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"Demonic speech"

[speech heard over telephone]

{setting/stage directions?}

*sound effect*

An entire sentence like this, without quotes, is narration for dreams or stuff like written letters.

=†=†=†=†= scene shift/time shift


'Why, this imbec—rather, chef. You should talk about cooking after you have actually 'cooked' something. I believe eighty percent of what you have managed to 'cook' has been charcoal. The other twenty percent was hazardous waste.' Sebastian thought, chagrined. 'Save your art for your hairstyle, and cook something edible... otherwise... I wish for you to become charcoal yourself.'

"Haah... all right. We still have the ground meat and vegetables, so let us make do with that." Sebastian said, sighing wearily, his brow furrowed in annoyance. Before Bard could even say '' Sebastian had already chopped up the ingredients. The demon butler then rolled the meat and veggies up into a cabbage leaf. Then, he boiled it and wrapped it in slices of bacon, and decorated it with fancy toothpicks. They weren't usually wrapped in bacon, but that was something Chêne had done when she made them one time, since it gave the small meal extra flavor and protein, and the young master had taken a liking to the combination.

"... Whew!" Sebastian said, wiping his brow, once he had finished preparing lunch. Today's lunch was now stuffed cabbage and mint potato salad. For some reason, he was feeling more tired than usual today.

"Whoa!" Bard said, impressed by Sebastian's speed and quick thinking.

"This should suffice for the time being. I leave the tidying up to you." Sebastian said, taking his leave before anything else could go wrong.

"Yessir!" Bard said, saluting him.


"Unbelievable! Not one shred of my work is getting done!" Sebastian said, aggravated, as he returned to his private kitchen and slammed the door shut. "Let us finish this right away." He opened the bag of brown sugar and began reading the directions again.

Spread the brown sugar on a baking sheet. Heat the oven to 80 C—


The sugar exploded out of the bag an flew all over the place when Finni suddenly slammed into Sebastian out of nowhere.

"Uwaaaaaaahh!" Finni cried as he clung to Sebastian.

"... Now it is your turn, I take it..." Sebastian said, sweat dropping as Finni clung to him and sobbed something incoherent.

"Uwaaahn! Mister Sebastiaaaan!" Finni wailed. Sebastian sighed wearily. He should've known this was coming... nothing ever went smoothly when these idiots were left to there own devices.

"Are you an infant? I can discern not a word if you persist with your crying. What happened?" Sebastian asked.


{Outside, in the Phantomhive Gardens}

"..." Sebastian said, his mouth hanging open slightly as he stared at the scene of destruction before him, his eyes cast in shadow.

* Whoooosh*

The wind blew through the barren wasteland that had once been a lush and green garden. The flowers were all dead, and the tree's had all suddenly lost their foliage. The lawn was withered and dry, like hay.

"I was going to trim the branches... The lawn... but I forgot all about the herbicide sprayer being broken a while back!!" Finni cried, bursting into tears. "Uwaaahn! I'm really sorry!"

'Why this imbec—this imbecile!!' Sebastian thought furiously as Finni continued to cry and beg for forgiveness. 'How can a gardener be so clumsy? Though the saying goes, 'an idiot and a pair of scissors can both be of use,' giving this idiot a pair of scissors is trouble in itself. He refers to something that happened two or three days ago as being 'a while back.' The way his brain can easily cast aside a blunder of that degree... I have surpassed anger, and I am, in fact, rather impressed.' Sebastian thought, smiling wanly. "Haaah... there is nothing even I can do about this. Go and buy some trees at the garden shop..." Sebastian said, getting ready to hand Finni some of his own pocket money to pay for the supplies.

"What sort of trees should I get?" Finni asked timidly. "Chêne usually helps me pick them out and design the garden, since she knows a lot about flowers."

"Today is Chêne's day off. You are the gardener. The design of the garden is your responsibility. Purchase what you deem appropriate." Sebastian told him. Finni immediately perked up when he heard that.

"Eh!? Then! Then! I wanna make a garden a cool as a combo robot!" Finni said excitedly, his eyes sparkling with childlike wonder and excitement. Finni's reception signal was on full power, and the air around the boy seemed to glow and sparkle from his sudden burst of happiness.

'I have lived for quite sometime, but this is my first encounter with a being from outer space. How does he expect me to respond to his beaming smile?' Sebastian thought, frozen in place from shock. No wonder Chêne always helped Finni with the garden's design. She was usually the one that supervised the others while he carried out the more difficult and specialized tasks by himself, but after dealing with these three's shenanigans all day... Sebastian had decided that Ciel was obviously not paying Chêne enough. It was amazing she didn't have any gray hair from all the stress. Finni stared at Sebastian while the demon butler was lost in thought, neither of them knowing what the other was thinking.

"Mister Sebastian?" Finni said, tilting his head to the side.

"Ha!" Sebastian gasped, snapping out of his daze.

"The young master'll get angry, so do please give me the money riiiiiight quiiiick!" Finnie said, smiling cheerfully as he poked Sebastian playfully on the forehead. "Sheesh, you can't just let your mind wander off like that! You big silly~ Just kidding!"

"!!" Sebastian thought, shuddering. Did he really just hear that from Finni, of all people!? He quickly gave Finni the money, just so he could be rid of him.

"Yaaay! Be back in a jiff!" Finni said happily as he ran off, leaving behind a gaunt, physically and mentally drained Sebastian. One of his hairs even fell out from stress.

'I have had enough. At time like these, yes... I want to see her.' Sebastian thought as he ran to where his own personal oasis awaited him. 'A supple body, flowing black hair, fierce eyes that shine like amber...I must hurry... to the place where she awaits me.' Sebastian thought as he slammed open the door leading to the inner courtyard. 'Yes...' Sebastian thought as he panted from the effort of sprinting there at top speed, and he gazed upon the beauty before him. '... to her.' The adorable little amber-eyed black cat before him mewed hello and purred as it rubbed up against him. You could practically see sparkles floating around the demon butler as he exuded an aura of peace and blissful happiness upon seeing her.


"Now, now. There is plenty more, so you must not gobble it so..." Sebastian told the cat affectionately as he watched it eat the premium blend cat food that Chêne had picked out for it. They had a schedule worked out between them so they wouldn't accidently over or underfeed her. Sebastian fed her in the afternoon, and Chêne fed her in the evening. The cat usually hunted the mice that roamed the countryside close to the mansion for breakfast. Sebastian had lived for a very long time, and over the centuries he had come to the human world for contracts many times, but it wasn't until recently that he had become so attached to felines. He had encountered the adorable, but dignified creatures before, but had never given them anything other than a passing glance... that is, until Chêne had convinced Ciel to let her keep this particular cat. The young master had a minor cat allergy, so keeping it inside was completely out of the question as far as Ciel was concerned, but Chêne had used what she liked to refer to as her 'ultimate weapon,' and she gave Ciel her 'sad puppy eyes' with a quivering lower lip for extra effect, and had somehow managed to coax Ciel into agreeing to let her keep it as long as it stayed outside the manor house. So Chêne had built it a little 'cat palace' that included a scratching post and a soft, warm, and fuzzy bed and blanket. The reason Chêne had been so insistent upon keeping this cat, was that it looked just like the cat her family had when she was a child. Since they looked so alike, Chêne even named it after her family's cat. So, this little black beauty before him had been christened 'Jasper II.' Chêne had told them that the original Jasper had treated the infant Chêne as though she were her own kitten. Jasper I had protected, played, and cuddled with Chêne ever since Chêne's birth, and had continued to do so, until she was hit by a car when Chêne was five. The original Jasper was probably the cause for Chêne's deep love and affection for all felines. Sebastian had found it quite amusing that she really had been 'raised by an animal' in a way, as he had teased her when he saw her once appalling table manners. Chêne, of course hadn't shared his amusement. He hadn't understood her attachment to the little fur balls at first, but the more time he spent watching Chêne play with it, the more he came to understand their appeal.

'I find cats most agreeable. They only say (do) that which is completely necessary. They are quite adorable. They do not exist in my world.' Sebastian thought. 'Pets do exist over there, but...' He watched as the cat licked its whiskers, and began grooming itself. The cute and adorable image was momentarily replaced in Sebastian's mind by an image of one the 'pets' they kept in his world, when he had seen it doing something similar. It was almost identical to the alien in the sci-fi movie Aliens. '... They leave much to be desired.' Sebastian thought, shaking his head to rid himself of the grotesque image as he stared at the adorable cat. The two couldn't even be compared. Sebastian picked up the cat and pet it, playing with its soft paw, gently squeezing it. As he squeezed its paw, the cat's claws clicked out. "Aah... your paw is so soft..." Sebastian said blissfully, blushing slightly, as he continued to squeeze it's paw and cuddle with the cat. I want to hold you like this forever... but I must go now." Sebastian said regretfully as he restrained himself and gently set the cat back down on the ground.

"Meow?" The cat mewed, wondering why the pampering had to stop. Sebastian didn't know it, but that was the second time the cat had been played with, and then suddenly left alone again. Chêne had come by to play, just before Sebastian came, but since she wasn't ready to make up with him yet, she had run off when he appeared, before he could notice her.

"I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow." Sebastian said, smiling handsomely as he bid the cat farewell and re-entered the manor house to resume his work, feeling refreshed after their little rendezvous. Once the door had closed, Chêne came out from her hiding place behind one of the larger jasmine bushes. The fragrant flower had masked her scent just enough that Sebastian didn't notice her presence since he was too distracted playing with Jasper II. Chêne narrowed her eyes at the door Sebastian had just left through and frowned.

"Hmph! Did you see that, Jasper? I felt a little sorry for him when I saw how much trouble the others were giving him, but he doesn't seem to be feeling even the slightest bit of remorse over the way he treated me!" Chêne said indignantly she scooped the cat up into her arms and scratched it behind the ears. Jasper II purred in kitty bliss from the ear massage she was getting. "I'll probably regret it later, but I think I should teach him a lesson..." Chêne said, smirking like a Cheshire cat.


'This paperwork is so tedious...' Ciel thought boredly as he read through the documents for the latest toy designs for his toy company. So far, all the new ideas were unbelievably lame, and to add to his torture—Ciel's sweet tooth was bothering him.

"You look bored, Ciel." Chêne said, grinning impishly at him as she entered his Study. Ciel knew that look. It was the look Chêne always got when she was feeling particularly mischievous. "Wanna help me with something? I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Chêne said playfully. Ciel smirked.

"Hmm... What did you have in mind?" Ciel asked, leaning forward in his power chair, placing his hands together, like a proper criminal mastermind. All he need was the fluffy white cat.


{A little while later, in the main hall...}

"Dear me." Sebastian said as he wiped his brow. "After countless interruptions, this is all I could manage, hm?" Sebastian heard the sound of a herd of stampeding idiots heading his way, and the doors slammed open as the three stooges burst into the room.

"Mister Sebastiaaaaan!" Mei-Rin, Bard, and Finni yelled. Bard had an afro again, and Mei-Rin had somehow managed to end up with a bucket over her head. Finni looked all right, but whatever he had touched last was probably broken in half now.

"Yes? Now what?" Sebastian asked, annoyed, as he turned away from what he was doing to look at them. The other three servants froze, stunned and amazed, when they saw what Sebastian had been working on. The entire room had been filled with tables that were piled high with elegant and colorful desserts. In the center of the room, Sebastian was currently working on a magnificent chocolate sculpture. He had already sculpted Big Ben, the London Bridge, and a headless horseman. Sebastian was now in the process of adding chocolate roses to the arrangement, with thorny vines curling in and out to fill the negative space and balance the visual weight of the sculpture. It was a chocoholic's dream. Chêne would've probably squealed with delight and gushed about how 'awesome' it was, with her eyes sparkling in admiration and hunger for her favorite dessert. In fact, Sebastian had made an extra rose to give her once she was over their argument.

"Wooow! It's chocolate!" Finni cried in delight and awe.

"Are these all sweets!?" Mei-Rin asked, amazed. How had he managed to fill such a huge room with so many sweets so quickly? Sebastian stared at them and sighed. It just wasn't the same.

"So this is what you were up to while you made us do all the work?" Bard said tartly, his hair was suddenly back to normal.

"Made you do all the work?" Sebastian said, not believing what he had just heard after everything they put him through. "We are inviting children here tomorrow... so this is for them." He explained. Sebastian would skin them alive if they touched it.

"All this, just for some brats? Whoa, crazy." Bard said, sweat dropping.

"That's Mister Sebastian for you!" Finni and Mei-Rin gushed in admiration.

"But... what sort of statue is this?" Finni asked as he stared up at the chocolate headless horseman.

"What do you mean?" Sebastian asked, raising an eyebrow at him. "It is the 'Wild Earl' of whom you are so fo—!?" Sebastian froze mid-sentence, turning blue with shock. 'The head... is gone!!' Sebastian thought. He had been so focused on finishing the rest of it, that he hadn't even noticed the missing head. He couldn't believe how scatter brained he had been... their stupidity must be contagious. "The head of the Earl that I crafted so precisely is—!" Sebastian said, shaking with shock and fury. Sebastian whipped his head around to glare evilly at the other servants, who all flinched in fear at his murderous glare.

"Hey, hey! We were working up until now!" Bard said nervously, defending himself and the others before Sebastian tried to put them all six feet under.

"Y-Yes, quite right! We could not have stolen the Earl's head!" Mei-Rin stuttered, looking extremely nervous and pale. Finni nodded frantically in agreement. Chêne could not have done it since she went to town, and Ciel had been cooped up in his study with paper work.

"That means..." Sebastian said, realizing who was still left without an alibi.

'(Mister) Tanakaaaaa!' They all thought as an image of the old man, laughing while sipping tea, with chocolate on his moustache popped into their heads. Shot off, ready to chase Tanaka all the way to hell and back, followed by the other three servants.

"!" Sebastian said, gasping in realization as he came to a sudden stop. He didn't have time for this, at the moment. "I cannot deal with this now! It is time for the afternoon tea." Sebastian said, checking his pocket watch. "I will prepare it, so do your best to search out Mister Tanaka!" He ordered them as he snapped his watch shut and rushed off to serve Ciel his tea.


The serving cart rattled as Sebastian sped down the hallway to Ciel's Study.

'Leaving matters in the hands of those good-for-nothings causes me no end of worry. I must return as soon as possible.' Sebastian thought as he knocked on the door. There was no answer. "Pardon me, Sir." Sebastian said, opening the door. He was greeted by the sight of a screaming head... well, actually, it only looked like it was screaming. It was the missing chocolate head. It was sitting on Ciel's desk, and it had obviously been gnawed on. There were huge chunks missing from it here and there. Meanwhile, Ciel and Chêne seemed to have nodded off after their little snack, and they were both enjoying a little nap. Ciel was asleep in his chair. Chêne was sitting in a chair that she had pulled up next to Ciel's, and she was slumped onto Ciel's desk, her head resting on top of her folded arms. They both looked so peaceful. Sebastian stared at them with wide eyes before he hung his head in defeat and exhaustion. He had never felt more tired in his entire life than he did today.

"Really... Young Master... Chêne... So you were the culprits..." Sebastian said wearily. He was a little surprised that Chêne wasn't still at the town. He sighed and shut the window they had left open in order to enjoy the cool breeze that had been blowing earlier. "You even left the window wide open... despite my presence here, leaving yourselves completely vulnerable will never do." Sebastian scolded the two sleeping humans. 'Useless servants... a mercurial master and time traveler... being a butler is far from easy.' Sebastian thought. He smiled slightly as he gazed down at them. 'But I feel living in this manner is not too bad... for...' Looking at Ciel and Chêne's sleeping faces, he couldn't help but notice that their cheeks we soft and pink, just like a cat's paw. "Heh!" Sebastian said, smirking with a gleam in his eye. "Young Master, Chêne! Wake up!" Sebastian commanded as he pinched their cheeks, hard. "How many times have I told you not to snack on the sly!?" He scolded them.

"!?" Ciel and Chêne yelled in surprise as they woke with a start and rubbed their sore faces.



The three stooges were still trying to find Tanaka.

"Did you find him!? Keep looking!" Bard shouted as they ran past a window. Ironically enough, Mister Tanaka was sitting on a bench, just outside that very window, innocently sipping his tea, blissfully ignorant of all the chaos that had transpired in the manor.

"Hoh, hoh, hoh!" Tanaka laughed softly.


{Later that evening, in Sebastian's kitchen}

Chêne stared longingly at the chocolate she was stirring. It was taking every last ounce of her self-control not to sneak a taste... not that she could get away with it. Sebastian was watching her like a hawk. As punishment for beheading Sebastian's Chocolate sculpture, he was making Chêne remake the head from scratch. Which meant that Chêne, a chocoholic, was being forced to make, smell, and look at chocolate, knowing that she couldn't even enjoy it once she was done. It was worse than Chinese water torture.

"Can't I have just a little—" Chêne asked, but Sebastian didn't even give her a chance to finish.

"No." Sebastian said mercilessly. "Whatever possessed you to do such a thing in the first place? You usually discourage Ciel from snacking unhealthily in between meals." Sebastian asked, feeling slightly curious. Despite her faults and playfulness, Chêne was actually very responsible... most of the time.

"Well, I saw you in the courtyard, and you didn't seem to be the least bit sorry for how you treated me earlier, and it ticked me off that you were perfectly fine after making me cry! I was hungry when I saw that room you had stuffed full of heaven, and Ciel was bored. It was his idea to take the head, since he thought it would annoy you the most." Chêne said, pouting. Ciel had gotten off rather easily. He just wasn't getting dessert later tonight since he'd already had one. Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

"You... cried?" Sebastian asked. He felt a strange tightening sensation in his chest at the thought of having unintentionally made Chêne cry. "Why were you in the courtyard to begin with? Didn't you go into to town to get that book?" Sebastian asked, distracting himself from the strange feeling he was having.

"Well, I didn't actually cry... but I came really close." Chêne admitted, blushing slightly as she avoided his gaze. "And I didn't go to town because apparently, a certain someone doesn't trust me to come back again. Happy now?" Chêne said tartly. Sebastian blinked, surprised.

"... You didn't go? What if someone else buys the book?" Sebastian asked. Wasn't finding a way to reach her family important to her?

"No, and since that's the case, if I end up stuck here forever, you have to take responsibility, and support me for the rest of my life." Chêne joked, sticking her tongue out at him playfully.

'That sounds a lot like marriage...' Sebastian thought, amused. "Very well, then, if no one else will have you, I'll marry you." Sebastian said, smirking. He'd meant it as a joke, of course, and had expected Chêne to laugh or roll her eyes at him... However, Chêne's eyes widened and she stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights, blushing cherry red from head to toe. She was stuttering, trying to figure out what to say. She knew there was no way Sebastian had been serious, but his 'proposal' had still gotten to her. For a second, Sebastian was a little puzzled, but it almost immediately clicked, and he smirked devilishly at her as he leaned in closer, trapping Chêne against the kitchen counter.

"My, my. Are you blushing, Chêne?" Sebastian teased her seductively with his deep, velvety voice. "You couldn't possibly have feelings for me, could you? I apologize for being so slow..." Sebastian said softly as he gazed at her with the eyes of a hungry predator. The demon butler leaned in closer, as if to kiss her.

"!?" Chêne said, panicking. She shoved the bowl of chocolate she had been holding at him, and let go. Sebastian instinctively reached out to catch it before it could fall, giving Chêne a chance to escape. Chêne darted from the kitchen, blushing so hard that steam was coming off of her. Sebastian smirked as he watched her run.

Chêne was in trouble now.

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