That Butler, New Face

That Butler, Omnipotent2

{At The H.Q. Of A Certain Member Of The Italian Mafia…}

Ciel had regained consciousness only to find that he was now being held captive in a well-guarded mansion. He had been bound with leather straps, and his wrists and ankles were cuffed and chained together, severely limiting his ability to move. The room he was in was dimly lit, but Ciel could hear the faint ticking of a clock in the background, and He could still see the large Doberman that was growling only a few feet away from him. Ciel's kidnapper began to speak.

"You, the 'order' of the Inghilterra underworld. Dissidents meet their end in the jaws of your absolute power… you, watchdog of the Queen. Over many generations has your kind done the government's dirty work… you, the Aristocrat of Evil. Tell me, how many aliases do you have? How many 'Families' have you ruined?" The man asked Ciel cynically as he trimmed his cigar with a guillotine cigar cutter and lit it. "The king of the number one toy factory in the world is just a brat, in this situation. Isn't that right… Ciel Phantomhive?" Ciel glared at the man. His captor was a dark-haired man. He had a scar across his face, and piercings in one of his eyebrow and both his ears. His hair was slicked back, and he was wearing a pinstriped suit. He had been one of Ciel's 'guests' in the Billiards room earlier that day. "A man should not be judged by his looks… still… I suppose it does make sense for the king of the toy place to be a child." The man said as he set his cigar cutter down on the table.

"So it was you. The Ferro Family's, Azzurro Vanel." Ciel said darkly as he continued to glare. Vanel leered at Ciel.

"Si! You know, little Phantomhive, here, in your country, it is difficult to do for us Italians to conduct business." Vanel said patronizingly. "Very, very difficult. You Inglesi all have tea stains on your brains." The Doberman growled. "Think about it." Vanel said. "What do you think is the best way for people like us to make money?" Vanel's smirk was becoming more twisted the longer he spoke. "Not murder, not smuggling, not women, not organs—that leaves drugs, yes?" Vanel, realizing he was ranting, relaxed himself and leaned against a table, tapping his finger on its edge. "But once we arrived here, there was not even a whiff of mellow fragrance in this country—all thanks to the watchdog."

"It is by order of the queen that dealers and drugs are controlled." Ciel said.

"Oh dear, what a prude, There you have it! The reason I hate the Inglesi!" Vanel said sarcastically. "Queen this! Queen that! You are nothing but a bunch of mama's boys." Vanel laughed. "Still… at the end of the day, you and I are two sides of the same coin. We would like to make some money with you if possible."

"I have no intention of colluding with a filthy sewer rat." Ciel said darkly. As if he could be bought, the very idea insulted Ciel.

"So you say, but I wonder about the other fellows. Maybe they are just afraid of the watchdog and are sitting tight for the time being… in fear of Ciel Phantomhive, sweeper of the dark." Vanel said, taking a puff on his cigar. "I was especially careful to not deal those drugs in Italy, so it surprises me that you found me so fast. I didn't think you would use Chlaus to get them." Vanel shrugged. "That's why me, I am useless. The boss, he will yell at me again." Vanel laughed. "Now, you understand what I want? If you tell me where the drugs are, I send you home alive… little Phantomhive."

"If I fail to return, Chlaus will hand the evidence over to the government. Most unfortunate for you." Ciel said mockingly, smirking. Vanel pulled out his pistol and cocked it, aiming it at Ciel.

"One must never look down on one's elders… you snot-nosed little noble!" Vanel sneered angrily. "I already have my men over at your mansion. Where are the drugs? If you don't spit it out pronto… I shall kill your servants one by one!" Ciel perked up when he heard that… Chêne was still there... He bowed his head, as though in defeat, before throwing his head back haughtily.

"I do hope your precious pet dogs know their way around a game of 'fetch.'" Ciel said, giving Vanel an absolutely brilliant shit-eating grin that would have made Sebastian and Chêne proud.

"Heh…!" Vanel said, shrugging before suddenly kicking Ciel hard across the face. "You hear that?" Vanel asked, picking up the phone. "There was a breakdown in our negotiations. Kill them!" Vanel crushed his cigar under his heel.


{Back At The Phantomhive Manor}

A sniper watched Sebastian and Chêne through his scope as they walked down the hallway, waiting for the best opportunity to strike.

"We have to find him." Chêne said. "I've heard once that in most missing children cases, time is an important factor. When a child is taken, the two days following the abduction are what is the most important. If a child is taken and recovered within the following forty-eight hours, the child has a better chance of being found alive, but after forty-eight hours have passed, the chance is much lower that the child will be found alive, or that they will be found at all… but these are just statistics from my world, with modern technology… I don't what will happen now." Chêne said, biting her lip as she worried about Ciel. Sebastian was only half listening to her, too preoccupied with his own thoughts.

'The deep-dish pie turned out exceptional… So, where could he have gone?' Sebastian wondered. He had not sensed any outsiders in the manor before Ciel went missing, except for their guests of course… 'Ah.' Sebastian realized as he remembered Chêne's description of the man threatening Ciel in her dream. 'I see we did have a rather interesting guest today, after all. Chêne's dream was definitely not a coincidence.'

"M-Mister Sebastian! Miss Chêêêne! " Mei-Rin yelled. The two head servants turned to see Mei-Rin running towards them, waving a letter in her hand. Chêne sweat dropped.

'What now?' Chêne thought. 'And how many times have we told her not to run inside?'

"Th-There was a letter at the door—!" Mei-Rin yelled.

"To whom is it addressed?" Sebastian asked.

"Erm… 'Mister Valet to Lord Ciel Phantomhive'..." Mei-Rin read aloud as she continued to run.

These hallways were ridiculously long. Now that Chêne and Sebastian were standing still, it gave the sniper time to aim. From the angle he was at, he found that he could kill both of the servants with one shot. The small maid was just the right height that he could shoot through her head, and hit the butler's chest. Sebastian suddenly glared at the sniper from the corner of his eye, as though he knew what the man was thinking. Startled, the sniper pulled the trigger just as Mei-Rin tripped.

"Gaah!?" Mei-Rin yelled as she tripped on her shoelace that had suddenly become untied. The bespectacled maid flew into Sebastian, who instead of catching her and whatever she was about to ruin like usual, allowed himself to be tackled and pulled Chêne down with him.

"Heeey!?" Chêne cried indignantly as she felt herself being pulled.

She knew it had been on purpose, she just didn't know why. Chêne saw it then, as they were falling. The bullet had just missed Sebastian's face and had even sliced a piece of his fringe off as it zipped past them. She heard a great crashing sound as the glass in the windows broke, and Sebastian held her face to his chest. He lay there calmly on the floor as his hand held the back of Chêne's head to protect it from any stray shards of glass. All of this happened in mere seconds, and the sudden rush of events left Chêne a little dizzy. She realized she could still hear the gun firing. It had a pattern to it, like it was a submachine gun… it sounded similar to the old Tommy gun, circa 1919, in her father's collection.

'Not really your ideal gun for a sniper…' Chêne thought numbly. Outside, the sniper, realizing he screwed up, decided to get the heck out of dodge.



Finni and Bard started when they heard Mei-Rin's scream, and crashing from further down the hall.

"What the heck!?" Bard shouted in surprise when he heard the gunfire. Finni was just as shocked.

"What happened!?" Finni cried, worried.


"Wha-wha-wha-wha!?" Mei-Rin stuttered, blue with shock.

"Get down! What if they're still—" Chêne hissed as Sebastian, who had been calmly laying underneath the two maids, abruptly sat up and caught the pie. It landed back on the silver tray in Sebastian's hand from wherever it had flown off to in the commotion, as though nothing had ever happened. Chêne gave Sebastian a blank stare. '… We were just almost killed, and he still found time to worry about the freakin' pie? He takes this whole butler thing a little to far sometimes…' Chêne thought. She just sighed. Chêne was feeling too mentally exhausted at the moment to comment.

"My, my." Sebastian said, snapping Chêne out of her daze. She blushed furiously when she realized she and Mei-Rin were sitting in his lap.

'When did that happen!?" Chêne thought. She tried to move away, but realized that she was still being held in place by Sebastian, who pretended not to notice

"Mei-Rin, the letter." That seemed to snap Mei-Rin out of it too, and she blushed a deep red. "Eh!? Ah! Here it is." Mei-Rin said as she handed it over.

"What's it say?" Chêne asked curiously.

"This invitation possesses not an ounce of grace." Sebastian said, revealing nothing. If she wanted to read it the right way, it meant she would have to lean up against Sebastian, and she knew that he was doing that on purpose to annoy her, so she settled for reading it upside down. It read:

If you want your master back, bring the goods to Buck's Row in Whitechapel.

'Oh, great, it's a ransom note.' Chêne thought darkly. 'Whoever kidnapped Ciel is in for a world of hurt.' Chêne cracked her knuckles.

"Hey! Hey!" Bard shouted as he and Finni burst into view. "What the hell's going on!?"

"You've all collapsed! Are you all right!?" Finni yelled in concern. Sebastian stood up, bring Chêne and Mei-Rin to their feet with him. Poor Mei-Rin had already turned to mush and collapsed as soon as Sebastian let go. The bespectacled maid was too out of it to stand on her own after her close encounter with Sebastian, the stud-muffin.

"It was nothing, we are fine." Sebastian said.

'Well, in a manner of speaking…' Chêne thought as she glanced at Mei-Rin, passed out on the floor. Chêne noticed that she had a few minor cuts from the glass herself, but nothing major, and Mei-Rin would be fine once she woke up again.

"Forgive me for asking, but might I leave tonight's dinner preparations to you?" Sebastian said calmly to Bard.

"Sure that's fine, but…" Bard said, a little confused about what was going on.

"I have a tiny bit of business to which I must attend." Sebastian replied calmly, giving nothing away about Ciel's current status as a damsel in distress. "And please take care of this as well." Sebastian held the pie out for Bard to take from the serving tray, which he did.

"O…kay?" Bard said, confused as he took the pie. Finni and Chêne were trying to revive Mei-Rin from the puddle of goo she had been reduced to.

"I shall return by dinnertime." Sebastian said as he tucked the serving tray under his arm, and turned to leave.

"Hey, wait!" Chêne called after him as she jumped up to follow him. Chêne still wanted to talk to him about something. Bard stared at the pie.

"Nn? Take care of it means… I can eat thi—huh? Sebastian?" Bard said. While the chef had been preoccupied with the pie, Sebastian and Chêne had seemingly disappeared.



A car was speeding away from the manor.

"Sorry, I missed." The sniper said nervously as he talked to Vanel on his 'portable telephone' that looked suspiciously like a cell phone.

={on Vanel's end}=

"You what!? You useless idiots!" Vanel yelled as he kicked the table frustration. Was there no good help these days? "This is why trash like you—! You bastards are finito! Get back here right now!"

={on the hired gun's end}=

The driver saw a flash of something black out the corner of his eye. "Hang on. Something's coming our way." The getaway driver said as her checked the rearview Mirror. "!!!" The driver yelled as he paled in fear.

={Vanel's end}=

[What the hell is thaaaaaaat!?] The sniper yelled over the phone.

"!?" Vanel said as he flinched. The scream was so loud, he had to hold the phone away from his ear. "What, have you seen a bear or something?" Vanel laughed.

={Hired gun's end}=


"Uwaah! Aah!" The driver and sniper screamed as the mysterious figure chasing them gained speed. Whatever it was, it was catching up.

={Vanel's end}=

"What's wrong with you? Are you guys too high!?" Vanel asked, a vein throbbing on his forehead.

[Go faster!] The sniper yelled as Vanel heard the screech of tires over the phone.

[We can't!] The driver yelled back.

={Hired gun's end}=

"No! It's coming!" The sniper screamed. He was scared out of his mind.

[Hey! What is!?] Vanel shouted. [Don't fuck with—] Whatever was chasing them was right behind them now.

"It's Co—!"

={Vanel's end}=

"Cut it out, you bastards!" Vanel yelled angrily into the phone.

[It's no use! It's here…!] The sniper yelled as a hand reached out to grab them.

[Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!] They screamed as the car crashed. There was a heavy silence on both ends of the phone now.

"…H-Hey?" Vanel said warily into the phone. This was going too far to just be considered a joke now. "Hey! What's going on!?" Vanel yelled into the phone.

"Heh!" Ciel laughed as he smirked. Vanel stared down warily at Ciel, who was still lying on the floor. Ciel continued to chuckle darkly as he said, "It would seem that your game of 'fetch' was a failure." A chill went up Vanel's spine.

"Shut up! You miserable little braaat!" Vanel yelled, kicking Ciel again. Vanel was getting so freaked out, he was breaking out in a cold sweat. "Hey! Give it to me straight, or I'm gonna kill you mutts! HEY!"

[Hello?] A smooth, deep velvet voice said into the phone.

"—!!!" Vanel said as he was filled with a cold dread in the pit of his stomach.

={The hired gun's , no, Sebastian's end}=

"Hello? I am a servant of the Phantomhive family. Sebastian said as he held the sniper's portable phone to his ear.

={Vanel's end}=

Vanel was shaking now, and the cigar fell from his mouth as it hang open in shock.

[Might our master be there?] Sebastian said politely.

"…!" Vanel said as he shivered in fear.

[Hello? Is something wrong, sir?] Sebastian asked with mock concern. You could practically hear the butler's smirk in his voice. The phone was shaking in Vanel's hand as he grit his teeth and struggled to answer. There was something about the voice on the other end of the phone that filled him with fear and dread…

"Woof!" Ciel barked from where he was lying on the floor. Vanel's eyes widened as he turned to stare at the bloody and beaten boy.

={Sebastian's end}=

The butler smiled.

"… Understood, Sir." Sebastian said.

={Vanel's end}=

[I shall be there to collect you straight away. Please be patient for just a little longer.] Sebastian said, hanging up. Vanel stood there in shock as he listened to the dial tone of the phone. Ciel glared at Vanel and spit on the floor.


The phone snapped shut as Sebastian closed it after hanging up on Vanel.

"Thank you… for allowing me the use of your telephone." Sebastian said calmly as he kneeled on the hood of the car. The getaway car was now balanced precariously on the edge of a cliff. The hood of the car that Sebastian was sitting on, was on solid ground, held in place by Sebastian's weight, and the back half of the automobile was hanging over the edge of the cliff, in the air. That was the end the sniper and the driver were sitting in, naturally. It had been such a lovely vehicle with a convertible top and everything, but now…

"There are a few things I should like to ask you as well… If I may?" Sebastian said, smiling his shit-eating grin. The two henchmen were too stunned to do anything other than shiver in fear. "First, I would like to know the name of your master." The two men kept silent. "Come now. I fear patience is not one of my virtues." Sebastian said as he driver's hands tightened on the steering wheel. "Surely you do not wish to become… 'Humpty Dumpty'?" Sebastian asked, smirking.

"…!" The sniper flinched. "The Ferro family's Azzuro Vanel! Their hideout is in the Northern part of East End!" The sniper cried out of fear of death. Sebastian stared at the two men for a moment, determining the validity of that statement. He grinned.

"I see." Sebastian said as he pocketed the portable phone.

"… Ah!" The sniper cried as the car shook. "We were… J… J-J-Just hired by him…" The sniper said nervously as the car creaked and wobbled on the edge of the cliff.

"Oh? Is that so? In that case, I do apologize for holding you up." Sebastian said as he stood back up on the hood of the car. "Please… Have a safe trip." Sebastian said as he bowed and leaped back, off of the car. The car immediately rolled backwards, off of the cliff. The two men in the car stared at him in horror as they felt themselves falling, too shocked to scream. Sebastian stared back emotionlessly at them as he watched the two humans fall to their death. Sebastian turned and started to walk away as the plume of heat and smoke from the explosion shot into the air.

"Sebastian!" Chêne called. Sebastian turned to see her riding up on a horse… Well he had been running at approximately 30 mph. Chêne was only human, so she couldn't have hoped to catch up to him on foot. "Are you going to get Ciel now?"

"No, I just fancied taking a stroll." Sebastian said, giving her a shit-eating grin. Chêne scowled at him and dismounted from her horse.

"I'm being serious! I know how scary it is, being kidnapped. It happened to me when I was six. Someone kidnapped me and held me for ransom. If my dad hadn't come for me, I'd be dead right now. The kidnappers were only willing to wait for two days before they decided to try to kill me. I think the gun they used to shoot at us sounded like a submachine gun. These guys aren't playing around, so be careful, okay?" Chêne said.

"Oh, you can identify the weapon?" Sebastian said. Chêne had already mentioned before that not only was her father a military man, but he also had a hobby of collecting guns. Chêne had watched her father play with them at the firing range since she was young, and had even fired a few. However, this was the first time she had mentioned her being kidnapped to him, and Sebastian decided he would have to find out more about it later.

"Sort of, I can only tell you it sounds similar to a Tommy gun. It's a type of submachine gun that was invented in 1919, and it's basically a combination of the automatic fire of a maxim gun with the cartridge of a pistol." Chêne said. "But it could just be something that sounds similar… How many shots did you count?"

"He shot at us for one minute so… about 600 rounds per minute." Sebastian said. Chêne nodded.

"That sounds about right for a later version of the model... Geez, if there are already machine guns before WWI even starts, I'm scared for the future…" Chêne mumbled.

"Did you just say something about a world war?" Sebastian asked, slightly surprised. He knew humans were greedy and foolish, but to begin a war that involved the entire world…

"…Uuuh… please pretend you didn't just hear that." Chêne pleaded, sweat dropping.

"Understood." Sebastian said as he walked away. Chêne sighed in relief. "We shall discuss it later." He said, turning back and giving her a positively radiant shit-eating grin. Chêne really wanted to punch him.

"Whatever, smart-ass!" She huffed indignantly as she shoved a box roughly into his hands. "This is what they're after right? I figure you might want it in case you needed a bargaining chip." Sebastian looked at the box in his hands and smirked. It was the 'game' Chlaus had delivered to Ciel the other day when they had to create the Japanese stone garden. Although it looked like an ordinary children's game, its true contents were far from it. Chêne really was much more clever than he gave her credit for. "And don't try to play it off either." Chêne said sternly. "I know you guys try to keep me out of Ciel's business with the queen most of the time because it's dangerous, and I don't have super powers, like you, but I'm not stupid. I read the subtext of the Conversation between Ciel and Chlaus that day. Normally I would insist you take me with you, but since I know I'd just get in the way… I'll stay behind like a good little girl. Just come back safe and in one piece… both of you." Chêne said as she mounted the horse and cracked the reigns. "Yah!" She cried as she rode off back to the manor 'Western' style, like a cowboy, instead of sidesaddle like a proper lady. Sebastian shook his head and smirked as he watched her go.

"The Ferro Family—…" Sebastian said as he flipped open his pocket watch and checked the time. "Oh dear. Just look at the time… I must make haste, lest I be late for dinner." Sebastian said calmly.

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