A Companion in Solitude

Chapter 6

(Once again, this works great with the music - At Last, sung by Etta James.)

They stood quietly in her cell for quite some time. The Doctor - unaccustomed to the urge to comfort with touch and gentleness – and River – unaccustomed to needing comfort in any capacity. He had reluctantly explained the confusion.

River spoke first. "You are a terrible navigator."

He could hear the smile in her voice. "I'll have you know that I am an excellent TARDIS captain. It just so happens that I have a rogue TARDIS. She bloody well goes where she wants," he grumbled into her hair. It still smelled delicious. How could hair smell delicious? And, why didn't it smell like battle and adrenaline and smoldering Silent flesh? Maybe he thought too much like a man.

A man. Is that what he was becoming? Parts of him definitely reacted as a man.

"Why would she want to come back here? She's better at getting you to where you need to be than you are." River's hushed voice made the hair on the back of his neck come alive, not to mention the light touch of her fingers fidgeting with his shirt button.

"Maybe I said it wrong…"

She looked up at him inquisitively. "Said what wrong?"

Her eyes were a brighter green from crying, and her lips red and puffy from nervous biting. A few curls fell across her forehead and covered her flushed cheeks. Other curls were tucked behind an ear and gave her an innocent appearance that threw him off-balance. She was absolutely the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen.


He exhaled a breath he hadn't been aware of holding. "Yes?"

"Said what wrong?"


"To the TARDIS?" She had a confused grin on her face.

"Could you be more specific? Apparently, I make a habit of being wrong at the TARDIS." He couldn't even keep up with the conversation.

"Doctor, what did you say to her that brought you here?"

"Oh, yes, right. Umm…" He scratched his head and looked off to the side and back again. "Well, I think what I said was to follow the…uhhh….well, the upset crying woman…" He feared to look at her. This was River. She didn't cry – just ask her.

Her eyebrows turned inward as she thought quickly on his words. "The upset crying woman? Who had no name or time?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know what time you're in?" He was getting flustered. "Besides, I was a little out-of-sorts, if you will."

She let out a low chuckle. "Oh, I remember well."

He cocked his head and crumpled his face, baffled. "You remember?"

She grinned. "Timey wimey…."

He nodded in understanding. "Wibbly wobbly…."

She rested her head on his shoulder once again. "I'm sorry, by the way."

"Yeah, well, you…..should be." He could feel her breath on his neck, and words were escaping him. "I could have injured one of these legs I have when I soared over that railing. I prefer to have them both working together. That's what legs do. They, uh, help each other out." He was babbling. She had circled her arms around his waist and was faintly scratching circles on his back. He'd never really thought about how little his back had been touched. Marvelous things, women's hands. With nails that scratch in places his arms were not designed to reach. "You know, with the feet that go one in front of the other. They make a great team, legs and feet…"

"Sweetie, you're rambling," she said into his neck. She felt a sharp intake of breath when her lips grazed his skin as she spoke.

His comforting hug had broken down into two hands resting lightly on her lower back. He raised his head from her hair so that when he spoke, she could feel the moisture of his lips on her temple. "I'm just happy to have legs. These legs. They look fantastic with these arms."

"Umm, hmm."

"Yep, legs are so…leggy." His voice was almost inaudible.

At some point, they had begun to move slowly. He opened his eyes, afraid that he was actually fainting. But he discovered that they had begun to sway to the sound of their own breathing.

"Hey, look at me. I'm a dancing fool," he joked. She smiled against his neck. "You know you owe me the rest of that dance, Dr. Song."

"There's no music…"

Before River could finish, the TARDIS answered with an intro of stringed instruments. They both turned their heads to look at the blue box before looking back at each other, grinning with eyebrows raised.

"What you may not know, Archaeologist Song, is that I fly a jukebox disguised as a spaceship. It's a special edition. I had her pimped." The Doctor left a quick kiss on her nose.

"I'm impressed, Doctor." River leaned in as close as she could without touching her lips to his and said, "She has great taste."

"At last…..my love has come along…my lonely days are over….and life is like a song….."

He smiled and closed the gap, brushing her lips with his. He nibbled and nipped as they moved together slowly. She captured his bottom lip between her teeth and sucked it gently. It was all he could do to keep from moaning. After she released him, the Doctor licked at her top lip, and River opened her mouth to him. Their tongues danced splendidly together, the perfect mix of give and take. He could not imagine any reason under the stars that would justify River's lips leaving his.

Until she broke their kiss and trailed her lips along his jawline to his ear. There was a reason.

She nibbled lightly on his earlobe as she unbuttoned his shirt…again. The Doctor barely noticed River slide the shirt off his shoulder until he felt her hands glide down his bare arms. He caught her hands in his own and brought them up to rest behind his neck. He kissed her softly before turning his attention to her neck. He bit at her skin lightly and slid the strap of her tank off her shoulder, chasing it with kisses.

River arched her back to press into him, and he responded in kind, meeting her thrust with his own. Her arms slid from around her neck and removed her top in one fluid motion.

"At last….the skies above are blue….my heart was wrapped up in clovers….the night I looked at you…."

"Oh my…." The Doctor wasn't even aware that he'd spoken. He just stared at River, standing there in the most delicate piece of fabric he'd ever seen. How could something so thin and dainty serve any purpose but to drive a man insane? He traced the top of her bra with the fingers of both hands, still amazed that such a subtle and beautiful garment was hidden under such practical and boring things as jumpers and polo necks. "First order of business tomorrow is to paint the TARDIS this shade of pink."

She laughed a guttural sound and leaned into his ear. "It's a matching set."

When she came closer to whisper, her naked skin met his and nearly caused him to stop breathing. Did she say something about having two of them? "Is the other one pink too?"

This time her laugh was more playful. "No, honey..." She took his hands and placed them inside the waistband of her linen pants. He picked up on the meaning quickly as she placed kisses on his bare chest. Another reason. It was almost too much for him to consider. The same material was covering the all parts of River that were rapidly becoming his favorites. But before he could investigate the other half of the set, she was trailing kisses down his stomach, dragging her nails down his sides. The moments of muffling his groans had passed. He no longer had the strength to be subtle.

River drew lazy circles along his stomach muscles with her tongue. The salty taste of him made her muscles contract, and she shifted her weight for friction, causing her to groan. She ran her hands up the fronts of his legs, and let her thumbs barely graze him where she knew he needed it most. She unbuckled and unzipped and ran her hands around his waistband to tug his pants down in the back. As he stepped out of his trousers, River turned away from him and rose slowly, dragging her body up the length of his.

"I found a dream that I could speak to….a dream that I can call my own…I found a thrill to press my cheek to…a thrill that I have never known…"

When she had stood, he was amazed that she had somehow managed to work herself out of her own bottoms while working him from his. The view from the back proved that she was, in fact, wearing a matching set. However, he didn't have much time to appreciate the view before she pressed back into him, leaving him with the need to press forward.

His arms went around her middle, and he took a breast in each hand, rubbing each nipple lightly through her bra. Her head fell back onto his chest, and he leaned down to capture her mouth with his. As one hand trailed slowly down her stomach, the kiss became more urgent, and they both battled for dominance. When the Doctor's hand slid past the delicate fabric, River gave up all control to this man who held the root of her power in his hand. He instinctively slid one, and then two fingers, inside, and this motion pulled her harder against him.

He began to grind into her as she reached behind him and gripped his naked flesh. She bent her body forward to tease him a bit, and his fingers went deeper still. He continued probing deeper until she was very nearly on the edge of orgasm. They both moaned, and she straightened up to lean against him. He withdrew his fingers from her and turned her around to face him. He needed to see her eyes.

"You smile, you smile…oh, then the spell was cast…and here we are in heaven…for you are mine…at last."

He kissed her softly and slid his hands down her back to unfasten her bra, all the while walking her backwards to the bed.

"Sweetie, there aren't any linens."

He smiled into the kiss. "River, I don't plan on covering any part of your body with anything except every part of mine."

The strings faded as he laid her down for the first and the last time.

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