A Melted Heart

Chapter 2


Ramsay Bolton enjoyed his delicious meal, in the form of two young maidens when he was interrupted by Reek. The young man shook in fear as Ramsay approached him. Ramsay enjoyed tormenting Reek, he was his favourite toy.

"Reek; do you know who I am?"

"Lord Ramsay Bolton, My Lord."

Ramsay took Reek's face in his hands and dug his fingers deep into his jaws. The man winced in pain but didn't make a sound.

"I am your Lord. So you will eat when I tell you to eat, shit when I tell you to shit and enter my room when I tell you to enter, do you understand?"

Ramsay's hold on his jaw didn't allow Reek to answer so he shook his head in a vigorous nod for Ramsay to see.

"Good, now what was so important that you had to barge in here?"

"My Lord, it's a letter. I was told to give it you right away."

Ramsay recognized the seal instantly on the letter. It was from King's Landing. He burst into a malicious laugh after reading its contents.

"Reek, entertain these lovely women while I am gone. Oh wait; you really can't entertain them, can you? Maybe you can take your breeches off and show them what it feels like to not be a man. That will be a tale to tell."

Ramsay left with the letter in hand while Reek looked on at the letter in his hand with a hint of recognition in his eyes.

Jon could feel the whispers among his brothers and their eyes on him as he made his way to Stannis' chambers. Jon knew that the One True King was restless due to Jon's brave act and impending popularity but what Jon was afraid of came in the form of the Lady in Red. Jon had burned the bodies of his brothers and when the flames had engulfed them complete, Lady Melisandre stood opposite him and the flames had then danced in his eyes. They showed him the screams of the people which emanated as they were burned alive, their flesh melting in the fire. The flames and their dance had consumed Jon, like a force which would not let him move. The visit of Lady Melisandre yesterday had left Jon even more shaken up. His thoughts weren't clear as his ears rang with her words. 'The blood of Kings can never be easily diluted.' He wasn't a King; he was just a mere bastard.

Jon entered Stannis' cabin and gave a curt bow to Lord Stannis and Ser Davos while Lady Melisandre looked on.

"This is your true king, boy. You should kneel before him."

"Ser Davos, let the boy be. He is blessed by many and he might be more important to us than you think."

"As you say, Lady."

"Jon Snow, you know who I am. You said your father died for me, he gave his blood for me. So I ask this of you, will you give me your blood? Will you fight for me? You are skilled as most of us have witnessed already. Help me be the rightful king."

"I am sorry, My Lord but I cannot accept this offer. I am a sworn bother of the Night's Watch and I know that this might sound offensive, but I don't care about the Lords and their fight for the Throne. I lost my family over this Throne. I lost my Lord Father, Lady Mother, brothers and sisters. So I can't give my sword to a cause that I will never believe in."

"You behave as a fool and not a wise one at that. I saved your Castle. If it was not for me, you all would have been in the wildling's dinner by now."

"We appreciate what you have done for us but I cannot abandon the brothers I fought saving. This is my home now and I won't make the same mistake twice. I won't abandon it like I did with Winterfell."

"Do you know what they did to your brother, Robb Stark? They stitched his direwolf's head on his body and paraded that around. Don't you want to take revenge for such heinous acts? Or are you too pleased that Robb is dead?"

Jon dug his nails into his palm and his knuckles turned white. He kept his composure though his voice became an octave lower.

"I loved my brother more than anything else in this world. There is not a day which passes by where I wish that his death had never passed. I am a bastard but my brothers and sisters never treated me like one. I will avenge the death of my family, I have sworn it on my honour but I am needed here first. So here I will stay."

Jon didn't wait for a reply and after a curt nod of his head; he left an angry Stannis in his cabin but his path was blocked by Lady Melisandre, a mischievous grin spread on her face.

"You are going to leave the Night's Watch for her. I have seen it; her pull on you is too great. But choose wisely, Jon Snow. She is fire and blood herself but death by fire is the purest way to die."

"Do you know who she is?"

"Look to the free cities, Jon Snow. Look for the Mother of Dragons, you won't miss her. And know this, her blood is noble and if you look close enough, so is yours. Ice can fight the fiercest fires but daggers are in your way. Kill the boy in you and when you are ready, call my name. The Lord of the Light will show you the way. "

Tyrion Lannister's stomach churned as the waves crashed against the ship. His life was summed up by the fact that he was now confined in a crate and his own father wanted him dead. Tyrion had killed Shae and lodged two arrows in his father but he knew that was not enough to kill the great Twyin Lannister. The bells had sounded in the citadel but that wasn't enough to convince Tyrion. He knew it deep down that he never killed his father. As he settled himself to sleep, the ship docked and Lord Varys came to the lower decks and spoke to him.

"We have reached the City of Braavos. And there is something you need to see."

Tyrion climbed out of his cage of three weeks and staggered to his feet. As he got on deck, he heard the murmurs of the crew, huddled together and looking scared. He followed Varys down to the docks and what he saw next was beyond belief.

Before him stood a dragon, black, regal and bigger than any creature he had ever laid his eyes on. Next to him, stood a beautiful maiden with silver hair; petting the dragon like a mother. Everyone in the docks looked scared and backed away from her. Tyrion was shell shocked as the woman approached him and spoke to Varys in High Valyrian, a tongue not so familiar to him. She then turned to him and gave him a warm smile.

"Tyrion Lannister, please overlook the circumstances in which we had to meet. My name is Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, First of My Name, Queen of the First Men and the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains. There are many things that I need to discuss with you and they should be in haste."

Tyrion couldn't find his voice for another minute and when he spoke; his voice was raspy and high pitched.

"Of course; My Queen. Though you will have to forgive the stench, I didn't have a pleasant journey."

"Come, walk with me."

Tyrion fell in step with Daenerys wondering at her beauty. They stopped at the end of the wooden pier overlooking the starry seas.

"I have heard about your predicament, Lord Tyrion. But forgive me because I can't offer you condolences. The Lannisters are not the ones I trust but I am in need of your eye for adventures hence I called upon Lord Varys. So I will arrive at the point. You have been to the Wall, am I correct?"

"Yes, Your Grace. It is not a place for the faint hearted. There are things beyond our imagination lurking there."

"And do not believe me to be faint hearted, Lord Lannister."

"Tyrion, Your Grace. You can call me Tyrion, I am not a Lord anymore. I know not of you to be otherwise but the Wall can turn even the fiercest heat to ice. It runs in the veins of the Brothers of the Night Watch. But I must ask you, Your Grace, your interest in the North surprises me. The Iron Throne lies to the South."

"Let my interests be mine, Tyrion. And as for the Iron Throne, it will be mine. But, I have a feeling the path to the throne lies through the North. And Tryion, I am Daenerys Targaryen. Question my motives one more time and you will know what fire feels like upon your skin."

"Forgive me, Your Grace. A fortnight on the sea in a crammed crate can dull anyone's manners. You are the Dragon but the North is for the direwolves. Lord Eddark's children were direwolves to their bones though his bastard, Jon Snow, is more a Stark than he would like to believe. I travelled with him to the wall, a good lad he is. I always thought he was meant for something bigger but I am straying from the point. The Wall is crumbling, My Queen. There are wildings and some say that the Brothers of the Night's watch have laid their eyes upon the Others. Only a miracle can save them now. My sister is so busy in keeping the Throne that she forgets about the only ones who protect us from what lays beyond. If the Wall falls, the Seven Kingdoms falls too."

"I heard the wildings were defeated so what can ail the Wall?"

"Ah, you are well informed, My Queen. My family never believed that the Others could exist but once you see beyond the wall, you start believing in things unseen. And the wildlings are just scattered with the wind and Night's Watch dwindles in its numbers. Even scattered winds can be strong enough to sway a man. They need fire, your fire, if you ever wish to melt the Snow. This is about him, isn't it?"

"I can't divulge in your fantasies, Tyrion."

"Pardon me, My Queen. In my travels, I once met a Maester. I forget his name, but he had claimed himself to see the future. Being the curious man I am, I divulged this old drunk. But his song about Ice and Fire still rings well in my ears:

"When Ice runs in the veins,

Then the world of men will be maimed,

Fire will engulf everything insane,

And together Ice and Fire will reign."

I always assumed this to be hypothetical but now things seem clearer."

Tyrion considered himself to be sharp in his words and when his gaze landed on Daenerys, he knew that her Fire needed the cold. Daenerys fixed her gaze on the horizon and Tyrion followed her gaze. After minutes, Tyrion felt her shift as she started walking back to the piers with her dragon's screeches ripping the sky above.

"Follow me, kinslayer. You will come with me. I do not trust you but you are clever and I need such men. I have a land to conquer so you will bow before me. But if you try to cross me, I will not spare your life."

"Yes, My Queen."

And with that Tyrion followed Daenerys with a slight smile on his face. So there is a Queen fit to rule the realms and soon she should have her King.

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