Time Traveler Katsumi

A little Sibling bonding

{Three days later}
"Dokugeshi!" Katsumi yelled as she swiped at Seigetsu with her poison claws. He dodged and kicked her, but she grabbed his leg and swung around, kicking him in the face. She let go, but he grabbed her and she fell with him. "Tetsuren!" Katsumi said as she clawed his hand with her youki-hardened nails.

Seigetsu let go out of reflex when he felt the pain, and she flung the youki off of her nails at him. The two siblings jumped back from each other to regain their balance before charging again. Katsumi had not only honed the abilities she already had, but Seigetsu had helped her discover she had two more abilities. Like with her sword, she could channel youki into her claws, and it helped her cut through things she normally couldn't as though it were melted butter. She called it Tetsuren. It was a lot like Inuyasha's Sankon-tessou. Like Sesshoumaru, she had poison claws, but hers weren't as dangerous. Katsumi's Dokugeshi worked like an anesthetic or a knock out gas, depending on how intense the dosage was. It was actually great, because if her opponent didn't keep track of the wounds, the poison would keep them from feeling the wound, and they would weaken themselves from overexertion. It could also come in handy if she needed to treat a fussy patient, like Inuyasha.

"You've absorbed everything I taught you at an incredible speed." Seigetsu complimented her as the fought.

"Thanks, mom always said I was a quick learner." Katsumi said, grinning.

Sparring with Seigetsu was harsh, but fun. In the past few days, the siblings had formed a bond. When they weren't trying to beat the crap out of each other so Katsumi could get battle experience and test her techniques, the two would joke around and swap stories. She found out Seigetsu had known about her for a while, and he had heard a lot about what Katsumi would be like from their mother already. Seigetsu's father had died in a war against the panther youkai, and he had resented hearing about Katsumi's father since even thought he knew Tsukihime wouldn't marry him for another five hundred years or so, she was already thinking about him and her 'new ' family. Seigetsu had still been pretty young for an inu-youkai when his father died, and hearing those stories had made him feel like she had already abandoned him, but Katsumi had assured him that she doubted that was the case, and even if it was, Katsumi herself would be his family.

"Come on, Katsumi. We can't eat lunch until you land another blow!" Seigetsu said. "Aren't you hungry?" He taunted her. Katsumi's stomach growled and she blushed in embarrassment.

"Shut up! Just because you have the appetite of a five-hundred-year-old—Don't play dirty!" Katsumi yelled as she shoved her hand over his nose. Seigetsu's eyes widened when realized what was coming. "Dokugeshi!" She jumped away and kept her guard up until she was sure her brother had really been knocked out by her poison claws. She smiled when she realized she had finally won. "Yeeeeeeeees~!" She cheered jumping up and down. "Victory, at last!" Katsumi felt a chill run up her spine when she sensed the oppressive demonic aura approaching them. "Ok, Sei-onii-sama… time to wake up! I know I didn't give you that big of a dose! Come on, you know I can't take what's coming by myself! Onii-sama!" A familiar scent filled the air. 'Crap!' Katsumi thought.

"Hanyou… what do you think you are doing?" Sesshoumaru demanded coldly. Katsumi froze.

'Crap! I bet he thinks I just attacked his rival/friend(?)… Well, I did, but he said I could!' Katsumi thought, panicking. "U-Um, this isn't what it looks like!?" Katsumi said nervously. She was being glared at by a homicidal ice prince, and this time she had no one to back her up... unless her brother woke up.

"Why are you straddling a daiyoukai, hanyou?" Sesshoumaru asked coldly. He knew it was her before he even saw her. Ever since their first meeting, the golden-haired hanyou's scent and appearance had been engrained in his mind. Sesshoumaru didn't know why, by seeing her kneeling over another male… displeased him. 'Moreover, it's Seigetsu, that moron, of all people.' Sesshoumaru thought.

"Eh?" Katsumi said confused. She looked down and realized that she had ended up straddling Seigetsu while she was trying to shake him awake. She heard Seigetsu groan. She scooted off of him and helped him sit up. "Oh, I'm so glad you're awake! We have an unexpected guest." Katsumi said.

"You know, Katsumi, I think I'll have to summon you the next time I have insomnia. That was the most peaceful five seconds of sleep I've ever had." Seigetsu said as yawned. The two siblings heard a low growl, and they whipped their heads over to see Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru-sama?" Seigetsu asked, still a little disorientated. He glanced at Katsumi. "Why does he look so pissed?" He asked her.

"I thought you despised hanyous, Seigetsu, yet here you are, coupling with one." Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi gaped at him.

'Eeeew! He's my brother! Wait… you mean he's not mad because I'm Inuyasha's friend and helped attack him last time? Does he even recognize me?' Katsumi thought. "I suppose you haven't heard yet, Sesshoumaru-sama, but—!" Katsumi tried to explain, only to have her brother pull her into a hug and cover her mouth.

"Why are you so upset, Sesshoumaru-sama?" Seigetsu asked. "You're the one who intruded upon us." Katsumi glared at Seigetsu incredulously. Though he didn't show it, Sesshoumaru was feeling a little pissed.

"Sei—" Sesshoumaru began to speak, but he was interrupted when Seigetsu growled in pain, and he smelled Seigetsu's blood in the air.

"Why are you saying that!? You're just creating an even bigger misunderstanding! Do you want people to think you're doing your own baby sister!?" Katsumi yelled incredulously. Sesshoumaru's eyes widened slightly in realization.

'Sister? So that is why their scents smelled so blended together… they are related, so of course their scents would be similar… although, Seigetsu's is far more annoying…They look nothing alike though…' Sesshoumaru thought.

"Che! Ruin all fun, why don't you… Sesshoumaru-sama, this is Katsumi. She's my younger half-sister, and she's not a hanyou, she's three-fourths youkai." Seigetsu said.

"Hello… again…" Katsumi said nervously. 'I hope he doesn't bear a grudge towards me for helping Inuyasha last time.'

"Hnn." Sesshoumaru said. He did not understand why he felt… relieved… to know she did not belong to another yet. "Your name is Katsumi?" Sesshoumaru sated. Katsumi nodded. "It suits you." Sesshoumaru said stoically. Katsumi blushed.

"Thank you, Sesshoumaru-sama. That's the first time anyone has told me that." Katsumi said, dipping into a polite bow. Seigetsu really had ended up teaching her etiquette too. Seigetsu frowned. Katsumi's name meant 'beautiful victory.' He agreed that it suited her, but Sesshoumaru had basically just indirectly called Katsumi beautiful… Seigetsu just met his baby sister a few days ago, but he had become protective of her, and someone was already moving in on her…men were vultures.

"Hey, Sesshoumaru, you didn't come all this way to steal my sister, did you?" Seigetsu said gruffly. Katsumi stared at her brother.

'What's his problem? Oh, right… I just blushed at his rival…not exactly what a loyal sister should be doing…' Katsumi realized.

"Of course not." Sesshoumaru said. "I'm just passing through. I was not even aware you had a sister."

"Oh, yes, you know how my mother has vision, right?" Seigetsu said. "Well she had a vision that Katsumi here would be born in the future, and that she would some how end up stuck here, in our time. Due to certain reasons, a spell was placed on Katsumi so that she would look and age like a human until that time, so I was sent here to meet her and teach her how to use her youkai abilities. Can you believe she's only sixteen years old? She's so mature for her age!" Seigetsu said proudly. He was practically glowing. Katsumi sweat dropped.

'Please, don't tell me my Onii-sama is developing a sister-complex…' Katsumi thought. She laughed nervously.

"So, I don't see that little youkai you had with you last time… Is he okay?" Katsumi asked, trying to get the subject off of herself. Sesshoumaru stared at her for a few seconds.

'She is concerned about the underling of someone she fought against? ...How strange…' Sesshoumaru thought. "He is fine. Jaken should be catching up soon." Sesshoumaru said.

"Oh, well why don't we all eat supper together then?" Katsumi suggested. Sesshoumaru didn't look too thrilled at the idea and Seigetsu was looking at her like she grew a second head. "… Did I say something wrong?"

"No, not at all, Katsumi. While we're at it, let's all sit around the campfire and sing 'kumbaya.'" Seigetsu said sarcastically.

"I was just being polite." Katsumi said, pouting. "I'm hungry, so I was going to be making supper anyway. It's rude to eat in front of people without at least offering them something. That's common sense where I come from."

"What makes you think your cooking supper now? We have somewhere to go." Seigetsu said. Katsumi stared at him incredulously.

"Onii-sama, you promised me I could eat once I beat you! That's why I used my Dokugeshi to knock you out. I was going to go hunting before Sesshoumaru-sama came." Katsumi said. She didn't want to sound like a whiny brat, but hunger made her cranky. "I get mean when I'm hungry, Onii-sama, remember?" Seigetsu winced slightly at the memory he desperately wanted to repress.

"Yes, yes. My angelic little sister becomes the devil incarnate when starved… I remember… unfortunately." Seigetsu said, sighing. Katsumi smiled a brilliant shit-eating grin.

'Hmm… I wonder what she did to cause that Seigetsu to wince at the mere memory of what happened…' Sesshoumaru thought. Seigetsu didn't scare easily. There was a rustling in the bushes and Jaken stumbled out of them.

"Sesshoumaru-sama! I have finally found you!" Jaken said in relief. He froze for a moment when he saw Katsumi. "Ah! Sesshoumaru-sama, it's that hanyou wench that fought on Inuyasha's side last time!" Jaken shouted as though Sesshoumaru didn't have eyes. A vein popped on Katsumi and Seigetsu's head.

"Who are you calling a wench, toad?" Katsumi asked tartly.

"That's Katsumi-sama to you, and she's my little sister." Seigetsu growled as he stepped on Jaken.

"S-Seigetsu-sama!?" Jaken said in surprise. He and Seigetsu didn't get along at even the best of times.

"Don't kill him, Seigetsu-Onii-sama. They say even an insect has half a soul." Katsumi said coolly. She didn't like the toad, but she felt a tiny bit sorry for him. She also didn't want to find out what would happen if he accidentally killed some associated with Sesshoumaru. Seigetsu released Jaken and pulled Katsumi into a hug and petted her on the head.

"Oh, Katsumi, you're so kind and gentle… You really must take after you father, because I just can't see mother raising such a kind child." Seigetsu said.

"Actually, dad was usually gone on business, so it was mostly just me and mom." Katsumi said.

"She must have really mellowed out in her old age…" Seigetsu said disbelievingly.

"Hn." Sesshoumaru said in agreement. Tsukihime, Seigetsu's… and Katsumi's, mother was a real bitch if his memories served him correctly. Katsumi's stomach growled again and she blushed sheepishly.

"Control your stomach, hanyou." Jaken sneered. Katsumi raised an eyebrow at him. She figured he must not have a very good memory if he was already insulting her again after her brother had just beat him for it.

"Jaken. Katsumi is not a hanyou. She is three-fourths youkai, and she is my cousin." Sesshoumaru said, staring down at the imp. Jaken paled slightly.

'Why do I have to respect this girl when Sesshoumaru-sama loathes his hanyou brother Inuyasha?' Jaken wondered. "B-But Sesshoumaru-sama, was she not an enemy last time we met?" Jaken asked.

"Enemy?" Seigetsu said. He glanced at Katsumi. "You did tell me the two of you had met before, but you didn't tell me the circumstances..."

"Well, we met right after I first came to this era, before I even knew I was part youkai or that I couldn't go back. He told me about my ears, and then Inuyasha showed up and they fought over tessaiga. Sesshoumaru-sama beat Inuyasha but left without tessaiga. Then we met again under similar circumstances, only Jaken was with him, and he actually took tessaiga from Inuyasha for a while… I was helping Inuyasha get it back." Katsumi explained. Seigetsu's eyes widened in surprise.

'She fought against him? Sesshoumaru is obsessed with that sword, I'm surprised her didn't kill Katsumi the moment he saw her again…' Seigetsu thought. "Why didn't you kill her?" Seigetsu asked Sesshoumaru, stunned. Katsumi nearly face faulted.

"Why are you asking such a thing!? Did you want him to kill me?" Katsumi asked.

"No! Of course not, I'm just shocked you're still alive. You only knew how to fight using ken-do, before didn't you? Speaking of which, where is your sword?" Seigetsu said.

'So, she really didn't know how to use her claws properly before… I thought she was relying too much on human based fighting techniques.' Sesshoumaru thought. "She used it to block tessaiga. It was a human-made blade, and the only reason it did not immediately snap in half and allow me to cut her down in a single blow was because of her luck, skill with a blade, and she had infused the blade with youki. I suggest you teach her how to fight less recklessly." Sesshoumaru said.

"You what!?" Seigetsu roared at Katsumi, who flinched guiltily. "That's it! No food. We're starting again now, and I'm not holding back anymore. You'd better prepare yourself Katsumi!"

"Come, Jaken. We're leaving." Sesshoumaru said as he continued on his way. Jaken jumped up and scrambled after his lord, ever the faithful servant.

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