"Hey…" He dropped his arms and looked at her like a child who'd been told a truth he'd rather not have known.

"Seriously, quit pouting. It's not attractive," she chastised. "Now, listen to me and watch how I move."

She was close again. If he were to have lowered his head, he could smell her hair. She grabbed his arms. "These things are a mess. Don't grip me like I'm hanging from you for dear life." She waved them up and down and side to side. "Loosen 'em up. All that flailing you do for no reason needs to work for you." She put his hands on her lower back again. "Let your arms rest along my side."

He relaxed as best he could as she stood so close. "That's better. Now, for these sticks that hold up you upright. In the middle, they bend. It's novel. Try it."


"Oh, honey, if you only knew," she looked up at him without moving her head. A blush crept up into his face, and she winked. "Instead of rocking from one leg to the next, just imagine if you walked sideways instead of forward. Just smooth movements." Her voice was softer and lower and not entirely unpleasant.

He was feeling less tense, and the swaying felt more natural. "Like this?"

"Oh, much better."

"I feel really stupid."

"Let's just start the song over and see what you got, yeah?" she suggested. But before either of them could snap for restart, the song began to play from the beginning. They both looked over at the console, then each other, and laughed.

"The TARDIS has spoken," he said as River stepped even closer, once again snaking her arms around him.

He began to listen to and feel the slow rhythm of the music as they moved. His fingers lay softly at the base of her back, and he started tracing small circles with his thumbs along the satin fabric. She responded similarly by running her fingers through his hair along his neck line. She relaxed into him, and their bodies were pressed closer together than he thought was even possible, causing sensations to travel to places to which he rarely gave a second thought.

RIver began to sing along with the music, and he could feel the vibrations in her chest dance along his own.

"I don't like you, but I love you. Seems that I'm always thinking of you. Though you treat me badly, I love you madly…you've really got a hold on me…."

The Doctor felt not at all like himself. As River sang, his hands found the bare skin of her back, where clothes should have been. He let the fingertips of one hand trail down from her neck to the small of her back and back up. He could hear the smile in her voice as she sang. He was doing something right, he was quite sure of it. His confidence was building with each passing note. He liked this. He would take this any day over jammie dodgers.

He slid his hands up her bare arms and unclasped her hands from around his neck. She looked up at him with a moment of disappointment until she felt him turn her around and wrap their arms around her middle. She rested her head against his chest and swayed with him. She could barely stand to be in her own skin when she heard a sound in her ear, much like singing.

"I don't want you, but I need you. Don't wanna kiss you, but I need to. Though you do me wrong now, my love is strong now…you've really got a hold on me….I love you and all I want you to do is just hold me...hold me….."

His thumbs had been drawing circles over her hands as he held her tight against him. She felt lips on her bare shoulder, and a breath caught in her throat. Then, kisses on her neck. A small groan escaped from deep within her…the same depths where a heat was beginning to boil. She took a slow breath, and as she exhaled, he untangled one of his hands from hers and began to lightly stroke the skin of her exposed chest with the backs of his fingers. He continued to place feathered kisses along her neck and shoulder.

She ran her hands down the sides of his legs where they rested as they moved with the music. The hand not drawing maps on her chest found its way slightly under her top to the bare skin of her stomach. She clinched the fabric of his pants tight in her hands. She needed to feel more of him and tuned around slowly, letting her body drag across his in all the pleasant ways.


River's heart smiled at the appropriately placed lyric. She ran her hands up his back and tried to pull him closer. Her forehead dug into his chest as he removed the clip from her hair and ran his fingers through it gently as it tumbled over her shoulders. Her breathing sped up, and she instinctively drug her nails down his back. She heard a shallow gasp and felt a slight tug in her hair.


His hands began to roam and found themselves tracing an invisible line up her sides and down her hips with some pressure. She sidestepped so that his leg was between hers. He felt a sudden jolt through his body. Life was stirring in places he thought time had forgotten. She pressed herself closer to him to relieve the ache and throbbing but found that it only made it worse.

"I wanna leave you, don't wanna stay here. Don't wanna spend another day here. Though I wanna split now, I can't quit now….you've really got a hold on me…"

He bent his body forward, causing hers to arch back. She let her head follow the motion, and he placed kisses at the base of her throat, teeth occasionally scraping the skin. She felt like every nerve ending was clawing at her skin to get out. He trailed the kisses up, following her jawline to her ear and whispered, "I think I like slow dancing, Dr. Song."

She made a low sound that was a mixture of laugh and groan. "I'd say you're doing okay."

When she felt his tongue graze her ear lobe, she grabbed the sides of his head with an urgent force and brought his lips to hers. His mouth moved with purpose across her lips. She ran the tip of her tongue across his top lip, eliciting a groan. When their tongues touched, a spark ignited in his gut and shot straight into his groin. As they each wrestled for control of the kiss, his hands ran down her back and over the rounded flesh inside her joggers, pressing her closer to him. She broke the kiss and buried her face in his neck, her breathing quick and shallow. She could feel his reaction pressing into her leg.

"…I love you and all I want you to do is just hold me…hold me…hold me…."

He was far too clothed. She pulled at his bowtie and slid it from around his neck in one swift movement. As she undid each button of his shirt, she placed a kiss on the skin revealed above it. He buried his hands in her hair again and began an almost unnoticeable grinding motion against her. "River…."

She had him unbuttoned and slowly pulled his shirt tail from his pants. She placed a kiss below his navel at the top of his pants and ran her hands up the insides of his thighs as she stood, stopping just short of comfort. He thought his legs would buckle if he didn't somehow brace himself against something.

He pulled her with him as he backed up against the railing. "Where is this going, Doctor?"

"I thought it was quite obvious," he answered, reaching up to untie the blouse at the base of her neck.

She reached back and clasped his hand in hers, dropping them to hang at their sides. "It's too early."

His eyed widened. "Pardon me?"

When she raised her eyes to look into his, he could see tears welling. His belly twisted into a knot. He didn't like the sudden turn of events. "It's too early for you, Sweetie. You don't know who I am yet."

He stroked her hair with his free hand and smiled. "I know exactly what I need to know. You're River Song. You're beautiful, brilliant, and my god, you're sexy, and I'm falling….."

There was the unmistakable flash of the vortex manipulator, and the force threw him over the rail, landing with a thud onto the steps below.

And when the smoke cleared, so had River.

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