The Risk You Run

Chapter 3

This is nothing but FEMSLASH, so if that's not your thing, turn away slowly :) You can go to chapter 4 and still follow the story.

The Doctor discretely slipped out of the alley and looked around, as if to catch a prankster in the act. Surely, someone was waiting in a shadow for the perfect moment to jump out with a "Gotcha!" River must have seen him in the pub; there was really no other explanation. Humpf, he thought to himself. Any minute now she'll address me in any number of patronizing ways for stalking her.

He slipped back around the corner of the alley and hid in the shadows. The confidence he had only moments before that this was all an act was waning by the minute.

"So, what changed your mind?" Jack asked as she slowly unbuttoned and removed River's top. She tucked a corner of River's shirt inside the waistband of her jeans and feathered kisses across River's clavicle. River tangled her hands in the other woman's thick hair and arched her back into Jack.

"Sometimes, you just want an orgasm forced on you instead of by you…" River reasoned, only half-jokingly. A slow and low seductive sound escaped from the taller, blonder woman.

"Well, Ms. Song, let's hope you aren't disappointed," Jack moaned as River grabbed her from behind and pulled the woman closer. "Why don't we take this somewhere more private?"

The Doctor heard a sharp intake of air, the sound a breath made when sucked in through clenched teeth. It was a sound that was all too familiar to him. That woman made her hiss, he screamed to himself. River wasn't the only person in that alley with a mouth full of clenched teeth.

He felt like a bit of a pervert, even though he could only see the back of the blonde woman and River's face. Maybe if he turned to leave, River would stop him and begin the beratement. Not something he would normally look forward to, but when he considered the alternative, he was prepared for all of the angered and irrational remarks, which were sure to accompanied by a very possible smack to his face or knee to his goolies.

He was yanked from his thought by the sound of River's voice.

"Or we could walk a few feet further in…up under that light near the bin and give anyone who wanders by a proper show…."

The Doctor swallowed his tongue and caught himself as one of his knees gave way.

Any time now….

"My, oh my, River Song…." The words seemed to be sung. "You do know that you are backed up against the door leading into my apartment building? Wouldn't my bed be more comfortable than this dark and dank alley?"

River grabbed the woman's hand and took a finger into her mouth. The Doctor could see her roll her tongue around it before sucking lightly. His brain wouldn't even let him imagine where that finger might have been. Still holding Jack's hand, River began to back up in the direction of the dim light that seemed to be completely out of place in the alley. The seductive sway of her hips told the Doctor that this was not a game. "Might be more comfortable but not nearly as hot…"

Just before he could have a proper nervous breakdown inside his own mind, he heard the faint sound of screeching TARDIS brakes. River must have heard it, too, as she stopped suddenly. "Did you hear that?"

"Uh huh, Ms. Song. All sexy talk, no sexy action…"

River laughed nervously. "No, seriously. You didn't hear a noise like…" River mimicked the moaning of the Doctor-flown TARDIS.

The Doctor was afraid to move with her attention focused near the alley entrance.

"Well, I haven't heard a noise like that…yet…"Jack forced River back up against the wall, raised her hands above her head and brought a knee to press in between her legs. River released a guttural moan. "…but I'll wait for it…."

The Doctor cast a glance sideways and saw a glow on the pavement that wasn't there before. One small misstep and he would reveal himself to the two women. His hiding place had been compromised. He had no choice but to stay put.

There was a loud sudden banging of a door.

"Sounds like we may have company, River," Jack mumbled against River's skin as she twirled her tongue along her neck. "You may get your drive-by audience."

Except the Doctor knew that it wasn't a car door. Nor was it the door to a nearby shop. It was the TARDIS trying to get his attention. And though he couldn't think of a place he'd rather be more than the TARDIS in that very moment, he simply could not move. It was one thing for him to be spying in the context of River's game – that was a confrontation for which he had prepared himself. But to be discovered like a teenager spying through a peephole into the girls locker room with his stick in his hand…well, remaining still and suffering through what was to come was the lesser of the two evils. The TARDIS would just have to wait.

And as much as he willed himself not to, he couldn't help but watch the insanity happen.

As they had walked further into the alley and were now under a dreary light, he could see them both regretfully well. Jack still had River's arms raised over her head and was tracing her tongue along the swell of River's breasts as they heaved in her bra. Any other time, the sight of River's bound chest would cause him immediate arousal…although he had to admit that he was physically and disgustingly responsive to this atrocity.

River groaned small sounds of desire. "Please….." she begged between moans. "Please , Jack…" The pitch of her voice had changed suddenly as she spoke the words into Jack's open mouth, as the woman tantalized River's lips with her tongue.

"Please what, River?" Jack teased. She kissed River just under her ear. "Kiss you here?"


She lowered River's arms, keeping their hands clasped and wrapped behind River. She nipped at her bare shoulder. "Bite you here?"


Jack released River hands to unclasp and remove her bra. After sliding the straps down her arms, she added the bra to the clothesline she had started in the waistband of her jeans. Jack traced River's bottom lip with a finger of one hand while the fingers of the other rolled the nipple of one breast. "Pinch you here?"

River shook her head as she captured Jack's finger between her teeth and began sucking on it playfully. She made a motion to free Jack of her top when Jack intercepted one of her hands. The Doctor watched as the hands of both women disappeared into River's skirt. Jack's shoulder rolled forward and River stood on tip toes. Jack's lips danced across River's as she hummed, "Fuck you here?"

The Doctor's mouth was like sandpaper, and his eyes were dry from all the not-blinking. If every light in Florida went black, ensuring him an incognito walk back to the TARDIS, he couldn't be dragged from his hiding place now. He shifted his hands in his pockets, jostling the contents of his pants. He had never seen River as overpowered as she was by this woman. And so willing to do as directed.

"Y…yes, yes…."River muttered against Jack's mouth. The two women kissed with a violent urgency. It wasn't a kiss shared by long-time lovers or even the newly loved. It was its own version of oral sex. It was loud and fast and rough.

Jack used her free hand to tuck River's skirt into itself, revealing the hands making slow motions inside River's panties. Jack hooked a finger inside the purple lace fabric. "How much do you like these?"

"I hate them…"

The sound of the ripping panties caused a stir in the Doctor's pants that he was trying his best to ignore. To watch was one thing, but to participate indirectly was something altogether different.

"You know what I think…." Jack asked a writhing River. She bent her head down to capture a nipple in her mouth. River seemed to be nearing the limits to what her body could handle. The Doctor knew that look well.

"What…." River rolled her hips into the up and down motions their hands made across the throbbing nerves.

"I think….." Jack released the nipple to move to its neighbor, paying it the same wet attention. "….that your orgasm should be forced on you and by you….." River dropped her head as fingers from both her and Jack's hands entered her.

The Doctor stared in sheer amazement as the women's hands coordinated and kept perfect rhythm as they slid slowly in and out of River. Her hips began to thrust into their motions, River aching for them to slide in further. Jack guided their fingers deeper and held them there.

"Oh…my….." was all River could manage as Jack's finger began to make circular motions inside her. The women were forehead to forehead, watching the lust play across each other's faces. "I'm gonna…"

"No, you're not…" Jack withdrew their fingers and took them both into her mouth. River's legs buckled, and Jack caught her before she crumbled to the dirty concrete. "Let's finish this inside," she murmured around River's finger.

"No….now…..please…." River pleaded.

"Honey, you can't even stand now," she leaned in close. "And what I am about to do to you will drain you of any strength you have left, Ms. Song…"

He could barely make out what was being said, but its degree of naughtiness played about on River's face. He wasn't exactly sure when he'd started to rub the front of his pants, but he was rather disturbed at the realization. Though to stop meant dreadful discomfort.

"Jack, I really don't think I can move without losing it…." River confessed.

"Well, we can't have that now, can we," Jack teased. The woman looked around, searching for something.

The Doctor finally caught a glimpse of the woman's face, and she was strikingly beautiful. She had small features, though he supposed they may have only appeared small because of the distance. But regardless, she was herself a gorgeous woman. Just the thought that these two magnificent creatures could bring each other to orgasm without the interference of a man was enough to send him over the edge. It was a thing of beauty in itself.

She turned back to River and planted a kiss on her nose, which infuriated the Doctor. "Stay right where you are."

River giggled softly. "Where would I go exactly?" She collapsed against the brick wall, almost entirely nude but for the skirt tucked into its own waistband. Her body was flushed from the excitement and glowed under the dim lighting.

Jack returned with a small table. "Voila!" She pulled River by the hand towards it. "Sit."

River did as she was told, asking, "Where did it come from?"

Jack unzipped River's skirt down the side and slipped it over her head, placing it behind River on the table, along with the rest of her clothing. "The orgasm fairies. Who the hell knows….and frankly, who the hell cares….slide forward, River…."

That was the exact moment the Doctor ceased to care about propriety. He would wear a scarlet "P" on his chest for the rest of his Time Lordy existence, just to have witnessed what happened next.

Jack guided River's legs over her shoulders and placed kisses along the insides of her thighs. Two of her fingers disappeared into River, and River's head rolled against the wall as she arched her back. Jack hovered right over River's center, and River could feel her breath dance across the moist skin.

"Am I to believe, Ms. River Song…" Jack's tongue swirled slowly around River's swollen clit as she looked into the face of the woman on the table, and continued, "…that you have never had a woman to lick and tease the inside of you?"

"No…I mean, yes…" River cried out softly. Her chest glistened with a fine sheen of sweat and rose quickly with her short breaths.

Jack's mouth completely covered River's core and sucked gently and painstakingly slow on the throbbing bundle of nerves. She released the pressure and trailed her tongue up and down and along her wet folds. "Do you want a woman…" Jack began as she removed her fingers and placed the tip of tongue barely inside River, rolling it slowly. "…to lick and taste the inside of you until you come with a force so strong it scares you….."

"Oh my god, yes…"River begged unashamedly. "And yes, I want it to be you." She answered the unasked question that hung between them.

The Doctor had been afraid to unzip his trousers and call attention to himself, so he continued to stroke his bulge over his pants. His eyes were having a difficult time keeping their focus, which wasn't very bothersome considering the talk itself was going to cause him some embarrassment when he returned to the TARDIS. However, they supported his sight long enough to see Jack's tongue glide into River, and the sound of the pounding of his hearts stopped, as did the actual beating of them, to enable him to hear a desperate and guttural gasp escape from River as the woman's tongue began to move within her.

River buried her hands in the white-blonde hair and bucked her hips into Jack's mouth. She applied pressure to push Jack deeper in, an uncontrollable fire burning inside her. Jack slid her hands under River and rocked her in rhythm with her tongue thrusts. She plunged as deep as she could and flicked her tongue wildly inside, hitting every sensitive spot imaginable.

River released Jack's hair and gripped the sides of the table as her climax rocked through her body. Jack felt her walls contract around her tongue, yet continued licking at her. River began to get cramps in the muscles of her legs and pelvic region as she held the tension necessary to ride out her orgasm. Sweat trailed between her breasts, and the lights inside her closed eyes were blinding. Her body hurt from the pleasure coursing through it, yet she couldn't make it stop.

As River writhed on the table with the force of her climax, the Doctor silently rode out his own, now embarrassed that he had succumbed to something so barbaric and perverse. And even though she couldn't respond, the Doctor had already started to formulate a story to spin to the TARDIS.

River slid back on the table as Jack kissed up her belly, over her breasts, and along her jawline, finally resting on her lips as she transferred River's own taste to her tongue. The kiss was surprisingly gentle and sweet.

"River, you are amazing….." Jack whispered against her lips.

"The same could be said for you, Jacqueline." She brought her hands up to Jack's face and kissed her nose.

"Greatness is inspired…"

River laughed as she reached behind her to gather her clothes. The Doctor saw a moment of disappointment flash across Jack's face as she rose to her feet. She took River's hand and helped her from the tabletop. "Sorry you didn't get your audience…"

"Oh well…." River replied. They walked towards the street, and River stopped in front of the door of Jack's building.

Jack kissed the back of River's hand looked up her. "At least there's no awkward goodbye kiss."

River smiled and leaned into Jack and said with a hushed tone, "Well, I guess only the morning can tell us that, yeah?"

Jack's eyebrows rose at the suggestion, and River opened the door, pulling her in. "I have many swell new tricks to try out…"

The Doctor watched as Jack went inside and River closed the door behind them.

But not before casting a glimpse in the Doctor's direction and leaving him with a wink and a smile.

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