A Melted Heart

Chapter 7


"Come in, Lord Varys. Make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you, My Lord. May I know why have I been called in from my dungeon of solitude?"

"Oh, Varys. Always the humorous old man. Wait, I am missing something. Oh right, you are not a man."

"My Lord, I assume that there is a subject we need to quickly deal with."

Aegon gestured his guest to be seated in the chair opposite him and ordered his servant to pour them wine.

"That will be all, Beth. Run down to the kitchen as fast as you can and bring us snacks. I am starving."

Aegon watched as his attendant, Beth, left the room leaving him alone with Lord Varys.

"My Lord, if you do not mind me asking, I have not seen this maid before."

"Who? Beth? Well, I acquired her a few months ago. The funny story is that I caught up on her while I was trying to bequeath your services. She is a harmless old hag."

"Very unlike your taste, My Lord."

"Varys, I will soon cross the Seas to claim the Throne. I am tired of the women here. A sabbatical is what I need. Now, let's get to the point, shall we? What have your beautiful grapevines have caught now?"

"No trouble stirs in King's Landing. Tommen Baratheon sits on the Throne, with Queen Regent by his side. Tywin Lannister is bedridden but improving. There is a bounty on his son, Tyrrion Lannister and his beloved wife, Sansa. People seem too restless regarding some of the decisions…"

"Varys, skip the boring details. Give me something juicy."

"Well, if the rumours are to be believed, Winterfell has a New Lord now."

"Now we are getting somewhere. Go on."

"As I have already told you, Jon Snow, Lord Eddard Stark's bastard marched into Winterfell with Stannis Baratheon and your aunt, Daenerys Targareyen. The battle against the Boltons lasted a fortnight but Jon's strategies gave them a win with minimum casualties. It's said that, Jon Snow is no longer a bastard. His brother, Robb Stark, legitimized him before his death. He rules over Winterfell as Lord Stark now, along with his beautiful wife, I am sure I need not tell you who that is."

"Daenerys, my Aunt. I seriously need to meet my new Uncle. He must have some charm to bewitch my ferocious Aunt."

"Well, if rumours are to be believed, magic has more of a play."

"Magic? Varys, are you slowly losing your mind in the room I keep you in?"

"My Lord, I beg your pardon, but a century ago none believed in Dragons. But they exist, raised by your Blood. Stannis Baratheon's companion is a dangerous sorceress. Your Aunt was attacked brutally and those arrows were poisoned. A rare poison, but she recovered miraculously in a few days. It's magic at play here, My Lord."

"So you are telling me that my new family member can perform Magic?"

"The point I am trying to imply is that your Uncle, Lord Stark, might not be as harmless as I had thought him out to be."

"And what of the Wall and King's Landing? I am sure that such achievements would have raised a few voices."

"The word of a Dragon Queen had reached the Queen Reagent's ears an eternity ago but she refuted them saying thinking that Dragons are babbles of fiction. But with Roose Bolton's head hanging on a spike in Winterfell, I am sure that Her Highness can't ignore the babbles anymore. She might have a few cards up her hand, we need to wait to see them. I have a feeling that she is even more scared of the rumours saying her brother, Tryion Lannister is the Advisor to the Mother of Dragons. And the Wall has more men than ever now, defending it since Lord Stark now commands Winterfell. Lord Stark believes that the Dead rise beyond the Wall, so he will not take any chances."

"Interesting; I guess, Varys, we have to call this a new chapter in History of Westeros, don't you think?"

"And when do you think you will join it?"

"Patience, Lord Varys. I am not going to let your valuable services go to the sewer. You may leave. Guards."

"My Lord, it's been a month now. I am sure I can find my way to the quarters."

"Tell that to the Lord Eddard Stark. He might have been trusting but I am no fool. Now leave me."

Aegon turned his back to the doors as he saw Varys leave which was followed by a feeble knock."

"May I come in, My lord?"

"Come in."

Aegon saw Beth come into his line of vision.

"You know, low born do not say My Lord. Seriously, Arya? You can disguise yourself as an old hag but not try to improve on your vocabulary. Is your brain on a holiday?"

"M'Lord, happy?"

Aegon saw as the young Stark's hunched posture gave way to a girl who now sat in his chair with her feet propped up on the table, enjoying a whole bunch of grapes.

"Arya, you know it's important that you learn the art of masking perfectly. Just dancing with your precious Neddle will get you killed."

"I was perfectly fine even before you came along."

"You are frustrating. Are you sure you are a Lady?"

"I am not a Lady!"

"I am not a Lady!"



"Stop mocking me."

"Stop mocking me."

Aegon caught in mid-air the apple which was aimed at his forehead and took a bite.

"Arya, we have a few more days before we sail to Westeros. You might have enjoyed the past month as the Cat but it's time we get ready for our plans."

"Tell me once again what we are doing?"

"We are going to make the people who hurt us beg for their lives."

"And the Starks are excluded because?"

"Because, Lord Eddard Stark was a noble man. His family did not deserve it, you didn't deserve it."

"Fine, I will work on my speech."

"Good. There is some news though; it's about your brother."

Aegon noticed the way Arya's jaw clenched and her posture tensed on the mentioned about her brother.

"Jon? What about him?"

"He rules Winterfell now as Lord Jon Stark. Somehow, he has won what very few kings win. He has won the hearts of the people. And we are related now; my Aunt is now your sister-in-law. It won't be long before the Iron Throne has another claim. It's time we leave and I deliver you to your Brother."

"And you? Aren't you doing this for the Throne? Turning me into an assassin for the Throne? I am sure it won't be easy to go against your own Blood."

"There is a time and place for everything, Arya. This is not one of them. Someday, you will know my reasons. Now go. Go put your skills to use."

Aegon Targeryen looked down at the roads of Bravos from his window, cluttered and busy. The time had come for Westeros to know his existence.

Jon woke up to a piercing scream ringing in his ears. He quickly looked to his side to see his wife, Daenerys, screaming and thrashing on the bed. He took her into his arms with her head resting in his chest and ran soothing circles in her hair.

"Its okay, Danny. I am here."

Jon looked at his beautiful wife and saw beads of sweat lacing her pale skin while she shivered in his arms. He saw the arrow marks on her leg and thigh, still prominent; making Jon remember the day he had thought he had lost her. These were deep scars, which would never heal. It was after a few minutes Daenerys stopped shaking and opened her eyes, her violet eyes now piercing his grey ones.

"I am sorry, Jon."

"What was it this time, Danny?"

"Nothing. It was just a dream."

"Danny, you said that the last time. But you were screaming. Just tell me."

"It was about the night we were attacked. But it was different, more vivid. The arrows burned and boiled my blood, like poison. I just lay there, bleeding while these butchers pierced you. I saw you die before me, Jon."

Jon looked at his wife and instead of providing any words of comfort he picked her up into his lap and embraced her. He ran his hand down her back sending tingles and causing her to shiver. He liked the way he made her feel, he liked the way her hand fit in hers, the way her body responded to him.

"Do you remember our wedding, Danny? How nervous I was before taking your hand?"

"Oh, good riddance, Jon, you were shaking head to toe."

"Well, it was freezing. We were atop the Wall."

"Admit it, my Husband. You were shivering because you had never dreamed that you would end up marrying such a fine woman."

"Well, you weren't at a complete disadvantage either. I am the Lord of Winterfell now."

"Yes, Jon. And soon to be King of Weteros."

"Danny, you know that's something we need to talk about. I am happy at Winterfell, this is my home, our home."

"We will get there some other day, my Husband. Why did you bring up our wedding?"

"Let's have another one, in the Old Woods. Everyone in my family was married there and since I am a…"

"Since you are a Stark now and so am I, we require another wedding. Let's go, then."


"The Old Woods. We have to get married."

"Danny, it's deep into the night. The Woods can be dangerous."

"Well, that makes it the perfect wedding."

Jon watched as the naked silhouette of his wife walked in front of him and clothed herself in a rich blue dress followed by a cloak. Jon followed suit and donned his clothes along with the black robe he wore as a Brother in the Night's Watch.

"Danny, we don't have a priest. How are we going to get married?"

"Who said we don't?"

Jon walked as Daenerys walked upto to one of the chambers in the castle and knocked. He followed her after a minute's hesitation as saw Lady Melisandre emerge from her chambers, donned in a red robe.

"My Queen, what brings you here? At such an hour?"

"It's painful for me to say this but we need you to preside our wedding."

"As I am aware, you both are already married. I was present at the lovely ceremony."

"Lady Melisandre, as your Queen, I command you to get dressed and follow us to the Old Woods. And do dress warmly; I am afraid such flimsy clothes might not hold back the harsh wind."

Jon watched on and chuckled under his breath as his wife flicked her robe and started walking away from the chambers.

"Your wife has a certain charm, doesn't she?"

"Try being married to her."

Jon followed behind noticing the light footsteps and the beat in Danny's body. She looked happy. He was soon joined by Lady Melisandre by his side, his eyes on Danny as she hopped towards the Woods.

"I am sorry for the disturbance, My Lady. Danny has her ways."

"It's an honour, My Lord. Though I do have a query; Lord Stannis, how long are you going allow him to stay at your side? You and I both know the culprits of the attack. You can't lay a hand on the Queen Regent but Lord Stannis is beside you. Now you have the power to pass a judgement."

"Lord Stannis may be a conniving snake but his men trust him. And the loyalty of men can only be earned when they deem you fit. I need his men, My Lady."

"Patience is needed to write the pages of History. I see what it means now."

"I am not writing any History, My Lady."

"No, you both are."

The Old Woods looked untouched by the time that had passed them. Jon had left Winterfell as a young lad and now he was a man but the Woods looked as old as he remembered them to be. Jon stood in front of them with a cloak that had a direwolf, his House Sigil embodied on it. Danny walked up to him and Jon still had a hard time believing that she was his wife. She glowed in the pale moonlight as she slowly made his way to him. He donned her in the cloak and took her hand. Danny looked beyond excited and beamed at him while he smiled.

"Do you have the rings?"

Jon took out the ring which belonged to his mother, Catelyn Stark. He had found it in the belongings of Ramsay Bolton. Jon held the ring before her finger.

"When everyone told me that you were taking your last breaths, I would have given my soul to save you. My blood saved you, the same blood that had me marked as a bastard. And from that day onwards, we became bound, not just by Fate, but by Love. Daenerys Stormborn Targeryen Stark, you have showed me my path, told me the reason I belong beside you and inspired me to uphold my family's name. You are my Queen, the one I will always kneel to. I love you, forever and always."

Daenerys held back her tears as she held the wedding band which belonged to Jon's father.

"I dreamt about you and had convinced myself that you were my imagination. But when I knew that you were reality, I fell in love with the idea of being with you. And now, here I stand falling in love with you every day. You surprise me, enthral me and captivate me. Jon Eddard Stark, your magic is the reason I breathe, your love is the reason I feel alive and your courage is my strength. You make me proud to be called a Stark. You are my King, the one I will always kneel to. I love you, forever and always."

Sansa Stark stood behind the closest Wirewood Tree and looked on as her brother Jon said his wedding vows. She had heard of the sayings along the road to Winterfell, of the murmurs of a Mother of Dragons and above all, her brother, the bastard of the Stark family being the Lord of Winterfell. People had even called him a King by his Deeds, a crownless King who had already won the heart of many by his actions. Sansa had always loved Jon, no matter how cold she had been towards him because they were a Family, they were Blood. But today, she could not have been more proud of him.

"M'Lady, we should move on. The gates to Winterfell will open soon and then you can meet the Lord."

"HotPie that is the Lord of Winterfell. He is my brother."

"And that's the Mother of Dragons?"

"Let's find out."

Sansa moved out of her hiding and stood in the path of the couple as they slowly closed the distance towards her. Jon was the first to stop in his tracks, followed by his wife and the priestess. Sansa could see the shock on Jon's face which slowly melted into his warm smile lighting up his grey eyes. He walked up to her and held out his arms. Sansa finally let our all the tears she had been holding as she melted into her brother's arms and whispered apologies into his ear.

"Shh, Sansa. You are home, you are safe, and you are with your family. Rest, my beautiful sister."

Those were the last words which Sansa heard before the pale moonlight faded in front of her eyes.

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