A Companion in Solitude

Chapter 8

The Doctor hovered over River's body, watching her breasts rise and fall with her quickening breaths. Her lips were slightly parted and her hair fanned the mattress. "Do you have any idea how incredible you look nearly naked?" He no longer felt as if he had any control over his body or his emotions.

A faint smile spread across her flushed face. "I'm sure not nearly as incredible as I would look completely naked." She rolled her body up to meet his, his hardness rubbing all the right places. He inhaled a hiss and resisted the urge to take her right then. She moved her hips in a slow circle against him. "Some of us do wear knickers to cover our naughty bits, Doctor."

He fought her circular teasing with heavy thrusts of his own. "I suppose if I had knickers like those I could be persuaded to give them a go. But who needs them, really? Unnecessary business, knickers…"

She ran her hands down the length of her body, stopping just short of the offending fabric. He was afraid to blink, anxious he'd miss where her hands were headed. She looked up at him slyly. "Well, then, maybe it's time you stop admiring their novelty and add them to the mess."

He sat up and gave them a tug over her hips and slid the lace slowly down her legs. As she freed her feet from them, she let her legs fall open just enough to accommodate the width of his body. The Doctor's hands made an agonizingly slow climb up the insides of her calves to her thighs, only to drag his short nails back down the length of her legs. He followed back up her thighs not with his fingers, but with kisses.

When he was close enough to feel the brush of curls against his cheek, he rose higher to place a kiss in the crease where her leg met her pelvis. His attentions were interrupted. "Well, what have we here?"

River could just make out the sound of his voice over the blood pounding in her groin. "What, Sweetie?"

"And to think I may never have known if I hadn't gotten you naked." His lips covered the small red tulip with a kiss. "Why a tulip?" He outlined the tattoo with the tip of his tongue.

She could speak almost any language a situation called for, yet she could not form words to answer him as he trailed his kisses closer and closer to the pounding. "River?"

"Ancient Earth symbolism. Irresistible love," she half whispered, half moaned.

"Mine, I hope," he teased as his tongue flicked across the small bundle of nerves at her core. His thumbs made small circular movements along her folds, causing them to open and close against each other, adding to the sensation.

"Doctor?" she pleaded.

"Yes, Dr. Song?" He sucked the swollen button into his mouth and teased it between his teeth. She bucked her hips and let out a whimper, reaching down to grab fistfuls of his hair.

"Please…..shut…up" she managed as he continued trailing his tongue downward and entering her. He reached up and entwined her fingers with his, pressing down on the mattress at her sides. He watched her face as he licked the inside of her. When she opened her eyes to meet his, he nearly lost what he had been holding back.

"River, when was the last time someone scratched your back?" He needed a moment to calm himself, or he was sure to have a teenager's first time.

"I don't remember. I guess the last time you asked," she simpered. She needed him in her more than she ever had. "No scratching, more everything else."

He sat up and rolled her hips to get her to turn over. "Come on. Humor an old lover, huh?"

She accommodated him and turned to lay on her stomach, folding her arms under her head.

"Holy…" The back of her was poetic. She had a knee bent out, and the curvature of her body deserved its own temple of worship. He straddled her and began tracing his nails up and down the expanse of her back. Down her sides, up her neck, across her shoulders. She spread her legs a little wider as she pressed her hips down into the mattress. No matter where he touched her, she felt in her core. His scratching and massaging went on for what seemed like hours.

Just when she thought she would have to beg for him, she felt his body slide up hers. He kissed the back of her neck, and she turned her head to find his lips. He met her kiss with desperation. Their need was nearly violent. He began to grind his hips into her, and she rose to meet each thrust. She bit his lip, and he could taste the blood in their kiss. "Now…" she demanded.

He didn't enter her as forcefully as instinct told him. It was slow and with shallow deliberate movements. He would retreat just before he reached the spot that was aching in River. She moaned and tried to meet his lunges. "Doctor…."

He lowered his hips so that he was completely inside her. He pulled back and thrust forward once, twice, and a third time. She gripped the bars of her headboard with force enough to bend them. He continued to roll his hips along her backside as her hips pushed back against his in perfect timing. He slid a hand under her to stroke her slowly. She closed her legs a bit making her tighter around him. His groan was almost a cry. "What are you doing to me, River?"

"I want to see you…" she gasped. "I want to look into your eyes when….." He pushed deep inside her and held himself there, making circular grinding motions against her. He dropped his head into the crook of her neck. "I can't hold it, River….it has to be now," he mumbled.

"Yes, you can…."

He inhaled deeply and paused his movements for several moments, breathing into the side of her neck. She waited patiently for him to lift himself from her. When he did begin to move, she took the initiative to force him upright and into a sitting position. She slinked towards him with a single mission, and he stopped her. "I definitely won't make it through that. I might not even make it through the thought of that…." He whined. She giggled and crawled into his lap.

"It's my turn to do some of the work," she whispered in his ear as she guided him into her and wrapped her legs around his waist. River began to move up and down with long, smooth motions. She rose high and dropped low, grinding herself against him. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, eliciting a groan from the nearly breathless woman. She began to move with a faster pace, and he reached around her, pulling her harder into him. "River, I can't…..it's coming….."

"Look at me, Doctor. " She was staring into his eyes with a fever and a love that he would never have imagined existed. He couldn't look away.

"I love you, River Song," he confessed as he neared his breaking point. She began to tighten around him, and she dug her nails into his back as she moved faster and faster.

"I love you….." She whispered his name as they rode the wave together. "Always remember. My Doctor."

They both collapsed into a pile of arms and legs, and she moaned through the remaining tremors. He propped up on an elbow and kissed her chin. "I could go through life never saving another planet if it meant I had all the opportunities in time and space to see that look on your face over and over and over…." He feathered kisses on her closed eyelids.

She laughed softly. "You'd eventually get tired of this body and pray that it would regenerate into something tighter."

"Any tighter and I think we might have caught fire!" He looked horrified at the thought.

She started to giggle, which turned into a fit of laughter. "My skin, you idiot. I was talking about tighter skin."

The shaking of this amused woman under him was rather pleasant and the laughter contagious. "I was wondering how it would feel for just my fella down there to regenerate."

This made her laugh harder, and they both had tears streaming down their faces before they calmed down. He ran a hand through her hair and gently covered her lips with his. She rubbed light strokes down his back as they kissed.

The Doctor rolled from atop her and pulled her across his chest as he stared at the ceiling. "What now?"

"Sleep…." She yawned softly and molded her body against his. "Oh, and Doctor? There is a day coming for you that will be most unpleasant, because somewhere in my past, I am patiently waiting for you to chase me. Just be patient and ride it out, okay? You've got plenty of time to get your story together. That's why I apologized earlier." Her breathing was much slower and her voice hard to hear.


"Umm hum?"

"I love you." His voice caught in his throat when he realized it would be the last time she heard those words spoken by him.

"I know, Sweet…"

He lay there listening to her breathe for hours and thinking about what was to come for her. He was at the beginning of loving her, and she was at the end of him loving her. He couldn't think of a more heartbreaking realization.

River rolled off of him and into a ball on the other side of the bed. He carefully crawled around her and stepped to the floor. He couldn't bear the thought of looking into her eyes when she woke. She knew that it was their last time together, and her heart would be broken. He had no choice but to take the coward's way out. He had watched her body die once. He couldn't watch as her spirit die, as well. He opened and closed the TARDIS door quietly, and walked over to the console. Just this once, he took the brake off, and the TARDIS compassionately faded from River's cell without a sound. He buried thoughts of River under the secrets he had been carrying for weeks.

As the blue box spun across galaxies, he thought about the events of her past few days and tried to work it out in his head. He still couldn't figure out how an astronaut, the Silence and a little girl led to his death. See, he had warned them that games could not be played in his TARDIS. And private conversations should never be held under the console, unless you had a lookout for the steps above.

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