That Butler, New Face

That Butler, Summoned

Chêne had noticed the way the man had looked at the boy, and his reaction to it. She looked at the altar again, and realized it was stained with blood. Her eyes widened. How could she have not noticed that? It finally clicked. They were going to sacrifice that boy. She watched in horror as they tied the boy down to the altar.

"No." Chêne said softly, hoping in vain that she was wrong. The leader turned to her.

"Oh, so you are that type of person, hmm?" The leader said, smiling like that cat that ate the canary. "The 'bleeding heart'? You are too stubborn to break when you are the one suffering, but it is another matter entirely when it concerns someone else, correct?" The man leered at Chêne as he picked up the ceremonial dagger and began the ritual.

"No! You leave him alone!" Chêne yelled desperately. The cult members ignored her pleas as they continued, chanting strange things that sounded like Latin. She was still being held in place by two of the cult members. "He's just a kid! STOP IT!" She screamed.

Ciel's POV

Ciel continued to struggle as he heard Chêne begging the cult to spare him.

'No!' Ciel thought, panicking, 'No! I don't want to die!'

He heard Chêne struggling to break free from her captors again. The chanting stopped, and the leader raised the dagger above Ciel. His heart was beating rapidly he felt like a wild animal that had been cornered by a predator, unable to escape. Ciel frantically looked around the room, trying to look at anything other than the glittering black eyes of the man hovering over him, gleeful at the thought of his death. Ciel saw Chêne, she was doing her best to break free, but she was obviously weak from the beating she had taken earlier, not to mention the men that held her were three times her size. Ciel froze when he saw the look in Chêne's eyes. The fear he saw in them wasn't just for herself, it was for him. There was no sickening cruelty, no unwanted pity, only understanding and desperation as she struggled to get to him. It had been so long since someone had looked at him in such a way… not since his mother died.

"Now, here we have little Ciel, the son of the late Earl Phantomhive," the leader leered at Ciel, "let us hope such high quality material will summon us a real demon this time!" The man growled as he viciously stabbed Ciel with the knife. Ciel cried out in agony as a searing pain tore through his chest.

'It doesn't matter who!' Ciel thought desperately. 'It doesn't matter how!' He heard Chêne screaming. 'SAVE US!'

Ciel's desperation was turning into rage as he felt his life draining from him.

'Why should we have to die!' Ciel grit his teeth in anger. 'No one ever comes to our rescue.'

Ciel remembered the cries of the other children, the children that lay on the altar as he now did.

'There is no such thing as God – KILL KILL KILL KILL–!' Ciel screamed in his mind as two glowing crimson eyes watched him.

"Oh? Well aren't you a very small master." A dark, seductive voice mused. Heels clicked on the floor as a figure, shrouded in shadows paced the room. Circling, like a predator.

Chêne's POV

Chêne froze when she felt some kind of strange presence fill the room. She stopped trying to break free and stared in shock when she saw the demon. Although, other than crimson eyes, she could not make out any distinct features the demon may have possessed –thanks to the mysterious and oddly dense shadows dancing around him – she got the distinct impression the demon was a he. His presence chilled Chêne to the bone and filled her with a heavy, cold dread. There was no doubt this time. This was a demon. She forced herself to look away from the demon, and she saw the boy, still on the altar, bleeding to death. Ciel, they had called him. Chêne looked at her captors and realized they had gone limp with shock. Breaking loose from their grip would be easy now… but that demon…

"You have summoned me." The demon continued to address Ciel. "This fact will not change for eternity."

Chêne very carefully removed herself from the grip of her captors, and started sneaking towards Ciel as inconspicuously as she could. The demon's crimson eyes locked with her own pale-green. She froze, waiting to see if the demon would attack her. The demon's eyes merely glittered as though he were amused at her actions. He turned back to Ciel.

"What has been sacrificed can never be returned. Now… choose." The demon said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Chêne saw a glint of fangs as the demon smiled at his prey. Those crimson eyes glowed with hunger. Pushing aside her fear and ignoring all sense of self-preservation and common sense, Chêne cautiously began to move towards Ciel again. He reminded Chêne too much of her little sister. He also reminded Chêne of herself at that time. She just couldn't abandon him. She felt crimson eyes following her, but she didn't dare stop in case she lost her nerve. No one made a move to stop her. The cult members were too distracted and shocked by their success to pay her any heed. Ciel's eyes were glazed over and dull, but he was still breathing.

"Hey, kid…" Chêne said gently, but firmly, trying to snap him out of it. She gently placed her hand on the side of his face, cradling his head. "…Ciel?"

Ciel's head snapped to side, and he stared at Chêne as though he were seeing her for the first time.

Ciel's POV

"…What … did you call me? Ciel asked her. Chêne looked relieved when he spoke. She smiled weakly.

"Ciel…that's you're name, right?" Chêne said.

She was glad Ciel was reacting, but he was still bleeding rather heavily. She pressed her hand down firmly on the wound, hoping the pressure was enough to stop the blood flow or at least slow it down. Ciel was too deep in thought and too out of it to notice.

"Yes … my name is Ciel…" Ciel said slowly. 'That's right.' He thought. 'I am Ciel Phantomhive. No. I am now Earl Phantomhive.'

Ciel's eyes hardened as he remembered. He was a nobleman, and someone had dared to murder his parents and burn down their home. Someone had dared to humiliate and debase him, selling him off to this cult, like an animal. Ciel glared coldly at the cult members scattered throughout the room. He looked the demon right in the eyes.

"This is an order." Ciel said, a glowing pentagram surrounded by a spiked circled now embedded in his right eye. "Kill them!"

The demon's eyes glowed even brighter with pleasure.

"Yes, master." The demon smirked.


{1886 – A few yards away from the cult's headquarters}

Chêne's Pov

The three of them: Ciel, Chêne, and the demon had been walking through the woods for a while now. Well, actually, the demon – whom Ciel had named Sebastian – was walking and carrying Ciel, who had passed out. Chêne was limping behind them, trying to keep up. They were trying to put some distance between them and the now burning headquarters of the cult. Sebastian had brutally slaughtered all the cult members, grinning and laughing the whole time. Then, the demon had turned on Chêne, but lucky for her, Ciel ordered him to stop in time. Sebastian had stopped immediately, but the demon chuckled darkly as he warned Ciel to be more specific about his orders in the future. She shuddered to think of what had almost happened. Ciel then ordered Sebastian to burn the place down and leave before he had passed out. Now here they were, a demon, his contractor, and a random girl, schlepping through the forest together. Once Ciel had formed a contract with Sebastian, he took on a much more human appearance. His new appearance was rather handsome, but in truth Chêne still wanted to get as far away from the demon as possible. However, she didn't want to leave Ciel alone with a demon, especially since she still needed to treat his wounds.

"Okay, this should be far enough now." Chêne said. She stopped and started digging around in her purse – which was really big – for the first-aid kit she always kept in it.

Sebastian just kept walking, totally ignoring her.

"Don't ignore me!" Chêne snapped at him.

Sebastian stopped and stared at her. Chêne gulped. Okay, so she was a little on edge from being hungry, tired, and in pain…obviously not the best state of mind to make decisions in, because she had just yelled at a homicidal demon. Not exactly the best idea.

"Ah! I-It's just … um!" Chêne quickly tried to form an intelligible sentence before Sebastian decided to pick up from where he had left off earlier. 'Get a grip Chêne!' She scolded herself. "I need to treat his wounds!" Chêne finally blurted out.

The demon's eyes glittered with amusement. She gaped at him. This jerk was totally enjoying watching her squirm. Well… he was a demon. Sebastian's face was suddenly an inch from her own. Chêne flinched in surprise, but stood her ground… She might have been shaking slightly, but that was beside the point. Now that she finally had a good look at him, Chêne realized Sebastian wasn't just handsome. He was actually really hot. Chêne blushed, but then slapped herself to bring her back to her senses.

'So what if he's hot, he just slaughtered an entire room full of people!' Chêne reminded herself. Although she had to admit, she was glad the cult couldn't hurt anyone anymore, and she and Ciel were safe… for now at least. Sebastian smirked.

"You do not have the authority to order me to do anything. My contract is with 'Ciel Phantomhive' alone, and as such, I will only do what he orders me to. Nothing more. Nothing less. Understand?" Sebastian said to her. His deep, velvet voice had taken on a very patronizing tone, but there was still a dangerous edge to it. Chêne bit her lip and nodded.

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