Time Traveler Katsumi

Up, Up, and Away


"Why are you asking such a thing! Did you want him to kill me?" Katsumi asked.

"No! Of course not, I'm just shocked you're still alive. You only knew how to fight using ken-do, before didn't you? Speaking of which, where is your sword?" Seigetsu said.

'So, she really didn't know how to use her claws properly before… I thought she was relying too much on human based fighting techniques.' Sesshoumaru thought. "She used it to block Tessaiga. It was a human-made blade, and the only reason it did not immediately snap in half and allow me to cut her down in a single blow was because of her luck, skill with a blade, and she had infused the blade with youki. I suggest you teach her how to fight less recklessly." Sesshoumaru said.

"You what!" Seigetsu roared at Katsumi, who flinched guiltily. "That's it! No food. We're starting again now, and I'm not holding back anymore. You'd better prepare yourself Katsumi!"

"Come, Jaken. We're leaving." Sesshoumaru said as he continued on his way. Jaken jumped up and scrambled after his lord, ever the faithful servant.

{Two days later}

It was the last day of training with her brother, and he said she had learned everything he had to teach her. After learning she didn't have a proper youkai sword, Seigetsu decided to take her somewhere she could get one. She watched in amazement as her brother transformed into a giant dog with red eyes. He had shown this form to her before in their training to see if she could change too, but Katsumi couldn't transform. So, now she was hitching a ride on his back as they flew through the sky. Seigetsu had told her they were going to see a youkai sword smith, Totosai. Totosai was the one who forged Tessaiga.

'I wonder what he's like… must be impressive to be able to make such a powerful sword.' Katsumi thought. As they flew a volcano came into view, and Seigetsu landed and transform back into his humanoid form.

"Here we are. Watch your step, the ground is really hot in some spots." Seigetsu said as he led the way into the open mouth of a giant youkai's skeleton. They were greeted by the ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk of a hammer beating a sword. "Greetings, Totosai." Seigetsu called as they entered the blacksmith's shop.

"Eh? Who's there?" An old youkai asked. He blew fire from his mouth onto the blade.

"It's me, Totosai-sama… Seigetsu. I have brought my younger sister to see you about getting a sword." Seigetsu said.

"Hmm? Seigetsu?" Totosai asked squinting as he looked over Seigetsu. "Since when were you so polite, you damn brat? And since when did you have a sister? Tsukihime-sama was here just a week ago to put in a request for a wakizashi, and she didn't mention anything about that."

"Well… technically, I don't think I'm supposed to exist…" Katsumi said. Totosai paused in his work and finally had a real look at her. Her comment had piqued his interest.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Totosai asked curiously.

"I know what I'm about to say is unbelievable, so I won't ask you to believe me, but I am Tsukihime's daughter and Seigetsu's half-sister. I was born in the future, but due to a series of events, I traveled back in time, to this era. I'm sorry to bother you while you're obviously so busy, but I need a new sword… it doesn't have to be anything too elaborate. I just need a sword I can rely on when my life is on the line." Katsumi said. Totosai stared at Katsumi as he mulled over what she had just told him. Her request was reasonable and her attitude was reasonably humble… She wasn't too bad for a youngster in Totosai's opinion.

"Perhaps, I should mention the only reason her last sword failed her was because it was human made, and she used it to protect a friend in a fight against Sesshoumaru." Seigetsu said. He could tell Totosai had taken a liking to Katsumi, since he had no problem telling you where to stick it when he didn't. Totosai's huge eyes widened even more… Something Seigetsu hadn't thought was possible.

"Sesshoumaru, you say!?" Totosai said in surprise. Katsumi nodded. She wasn't quite sure why her brother was bringing Sesshoumaru into this, but from the sound of it, he was pretty famous.

"Yes, and he was wielding Tessaiga by using a human arm." Seigetsu said. He had made Katsumi tell him the whole story after he found out about that little incident.

"My Tessaiga!?" Totosai gasped, clutching his head in surprise. "And the girl still lives!?"

'Why does everyone have to sound so dang surprised every time they hear this story?' Katsumi wondered, felling chagrined.

"Yes, and here's the real kicker… Sesshoumaru actually said she survived because of her 'skills with a blade'. Have you ever heard that ice cube compliment anyone before!" Seigetsu said, beaming proudly at Katsumi. Katsumi snorted at the 'ice cube' comment.

"I'm sooo glad Sesshoumaru wasn't around to hear that, or I might find myself becoming an only child." Katsumi said, laughing. Totosai nodded in agreement with both of them.

"That ungrateful pup came in here the other day and tried to threaten me into making him a sword that could rival the power of Tessaiga! In the first place, he's already been given a wonderful sword!" Totosai huffed indignantly.

"I guess he decided going after the Tessaiga was a waste of time if he couldn't even hold it in his own hands… hand." Seigetsu said.

"Is it the one he wears at his hip?" Katsumi asked. "I've only ever seen him with that one sword, but he's never drawn it."

"Yes, you have an eye for quality, my girl. That sword is the very sword I speak of, Tenseiga. Tenseiga is also a sword forged from Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's oyaji-dono's fang. It's a renowned blade that neither surpasses, nor is it inferior to Tessaiga. Tenseiga was to be given to the elder brother, and Tessaiga was to be given to the younger brother… that was the great Inu no Taisho's will." Totosai said.

"…If you don't mind my asking… What does Tenseiga do? I've seen Tessaiga's power form myself." Katsumi said.

"Tenseiga is a not a sword for fighting enemies. It is a sword of healing." Totosai.

"Healing?" Katsumi asked, intrigued. 'How could a weapon be used for healing?' She wondered.

"Unlike Tessaiga, which mows down the strong, Tenseiga is a sword that links life to the weak." Totosai explained. The old youkai was happy to have such a receptive audience for a change.

"Links life…? Wait, you don't mean Tenseiga can bring someone back to life, do you!?" Katsumi asked.

"If you master it." Totosai said. "For someone with a heart that truly cherishes others, Tenseiga has the ability to save a hundred lives with just one swing."

"Whoa!" Katsumi breathed in amazement. "That's totally awesome! I'd be concerned about someone trying to use the blade to play Kami-sama, but who wouldn't want a sword like that? … And if you're at war, that sword could be used to revive your fallen comrades!" Totosai nodded in agreement.

"Finally, someone who gets it." Totosai mumbled.

"Yes, but this is Sesshoumaru we're talking about, 'killing perfection' incarnate. Even if he could use the sword, he wouldn't be happy about it. He's going to catch a cold from the ice inside his soul someday." Seigetsu pointed out. Katsumi didn't think he was that bad...she wouldn't call Sesshoumaru nice, but she didn't think he was a monster.

"You remind me a little of him, the Inu no Taisho… Well, I suppose it only makes sense… After all, your mother, Tsukihime is a cousin of a cousin of one of his cousins, so you are somewhat related, even if it is very distantly…" Totosai said to Katsumi. She could tell from the old youkai's expression and her brother's blinding prideful smile that he had just paid her a huge compliment.

"Thank you, I am honored to receive such praise." Katsumi said as she dipped her head into a humble bow.

"You know, I think I'll be able to make you a fine sword, Katsumi. Give me three days, and it'll be yours." Totosai said. Katsumi beamed at Totosai gratefully.

"Oh, thank you so much!" Katsumi said, clapping in delight. If Totosai had made Tessaiga, then she could be assured of the quality. Totosai's chest puffed out in pride at her enthusiasm.

"Wait… did you just say three days? I thought you had just gotten an order from Sesshoumaru?" Seigetsu said, slightly confused. "Don't you have to finish his order first?"

"Oh, that… I said he tried to threaten me into making him a sword. I just lied and told him to come back in ten days." Totosai said. Both Seigetsu and Katsumi face-faulted.

"What!?" Seigetsu yelled. "Are you mental!?"

"Won't he kill you when he finds out?" Katsumi asked.

"Only if he catches me… I plan to run before the ten days are up." Totosai said frankly. Katsumi sweat dropped while Seigetsu face-palmed. "Here, you're mother told me to give this to you so you could deliver it to her." Totosai said as he handed Seigetsu a beautifully crafted wakizashi. Seigetsu took it, and glanced at Katsumi.

'I'll bet this is the real reason why her training deadline was a week… she wanted me to be her delivery boy…' Seigetsu thought.

"Are you going to be alright on your own?" Seigetsu asked. Night was falling and soon Katsumi would transform into a human for the next three days.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Say hi to mom for me." Katsumi said as she smiled and waved goodbye.

"That brother of yours sure is overprotective." Totosai said.

"Tell me about it." Katsumi said, smiling as she rolled her eyes. "Well, there's a reason for it. You'll see real soon, but I'm going to turn human for the next three days." Just as Katsumi said that, hear dog-ears changed to human ears and the magenta stripes on her cheeks faded away. Totosai blinked.

"There's not really that much of a difference in appearance is there?" Totosai said. Her hair was still blond and her eyes were still hazel. "Oh! What am I going to make your sword from now!? I wanted to use one of your fangs!"

"Ah… yeah I probably should have mentioned this a whole lot sooner huh?" Katsumi said, rubbing the back of her neck. Her locket glistened in the firelight.

"Hmm? What do you have there, girl?" Totosai asked curiously. He felt some sort of power leaking from the locket now that it wasn't being masked by Katsumi's own power.

"Oh, this? It's a locket my mother gave to me." Katsumi said. "Oh! She put one of her fangs in here with a note that I should 'keep it safe until it was needed'! Could you use this?" Katsumi said excitedly as she opened the locket and held the fang out to Totosai. Totosai took the fang and examined it. Normally the fang would need to be freshly pulled, but a spell had been placed on the fang to keep it fresh.

"Yes, I think I can make do with this." Totosai said.

{Three days later}

"It's done! Another masterpiece!" Totosai said with glee as he handed Katsumi her new youkai blade.

Katsumi couldn't wait to see her new blade and test it out, but she would still be human for another hour or so, so she would have to be patient. Over the last three days she had helped Totosai and acted as his assistant while she was there in payment for the sword. They had realized a little late in the game that she had no way to pay him, but lucky for Katsumi, he liked her enough to let her off with free labor and the promise to let him make a sword with her own fang next time. For some reason, Totosai was damn curious about what properties her fangs could have since she was such a unique youkai. That was another thing Katsumi liked about the old youkai; he treated her like a fellow full-blooded youkai instead of a hanyou—with respect. Katsumi ran her hands over the sheath. It was smooth and elegant, with a single butterfly inlayed at the top. It was simple, but beautiful. Totosai had made her a wakizashi, rather than a katana because of her small stature. He had also told her that he fully intended on making her a katana to accompany it with one of Katsumi's own fangs once she was a little older and stronger.

"What's its name?" Katsumi asked.

"I thought I would name it after that phrase you mentioned." Totosai said. Katsumi thought for a moment, trying to figure out what he was talking about. She and Totosai had talked about lots of things over the last three days. "The one about how the presence or absence of a tiny butterfly flapping its wings could lead to either the creation or absence of a hurricane." Totosai said.

"The butterfly effect?" Katsumi said. "I think that would literally translate into something along the lines of 'rensahanno_kocho.'" Totosai nodded.

"That's the one, only I think I'll change it to Taifu_Kocho, the little butterfly that's capable of creating a big storm, just like its owner." Totosai said.

"Oh, come on. Totosai-ojii-san, you're making me blush. If you're not careful, I'll be able to use my own head as a flotation device from my overinflated ego." Katsumi said, smiling cheekily.

"Anyway, this sword has your mother's feelings for you that were in the fang, so it will protect you, and listen to you. You can trust this sword. It won't be as powerful as the Tessaiga, but Taifu_Kocho has its own unique abilities. However, you will have to discover them on your own. These techniques aren't something that can be taught. The sword will speak to you when you are in need. Whether you trust it enough to listen or not will determine how deep you bond with the sword is and how much you will be able to learn." Totosai told her. Katsumi nodded in understanding. She could feel her dog-ears reappearing. It was finally time.

"A samurai's sword is his soul… I think I remember hearing that somewhere." Katsumi said as she place the sword at her side and drew it from its sheath.

It was beautiful. It didn't transform into something huge like Tessaiga. It just looked like a short katana, like a wakizashi was supposed to. The blade was flawless, and the edge gleamed and the light seemed to dance upon the blade as though it was pale-pink sakura petals. She could feel the blade hum with power. It was gentle and strong, like a mother's love. Katsumi swung the blade a few times, turning to try it from different angles. It felt so good to be able to hold a sword again. Katsumi smiled, completely satisfied with her new partner as she gently sheathed the sword again.

"Thank you, Totosai! It's wonderful!" Katsumi praised the old youkai, bowing in thanks. Totosai rubbed the back of his head bashfully. Most youkai didn't show their gratitude so openly. "Yes, yes, now off with you! I've got angry inu-daiyoukai to outrun, and you should leave too." Totosai said as he climbed onto Momo, his flying cow… or was an ox…?

"Okay, take care of yourself, Totosai-ojii-san!" Katsumi said, waving as the old youkai flew off. '… I just realized… I don't have a map, and I have no idea how to find my way back to Kaede-obaa-san's village.' Katsumi thought sweat dropping. It was too late to ask Totosai since he was gone… "I guess I'll just go have my own little adventure, then!" Katsumi decided out loud.

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